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INTRODUCTION 5 pieces to follow – linked to this AESCHYLUS drama of true histories … 1957 November – ANDRE MALRAUX (mother Bertha has 900 centuries blood line Norfolk Family HISTON & branches ) It appears he is going to be a French Minister (Culture) 1959, so he asks me to get his mind back as he will need it – BUT, 1937 SUMMER, East Anglia, I could not remember if we put it left or right of “ Seven Sisters ” stars – beside them is a misty group of stars not always visible – I think it was to the right ? – In the years ahead he often asks me to try and remember ! … … … 1950s : MUSIC Claudio MONTEVERDI, Peter Grimes Ben Britten & other Operas, all immortal DEBUSSY, Berg, Bliss, early music 12-15th centuries, ancient JAZZ, Tudor music, SHAKESPEARE at Old Vic afternoons for schools – FRANKIE HOWERD played Bottom and overran time – nearly 7 pm and the cast must go on again by 8 pm – Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX collecting me an icy evening, had been told by under-manager `nobody minds HIM overrunning` : Similar for ANTHONY & CLEOPATRA … players had fits of laughter at some lines – Schools learning to question situations – cast replay … : RADIO TIMES shows music broadcasts – evening papers give Concerts – 1957 year of JOAN of ARC anniversary – HONNEGER … 1976 September : Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX my GUARDIAN from 1937 October has told me to MAKE THESE TRUE HISTORIES INTO A BOOK – he was visiting THE PILLAR HOUSE HARWELL at the end of his shortened life – visits he makes from 1968 December, seen my first Christmas decorations = `SATTEUS LAETUS` 1 to 5 interweaving PIECES WILL FOLLOW : 1930s – TEAS AND HIGH TEAS … sometimes delayed to `early supper ` … TEA at Old Road CLACTON – up the road is Great Clacton – its Saxon name is Clactuna . .. little Doomsday Book … : 1938 late November into 1939 spring CLACTON-on-SEA … Lennie visits weekends when he is not flying about the Estate worldwide on Philanthropy … his mother has been poisoned by distant family and those they employ by MOONLIGHT … It is a Friday late afternoon he having collected me at St Clare Convent Order of Poor Saint Clare = ( in the grounds is recently built the great miracle Church R.C. commissioned 1920 by 2 widow ladies who told Architect `here is 20 thousand pounds = we would like something as we see in ROME` = agreement their families = The roof came from Brazil a magnificient black wood & architect put up the greatest Medieval roof since England became Norman French when Willie Conqueror won against Harold Godwin = A RANSOM marriage is here 10th century Ransom-Godwin (we have a Ransom=Redemptio=TAXES & Customs job Londinium since ROMAN BRITAIN 77AD (records = Soc. Antiquities to 1953) – 92 AD we buy first Estate Suffolk, Dunwich (records=Soc.Ants.) = DUNWICH is a still working harbor a useful `pull-in` when a sudden storm arises = We are known for honourable administration Roman Republic MED 1st 2nd centuries BC : 97 AD SUFFOLK we receive an Entourage from ROME – agree to assist – and hold peace between East Anglia Christianity and our relatives of 3rd century BC 1st century AD across at Udwalla they marrying into `Noroway` = We `REDEMPTIO` are sea traders Roman Republic and Empire expanding Globe … holding similar REDEMPTIO posts Mediterranean & young sons in Roman Army including PALESTINE the Holy Lands … 1990s onwards : READERS have been glad to have RANSOM Ancestries Part I to Parts 4-5 = some still editing from bits of paper and paper and objects … : Nota bene : The RANSOM memorial in the SUFFOLK CHURCH represents a branch of 2nd cousins 10th-11thcenturies “ who went riding about the Continent and met up with William the Conqueror and his mob … and became posh, but could no longer speak Arabic-Greek-Latin as they had to attend Norman French Courts, and the French language was forming itself from the older languages of the Roman world … We kept global and time of 3rd and 4th Crusades had land devoted to good courses in TOULOUSE – nice music about –try that for RICHARD Lionheart … … these parts of our ancient Estate held until 1969 for the children to learn philanthropy of my ancient families … BUT the W. twins ex-Marxists now Capitalist-Marxists cunningly without permission but with a title GOT everything & sold off cheap – went for good time with Dave Lindsey and Gang to Hot Spots of degradation … “ OH TEMPORA OH MORES …” Cicero says it … My father & others 1945 -1960s commenting on these SUFFOLK 2ndcousins who have lost their ANCESTRY SINCE 1950s … “ … THEY are in the records a privately printed book 1st century BC to 800 AD … Certain Earls of Scotland were always hunting copies to burn … remember the big rectangle green silk bound book … names Gaius, Markus, Wolfgang and some names you felt (me age 6 years) thought were primitive … YES – HAVE NOT FORGOT … distressing times … IT IS ALL SAFE IN THIS WORK … “ We should have a CHRISTMAS – we have NOT had one since 800 AD says `Cleo` and we began to plan it … but the EARL of LINDSAY Crawford called on her and began pawing at her books and she knew he was MAD … We RANSOM & GROTE BROKERS New York Tiggy`s families, gather them `MOONLIGHT BOG TROTTERS of the JURASSIC `from a marriage 1883 to Millie FROBISHER (direct line Sir Martyn) in 1883 … and they claim every hairpin from relatives and in-laws 9 digits out !! ANOTHER WAR CAME 1939 … Poles, French, Americans, Canadians, Australians et al came to help BRITAIN … my very young father 22 when I am born and others ARMY training were busy 1930s making quietly preparations for the inevitable WAR … GERMANY had been left on its knees in mud and famine 1919 and came HITLER easily sweeping in … DO NOT LEAVE YOUR GREAT NEIGHBOUR too impoverished is the message from we who do not have to turn out every day in satin