Diaries – LEN -LIR ALL SAINTS DAY – CONTINUING `the man 1944` age 18 that GOT AWAY from SCOTLAND Earls … Jurassic bog trotters As the man 40 years old 1935 fooled by same Earls to capture Len and me in RIO `river of January` … He that man found them out and called them `stuffed figures in a British Museum` … and JEAN mother of Len grandmother to me, our INCA ballerina, sent him to Argentina & the President`s family who we know – this family and friends and VATICAN figures had intelligent UNDERSTANDING of `G.B. gross greed over WEDDELL-GROTE-RANSOM Frobisher et al world PHILANTHROPY … Especially he and others protected TIGGY GROTE REAL HOMES … educating unwanted and orphaned children in all world knowledge and languages and religions and utterly free of GREED … GROTE CHILDREN after 18 years of age are able to enter the World any nations and discuss intelligently on everything – as TIGGY and families RANSOM-Frobisher-Weddell-PERU INCA Y. Josef San JULIAN f. San Miguel sometime acting Governor Peru, San Julian Bay and his mother`s lands seashores to Tierra del Fuego … she a pre-Spanish Conquest family `Pano-owschay` (as near as we can get to pronouncing it says NIGHTWATCH 1960 January, a soft voice I thought was `Burgurmiester of PARIS escaped from Paris … soft voice once calls himself `not Andre – I am your Uncle John` … MASSIVE KILLINGS have been exposed – shock after shock daily … 1935-6 – Our Tour for Aunt Margareth of TIGGY HOMES … I find `Tierra dear to my heart` as I call … I can remember happiness as I was allowed to hug the winter indoors watering can for the window plants, in its homemade purple felt jacket with heavy black wool embroidery … `for WINTER COM`TH suddenly ~ and we must be all prepared` they tell me : My father FJR arranged that our BRAZIL philanthropy factory send piles of thick wool blankets, because in winter they may have refugees and those without work travel to them at the Convent and the farms and everyone helps but warm bedding always needed … (my www. sites give histories of THE GROTE CHILDREN … and grim killings of them in the 1940s GENOCIDE from Scotland Scandinavia obscene Earls and Nobles – www.greta-ransom.com. begun January 2011: adding www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo.com and www.greetah-ransom.wordpress.com … some twitter now and then early years for enquiries research-historians et al FOR coming PART 2 – little note in invisible inks … from the niece and nephew of TIGGY GROTE child born to GROTE BROKERS 1842 The NEW YORK : TIG gives us UNCLE KANT (dabbled in thoughts about this and that) and we REDEPTIO=RANSOM Jutland Mediterranean wives, come up THAMES Flow 77 AD buy with honest money estate for retirement 92 AD at DUNWICH – SUFFOLK … still about this Oceanus Germanicus SEAS EDGES but since 1950s have been denied or cowered of their ANCESTRY of 2,000 years : MEMO : 1952 November … Colchester & ESSEX Museums … HWP hot foot from gatherings of honest honourable educated peoples says ` THIS NATION HATH been set back 100 years, Child … 2 young women in new clothes every day encouraged to come out on RED CARPETS and an older woman Scotland giving serious matters … of misgivings …I will say no more here … but IN YOUR YOUNG LIFETIME THIS NATION IS GOING TO BE SET BACK 150 years …” 1952-3 = a sturdy tweedy man wearing a trilby like hat came in waving drawings … by water-colourist artist one almost forgotten DEMPSEY … Staff and people of erudition told him to FLEE the SCENE with them … and hide them on bottom shelves, dark cupboards or stout box, far away overseas … or they could be destroyed … nothing must DIM the glory of the newspaper magazine new television giving forth mythical deeds of this new always been rich no problems Commonwealth late Empire of BRITANNIA … all that last century good youths had tried do was to be forgotten … A true part of early Roman Britain Londinium was to be covered in cement wi thout proper excavation allowed … it would make a marvelous tourist stopping off site … and earn money … IT WAS TO GO UNDER CEMENT He did thus luckily = & these drawings of THE POOR OF ENGLAND were discovered this century New Zealand a bottom shelf – Exhibition Australia from dusty shelf New Zealand … perhaps he is another `Man that got away` … (Exhibition Australia 2017 – www and books etc … ) A MAN, other men, who got away – a few women : Colchester Hospital, others, could identify from dusty records POOR HOUSE people … she of Colchester a dear