CONTINUING OUR JOURNEY where we encounter great and pure goodness … and HIGH obscene EVIL … ( it can be likened a little to `Lord of the Rings` by TOLKIEN) ANOTHER ALL SAINTS DAY 2018 AD Some got away – some to remember … Diaries : LIR- Len book 6 … “ I remember… A MAN – 18 years old … he got away – CHANCE … 1944 Scotland – he ran away from our aristocrat branch to go in the Army – they were keeping him ill educated & in delicate health until 21 to take his inheritance … I met him by chance in another land … and again … he has another name and passport and is happy … But curiously the inheritance found its way to him many years on … Grote or Buenos Aries or my brothers ? HUSH … remember the man who got away RIO when we had withdrawn too much money from the bank for Jean and thought we should walk to the seafront our hotel as we had spent our money on a picnic … Well, here was another man who GOT AWAY … 1944 (Yes RIO December 1935, Lennie, I remember him in a brown suit with a trilby hat : Jean told him to get down to the President of the Argentine whose family we know, and he gave him a new name and passport, & said `to keep yourself safe go and see the country for a year get to know your new self …`… and our Buenos Aries old solicitors gave him an income and `safe houses` if he needed kind company and advice … he was to turn himself into a simple clothed peasant scholar … he had trained in geology and his parents were dead … he would not be missed … he will sometimes stay in the years ahead near to our WEDDELL cousins but must not speak with them …He will marry happily and have children & some evil people will hear of him 1971 at a village near to The PILLAR HOUSE where I live 1968-1993 … but the matter of our many WEDDELL cousins and their big families is going to be very sad … and he becomes alarmed when he finds they are missing unnaturally … 1961 28th December, Hollytrees Mansion Museum, Colchester, his home, I will hear “ … a genocide of the Weddells has been taking place – to lay hands on their WEDDELL SEA … ” = The Deputy Curator of Colchester and Essex Museums, Harold Walter Poulter, will tell me in deep grief that his mother “ … knew a Mrs Weddell and her daughter, Child, & this is all to do with matters Anglo-French and a crime of great deceit … I can always reach Andre but it takes 4 days or sometimes 2 weeks … I have been up all night writing a letter … it will go safely to him … and it can only add to his grief = when you came to us 1952 this nation had been set back a hundred years and I was called in to meetings of people of high standing some were in our civilized world of Museums and archaeology … you may recall 9 and 8 years ago … … …” 2011 January = – `1937 SUMMER` appeared www. & since then has been put on and : I began this journey in print 1990s (3 typewriters about the house) as instructed to 1976 by ANDRE MALRAUX saying that September-October The Pillar House, Harwell village “ In 20 years time or so you can begin …” He had to believe all the evil persons would be dead in 20 years ? … He said “ meanwhile you have the children to take care of …” Did he know how much sheer evil lay hidden ? 1979 Len Immanuel RANSOM b 1921 Argentine , is softly speaking 1979 in much sorrow and a little hope ? … Andre has died too early 1976 and we are without he `our Guardian` as he was appointed winter 1937-1938 by nations of integrity and quality who knew TIGGY creator of the miracle common sense REAL HOMES for CHILDREN educating them to teens and 20s with all the civilized knowledge of the Globe = the GROTE Estate begun by a 23 years old in 1864 is outside the British Empire = LIR Diary entry Report will continue after some pages of explanation for READERS … as we have to go on our LIFE JOURNEY … where we meet good but also evil … sometimes we must travel by moonlight … CHEERFUL is a drawing of TIGGY by Edward Lear `there was an old man who did not know what to do` = Tiggy used to run up the hill to his Villa mornings to ask his advice … TIG is easy recognizable in photos … serious when advertising his lemonade packets – find a clear pool – jump in clothed, pull up rings on your little collapsible cup – fill up and tip the packet of delicious lemonade powder in … I remember there were some framed Edward Lear drawings at `Jerusalem` 1930s – Aunt Margareth`s mother Gertrud POULSEN may be `the old woman of Greenland` = she Gertrud grand-daughter of POUL GRONLANDER and Margaret YATE S Carlise, Gertrud Poulsen Mrs Fred RANSOM, is the girl with indigo veil at the foot of SARDANAPULUS – painter was a friend – Delacroix and painted a panel or door for the CHAPEL of JACOB our Island JACOBSHOLMEN off XRISTENSHARB West Greenland – a Chapel that Captain Alan Villiers and other famous seamen knew very well, the theatre and biggest house put up Greenland …) DIARIES etc of lives of the parents of my aunt `Margareth girl of the Snows` are on www. my sites – – … and … some Twitter etc used since 2013 on occasionally for researchers and friendly enquiries : WORDPRESS nowadays is from August 2018 – difficult to manage all this techno … and keep fruit trees attended, hedges, hopefully mushrooms … cook in excellent investment French steel pans and pots … grow veggies … provide grown children with a sense of roots by having their rooms with their books, possessions, school arts and crafts – thus giving a sense of `heimat` (place of your heart) in this greedy made mentality ex-Empire of `nouveau `profit` rulers` bred without a TIGGY CURRICULUM and the 10 COMMANDMENTS turned upside down … MARGARETH girl of the SNOWS and 2 brothers, her parents and families