and lace … … … 1938 – CLACTON ON SEA : HUNGRY from the SEAFRONT & a stiff breeze giving an appetite for our TEA : LEN 17 years FLYER-classical and jazz musician-artist, raised in polite ARGENTINA until 9 years, and ME coming 6 years, have just entered the little Old Road House and former `Dames School house` – 17th century this was a farm … part of a Great kitchen is left = My father and townsfolk are going to turn this little ancient site of homes down the centuries, now our happy home, into a TOWN MUSUEM … but the non-noble Earls and Aristocrats LINDSAY Lindsey have tried 1934 burn this Dames School house down because we would not let them use it and gamble and drink and bring in fancy women … My father has dismantled the rectangle Dames School house facing South West with long, long table and chairs and fitted seats all around the many windows … a lovely SCHOOL it had been for ages … SO we will re-build when we have permission from a History Institution to guard it – we have quite sufficient money to do this and employ skilled craftsmen and friend an architect – I coming 3 years can just remember it facing South West a rectangle with lots of windows and a great table down the centre with padded seats with lockers underneath … it has ladies come in and sew, knit, and happily talk about the town and district matters … Tea was made and cakes appeared and summer or winter it was a happy place … and some mornings when sewing or knitting went on by older ladies for Christmas … I remember the soft toys and jumpers and socks they knit ted and things stitched like cushion covers : I remember this when 1970s with my children we bought patterns to make a Brontosaurus and a Pteranaedon/Pterodactyle from the GEOLOGICAL MUSEUM South Kensington … Pteranaedon was popular & I made 4 — you can go around with one wing cosily on your shoulder and neck … add a little pocket for this and that …they were very popular with big teenagers … a velvet one of 3 feet has a home in a music room … 1938 : LEN and I had gone to the big old kitchen to make our tea and my father will come in if he has not had to fly off to somewhere = sometimes he says ` I must go and see about your porridge` & puts his haversack by the front door … … this is to Casablanca where a Polish friend grows OATS (you can read about him and a film he inspired ` … Casablanca gives some secrets away …` But these are all good people of many nations … : • WELL ! Crash in the front door comes `SHEshe Clytemnestra Mad Mother Kali Minotaur Mrs Fred John RANSOM` • • • … she hates me, and Lennie her young brother-in-law and his parents who do not give her this FORTUNE the Estate as her fast chums call it = WE THOUGHT SHE WAS AT THE RACES … but NO ! The Earls and Lords and she have been thrown out and crept back to the seafront next The Royal Hotel where they have a low DEN – for gambling, drinking, and plotting … • • • WE WANT OUR TEA : so she swung her fist in my face … and my nose bled and I reached for a hankie … The gale of brandy could knock a stout bloke down … she began telling us we had to pay to use the gas and electricity … and we had to pay her to use the lavatories … • • • WELL, I have had this, and others, since the BLOODY LIARS and the LINDSAYBUGGARHS, 2 mobs of Scotland EARLS, had me kidnapped back from the Continent June 1936 and will NOT allow the newspapers and Westminster to say THE ESTATE IS PRIVATE and belongs to THE WORLD outside the rather short of `dough` their circles of the British Empire …We the heirs were not coming back to barbarism and the Sailor King had agreed … he likes TIG`s HOMES but has to be quiet about such education for other nations … • • • These JURASSIC BOG TROTTERS are sniggering we are chums of Germany … As the Duke of Argyll says “ we do not have the Lindsay-Lindsey to dinner … they are mad, insane … it is said they are … and any business dealings you have with them you will come off very badly …” 1937-39 My young father is AT LAW to get our passports back – we win twice – documents disappear at Passport Office …and 2 good solicitors are killed … tricked and killed … and 2 sons of one … • • • … LENNIE Immanuel RANSOM looks terrified … LEN who is in the legal WILL worldwide, USA, Buenos Aries etc. as my heir … ANDRE MALRAUX is our GUARDIAN and should have been with us EASTER or WHITSUNTIDE 1938 … we now his Wards since October 1937 are in training to manage the greatest educational philanthropy = agreed by all nations A – Zoutside OUTSIDE – OUTSIDE this BRITISH EMPIRE – it has been running for centuries and since1864 TIGGY began his THOMAS GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN educating up to teens and 20s = it is a delicate flower garden around the earth twice – some call it a double RING of GOLD … • • • LUCKILY AT THAT MOMENT THE NICE MAN from the LITTLE CORNER SHOP came in the still OPEN front door … with the BIG BOX of GROCERIES for the WEEKEND … • • • I was now bleeding all over the hall floor … he put down the grocery box carefully in the great kitchen … returned, and HIT HER … HIT HER ON THE NOSE too … she fell down … then he saw that we telephoned the Police … and he would do so as soon as he returned to his shop … and they would find that THEY were on our seaside … “ fleeing the bailiffs as usual ” … • • • The author Walter Scot would understand our difficulties … but he would not dare write the truth about the LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggarhs and the BLOODY LIARS • • Luckily the grocery shop man is a big man = because she is known to be `a gorilla on horseback with snakes for hair` … • Well, all the blood streaming from my little nose and lips and all over the floors had he and Len think I might die … we got me down to the Hospital soon … and the bleeding was stopped … • • We did not tell Granny Mary Gordon but we told Miss Winnie