soul, face form clothes name in a water-colour by a travelling artist … CHANCE-CHANCE-CHANCE … Some have been identified by their families … (Exhibition Canberra Australia 2016-7) Some MUSIC- suitable for this histories … records-tapes-CD RECORDINGS & daily radio France Musique is very enlightening – it is a wireless station PARIS, FRANCE … www. Early 20th century : Young RUSSIAN composers in touch with South America et al, are free somewhat from serf-hood : MOSSOLOV is really in an IRON Foundry etc – and there are `Newspapers set for voice and sounds educating in all purity & he sets these to MUSIC … 1930 my childhood favourite `Dnieper WATER POWER Station`- earlier READERS have understood my phrase `sculpture in the air` : Record given to family of MARGARETH `girl of the SNOWS` for my birth 1933 “ Thursday`s child has far to go but spring hides by brave clumps of leaves of daffodils and buds ready to break forth …” I choreographed this piece of PRESENT-SCULPTURAL SOUNDS UPON TIME, 1991-2 for performance F.E. College inspired by RUSSIAN REALISTS exhibition MOMA The OX-FORD … We were allowed do our practice in front of the PAINTINGS and about the ancient buildings of OXFORD – I favoured the Taverner church (English composer – 1495-1545 Mass `The Western Wind`) : I had 1972 taken my children to first English performance of `young John Taverner 2nd ` his `ULTIMOS RITOS` an almighty piece … the tower of that Cathedral had to be with scaffolding enclosed … in case the SOUNDS rising from CENTURIES of inspiration might crumble at its tremendous glory … he has died too early like the first John Taverner … 2014 a CD is apparently made by The French Orchestra the works of he `Julius` who composed my old memory `Dnieper Water Power Station` … serfs are to be free in Mother Russia … 2018 AD and hopefully they will put back wooly mammoths Siberia and Alaska to correct Planet `s present problems … Performed for you dear soul, `the OX-FORD` late February 1992 F.E. College down the hill … (my grandmother & families whom you have met upon our JOURNEY around Planet and Universe, JEAN Minerva nee San JULIAN WEDDELL widow Smith Aquieda Argentine- then 2nd marriage 1909 to FREDERICK CHARLES FROBISHER RANSOM … all these good people known to some but no longer to me 1992 … Records forbid ! but your sculpturing music not easily available from BLACKWELLS The OX-ford I danced for you all with WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN a mist in dark passages where the ONLY DAYLIGHT CAME FROM MEMORY … maniacs short of `dough` 1937 are paid by BRITISH GOVERNMENT and CROWN to `dope` our kitchens – AND ignorance has swept our hopeful brave young globe …HAPPY greetings TO return of kind families of wooly mammoths … : I hath Russian grannies from 14th century but CHINA ARGUE 1980s about t he citizenship of SHE granny Siberia … we joke and they remind me of the humour of Ireland and East Anglia and Argentina … MOSSOLOV ? – No, its Julius, his Water Power Station in my head – 1930s memory of shellac record HMV-Colombia ?… 1990-92 CLASS Ox-ford the F.E. is `History world dance & performance` : PAM in charge – she did 2 years CLASSICS then felt DANCE would suit her mind and what she needed to say … … … Thus, I disappointed by no `Water Power Station record, had Selena USA student come up with popular PROKOFIEV … SHE danced 5 portraits IN HOMAGE to Stalin, in an arc around the FE stage, and I on the spot am `girl in the red frock pegging out clothes on great plains of Mother Russia` (painting by he of KIEV, young Mai Dantzig) NOTA BENE : At this OX-FORD performance of our 2 years of work a Video is made by Students of `theatre etc course` = IT was stolen by `the woman calling herself Lady JAMES who follows me and children since death of JIM JONG her husband 1981 (he dies at London `ANGEL and CRACK`) – 1952-1961 London – We young and ANDRE MALRAUX (mother has 900 years English ancestors East Anglia – have to be hidden or they will be waylaid by JURASSIC BOG TROTTERS et al) … at St Edmund House Diocese of Westminster, No 50 LANCASTER GATE SQUARE, Bayswater Road LONDON Scarlet Town have been quietly told … “ beware her the woman James – Mr JIMMIE JONG has made her insane since the marriage 1938/9 … we mean him `PONG Clown of Heaven` – he has followed 2 girls whose SHIPS sailed in 1952 … crimes in KENYA 1944 onwards … WARNINGS several good persons and NAVAL INTELLIGENCE R.N. … (sort out this obviously good advice if you can – if you