had a VILLA Corfu down the hill from EDWARD LEAR … they knew him `for TEA` and found links in their big lives – these real human beings did great good and died … 20th century the 1st World War and then 2nd WORLD WAR came … our RANSOM villa was used in all politeness DURING WAR by GERMANY (USA State Office Washington etc. confirmed this 1948) – no damage … BUT 1945-9 came the obscene gigantic maniacs of new G.B. EMPIRE & Commonwealth REIGN 1937 onwards … they knocked the heads off statues ancient and new work by local artists marble workers who are Greek … They came on EXPENSES the British GOVERNMENT and its CROWNS … The statues of the RANSOM young families and friends and local people were chalked with rude British language slogans – these could only be written by BRITISH SCANDINAVIAN TOFFS–OAFS- Aristocrats : … some ancient statues and modern human beings, the RANSOM GROTE families, were carved in marble chairs arranged around a pool with fish and water-lilies … this pleasant area was the pride of local people who tended it with skills and were paid by honest money from THOMAS GROTE HOMES and RANSOM-WEDDELL ESTATE encircling the WORLD … some Frobisher … ARTS – CRAFTS were being continued by US Ransom-Weddell-San Julian-Frobisher- GROTE of WALL STREET their TIGGY … HERE was not the `butchers shops front windows` full of artificial females displaying their `joints and chops, haunches and rear quarters … NB: this butchers flesh is full of plastic slices, chips and sludge and nasty diseases … ` the once old Aristocrats proud display `IN` syphilis superiority does not stand a chance … … … =========================================== R E A L F O O D FOR YOUR SUPPERS … slow toast good thick bread – heavy pan butter herbs chopped, grated cheese, flour teaspoon oats (porridge) and slow stir in a pint of good strong ALE … Add mixture to toast … spinach or lettuce or anything else green with it a dash of olive oil , salt and pepper … It`s called `a real WELSH RABBIT ` By BIG children having it for HIGH TEA after a little weeding garden, feeding puss cats, clipping bushes … 2nd WORLD WAR during and after : The EMPIRE of GROSS BRITAIN is to be reclaimed by abuse of world SEASHORES, little nations outside the former EMPIRE and EMPIRES … and the families of THOMAS GROTE HOMES and RANSOM-WEDDELL and some FROBISHER legal administrators are to be abused maimed robbed … The wishes of the GLOBE nations outside GROSS BRITAIN … free nations, some small, A to Z … to be trodden under expensive boots and displays of `daily satin and lace` : 17th-20th centuries … BY CHANCE we families of centuries of experience are taking the PLANET forward with common sense, carefully advancing with EXPERIENCE … from PRESENT – PAST and FUTURE … Born 1842 NEW YORK, TIGGY Immanuel GROTE a great-nephew of sensible philosopher F. Immanuel KANT, began the first HOME in Ohio = 1864 TIG plastered walls with advertisements of what he was doing – many people came to help and teach – he said `my family GROTE New York will pay you` – Proud locals said OK we will manage & you put up some more of these REAL HOMES for Orphans – we like the useful curriculum – So TIGGY leaving his bride to follow on headed across the PACIFIC, Asia, Russia, Europe … then put another GOLD RING round the Globe again and he remembered to put more HOMES in America … He went A-Z the Planet, but the seashore lands were owned by families RANSOM from centuries of BRIDES so he knew everyone from being the RANSOM WARD from 11 years and SAILING ABOUT with us = no problems here and `the Marsh Arabs` had a home on water, but Margareth forbade `HOMES on ICE` and not Easter Island ! … So having got 2 HOMES Uruguay, TIGGY went to see Uzbekistan because he needed another U … and they agreed … So in 1946 = The good people of Uzbekistan send invitation to ANDRE MALRAUX and Lennie and me wanting us to see that the money coming to them from the magic world flower garden golden circles was being used for Teacher Training as they had few orphans at the moment … the GEORGIA HOME was safe and quietly continuing … CURRICULUM continuing that had children orphans and others know everything in the Planet and go forward speaking several languages as well as ancient ones … INVITATION RECEIVED … but then stolen and I made ill … ??? Miss Margaret Ransom, to become Mrs TIGGY GROTE USA had so many ancient relatives and good friends from the last 1,000 years … By 1870 the admiration of the HOMES worldwide had “MONEY FALL FROM THE SKY” to help … `Tiggy` Immanuel GROTE born New York 1842 was murdered 1904 by certain SCOTLAND Earls the Island of Arran Scotland, they known to grow DOPE and use it for violent crime around the Planet – it was not safe to take food or drink with them : 1933 for 4 decades I am called `Ape-Eskimo` because of my grandmothers of 2,000 years being of 19 Races and 27 Nations … All RELIGIONS … wise to have lots of GODS … and know all the food of the globe too … … My Aunt `Girl of the Snows` is murdered she 1938 15th May by a half-Scot Chinese Jimmie … he born 1899 Port Arthur to a rich civilized well educated Chinese family with Paris connections … JIM gave trouble as a child and his Nannies said he was getting heroin from Northumberland Clog Dancers … (more likely Divinorum Salvia Scotland plant made into drinks and pellets up the nose) … and `to tame him` he was put into Training at PEKIN great THEATRE `OPERA` when he was 15-17 years – this the family were advised would help him … he had mixed with bad blood Northumberland aristocrats as a child when with his family they visited his father`s relatives … His first languages