BANANA ICING birthday cake 1937 1937 MARCH `Crail` Skelmersdale Road, CLACTON-on-Sea : ABSENT from my party age 4 years is my grandpa who sometimes paints lovely pictures of places that we know – poisoned by SCOTS EARLS & scum … GEORGE Ernest GORDON b 1868 my maternal grandfather – his painting `Going to Church by MOONLIGHT in the snow` : A few nights ago came LINDSAY-Lindsey EARLS in 3 cars 10.30 pm demanding MONEY – gambling with Teresa Clytemnestra-Minotaur-Mad Mother Kali … : I will sit on the shingle August 1937 watching Jo and Andre in the moonlight talking with the beach attendant who has been in THE GREAT WAR 1914 – 1918 … & & 2011 … photos/montage/etc : RECORDS being read at COLNE ENGAINE Jan-Feb. 1960 : Dr JOHN RAY (Ransom) “ … do you remember … you wanted the icing on your birthday cake that year to be banana flavor and yellows and pale yellow … it would be made at `Crail` the home of your grandparents Gordon (Skelmsdale Road CLACTON-ON-SEA) … Miss Win could not find the essence … so I coming and going my education said `we will ask PERU – our INCA cousins know everything about the kitchens … they said `ask in Paris` : I recall the pleasure these household matters gave … I had been raised in Argentine my first 9 years (to keep him safe from evil SCOTLAND Earls & their tribes as a RANSOM-GROTE-WEDDELL heir) CATASTROPHE` … your grandfather Gordon went missing … I only in my teens was not told what you and Gordon family had encountered that night early March – a pack of our LINDSAY-Lindsey cousin-age come threatening for money as your mother had lost in their gambling games last 2 days Clacton sea front their Place they simply call `Grand in big letters` = this building it was already slipping down from they forcing the Builder to use some heavy Scots granite blocks they may well have stolen from Scotland… Andre describes it 1937 and saw it just before demolition 1945-46 … it had wooden bars on the door and a red X …` He Georges-ANDRE had barely noticed 1937 but you said it was sometimes full of nasty men but the Police kept watch on them as much as they could .. your Hostess told him to not be seen by them as they were very nosy … he and JO did not wish Clara to know where they were … he does not tell her of his East Anglia ancient blood lines – she is always saying he has spent her money . ME – Greetah Maureen RANSOM 4 years 11 March 1937 (READERS have followed this “ SUMMER 1937 Andre Malraux, Josette Clotis, Greta Ransom, Clacton-on-Sea and WEST GREENLAND” issued 2011 when it was felt no further murders would occur to hide the GENOCIDE of British SCOTS LORDS, British Government and new CROWN of 1937 spring : ) THE BIRTHDAY CAKE WAS MADE as a firm sponge with pale yellow icing and the banana essence (perhaps LANGDALES did have this after all ? – or Paris ? _ and I remember comments that the flavor was perhaps not too correct but a kind of almond-banana flavor but that would have to do and in fact a trial with it on some fairy cakes was felt to be delicious enough and banana-ish enough … KITCHEN matters were important from Neolithic times … & the Neanderthal peoples were often considered for useful hints on store cupboards for coming East Anglia bitter winters – we felt they were not so simple minded from things that were discovered about them … everyone liked histories in those days and there were weekly and monthly magazines … : (photos on www work from 2011) … GRANDPA DEAD was unbelievable at first : MY GRANDMOTHER Mary Helena Gordon with weary face of disbelief sang quietly phrases from the Opera `Pelleas & Meliasande` … she had learned it incase Mary Garden went down with flu` in Paris … 5 children 13 years to 2 years had died of `scarletina` Highgate … the big house had to be given up and the elegant millinery firm `Mary Helena Carroll` – = Carroll being the family name of her mother Teresa Murphy Carroll CLASSICIST Dublin and Manchester … she gave her 5 daughters Roman Catholic and Classical names … A BIRTHDAY TEA … 11.3.1937 – I brought a friend home to the tea from St Clare Convent School & Uncle Harry came early from Thorpe-le-Soken and Miss Winnie Mary Gordon and 4 or 5 grownups saw that Granny Mary Helena had very little to do … my young father Fred John RANSOM would take me home unless Aunt Winnie feels I should stay and share her bed and we will leave doors open and say our prayers and say comforting things to Granny her mother : My young father FJR ex-Army but `on hold` somewhere down the Thames, has to dash abroad often, suddenly, and he is helping Aunt Margareth with the Estate worldwide since he is 15 years, and the British Army nowadays with `this and that` as another WAR is coming we all know – he goes “to see about your porridge” in secret code talk between us and this is to CASABLANCA in our little planes : 1937 MARCH Clacton – The birthday table in the dining room had little sandwiches of delicate flavours, tiny biscuits, and the YELLOW CAKE in the centre, a delicate China tea poured weak for we children, early spring wild flowers from corners of the garden & always lots of daffodils to uplift the heart … & perhaps Auntie Win`s blue hyacinth … SADNESS … Grandpa has been murdered with poisons by these EARLS ! I will come to know it swiftly but we must not alarm the many close and distant relatives … ANDRE MALRAUX and the young LADY Josette will come end July 1937 this year and Granny will be so glad of them calling afternoons and she can answer all Andre needs to learn about IRISH MATTERS … Southern Ireland is FREE 1932 and she immediately got an Irish Passport – she born Sackville Street a great house the grandparents Murphy Shipping of her mother Teresa Carroll bought her when she got married to young John O`Brien WILLIAMS a skilled superior Silver-designer and maker … THE BANANA FLAVOUR YELLOW ICING CAKE was eaten quietly and normal things observed … there was something on BBC Childrens Hour I listen to and my friends at The Convent School – then there is a duty to listen to the 6 pm BBC NEWS … I kept thinking that Grandpa would appear … or come from Heaven and be invisible but with us … I COULD NEVER FORGET THAT EVENING late with 3 cars outside in the middle of the road and the LINDSAY and other nasty gnomes and spiteful dangerous pixies balling they were owed MONEY ! The banana icing flavor = the GROTE HOMES had been asked by February and South America (I have visited so many of them 1935 and 1936) replied `ask Paris` … but a BANANA ICED BIRTHDAY CAKE was requested by many of the little children in the Homes around the world “as little Greetah was having” … YOU SEE the HOMES for the orphans of TIGGY are real HOMES with nice clothes for weekends and holidays to other Nations, and everybody is in touch – the telephone has been invented the 19th century and ALL the Homes can ring one another or ask another HOME to ring on around the EARTH for them … Perhaps my BANANA cake recipe can be made for children again … IT DID NOT COST A LOT OF MONEY and was made in the kitchen at `Crail` Skelmsdale Road close to the Railway Station to the world … CLACTON-on-SEA March 1937 … when the daffodils of yellows and gold are everywhere cheering a Britain hardly recovered from THE GREAT WAR … and we sensible people knowing another WAR is coming very soon … as it did 1939 3 September … I go some Sundays with Granny and others who have lost fathers, sons, uncles in that GREAT WAR … now she likes to go a walk with old friends to have a word to her husband who has died 7 or 8 years before he should says the Family Doctor : HIS PAINTINGS SURVIVE & reproductions My favourite colours are lemon yellow and lavender and soft silvery greens … Andre likes brown and blue … Jo likes greens but will think more about this matter … G.R.

7 Oct

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