have a criminal mind it may help READERS … … … ) And 1954 became a Sir James, the NEW REIGN – it is more than hearsay, about Scarlet Town 1950s, that he has made her `the woman JAMES` insane and 2 years after marriage 1939 – and she and future young/issue are admitted 1941 onwards top of Pyramid when he in charge of `Special Intelligence – Unit back of Buckingham Palace 1939 onwards is protecting British Nation from “ a necessary removal of the German GROTE HOMES … Well their `satin and lace` illiterate reasoning was = TIG was of an American-German family 18th century bringing enlightenment to the USA … and encircling the Globe with his GROTE CURRICULUM … unwanted children of careless women, orphaned children a father killed IN WARS …” And` GOD will say when other nations should have a GROTE CURRICULUM …` : 20th century British histories taught that Great Britain won 2 gigantic WORLD WARS … alone ? ————————————————————————— 1966 – London Visitor visiting on his important work says “ at the helm of your Nation in this last War was an evil woman … I orphaned was glad of my HOME it gave me the opportunity to go on and do science – I had a mother my father dead … after this last War we used to meet we who had survived from the killings of our HOMES … then we noticed we were disappearing … now we only meet 2 or 3 … GUARDED BY OUR EMBASSIES … I have come to England to gaze upon the face of this EVIL woman … … Scotland – JOHN BUCHAN novelist – Statesman Canada … a kindly faced man at tea parties 1930s – photos of him then have me with vague memories – Nice places and good lunch or TEA owners and guests are often some our relatives – perhaps we are at the homes of `the SOULS` they now becoming old and saddened from losing children in THE GREAT WAR … John Buchan a Society : his writings and thoughts can help present education – his novels are published under his name author JOHN BUCHAN … his upbringing is Scotland and humanistic and then he begins to travel the Empire and the Globe – He would have encountered the young circle of MOSSOLOV & composers … He would have liked you to keep in touch with MAMMOTHS project … they lived in child caring Families … I must try make a woolly mammoth in soft natural fabrics … most of them found past centuries deep frozen got eaten as their flesh was fresh … REMEMBER that you are CHANCE … remember `for the LIGHT of the DAY we hath not to pay …` Good cooking is in BOULSTIN Marcel Xavier … and 2nd World War `BBC Food Minister Lord Woolton` and his PIES … ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ANNIE and BESSIE my great-aunts – ANDRE MALRAUX calls them “my Aunts and those two I regard as my intellectual equals” : ANNIE and BESSIE : Parts 1 – 5 1860s-1970s … www.greta-ransom.com has my and his clear memories of `THE SUPPER OF THE SEAMISTS` June 1945 at `Stella Maris` 10 Granville Road, across the road from the St Clare Convent Order of POOR St Clare – they have `young Pacelli` on the telephone 1920s-30s but now he has had to be Pope – he understands from his COPY the legal WILL of Margareth girl of the SNOWS that Andre, Colonel Andre Malraux, knows he is full GUARDIAN to the worldwide HOMES and ESTATE … not just to me one of his God-children … I am warned since Christmas 1944 by Auntie Miss Winnie Gordon now ex-ATS because of the sudden death from a poison of her mother Mary Helena Gordon … Hospital angry and old retired people – her sister young Mrs Esther of Lifeboat-newspaper family with 2 small children not to be told – is her husband alive ? … IS MY FATHER ALIVE ? Greedy dope-addicts are about – they visit from London `Scarlet Town` … the heir in our Class 1942 has been murdered – strangled at Castle Hedingham – a 900 years old Sea-faring family – her father and elder brother dead unnecessarily in this WAR `d-UF Macdrew … I played with her on the beach here 1930s … and the two children of Philip Silverlea English & Argentina … music Letters insurance talents – used to play me `Cathedral under the Sea` 1930s … … I am, and know I am, too young, 12 years, to be invited to this delicate occasion of he ANDRE carrying 3 dead, Josette and his 2 half brothers Roland and Claude … he is stern faced and seems 7 feet tall in his grief and has come into our town schools to take a 10 or 20 minute class … however he feels – he has also been digging the allotments alongside Pathfields School helping the old grandfathers who have kept us supplied with vegetables the War years … : 1945 