were Chinese and French and he excelled in both … English being learned in a Welsh school when he was 11 years of age … but he caused much trouble because of these Scotland Aristocrat connections … His mother was welcomed by British society – his father died when Jimmie Jong James is in his teens … 1920s-1930s his mother widowed and her sister have pleasant apartment in Paris and her parents visit and other members of the Chinese family … until 2nd World War comes … His mother and her sister, friends of Violet-artist Lindsay widow Lady Rutland now, come to pleasant house, London `near Mount-fitchet` an under-over-ground station … where I age 6 did that terrific run to get away from JIM and the `Red Toad` a Lindsey noble … they were drunk and pulling different colour wigs on and off, while they drove the car furiously having kidnapped me cunningly … They said I was going to a funeral – laughing `it is your funeral` = I said I DON`T WANT YOU TWO AT MY FUNERAL … bided my time … I spent the night with a Policeman`s family after getting away … EARLS and LORDS cannot be arrested if they come from Scotland … … & these two maniacs go about with `Angela`since she is just in 2 figures of age … and they all went MAD on the Continent and sometimes Asia and America in the Roaring 20s … staying at British Embassies …they cunningly sometimes robbed the banks of The GROTE HOMES … jeering about `an old Eskimo` who had too much … MEMO : THIS HISTORIES – records, are sometimes dominated by JIMMIE who was well known CLACTON-on-SEA as `a piece of vermin` 1920s onwards to his death 1981 … It was heard that “ Mr JIM is a Pimp = and is known to WORK FOR CERTAIN SCOTLAND EARLS BY MOONLIGHT … and they should NEVER have been allowed to get down to WESTMINSTER … 1923” … NB : These SCOTS EARLS and Lords had big Castles and Places in Scotland and when they had the bailiffs in they came SOUTH or went to PARIS where foreigners might offer to foot the bills for dinners and Racing … Their big Scotland `Places` might have you want to call them as in Germany `the Schloss`or ancestral `HEIMAT` (place of the heart) But in the 1930s and until 1942 these dope growing Aristocrats were very keen to have MR HITLER to dinner – some of their females thought him `dishy ` … But they saw him as perhaps able to make their Fortunes … and at the outbreak of 2nd World War `best silk swastika flags` were kept by a Butler of the household `in his top drawer` : BUT 1919 the moment THE GREAT WAR ended Scotland young nobles made for The Continent … a young ACE the FLYER dashing Herman Goering pleased them … his perfect manners and romantic honour a touch of Wagner perhaps had them become fast friends and with other dashing young Germans who had perfect bearing – they kept friends 1920s … Mister HITLER had not appeared yet to be in their way … BUT 1933 several old and young were nervous and knew by 1934 he was to be feared … he swept the poor behind him … the GREAT WAR had been brought by Aristocrats, grandchildren of Queen Victoria. The age of chivalry had gone swiftly by 1933 = as ` H.H. letters to Argentine` tell `you either went along with him or you would not survive or your families … France should have thought of its BIG neighbor brought to its knees and not accepted Treaties and that of the Palace of Versiaille … ” 1938 – I and my RANSOM families and friends were walking along the seafront Holland-on-Sea direction on the cliffs and singing `Eisler`s The Fatherland … thinking our Lindsaybuggarhs were away spending someone else`s DOUGH … but they sprang out of the bushes threatening us with `Treason` … the older RANSOM families knew Hans EISLER b 1898 German composer pupil of Schoenberg resided USA 1933-48 (returned to East Germany Opera, chamber music, film music) and we RANSOM-Weddell-Frobisher knew several other German composers many gone to Hollywood … 19th century Germany and Britain shared German grannies and 2nd and 3rd & 4th cousins & so on … of various religions and even some different shades of skin sometimes = SO this song `THE FATHER LAND` had been written in Hollywood probably 1930s = AT THIS TIME late 1930s the aristocrat unwished for cousins Lindsaybuggarhs et al were excellent at imitation CHICAGO gangsters and Nazi Germans sort of mixed up – see black-white films 1920s-30s … BUT 1938 it was another unpleasant surprise because the worst of the 1920s Jurassic gang are being fitted for uniforms as Majors and Captains of the Army and Sailor uniforms with gold rings – WAR is certainly coming and these can set about the destruction of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES … and death was necessary for these children from birth to 20s … or they will complain of being THROWN OUT OF THEIR HOMES and halted in their fine education … : Soon to be slaughters in a global GENOCIDE : here they appeared on our ancient Essex cliffs and I see them jump OUT of the bushes `a gang of little men, appearance of angry gnomes and pixies, and 2 tape-worms the Earls`and I know since I am 2 years old that these things are INSANE … There little joke now had them THREATEN to `run us in for TREASON` for singing a German song … NOW in East Anglia down the centuries many people spoke German because they come from sea going families, marriages being made … all the normal matters of the one and only JOURNEY of our LIVES … We who like to sit around a table after working hours quietly talk and eat and quietly, remarking softly if a rough sea is heard and seen `God bless those at sea and keep us safe through the night …` 1936 – several of these aristocrat dope-growers had hopped aboard at one