and Uncle Harry that `SHEshe` had been drinking with THEM our way-back ancient aristocrat line … and people are muttering they want to throw them off the end of the Pier … etc … • • • The Clacton-on-Sea kind Hospital are used to SHEshe and THEM and their chums – they are known to lurk in the dark and rob old couples who come down for holidays some because they came on their honeymoon the last century … • • • A phrase is often heard on the seafront by those old soldiers of the GREAT WAR … “… what has this little town DONE to DESERVE them …” … • • • OUR TEA … was rather late HIGH TEA, quite late … or perhaps we thought of it as Supper … we would have something on toast like eggies and a salad of lettuce, cress, cucumber and a grilled fishy … and a pear and cocoa and big raisins … A GOOD TEA is important when you are chilled from the beach … talking with the fishermen end of the Pier … called in on the town shop with all kinds of eggs, fishes, butters and cheeses, condiments and salad things suitable for an evening High Tea = they have 2 boys one studying electric engineering and he wants to come up to our Island Jacobsholmen West Greenland when we can open it and have the great Theatre, the hospital, the school again … The greedy ignorant of Scandinavia and Gross Britain are trying to slide it to them and they will dirty it for quick `dough` … • • • Perhaps she will be kept in the Police cell for the 2 nights they are allowed keep the unruly without legal help …HERaristocrat CHUMS and she let loose on the Continent 1919 early 1920s could `hook a battleship`, toss a British Ambassador out of his best bed, cash cheques on TIGGY GROTE HOMES and boast “ old Eskimo … had too much money …” • • They are doped up and drink enough liquor to `float the Titanic` … They a handful of years older than she & cunningly got hold of her age 10 to secretly ride a horse and win for them … their private races … deceiving her parents and GORDON families because of the Scotland Gordon lands of her father his 5 brothers and 2 sisters = The dishonesty inbred of some SCOTS TRIBESoften came from them growing DOPE and using a dangerous home-grown drug … : • • • SHE Teresa Elizabeth Gordon b November 24 1906 is known as a good horsewoman and is accepted and knows her language of that world when Andre Malraux b 1901 & his friends 1924 first met she at Deauville, all young people of the 20thcentury … but she a noble Gordon branch has been taken up by `the wrong sort` … they have no education in what matters – sciences-MEDICINE-music-environment-sea sciences … they being raised to be strutting top of the Pyramid Gross Britain … ` • • • VIC and BERT `would have been ashamed of these uneducated … • • • THEY DID THIS 1938 CHRISTMAS MORNING NORWAY = • • … a beach where the tide comes rushing in and there is no way out … THESE MONSTERS had organized the murder of 350 TIGGY GROTE CHILDREN … 2 or 3 survive … photos, reports came early January 1939 from an Embassy BERLIN and the VATICAN … • • • … Remember to have a good TEA – say a prayer – sleep well , remember “ for the light of the day we hath nothing to pay” • • • ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Miss SYLVIA nee Hanshaw/Henshaw Mrs JOHN RANSOM 19th century EDUCATIONALISTS : RANSOM BRIDES GLOBAL SEATRADERS FAMILIES – RANSOM-Frobisher Weddell et al Our families of 2,000 more years … are from global sea trading : Miss SYLVIA Hanshaw or Henshaw ? marries John Ransom both Educationalists : Canada 19-20th centuries … : `who is Sylvia …` … … … LENNIE continues 1937 … “ but for her death, Sylvia, I realize that you, me, our close families would not EXIST – I WOULD NOT HAVE DAD ! ” I remember his serious young face 1930s and he looks like a young Anglo-Saxon saint, fair cropped hair, from an illuminated Manuscript and he is not going to grow tall like I am going to be and its showing by time I am 5 years … “ … We have MASSES still being said Canada and Greenland for Sylvia and we make donations to Charities close to the Churches = that is her in photographs with the family party 1860s at HALICARNASSUS … I will show you the books of photos in Dad`s desk … they have ridden horses and have Arab guides and some are our relatives and our Palestine kin (grandmothers) 12th-13th centuries …” ( I, G.F.W.R., know them well … Roxanne, `Hebeithiayia` a poetess, `Goldi-locks` niece of an Arab scholar and trader who adds up in his head – I think of them as grandmothers and like to find out what the food was they gave our family, and their clothes especially their wedding dresses : 19th century – with some of these our ancestors we are trying stop the destruction of the Cedars of Lebanon … ) 1979 – L.I.R. a man called LEN : “… we RANSOM were to be trodden underfoot so that the powerful crazy may hide their bags of plunder – yet as you heard in the City of London from Elders (1965) “ … there is a river of blood around the earth and it comes about your ankles young woman …” I have to go quietly everywhere because of the Genocide … but I did not understand many matters during this last War when JIMMIE hung about my little family – my parents dead too early … … ” (READERs have had earlier BOOKS of LEN 1 – 4 – = = and the earlier work `Document in 3 Parts a scaffolding for the work to come` on called “ 1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX, JOSETTE CLOTIS and (me) GRETA RANSOM, CLACTON-on-SEA and WEST GREENLAND …” ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 2,000 YEARS & more, GLOBAL SEA TRADERS L I R Diaries 1932-1981 Argentine-East Anglia-world family histories 20th Century … RANSOM-FROBISHER-GROTE-WEDDELL- GORDON et al DEPTFORD, DOVERCOURT, FRANCE & Argentine … end of THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918 : “ Uncle TIG`s HOMES,& Ransom Estate world wide – I am born 1921 & come first to England 1929, I am just 9 