JUNE : But I nervously half hoped for a glimpse of him that early evening as I walked along Granville Road deliberately passing `Stella Maris` a half hour before the arranged Suppertime … The pretty house 3 floors and an attic with view of the SEA when leaves off the trees is named in memory of the wife of Charles Conder Australian artist … Annie who worked in marble with Professor Manzoni Liverpool had carved her gravestone … That early summer evening the fragile white salt smelling SEA MISTS were flooding in from the sea and beaches and the town … white ghostly mists thick and then going into swirls near the houses … moved a little in the air and came around my knees in the Granville Road as I passed `Stella Maris` some electric light over the door and the filtering from the dining room and the sitting room … we had all got used to no lights, of course, in WARTIME … then I turning into the Skelmersdale Road found mists were about my ankles over my ankle socks … and they followed me home to `the Pearly` House 112 Vista Road, swirling by the Rec Gates and puffing out of the several kinds of flowering bushes … eerie … The railways can take us to the ships and planes and have us encircle the globe I recall … I do not know if my father is dead or alive … until September …and then he returns with dead children of the world – the GENOCIDE caused by GREED beginning in Scotland … It seemed to me that these SEA MISTS were bringing in SOULS of the perished … all ages … the killings he George-Andre had seen … it was natural to think `thus` 1940s … poems, music, books had one softly consider so … 1937 … and 1945 : The Clacton town, used to he and JO a young lady SUMMER 1937pulled the bereaved of 3 of his family, Andre-dear, into LIFE again – He came for 4 or more days from France by planes to Ipswich American air base – he had old friends here … He took to writing in `Stella Maris` and the Priests Library at Montfort Lodge nearby where the housekeeper brings a decanter of golden sherry from Portugal before midday dinner (and the sherry somehow came via Southern Ireland all the Wartime) : A 93 years old Priest, who went to romp in dark African when he was scarcely out of his teens, cheered still young ANDRE MALRAUX with tales of being `put in a pot` but singing away and then made an Elder of this Tribe he still knew and they lifted him out of the `pot` and asked to have him build them a church for singing in and telling stories of all the globe … … he is speaking about this 1957 November … but the Church was closed and only had one Priest or so … no Montfort Lodge ? A precious way of life departed … Dr Armstrong Cambridge Geography-History (briefly knew Lawrence of Arabia) took him about Suffolk to teach a class in the Oratory and a big Girls school Dovercourt (we anxious – he must not marry one of them !) July 1945 – our great Choir R.C. Church next to Convent, me and he Georges-Andre-dear, sang the full 1610 MASS Claudio Monteverdi – his voice trained by Alfred Deller in Paris 1920s is really boy soprano-honey layers … The 1610 has everyone see Heaven and entire Universe and beyond – “ it has made more Converts than anything ” … Graham Greene and other Converts say so … ANNIE and BESSIE = Wartime FOOD CLACTON-on-SEA … MENU `Supper after Midnight Mass 1943 as we had in the olde countre when we lived in Ireland in our big farm houses www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo.com perhaps on wordpress too … 1 – 5 pieces … also their sister my grandmother `Mary Gordon 1942 – 1944 `and Jan Karski from Poland comes to CLACTON to ask help … Diocese Westminster and Irish cousins – letters by `pigeon post` … hoping to see `young Pacelli` … Granny has an Irish-American cousin monk living in Vatican writing away … MENU – 1930 RUBY WEDDING Mary and George GORDON `Crail` Skelmsdale Road … a Court case had left them penniless even though the Barrister took half his fee …a daughter had been used in horseracing from age 10 by second-class Aristocrats of Scotland and a half-Chinese-Scot … the Judge speaking privately with families of both parents conveys his sympathies and that he would have liked to have several others sent to prison too … RUBY WEDDING MENU 1930 – their children said 1930s-40s remembering especially 2nd World Wartime … ` we all helped and some dishes were made in Clacton town by chefs … father ordered the wines … it was to remind he and his brothers of when they lived splendidly at THE TRAFALGAR TAVERN