of England`s little airfields, a silver `Frobisher` aircraft and gone to take a Goblet with Mister Hitler …he met them for 20 minutes … he had British friends the Mosley et al families … 1936 – He Mister Adolph HITLER did not like `Angela` and passed an intelligent remark on her failings & said she was an evil woman … When assured my mother was NOT a Jewess but a genuine dark haired CLAN of GORDON (our lines off dear Catherine Gordon coal mines heiress left destitute after Mad Jack gambled and drank away HER fortune) … Mister HITLER said he had heard what a splendid horsewoman SHEshe Teresa Gordon was … He also liked reading BYRON hero of GREECE … Pity Byron never saw a Richard Wagner Opera … NB : YOUNG PEOPLE benefit from reading `PUCK of POOK`s HILL` & `REWARDS and FAIRIES` 2 paperbacks by Rudyard Kipling written for his 12 years old only son, killed as a soldier GREAT WAR 1914-1918 … an unnecessary WAR caused by aristocrats who had and still have plenty of wealth, but are impoverished by LACK of a Worldwide Education … un- nobles : MEMO : `WESTERN FRONT` – the British are with rather a porridge complexion … many races make them – they are rarely quite white … as WINSTON CHURCHILL reminds you in his writings : Some phrases I use, and others in these Records are British 19th century LONDON MUSIC HALL speech –`WHAT CHANCE YOU ALL ARE` & all other nations on this tiny PLANET … Sensible projects for a damaged Planet : Replacing the proved kindly families of `woollie` mammoths, to hopefully go back in Tundra conditions is IMPORTANT … Perhaps the “ WAR DANCES upon MEDIA” will follow this kindly : NB : some `broad-sheets` worldwide, like `guardian `try to guide you` sensibly … THIS WORK of accurate RECORDS was commissioned 1976 September-October from me by my Guardian from October 1937 Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX : We ask where are my TIGGY GROTE HOMES million children educating into their 20s in all civilized occupations around the PLANET ? Why has Britain and Scandinavian ill-educated `toffs` been able to tell secret lies in the name of `the British Government and Crowns` … ? Oh ! To dress up in `satin and lace`, a British Government, Lords, Crowns, moonlight organized GREED, a drug-fun GENOCIDE 1938 into 1950s : Last home Yukon cunningly destroyed and children 5 to18 older children slaughtered cunningly 1956 – 1988 I hear from USA Washington that some of the little children were placed with Mexican families … THE DOCUMENTS on the GROTE RANSOM estate were stolen summer 1933 in name of a woman Angela … she made an unlikely marriage … a little half Scot-Chinese well known SCOTLAND EARLS and gathering Scandinavian forces, are using `moonlight` meetings at Simon de Montfort`s Place WESTMINSTER on THAMES (the HOUSES of PARLIAMENT) PLANS carefully launching 1929 and begun in barbarism beyond belief the 1937 SUMMER SPAIN and trying to pretend this was the 1936 SPANISH CIVIL WAR continuing … : 1930s – ARISTOCRATs Britain & Scandinavia : Project : to get Aristocrats RICH and enlarge the BRITISH EMPIRE : IMPORTANT is = the killing of ALL children of GROTE HOMES and steal the attached, integrated, centuries old RANSOM worldwide Estate upon world seashores – dowries from RANSOM BRIDES and add spite about RACISM = … mouthing in their cups and dopes that the new Crown does not want Apes and Eskimo, slit eyes and fuzzy-wuzzy holding properties : THESE porridge-skin coloured barbaric obscene Aristocrat ignorant dope-liquor Jurassic Bog Trotters have been aware of BIG MONEY to steal by moonlight and they have a cunning GOB FULL (Music Hall phrases 19th century) in threatening to CRASH the Treasury Whitehall … they learned of GROTE HOMES upon our RANSOM seashores 19th century … and it became an OBSESSION to lay hands on more of the GLOBE … So they killed TIGGY 1904 – well aware that the RANSOM Estate attached to the HOMES has been always quietly running with much good will abroad and some cultured educated persons in = These bog trotters with Jurassic minds object strongly to our safety standards and care … and big pure philanthropy – THEY CAN SMELL `dough` and like to get it cunningly & enjoy rough-housing and perverting females and small children … Author WALTER SCOTT did not dare write on some of them – although one leading branch in the GROTE CHILDREN GENOCIDE has the Countess burned at the stake for poisoning a King of Scotland – he died 6 months after her poisoning of him but he may have had a ringside seat as she got a sad JOAN d`ARC … ` FUN summer 1937 SPAIN – boil to death a 22 years old Coptic Scholar a Missionary family ETHIOPIA, unfortunately distant cousins to SCOTS TRIBES : Then autumn 1938 orders GIVEN Palace dungeons & stone faced parties, pre-2nd World War, to KILL the GROTE children in their REAL worldwide HOMES, tiny unwanted children and growing with all knowledge the globe up to 18 years many now placed in peaceful Colleges and world University where they are safe from `satin and lace, syphilis, dope-booze Aristocrat s and hangers-on : BRITISH GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRAT ION of its EMPIRE and COMMONWEALTH : There is BIG TIME protection certain Rooms the Whitehall, they to not question the EXPENSES for endless so-called WORKING HOLIDAYS around the GLOBE – 1930s outside the British diminishing EMPIRE – 1950s EXPENSES fiddled from other small nations NEVER PART OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE and GOVERNMENT, LISTS MADE of those WILLING to come `BIG or LITTLE GAME HUNTING` (lists mentioned by JIMMIE JONG et al at WHITES CLUB … “on your way out Gentlemen you could