years … begin my Diaries when I am 11-12 years … my father FCFR had the family `life books` from B.C. … we sailed out of JUTLAND and became ROMAN citizens & married well.. I have lived with my Weddell cousins South America …I now explored Dad`s cousins – we could call on 7th century AD our Berber line but they had become very Spanish 19th-20th centuries … … … ” L.I.R. Len Immanuel RANSOM born 1921 Argentine – youngest son of Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM (FCFR, his mother Millicent Frobisher a grandchild as VIOLET-artist Rutland of EARLS of LINDSAY Crawford et al = marries 1883 Educationalist JOHN RANSOM widower of Jacobsholmen Island West Greenland and MONTREAL (L.I.R. kept safe in Argentine from our aristocrat relatives who claim ALL moneys-properties-inheritances in families even remotely related to them … b 1844 = John RANSOM brother of Margareth nee Ransom Mrs Thomas Grote) married 1st Sylvia Henshaw Montreal Canada an educationalist but `our Sylvia` dies 16 years before he makes a 2nd marriage to Millie Frobisher – SYLVIA dies of lingering cancer believing for 12 years she would be cured & John cared for her and they travelled widely in their work until her death saddened she had no children … but we have given her US … and do not forget her in many ways … ( GR adds a note here 2018 : READERS earlier years, have understood `SYLVIA WHO IS SHE…?` We would not have been … she Sylvia gave us life –if she had not died then WE would not have existed … So we have MASSES said for `our Sylvia` and include her in our philanthropy matters … her family Canada are in touch with us and I remember them 1938 when they come to London before another WAR 1939-1945 … photos 1860s-70s have Sylvia, John, Margareth and Tiggy and other family members at Halicarnassus with horses and Arab friends and servants … she is pretty wit h dark hair in a bun and a straw hat, her practical skirt above her ankles and little tough boots … ` When I have a MASS said for Sylvia late 1930s I pay from my little allowance from `Augusta my grey girl` a distant Aunt who has to live in a big hotel looking out on the Thames river because a distant relative the EARL of Lindsay Crawford no 12 I think (look in Debrett ) wants to lock her up and take her money – he does this to lots of unprotected ladies and orphan children – some whose parents have died too soon : `My Grey Girl AUGUSTA is about 60 years and always wears shades of grey but has a pretty cardigan and pearl earrings & we speak sometimes as girls – she used to take holidays on an island in the MED with her 5 boy cousins and insisted she be allowed to wear trousers and play on the sands – later she took up rock climbing …and she is practical and WITTY about these Jurassic Earls , so she has her meals in her rooms and is guarded by the Manager and staff – she DOES NOT LIKE Mr Jim Jong James = She is AUGUSTA FROBISHER the ELDER (families Napier Ettrick et al – she married but has no children and he is dead – her adopted daughter 1934 at 15 years was attacked in a pleasant shady path in ROME coming from her Cello lessons and died in hospital hours later from terrible internal wounds done with a terrible Asian weapon-thing : Early 1970s – An attempt to repeat this crime in the exact place as 1934 Rome, takes place early 1970s on a 17 year old son of a scientist employed FAO Roma Fishes … BUT 2 men came to the yells of the victim … as he returned from CELLO LESSONS same place – his cello was damaged : His sister had been staying with us at The Pillar House HARWELL … … … I and my families are still FOLLOWED sometimes by the same SCOTLAND aristocrat BOG TROTTERS – it was felt to be MORE THAN A SICK JOKE … PJPW employed BMNH FISHES worldwide has work sometimes at FAO ROMA … I have written on familiar maniacs about us the village, Oxford, a village called Blewbury … PJPW father of The Pillar House children has them speak with him London from November 1967 … they want all post/mail examined … `Dave Lindsey and Gang he and his twin have known at well known schools events 1940s-50s … Readers have had nightmares over `New Years Eve 1953 Nethrington Hall` … it may have been transferred to the other web sites … perhaps for easier reading … My first work is done on 3 typewriters and then I learned computer and all these colours and type-faces … But there is still PAYMENT by the hour or day or week from sinister cobwebbed rooms in Whitehall centre of G.B. administration = as from 1879 when LINDSAY-LINDSEY Premier Earls got OVER THE WALL to (Hadrian) WESTMINSTER to try STOP the HOMES of TIGGY GROTE begun 1864 and agreed nations A-Z all OUTSIDE THE BRITISH EMPIRE … But 1934 onwards a Sailor King and his heir and old cultured friends of their youthful days broadcast politely to would be plunderers of THOMAS GROTE worldwide HOMES on the SEASHORES of the GLOBE the owner the widow of TIGGY and their Administrators the world wrote him personally to say THE ESTATE had 2 young heirs in training and there were many members of the family RANSOM & GROTE who assisted in this JOYOUS VENTURE as Miss Margareth had always called it when she married TIGGY (in 1863) … He read a personal letter from Margaret Grote … a list of 8 presents were left to a new member of his family but NO PART OF THE ESTATE … The Sailor King dies 1936 January, his heir also an intelligent cultured man is rudely pushed out December 1936 … my Aunt Margareth highly educated a dozen languages spoken with crème-de-la-crème humanists of the Globe, my `Girl of the Snows`, is killed/murdered 15 May 1938 by Mr JIM Jong James `Clown of Heaven` 2 years Pekin theatre training,cutting a vein beside her ear at the farm of old friends of her parents Aryshire where she was visiting before leaving for Europe – she has a grandson a Priest in Rome – her son Basil was poisoned 1934 by Scotland Jurassic