waterfront Greenwich … their father JOHN Frederick GORDON was `mine Host` the Whitebait Suppers when the Houses of Parliament came down the river in the State Barges once a year … their father our grandfather stood by the steps and received them, many had been boys together … Father and his brothers they went to School on ponies with a Groom or two to escort them to `Dr Bell his Academy` … Anna of Siam had put the 2 young Princes here … they were in Class with 2 servants with curved swords behind them … they all stayed friends and when the eldest boy became King he always sent them presents and the school kept his birthday … perhaps people were much nicer in those days … ” (Romantic film –Yul Bryner ) 1930 Ruby Wedding will repeat MENU in full – it is printed out for last Christmas as other family meals … And hopefully out www. is File `1930 SUMMER` “ EXIT WORM ” to nasty Duke of Richmond Lennox Gordon insisting we change family name GORDON … he and Glamis Fortress stealing GORDON Scotland lands and the big house in New Zealand and meaning to steal bit by bit the acres around it … He died of his nasty manners 5 years later 1935 ! My Grandpa Gordon raised his arm 1930 Summer majestically and said in grief “ EXIT WORM …” … he means `wriggling on my armorial bearings ` … ( Our branch of GORDON is the real thing – we have little Catherine Gordon Coal Mines heiress `Mad Jack` spent it in less than 2 years and DIED … and her only child is a poet and hero of GREECE … George Gordon LORD BYRON … (Oh the thieving that Scotland got up to as the `dough` became less from the British Empire …) MUSIC – try `Organum`early music – collection church music composed PARIS 10th-14th centuries – known to young ANDRE MALRAUX who took singing lessons with Alfred Deller = “ as all the young artistic men did” said Mrs Taylor our Choir Mistress (1900s understudied and sang at Milan) Clacton, great new Roman Catholic Church (work guided by `young Pacelli`) its on the Clacton-Holland cliffs … Romantic pieces, church music MACHAUT, and MONTEVERDI romantic works, Masses – By the autumn 1945 Mrs Taylor said ` he has decided to come back into life we think – or be a monk ? … She added `not with that voice –do not fear young women – he can only take the VEIL with that voice – he needs a good wife and decent food … ` MUSIC – it seems it is very much the composers & musicians who are gathering and recording the HISTORIES down the past 5,000 years … artists yes … and those entering medical research … ` WHEN FEELING LOW : Write music, for the expanding UNIVERSE perhaps … paint or make pots or statues, knit and embroidery your clothes = and remember yearly `FOUL WINTER DOTH COME` – be prepared to feed half an ancient ROMAN LEGION lost in the snows … WE WALK IN STEPS OF OTHERS … over floors and roads and fields … Remember `SPRING ich a cumin INE …` c 1240 English MS Reading Abbey . . 6 parts – oldest Canon… NB: possibly composer is a monk called John of Fornsete … who were his people and was the monastery food good ? Some was – spinach & eggs and butter good bread and beer, baked or grilled fish, oaten cakes and cheeses, apples and pears some ham or bacon … it depended on weather, Rulers, wars and plagues … somehow the Cathedrals were built and Colleges … A 21 years an heiress Margery Baylol dying unmarried of plague 13th century HARWELL `Baylols Manor` … her aunt also a Margery, mother of her 2nd cousin going to become a young Bishop, gives England Oxford City Balliol College … Bishop used the inheritance wisely and the name of his mother … BAYLOLS a Norman-Saxon family … Manor is still in High Street Harwell … hopefully safe … Perhaps a marriage was intended between the two young second-cousins ? … But PLAGUE swept in … he survived as Bishop of Bath and Wells – Cathedral : In the HARWELL High Street is The Pillar House where the children grew up a quarter of a century – we left it restored with its great kitchen, cupboards, brick floor, bread oven – and gardens that were used for village events … fruit trees on the lawn where croquet was played in summertime … Photographs, life there is recorded of 200 years of families … but English villages were under threat … 1985 hoards of Americans and others descended from 2 Harwell medieval brothers and `came HOME` … the Nashville Press USA had an owner the historian Coleman Harwell – and Oxford University had a historian of Harwell Dr John Fletcher who had lived 2nd World Wartime in our The Pillar