ask if places are available …” Some powerful maniacs are given great power and money to KEEP the LID on the massacre-genocide of GROTE HOMES … JIMMIE JONG (1952 on the run from 3 whitemen murders Kenya) of course, and the baby mauler & destroyer of small children, young people and happy married people, he of THE BLUE Play-boy CAR … and 5 other cars when needed – called `Old Mengele-wengle` HARRINGTON who did a quickie G.P. course scarce 2 years Hong Kong 1946-48 – morphine a baby 1935-6 and seen making savage obscene performances on it age 4-9 months … 1949-50 he pushed this boy out of a small plane Scotland = NOT A NICE MOB TO HAVE with such top of the PYRAMID powers … THESE Nobles born around the 1900s together with the new Business Breed of right backgrounds` are to join parties SEARCHING OUT the GROTE HOMES UNIVERSITY TRAINED orphans, sciences, medicine, music, agriculture and SEA SCIENCES … kill, maim, empty banks sell their homes having, of course, given their families fake accidents so cunningly planned … IT IS SAID with `protocol` faces that they ARE HELPING GREAT BRITAIN and its COMMONWEALTH … 1880s onwards = many GROTE CHILDREN are engaged in FOREIGN Government appointments, MEDICAL RESEARCH , & all professions which could HALT a very foolish new Reign 1937 (heavy SCOTLAND) from making itself obscenely RICH = WAR WAS COMING again as a short time ago 1914-1918 … only the too inebriated and doped-up could doubt this … ? THE non-British WORLDWIDE ESTATE that is under cunning demolition 1937 onwards : ALL children, staff & teachers & their families & small communities CLOSE to GROTE REAL HOMES and RANSOM SEAS EDGES worldwide and transport worldwide investments (with SAFETY and WELFARE built in from 17th century – see RATHBONE LIVERPOOL family vast histories) “ This my family worldwide ESTATE along the SEAS EDGES – it is carefully manicured, its woodlands and forests, farmlands, small villages and communities, arts and crafts, MUSIC `umbrellas` and protection of the SEAS EDGES is, as the obscene British Scotland Scandinavia dice-players know Is outside the BRITISH EMPIRE … 1939 23rd December-telephone call to SPECIAL DUTIES : they had my father lured to Salisbury Airfields after he got 2 letters from WEST GREENLAND via SHETLANDS a good Skipper … and he woke up 1940 January to find himself in a plane to Philippines – he is marked by WAR OFFICE `HOME DUTIES G.B.` He was told on arrival `Orders given by highest in the land to kill you …` He b 1911 November Deptford, Officer Frederick John Ransom my father speaks JAPANESE … he was useful – saved many lives Philippines and the set-up over GROTE HOMES in Scotland-invaded Westminster well known to some … HE LIVED and was carefully transferred to Kenya after he did a long SWIM to talk to cousin and a Japanese General and halt shelling 12 hours at a hilltop Hospital and Rest Home full of children, old people, and some others … we have a marriage 1504 Bruges … 1948 the Japanese Emperor and Empress sent me a telegram for my 15th birthday – the elders of my family have known they and their parents for a century : they believed ALL WAS WELL WITH the GUARDIAN who they know, ANDRE MALRAUX … THIS IS A GENOCIDE arranged by SCOTLAND EARLS and OTHERS SCANDINAVIA with inbred MADNESS : ON THIS OUR JOURNEY the DOORS OF HELL SHUT and sometimes OPEN then SHUT … ` 7 years and 7, and again 7 …` THIS WORK of accurate records is trying take the doors of HELL … off the hinges … A Sailor KING, grandchild of the intelligent ` VIC and BERT` at his Court objected to uncouth obscene behaviour of Scotland Tribes and Scandinavia un-noble play-boys – they become thuggish 1920s onwards – and all in the DOPE growing trade … He had a difficult daughter-in- law from 1923, a kindly allowed marriage to his delicate health son not expected to live beyond 12-15 years – She 1930s was making a habit of drunkenly shouting at him, coming in his royal door, sniggering that SHE SHE SHE owned the entire GROTE HOMES and RANSOM Estate … SHE HAD BEEN GIVEN IT BY AN OLD ESKIMO WHEN SHE WAS 10 years of age … !!! She comes from a Scotland Castle where her real mother was the French Cook … and the legal children found her nasty sometimes and called her `Cookie` … Her father-in-law the Sailor King, a cultured man, makes it quite clear to he before he suddenly died, and others of good repute, that she does NOT OWN THE GROTE HOMES or the RANSOM ESTATE worldwide only a list of 8 presents to she and her illegitimate younger delicate health brother – the list was with the WILLS of our families held by honourable firms abroad outside the BRITISH EMPIRE … 2nd World War her chums (`Ang-no-Angel` ) picked off criminally some pieces of the ancient British Estate RANSOM – late 1940s-early 50s they stole our Aluminum great investments … calling themselves `BRITISH CAPTAINS of INDUSTRY … (the little knaves and `crumpets` ) These Scotland `satin and lace` are always short of money to go abroad and escape the long Scotland winters – sometimes every turn of a long passage in their creepy Castles there is a bride in a chest … as is usual with impoverished Aristocrats … 20th century Scotland had been getting over THE WALL (Hadrian) by moonlight … Mr JIMMIE JONG James enters this Place and meets Angela 1913 = His first language is perfect FRENCH – he got to know the FRENCH COOK real mother of the 13 year old Elizabeth Angela Marguerite … Recent years long TV reports have given all this history but they do not seem to have picked up on JIM or dared mention the GENOCIDE of the GROTE CHILDREN 2nd World War directed by Aristocrats done up in top job uniforms … 1919 