bog-trotters et al all desperate to GET HOLD OF `DOUGH` but cunningly saying that in secrecy they are securing the PINK great BRITISH EMPIRE … … the Genocide of GROTE CHILDREN begins 1938 Xmas morning Norway when 350 are to be drowned on an isolated beach but 2 or perhaps 3 were saved – photos reports Berlin Embassy & Vatican : 1938 January and theft again 17 May 1938 has ANDRE MALRAUX not receive his copy of the legal WILL making him GUARDIAN to the whole worldwide Estate … it was retained by a Mr Phipps moved as Ambassador from BERLIN 1935-36 by HITLER Government for ATTEMPTED THEFT OF THE GROTE CHILDREN`s CHRISTMAS TOYS presents sent from USA-ASIA-South and North AAMERICA … He was quickly transferred to PARIS to be Ambassador at the GB Embassy … 1938 MAY 17th … he new Ambassador in Paris representing Great Britain & a new reign of a delicate health man and a woman of Scotland – a Mr Phipps not yet a SIR- retained parcel for ANDRE MALRAUX and ALSO A LETTER for ANDRE MALRAUX to hand to THE PRESIDENT OF FRANCE was retained on his orders and he had opened both parcel and letter TO THE FRENCH PRESIDENT sealed and Personal – how naughty but perhaps it weas the wine & brandy & whiskey … ( France did not steal the Xmas toys of the 5 GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN – begun1860s … … … Functioning unmolested late 1930s … ) Nota Bene : THIS GUARDIANSHIP of the WORLD : What an honour for GAUL the Asterix-land-Fair France of the great Cathedrals= Oh what a feather to wear in its Republican cap … ANDRE MALRAUX (young writer 1920s-30s) their crème-de-la-crème mind young `CITIZEN` to be in charge of the Children of the world having a GROTE CURRICULUM & that Curriculum already finding its way into all schools and the lessening of RACISM and GREED … … NOTA BENE : And FRANCE would not wish to help itself to funds of the Estate for the entire world administered this Estate … and the entire world would feel that France was honourable in this matter … And the Ransom-Grote Estate had been running through France in very helpful ways from 17th century and with the GROTE marriage from the 1860s … TIGGY GROTE his real HOMES for children who do not know who they are … : A CURRICULUM of common sense in an expanding 19th- 20th century world with fast advancing technology in need of guidance … needing much more MEDICAL RESEARCH … a CURRICULUM of HUMANISM …including music and medicine-several languages-all religions-world histories and all sciences-agriculture & botany, SEA sciences, arts and crafts … TIG began immediately exchanges of children across the world for a term when they reach 10 or 12 years … TIG bought great boats to transfer the children safely about the Globe … Ecuador went to China 19th century … kept pen friends had visits … BUT G.B. SCOTLAND our Premier Earls the Lindsay-Lindsey and branches would NOT have an Aberdeen HOME … Of course, they all grow a dangerous DOPE called Divinorum Salvia Scotland and process it and ship it about the world of their G.B. Empire and where they can infiltrate to keep the Empire going and they rich-rich-rich … 2nd World Wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill could not stop them “ growing that stuff” he said … but took a DSO off them 2ndWorld War when they had awarded themselves 2 ! He began a visit made 1960 January by Philip Silverlea with “ LINDSAY-Lindsey a BLOODY NUISANCE since the PLANET BEGAN … NO ! The relationship is TOO FAR OUT … Estate belongs to Margaret`s heirs … LINDSEY … I will call him in and give him a spade to dig it up … ” So these Earls claiming us, include Glamis Castle where witchcraft went on in nasty ways into 1930s … every hairpin is claimed from the world outside the British Empire … Earl LINDSAY Crawford Inc. would not have a HOME Aberdeen 1883 and tried kill TIGGY on that Wedding visit of their grand-daughter Millicent Frobisher now Mrs JOHN RANSOM … he JOHN RANSOM, my future great grandpa, the widower of Sylvia – he determined not to marry again – but she was a scholar of Greek dance and culture and Egypt, and they were well entwined and she so young and aware the Lindsay relatives were not nice … her mother had endured unpleasant years and with her Frobisher marriage hoped to keep clear of the madness in the families because of the dope growing … Divinorum Salvia Scotland used to harm older members of the families to get money quickly … I used to use their books … … and June 1945 I am showing several of their books in `the Pearly house` 112 Vista Road at Clacton-on-SEa to the just arrived Widower of Josette as he calls himself – ANDRE MALRAUX … he is stern and stands very straight and his skin pale and transparent … he has in his memory the appearance of she JO of 1937 SUMMER … she is dead November 1944 her long legs crushed under the train … from Tulles perhaps … she is putting her mother on the train to go back to her home at Toulouse … A line I have read in one of our-their books … sounds like ancient GREEK … forms in my head …` ALL THIS BLOOD IN OUR HOUSE – ALL THESE DEAD, ALL THIS DEATH IN OUR HOUSE ` … and I know it is quite unnecessary if these uneducated dangerously insane could be controlled … they have a haughty EVIL STARE … 1883 ABERDEEN & near MURDER of TIGGY GROTE USA citizen … Lindsay-buggarhs (as all Police call them) were urging the marriage 1883 and intended grabbing the world`s SEA SHORES for their usual nefarious reasons including big business expansion of their 18th century PORTS currency fraud `RULE BRITANNIA` = these true histories are what Walter Scot did not care to write up as THEY were on his doorstep … Our male line FROBISHER via Millie have been known in England since Tudor times when Sir Martyn sailed about Arctic waters … but our main branch Frobisher in the 19th century fled to Canada – I have included accurate family histories up to 1973 in these