House … My contribution to the VISIT was an afternoon TEA of authentic biscuits and cakes from 12th century to 16th … there are plenty of authentic COOK BOOKS … and by historians who recognized `HISTORY BEGINS IN THE KITCHEN` … The immortal books for children by L.LESLIE BROOKE 1900s were drawn in the house and villagers his models … An earlier artist living in `our house` is John Henry Frederick BACON R.A painter of great men and scenes, a children book, but he died young 1914 of Influenza – his small children lived and the youngest wrote a nice book on her family a few years ago – TLS review : And Robert Anning Bell Director Liverpool Art Colleges lived at East 19th-20th centuries Hagbourne a short while and was close friend of Rathbone Families – Philip Henry Rathbone great-great grandpa to the Whitehead children Liverpool Art Galleries, shipping etc. … they lost family young in The Great WAR 1914-1918 = “ THE DALES” Growing up in a Victorian family KATIE RATHBONE 1861-1948 DAUGHTER OF George Dixon – she an early PHOTOGRAPHER – Her nephews did a book 1989 and were very PROUD of the INDEX of families and in-laws … ALL English historians, genealogists, can benefit from this compiled by BOB and HARLAN WALKER, Ankerdine, South Parade, Ledbury 1989 – printed Northstep Ltd., BIRMINGHAM … A family gathering could be arranged and foods of 18th-19-20th centuries made by all … Photos etc – RATHBONE ARCHIVES LIVERPOOL Those who came and did not escape WARS : L. Leslie Brooke artist of well known books for children, illustrator and portrait painter, lost his eldest son a Flyer in the Great War 1914-1918 = but the younger `little Henry` survived … and complained of still being called `little Henry` when he had become a member of Parliament – … he became Lord Brooke but his elder brother a History Student just begun at Oxford died a FLYER, The GREAT WAR, and here he was able to walk about his early childhood … and it brought him joy as he writes in one of his father`s books … .. he decided he should write a book = `Johnny Crow`s Garden` published 1982 … 1970s he and his wife came to tour The Pillar House HARWELL Village, and recite its history to she too, and he wrote the Whitehead children sweet letters in tiny-weeny writing – he was getting `Parkinsons` he feared – the children Amanda, Paul, Victoria-A, little Pete, heard that the cellar always had the River Winter Brooke in winter and he and his elder brother Leonard had a punt down there … Leonard`s room was called so again in honour of all young FLYERS … it all seemed natural … they another family had been AT HOME in The Pillar House Harwell with its orchard, make-shift Studio of JHF Bacon R.A. and his several children … and before that … CHILDREN WHO CLIMBED ABOUT THE DAWNS of YESTERDAYS … … Henry Brooke said, and he reminding the children that HE had been a child of this THE PILLAR HOUSE, “ good trains went to London from Didcot but you arranged a lift on a farm cart for the 2 miles hoping it would not rain … you could order special groceries from London shops … ANDREW LANG slept a night in winter in the great room end of the house facing south-west and also the window EAST … to wake you … it was our guest room but we could not often afford to heat it in winter … The great kitchen had 2 girls come to manage the house with my mother from Magdelen Cottage off the orchard … this had been schools since Medieval times … and it still belonged to the Oxford College …” Copies on www. his letters and photos …histories … his mother has a blood line to GREG who are cousins to RATHBONE … Greg are Quarry Bank etc … THE GREAT ROOM the Pillar House was now the NURSERY for the WHITEHEAD CHILDREN relatives and friends … they still hived off when they were full grown … photographs … and the great dolls house still used …painting and colouring books and dress-ups and many old tables with legs cut down for small people … all safe … I am not allowed give anything away … 19th century QUAKER marriages – the Whitehead family married into RATHBONE of Liverpool 1897 and we collected `Great Uncle Basil Rathbone` films and his families – he was a Soldier in THE GREAT WAR with cousins, including Whitehead grandfather PHRW, & friend future actor & films Errol Flynn – also MEN who GOT AWAY … lived on after encountering horror that War and seeing another come … Basil had his young brother John Vivien Rose Rathbone age 19 killed in The Great War … his father Edgar Mining Engineer South Africa