END OF THE GREAT WAR – grandchildren of Aristocrats did not wish to prolong the WAR-time difficulties – several young well connected British born 1890s- 1900s roamed the Continent – they had visited or knew from Elders of exciting places before the Great War & they or offspring were meeting 1919 onwards … a young airman they knew was Herman Goering FLYER (FLYING GOT GOING 1904 ON) – his Swedish wife Carin seemed able to control the worst of the Scotland `Roaring 1920s young` … she died young and he KEPT a country home ` Carinhall ` in her memory – they visited and remembered the happy times just passed … : A Letter from his elder sister late 1930s says `the country life suits him – if only he were able to remain here …` (Perhaps as close as she dare come to `wish we could be without wars` ? … She 1938 also writes ` he my brother and Germany approve the Grote WILL and he is in touch with the Brokers to say Germany approves and will not make any changes – it will continue worldwide as TIGGY founded it … and Margareth … He says Estate safe and approved by all – the Grote children will not be wanted to fight … but to continue with their useful education and work …` HERMAN GOERING says and writes 1938 COPY GROTE WILL RECEIVED AND APPROVED … “ YES ! Approved ! with young Len flying the chariot, the child Greetha whose eyes show her Guardian Angel has fled with her soul in fear, and YOUNG MALRAUX standing behind them his hands on their shoulders THEY MAY SURVIVE …OR WE SEE THEM IN VALHALLA … WE GERMANY APPROVE THE WILL …” 1935 November, PARIS : I, `Greetha` Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM, age 2 years 8 months, much travelled from birth Pole to Pole and round and round, had briefly with Lennie met him, a FLYER Herman Goering, PARIS, that November early murky evening in my memory clearly, on the steps of the German Embassy as we have a letter to deliver from our Families and GROTE BROKERS a very honourable firm established 1820s-30s The NEW YORK – 1820s-30s established : GROTE Brokers NEW YORK are from GERMANY & have given Great BRITAIN much philanthropy from 18th century ! They are related to TIGGY and his father`s branch of GROTE NEW YORK ~ … HERMAN GOERING, he a big man in a Flyers uniform, greeted Len and me kindly and spoke firmly on our future … he tells LEN to “ keep OUT of our matters – what matters is your career – I want to hear about your good FLYING TEST – THAT IS WHAT MATTERS … I am talking with your father later this evening … ” I used to cruel men and women in England after some seconds understood he was kind towards us and TIGGY and Aunt Margareth whom I think of as `my girl of the Snows` : … and he continues with advice on perhaps coming troubles for Europe and we should not go back to Britain but go down to the Argentine where Len was born and we have many relatives of the SEAS, or we should go quickly to America where we have good friends to advise us … He repeats “ I will be talking with Frederick Charles and the others this evening – if you are not coming then write me about your FLYING TEST …. ” (Reports, and me present, and discussions later with Walter Benjamin and others, all foreigners of intellect who do not want another wasteful WAR … its only 15-16 years since THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918 ended … Europe is on its knees and Germany … FOOD, EMPLOYMENTS, SICKNESS cause anxieties … Great Britain has aristocrats who want to repair their personal fortunes … A book THE DARK VALLEY published 2,000 is excellent to have the READER grasp the 1930s and the state of the Globe and Europe early 20th century … editor compiler born 1941 is Piers Gaveston : I born 1933, am at events, nations, and meeting people he describes from having access to good RECORDS : 1935 that winter : Later after our meeting Paris, he, Herman Goering, remarked to others, and wrote it to his elder sister and others … “ … he saw a child, Miss Margareth`s heir, whose big eyes showed him that her Guardian Angel had fled in fear with her SOUL … a sturdy child with fair hair and blue eyes … she had been taught how to greet people in other languages … she did not curtsey but took 2 steps back and bowed placing her little hands behind her back … he APPROVED …” (thank you – kind words for my 3rd birthday … which turned out horrific – MEXICO will say sorry 1988 …) 1935 November PARIS steps of GERMAN EMBASSY : FURTHER REPORT given January 1960 NIGHTWATCH the Colne Engaine and helpers `old law friends` & other sources “ … HERMAN GOERING – he gave stern warning – he knew what had been happening to you and the families in Britain … HE KNEW WHY … that it was because certain people, he knew well after the last War had ended, wished to lay hands on the worldwide GROTE HOMES and destroy them … and take hold of the seashores of the world where Thomas had built the HOMES … on the lands of his bride`s family … these little nations in agreement with advancing EDUCATION …` Speaker – this may be Dr John RAY who has been reading the Diaries of his 2 brothers FJR and young LIR … their parents my grandparents have been killed with poisons and my grandpa had JIMMIE hitting him on the back and the Hospital in Suffolk kept records carefully and handed them to USA persons after the WAR … they did not believe the wild account of the poisoning and injuries from a Major O`Carroll of Buckingham Palace and a tall woman who said she was his daughter and there were no relatives left and she had no children … and she wanted a signature so that she and the Major could empty his room in Deptford … She did not get the signature … G.R. … `Yes, I can