RECORDS now on www … 1883 ABERDEEN : BUT 1883 good Scots persons got TIGGY safely away from his brother-in-law`s wedding – JOHN and MILLIE & the happy couple and many friends were allowed to visit the Continent BUT sailed away to JAPAN to be welcomed in the Carnation Court by the Empress herself – as RANSOM have a blood line Okinawa 1504 Bruges Cathedral (our Lady of Japan is of an old Royal line that made a bridge between warring Emperors for about 30 years …the USA relatives were with slightly Japanese eyes and my father too … I get Bavaria-INCA-Greenland eyes I was told … it was a pleasing matter for older members of families to trace likenesses in the 19th-20thcenturies … 1904 – Hence the EARLS and LORDS did not manage to kill TIGGY GROTE until 1904 Arran Island … but still they could not lay paws on the seashores of the Globe the Planet … but the Premier Earls of G.B. continued to swing bills on us Ransom-Grote … NEW YORK and Buenos Aries would mail these holiday bills to G.B. Crown Office who sometimes got a LINDSAY-Lindsey solicitor to pay … Otherwise the old Treasury of G.B. had to pay up … memories of how once the LINDSAY sacked the Treasury … There was the witchcraft Glamis women with JIM Jong also cashing cheques on Margaret Grote widow 1920s onwards … 1960 enormous amounts of records were gathered from sources NOT raided yet … NNB: Writer JOHN BUCHAN, England, is upset winter 1939-40 that the Estate is disapproved of by ill educated persons and shouts on the telephone to a woman ` EVERY CHILD IN THE WORLD DESERVES A GROTE CURRICULUM … EVERY CHILD IN THE WORLD … This woman telephones my grandmother Mary Helena Gordon (widowed March 1937) late1930s at inconvenient hours … and Granny is saying “ she Angela is baiting me about the Child and the inheritance … I can always tell when she has had one, two, three of those Cocktails … and they should NOT be able to get these POWDERS from the Chemists … ” … This woman will send me messages 1942 that I am to call myself at Register at School `Pearl Barley` … I had a dangerous encounter with she and Mr Major JIMMIE Jong Bulford 1940 winter … but good Mrs MacDonald and others guarded me … : ( Roaring 1920s aristocrats took heavy dope and drank `enough to float the Titanic` and had awful bouts of violence and madness … October 1957 I am told by a good aristocrat … “… I know your mother and Angela from before the War … they can DRINK A PUB OUT OVERNIGHT … keep your mother away from Andre …” ) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ BOOK OF LEN 6 LIR – Len Immanuel Ransom 1919 from Deptford `Jerusalem` Park Road to old house DOVERCOURT `seas edges` (ref. book “Daniel Defoe – Tour of the East Anglia Counties” “ When your father was young they (my future parents your grandparents) moved to DOVERCOURT … (this will be end of THE GREAT WAR ) FJR first son his elder brother born 1911 : … An old house, one of the first there – it had a little porch and terrace and a pretty garden – a nasty woman was paid by the Earl Lindsay Crawford to tr y and harm your father a tiny boy – she had an accident in a sweet making factory and this lead to her early death … at the house they soon had a fierce matron who organized everything and put your grandmother my future mother to give ballet at the local school – she would let her make baby clothes but not in the kitchen for fear she touched a hot pot … Frederick Charles left the Navy and enjoyed this seaside where his Roman Britain ancestors came from … THEN THEY, m family went to FRANCE for a while a few months to help organize the Estate wit h Aunt Margaret and see no one suffered … some went to America to the Estate and GROTE took care … THEN THE RETURN TO JERUSALEM … Deptford … and the GIRLS were there …remember hearing from Dad they had looked after Frederick Charles when he was a child … they married and had children … and you in the 1930s remember them there always smiling and making us cocoa cold mornings … Jerusalem was Millie`s place the little house the ORDER Ladies of Jerusalem bought her after the EARL had robbed her after the death of JOHN her husband … We had her spirit sit on the stairs with her skating boots and took her OUT with us to her important now old circles and this was appreciated by them and they would send invitations `bring young Millie with her skating boots`: It was, they said, a way of managing death – Quietly several people knew that THE EARL and his carriage had come here … they local people remembered the scares – a dead babe in a bath from a nasty woman he the Earl insisted come in to nurse the babe – dead that morning … THE EARLS HAD POWER OF LIFE AND DEATH OVER THE FAMILIES – killed when they were short of money – Scotland could be a fearful place … ( I G.R. remember VIOLET artist October 1937 saying to Granny Gordon ` we knew as we grew up Mary that the Earls had the power of life and death over us …` Violet-artist a pupil of Frederick Watts is a grand-daughter with Millie to these Earls … … `) JEAN had our 2 years old John in the Kansas special school by 1920 … a man who would have exchanged ideas with TIGGY … It was now everyone had such distressing memories of a fearful war 1914-1918 THE GREAT WAR … we have more information here from our families … but I am not born until Jean fled to the Argentine fearing I might be attacked if born in England 1921 = as her `little Johnny` attacked by 2 old Lindsay-Lindsey women 1917 when she took a munitions job at GREENWICH in the daytime … … DEPTFORD Thames riverside ancient town CAME TO STAND UP FOR ITSELF after the murder of the babe of John and Millie 1891 – and that GREAT WAR 1914-1918 had them braver – Meanwhile 1920s a Mr Churchill and friends including a Mr Sweeting ( with an heiress daughter a cultured kind girl – the Press 1960s will `bitch` around her and tell lies upon lies to get a crate