lived sometimes with his sister Ethel Lady Whitehead at White Cross bordering the river at Wallingford … Basil saw his mother waste away quickly after the death of young John – his sister Barbara became a Nun in South Africa … Lives changed, halted by WAR … Winston Churchill liked his Sherlock Holmes films … 1986 and 1988 CHINA all seashores tour of Fishery Colleges, Universities for BMNH Fishes, and we are reminded of great-grandfather Whitehead James Lord Mayor of London 1888 and William Rathbone 6th his friend who collected 36 thousand pounds for the SHANGHAI Famine – we met scientists with a grandparent who survived because of this charity … … … ??????? CHANCE we all are … www.greta-ransom.com and www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo.com … and www.greetah-ransom.wordpress.com …. +++++++++++++++++++++ NB : READER keep in mind … that 1970 the 3 greatest research hospitals the globe finished a report on the Earls who have used this dope for centuries Divinorum Salvia Scotland … ‘ WE CANNOT RULE OUT THEY MAY BREED INSANE …` ( Scotland should be made to stop the growth in sheltered east-south-west Glens of a dangerous but money-making crop … it has no benefits to a distressed Planet … EARLS and churls crops begin 18th century …) Thus – those on high RULING IN undesirable nefarious tricky silly and nasty WAYS … 3 great Research hospitals the globe pronounce 1970 below … “ we cannot rule out they may breed insane … ” : 1950s-60s … I always had a little bag of pear-drops or Glacier mints in my pocket when they followed me about Londinium Scarlet Town, one big CLASSIFYING HOUSE to another ( I speak of Museums libraries Galleries ancient places like Dr Sam Johnson his house and work-room then intact … take a sandwich and work on if the little old lady Guardian knows your `people` … ) … clutching the paper sweet bags in my trench coat pocket I found sucking something was wonderfully comforting … ONE COLD AFTERNOON `God`s Gift to young women` former Dreamboat of the Western World then the Universe, hopped out of a taxi, searched my pockets, removed my sweets, taxi driver wagged a stern finger … and they DROVE ON … it was PARLIAMENT SQUARE … I like the bronze of RICHARD Ist KING of PALESTINE and ENGLAND … Georges-blessed-Andre MALRAUX into `Art` does not … But `George-Andre and I we had our first row 1937 July Clacton-on-Sea, Seas Edges town when I asked for `a coffee ice cream` same as I have in TIERRA del FUEGO … FROWNING he said he did not agree with coffee for young people … he sucked at raspberry ice cream and I said “that is bad for your teeth” … and tearfully refused his offer of `vanilla` even tho` it is a hot afternoon … a vanilla ice was got and handed me … and to please him and stop him looking fierce I licked it … … OH WELL … he has not quite got my perspicacity I believe but he is very nice and has a good soul … … … Yes I agree with everyone he should be my GUARDIAN … I inform part of the family an afternoon at TEA TIME, and one LIR writes it in his diary November 1937 SAD TIMES ahead : 1960s he and General Charles de GAULLE are with grief introduced to the fate of YOUNG HEIRS & the “ piece of OBSCENE GIGANTIC STATE CRAFT OF GROSS BRITANNIQUE” (understood by them during 1960s is sheer ugly brutal ignorance of British Empire Commonwealth, its Earls, Lords, Government and Crown of 1937 Scotland = MOONLIGHTING to WESTMINSTER installing a fragile younger son of a Sailor King and the illegitimate daughter of a French Cook … WHAT CAN ANYONE IN POLITICS DO – Britain still gave the MIND-SET of ruling the 7 SEAS …) … Our TIGGY and his Miracle encircling the Globe … HERE matters go into `purple` moonlight … to try save present and future victims … PALESTINE Holy Land … (see accurate records … this work from Records and `JOURNEY to be likened to Tolkien his LORD of the RINGS is first posted on www. 31 January 2011 AD … when all EVIL sub-apes should be dead … best that EARTH a little PLANET, GET A TIGGY GROTE CURRICULUM … and forget about too much ` satin & lace ` and counting the pennies, farthings : and stop women appearing in BUTCHERS SHOP FRONT WINDOWS … try look intelligently at FUTURE-PRESENT-PAST … and PAST- PRESENT-FUTURE … … put your `curbed` intelligence to RIDING THE STARS … READERS have from 1990s-2011 had Records of us good citizens of the Planet keeping the laws – lives PUT BACK ON EARTH for ALL SAINTS DAY 2018 … work continues

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