remember now that I have heard all these things spoken upon and read from diaries : perhaps a good memory comes from knowing what you look like as a young child … And I have been seeing myself in the windows of shops in PARIS … as well as meeting so many people in the little shops where we support them … and Aunt Margareth has known them since the century before this … and I am sturdy , short and hoping to grow, with fair hair with `the Irish wave` and blue eyes tha t sometimes look silver aquamarine, and I behave politely and speak when spoken to …. BUT I do notice many things because so often in England I have to be prepared to RUN and RUN away if the spiteful people appear … A big stern man in a German Flying Uniform … Len only calls him Herman … he told us to get down to the Argentine or North America and NOT GO BACK to Gross Britain … … he is meeting with our relatives and others to say Estate worldwide AGREED and will not be interfered with by Germany and they will NOT let the British Government and Crown withdraw any money from Margaret Grote`s Estate, and have stopped them taking her paintings in the old family homes that she takes care of and provides medicine and retirement = he knows of her little welfare charities she first began age 15 Dussldorf and how she impressed everybody … … But the matter now is certain … that British & Scandinavian aristocrats intend to destroy this most intelligent Estate and claim the worldwide seashores which are OUTSIDE the British Empire = they will then begin indiscriminate logging, mining, shooting everything that runs, flies, swims … … thus – impoverishing the communities and REMOVING the HOMES giving superior education in all that matters … no concern for `heimat` or humanitas … ” (`heimat` I think means `the place of your heart` thus your old home, somewhere your families live, and where you can return to safety … ? one of those words that stay in your head but you do not question why …) HE says firmly to Lennie “KEEP OUT OF OUR BUSINESS … get down to your cousins …” Cousins are the big Weddell families descended from 2 sons of JAMES WEDDELL the SEA and they have homes and a little land in Argentina … a well known actor cousin in Hollywood is just making his name and visits them regularly … and we our RANSOM side of the families have Uncle Fred MacMurray, Wall Street Insurance & he says “ I have to go make a FILM when Wall Street is down … to keep the wolves from the back parlour … ” CHANCE – CHANCE – CHANCE … people meet … Our Uncle Fred MacMurray who is very funny talking all the time, visited England 1939 to make a film and Basil Rathbone a grandchild of the Liverpool Quaker Philanthropy helped – EVERYBODY KNEW ANOTHER WAR IS COMING = Len says that Uncle Fred would take a big house Hollywood and all the relatives and children came to holiday – Lennie has described this to me 1939 … `just before you were born Uncle Fred had us all over to Hollywood – we children learned our manners … the food was cooked in big kitchens and we were to sit down at a big kitchen table and say a GRACE … we watched the food made and learned many things that are civilized … the staff were all black people – I will be in touch when I grow up … …” And shush … he Lennie fell in love with an older girl in a simple print dress with fair hair and no make-up … she turned into film-star Lena Turner … they stayed best friends all their lives … “ she is older than him so he just 17 is not to get married just yet but the love may be all on his side at the present time …” said his mother JEAN our ballerina choreographer INCA line … she knows Stravinsky … and when she was a young woman her best friend was `Lillies` = Lily Boulanger composer … 1900s – Jean San Julian Weddell, in Paris and Spain in-laws, a chorographer as well as ballerina … 1937 – I remember the telephone ringing at `Jerusalem` Park Road Deptford and it was Nadia sister to Lily asking if we would come to Paris for a MASS for her … before another WAR … talk 1936-1939 everywhere about another WAR and people say ` it`s really GREED ` … 1936 June – I have been kidnapped back from Continent by the BLOODY LIARS and the LindsayBUGGARHS … my father is AT LAW to get our passports back … … this is 1937 and this year Maurice RAVEL died after that car crash caused by JIM JONG James `who works for certain Scots Earls by moonlight `and is known in respectable circles as `a pimp`… …. Jimmie 1932 put some sticky poison stuff on the steering wheel of the much admired Ravel car … Ravel said he never felt quite well after this … JIM had a respectable Chinese mother living in Paris with her sister, they educated in Finishing schools Switzerland and France 19th century … but Jim had a Scotland father – RN then Diplomatic post Port Arthur … early death …` 1934 – The matter of Mister HITLER in charge of Germany was out of control – political figures either went along with him or they got nasty death and their families too … He was of much interest to Scotland aristocrats … They so superior, worshipping themselves, felt he could be of use to them … GERMAN SOURCES : We hear that fleeing to Argentina or North America would not have anyone safe after `MISTER HITLER` swept in as a WAGNERIAN FIGURE … and the GERMAN POOR welcomed him … … … GERMANY had been pulled to its knees in poverty from THE GREAT WAR … … … : … Understood to be a matter of disagreements between the Aristocrat grandchildren of `VIC and BERT` (they popular after the intelligent matter of The Chrystal Palace Exhibition and books of education following on and Railways to this experience and railways to take families to seaside holidays ) BUT it was understood that the grandchildren – become Emperors and Aristocrats of this Europe-Britain Hanover Family were not in agreement over how many brimming chests of `gold` they should all have from tropical lands … They planted their own flags on too many lands of others and it got out of control … 1914-1918 – THE GREAT WAR resulted and it was unbelievable carnage because of the misuse of advancing technology … an obscene waste of money and it created a DARK VALLEY 1930s, Europe and worldwide … Populations were increasing … It was as though WAR solved , especially if fire and smoke could be increased … and 1914 airships and airplanes assisted … guns could just fire across the Channel … READERS : SORRY this piece (File ) is BECOMING SO LONG … this part OUR JOURNEY but “ OFT I can`st NO” see the way ahead immediately until I tape the file and play it at a distance before sleeping – then sometimes a nightmare RISES and it is true … … … Records etc 1990s out of hiding were become orange boxes full … and I STILL HAD about we of 100 years live voices in my memory … ` also figures alive who were from past days when ` WALLS HATH EARS` … Bravely we rise ` with light of day for which we hath nothing to pay ` and day by dawn acquire a little WISDOM … gathering an understanding of ILL EDUCATED manipulated & manipulating `satin and lace` … yet helpless are we … 1939-40 winter = JOHN BUCHAN says “ EVERY CHILD, EVERY CHILD IN THE WORLD, DESERVES A TIGGY GROTE CURRICULUM …” Then he of the enlightening novels dies too soon … MEMO : CHEERFUL with XMAS AND OTHER WINTER FESTIVALS ADVANCING are the verses of 13th century writer ` FOLGARE` 12 months of the year presented to a Company of Sienna Nobles … translation best by DANTE ROSSETTI = A good bedtime or comfortable armchair book is HILAIRE BELLOC`s `THE PATH TO ROME` … a young man keen on exploring Battle fields & getting details RIGHT ! 1900s he vows to go in STRAIGHT PATH to ROME (for his sins) … 1939 Len and I at a London garden luncheon & linger for tea have he and others concerned with `a Rembrandt on a wall with French windows – I sat comfortably & plateful of what is best for me to grow with, hear polite he & others `excuse me Greetah – behind you a painting we should look at … eat up and a good pudding coming …` to one another “ that`s a Rembrandt & Lindsay-Lindsey are here … at MIDNIGHT that painting is going to FALL ` and they nodded to one another – asked again if I had enough on my plate and pudding and ice cream to come and they would bring it (they know I am Margareth`s heir and LIR is my sub-co heir and we can slip away by airplane to do quiet ESTATE jobs : We or half of us here at this pleasant luncheon lingering into TEA seem to be related, have somewhere wandering genealogy lines to Hilaire and one another – He who is no longer a tall romantic 1890s-1900s young man writing on British battles & making little books …WE ARE CHANCE … … good news is that they fetched a tall young man (from the National Gallery perhaps) & he came striding across the lawn and took the Rembrandt to a safe place with the Family`s permission – `Oh a great-great grandparent must have bought it on the Continent ` = tall young man is to be known as `Civilization Clarke` years and years & years on … He lived from 1939 onwards … What CHANCE we all are … H. Belloc born PAU 1870 an Easter when the snow fell – English mother French father … : You who still cook could do an authentic Hilaire supper 1870s-1950s his dates – his father was French but died when he was 10 years old – so his English mother raised him France-England – nice biography by his sister … and others perhaps : It is, I now believe, Dr JOHN RAY Ransom an uncle I only know for certainty 5 years after his violent barbaric death by SCOTLAND EARLS and the ill educated who have THEM tethered 1940s for display of un-holy `satin and lace` WHO SAYS 1968 – “ What have you been reading ? … Oh that book, a relative, we at school in KANSAS called it `GOING IN A STRAIGHT LINE TO ROME ON RED WINE … one of the class noticed he does not drink too much water … aqua … Well you cannot come to harm reading that …” Say a prayer for he Dr John RAY (Ransom) … but he dared not use his surname because LINDSAY-Lindsey et al maimed him 1917 one month old … do as TIGGY always said `put a dime in the poor box` … great nephew of TIGGY, he Dr JOHN RAY, he last worked for WASHINGTON STATE OFFICE … & ask our in-laws GROTE BROKERS Wall Street to fund a GROTE HOME CURRICULUM again … BUT they and we RANSOM in-laws had our “packit 19 acres bought 1801 The NEW YORK` stolen by LINDSEY Earl 14 using British Government and Crown the summer 1954 … purchase 1801 by grandpa F. Ransom of Margareth, Poul and John of Montrose Basin and JACOBSHOLMEN ISLAND, 2 hours by petrol boat off XRISTENSHARB WEST GREENLAND … Diary F.R. : “ this day I have purchased The New York a packit 19 acres” … that year he does a drawing of himself digging through the snow – he had faced the chalet wrong way … this was OK for Antigua … ( extra details Nov. 1966 BMNH … she studies red cranes and travels the globe …) … “ I saw the monument to Cain – he played football and dined in a jeweled collar, and had perfect manners …” Cain was our crocodile abandoned at 6 inches old … F.R. to F.R. who is to become father of Margareth, Poul, and JOHN RANSOM … their mother Gertrud grand-daughter of POUL GRONLANDER Chinese-Eskimo 6 feet 5 inches tall blue eyes `dishy`- she girl in indigo veil at foot of bed SARDANAPULUS – artist was a Paris friend … as Gericault …

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