of whiskey each …) had hurled the LINDSAY and their brethren out of SCOTLAND … they had been killing widows of the FALLEN in this GREAT WAR and TAKING THEIR MONEYS and LANDS and HOMES and CHILDREN had gone missing … THEY (the British Police called them `LINDSAYbuggahs`) WENT TO THE CONTINENT and to the USA … I do not know all this history except lots of close true histories about them 18th-19th centuries when they are Continental PORTS CURRENCY EXCHANGE fraud, and we had trouble with them 1795 for their SHIPS at SEA Insurance fraud which was mostly sinking ships in bad condition – lives of sailors lost … they were not the only crooks in INSURANCE matters = I often thought they were crooks because of their CARD Playing, gambling, when they either won or had nasty fights if they lost – … … … BUT they got back 1930s and were pawing about my families especially Lennie and me … I had 3 dead grandparents 1937, 1938, 1939 because of THEM … and they made off with `dough` … ” Accurate records are given in this work & on www etc : As they claim to be our most important Relatives I may surely now they are DEAD tell of the horrible waste of time to our young lives … and those of a million GROTE CHILDREN quietly progressing in the highest education around the world OUTSIDE the British Empire … except for Adelaide which quietly stood up against them until 1956 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Nota Bene : 1960 January – 2 MEN of LETTERS, Philip Silverlea (ex Radley School in music class `Banks Green Willow` composer Butterworth killed 1916) and Prime Minister Winston Churchill exchange quietly information on Scotland Earls gone MAD from a dope they push up their snouts (Divinorum Salvia Scotland grown in Glens – torch blown into pretty pellets lavender gilt and made into powder for slipping in soup or tea or coffee often given to the unsuspecting at tea or supper = illegal in England 1929`) Churchill explains he has told THEM the Earls up there to STOP growing that `stuff-dope` but knows they WILL NOT = he says “LINDSAY a bloody nuisance since the PLANET BEGAN – awarded themselves 2 DSOs each this last War – I managed to take ONE of each of `em …” (Readers are aware written Reports and some night and day dangers and scares related by “we who keep the law & used to be proud to be British – this crime has been planned before the War – all these children around the world on your Ransom seashore are dead – My old friends I studied LAW with 1920s want this called GENOCIDE First on www 31st January 2011 AD in NIGHTWATCH 1960 COLNE ENGAINE the introduction “ 1937 SUMMER, ANDRE MALRAUX Josette Clotis a young lady, Greta Ransom, CLACTON-on-Sea and WEST GREENLAND Document in 3 parts – a scaffolding for the work to follow on the coming months, years – also transferred to … = some Twitter for scholars since c 2013 ) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ • L.I.R. LENNIE : 1960s-70s-80s ? “ I HAVE MADE MONUMENTS with your Estate money to some of our families… Miss Annie and Bessie Welfare, and Harry in Engineering .. he was talented but the LINDSAY EARLS pestered him and destroyed his designs … (employing `the vermin` JIMMIE JONG James `by moonlight) : • • • READERS have turned to VIOLET ARTIST widow Lady Rutland (she cousin of Millie Frobisher Mrs John Ransom (grandparents of LEN) – both murdered by Earl of LINDSAY Crawford and his `Gang`and attempt by VIOLET Artist and the mother of JIMMIE to have him put in an ASYLUM autumn 1937 : • • …. more deaths 1937 Summer happen under `the new reign`including Spain bestial crime when Scots Clans boiled in marmalade a 22 years old Coptic scholar of Ethiopian Missionaries Protestant Mission – He and his parents are distant in-laws to Earls and distant blood lines to us =This was in order to grab at a Spanish seashore Estate (Hemmingway grieving 1945) = 1948 distant cousin to Ransom families, Lord Dave Lindsey, says his father told him to log a half a mountain Spain Ransom-Grote Estate & sell the wood =mountain began to slip into sea – newspapers carried some few lines … • THE KILLING OF THE CHILDREN USING THE 2nd world War was organized by Scots Earls & horrible Scandinavians and the insane cunning Chinese-Scot Mr Jim Jong worked for them BY MOONLIGHT …they all became rich … but some have been sent on holidays and given SATURN their host … we had help here 1960 onwards to 1979/80 (`British and Scots Territorials`)… Lennie says 1979 “ I AM GOING OFF TO POLAND … A few WEDDELL cousins here perhaps … I have put aside my terrible grief … we have all had our relatives and families killed by these things on clouds (like painted ceilings I think he means) spraying nothing helpful on we citizens of the globe … … then I must die … remembering my parents my wives my children all slain by these distant LINDSAY kin dreadful monsters who with the other horrible Scots louts haunted me from my return to England – I then 9-10 years old – My grandmother Minerva called them FIGURES FROM A MORGUE, when they came to my parents wedding 1909 … she knew they were after her `dough` … MEMO : `Minerva` Olivia Hesketh Bushy Weddell – Bavaria-Pennsylvania : songwriter `Even Songs` 5 hymn books` she also wrote ballads and sang beautifully … Writer Graham Greene tells me 1953 Colchester Museums “ Your great grandmother Minerva … My father had her books on the his piano when we were growing up … she had a pet owl in America and it sat on her piano as she played … her father found it fallen out of a nest when she was 15 years old … ” (I glimpse her 1934, tall delicate tiny waist, black & white lace collars-scents of lavender and violets-composed on her `jews harp` …) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

28 Oct

Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX 1976 September : The Pillar House Harwell = speaks on his discoveries spring-summer 1976 – understands the POISONING of himself on occasions the last 2 decades & has this year been informed of a dangerously cruel maniac who frightened the medical profession 1940s-50s London = he had aristocrat friends who had carried out an almighty worldwide killing under cover of the 2nd World War … “Greetah 1950s was given by Brown rnvr little cellophane strips containing tea, coffee, sugar and milk I remember, that he and others bought from Boots Chemists & other stores – only hot water needed to be added to a cup … she said it was to stop nasty people poisoning them & would I like some – I had a housekeeper in our London home and treated this as a joke = I began to use these in the 1960s … because I was aware of tea and coffee being brought to me that took away my senses … had me forgetful … sometimes very forgetful … unless I had written papers to guide me … ” 1976 – It is 1976 Whitsuntide week, OXFORD Hospital, when ANDRE MALRAUX learns the evil of Mr Harrington `known to many as Doc Mengele` = 1949 onwards` : 1976 a doctor who was age 23 years in 1954 tells Andre Malraux what he believes has happened to me lately & that he has never forgot how they gave me urgent medical attention February 1954 : “ … because of spiteful interference from he they called `MENGELE Doc H` … he could give young people `Micky-Finn` & he did not like young women and men and children & they came to know his reputation Scotland and a Norway School from his birth 1912 ” = He a medical student whom I GR recalled on a bike in Hampstead 1954 lodged with professional people aged 30s-40s with young families and worked in London = I was 20-21 years & met them through my work at Colchester and Essex Museums : They were very clever and I felt quite simple – I called them `The THEOPOMPOS` (there is a set of 8 vols recently printed on `the Theopompos – a bunch of old men who like to dine in ancient Athens or Rome and gossip about food & wine mainly – There is a nice carrot soup – perhaps – so the book sometimes lurks amongst the kitchen Cook Books in old fashioned houses : 1976 OXFORD evening a hospital – ANDRE MALRAUX EXPLAINS to this now eminent Doctor …` that he an afternoon in October 1937 Clacton accepted GUARDIANSHIP gladly with Josette to Greetha 4 years a child who seemed to have the learning of an 8-10 years old – he called her `Prophet` – but did not know of the entire Estate believing that there was an inheritance from her great aunts who had run Welfare missions Liverpool and Manchester, London, and he had met briefly Annie an artist, sculpture and pottery Liverpool student of Manzoni and Rathbone pottery … they had 10 minutes talk on the beach the day of his arrival – the two sisters Miss Bessie and Miss Annie had their house full of Manchester relatives and old Priests and an Irish Bishop … HE DID NOT KNOW – it was later explained to him 1960s the HOMES were kept quietly because of the MURDER of THOMAS GROTE 1904 by SCOTLAND EARLS … It was Greetah`s grandmother Mary Gordon had that September 1937 been asked urgently by NEW YORK GROTE Brokers (mid -19th century in-laws to the heir and her young uncle LIR) & Buenos Aries Solicitors from 1830 part in charge of the worldwide Estate, and Mrs Margareth GROTE herself to enquire `IF HE WOULD TAKE ON GUARDIANSHIP …` THESE good people in asking if he would accept Guardianship had no idea that he a much travelled Frenchman could not know of GROTE HOMES … especially as he had a German wife – BUT THEY and other nations had agreed THAT YOUNG ANDRE MALRAUX of the Books and writings was the most SUITABLE Guardian this Family ESTATE could have – IT WAS AN AWESOME gift to FRANCE – THE GREATEST GIFT of the 20th century … … it was the Guardianship of the world`s SEAS EDGES … Debussy of `la mer` would have perhaps written on and on and on … could he but know a young FRENCHMAN was asked to take this GUARDIANSHIP … weep, weep, weep … … if the Scotland Earls and other JURASSIC bog-trotters had not been able to intercept ALL POST and MESSENGERS to MALRAUX (later Charles de Gaulle when he SANCTUARY England during the 2nd World Wartime) the obscene gigantic GENOCIDE of the worldwide GROTE CHILDREN could have been stopped … 1937 September … my granny Mary Helena Murphy Carroll O`Brien WILLIAMS new widow MRS GEORGE ERNEST GORDON (March 1937) clearly felt our Hostess in her father`s house near the Clacton town, she a Convert Catholic woman, had told him why I must not be left alone = but always be with people of good soul … those of the family and friends … He ANDRE MALRAUX never received the WILL which should have reached him by XMAS 1937 and many other documents and letters – 1976 Whitsuntide OXFORD – Malraux went on to explain to the Doctor … “ … THE FATHER of GREETHA with the family were away in SPAIN rescuing a young relative – he was boiled to his death in a vat of marmalade by a Scotland Earls family who had claimed the heirs Greetha and Len – the relationship was great great great grandparents Lindsay : of the GENOCIDE 2nd World War, he not comprehend until 1961 when a relative of the RANSOM family, the co-heir, waved THE WILL at him in anger over matters in ALGIERS destroying a little BERBER tribe who were relatives to them from the 6-7th centuries Spain AD ! IT WAS ASSUMED that he and General de GAULLE knew of the ESTATE … … his head spun … he had been bereaved of his sons in this matter allowed by The British Government and Crown … the communications of he and General de Gaulle, others, were stolen … interference had been criminal … 1961 autumn = He was bewildered, and in shock from the sudden deaths of his sons age 18 and 21 years May 1961 : he saw the WILL for the first time – the Estate was a miracle of intelligence and common sense – he WOULD HAVE TAKEN UP FULL GUARDIANSHIP IMMEDIATE LY – IT WAS WHAT HE WAS LOOKING FOR TO DO 1930s – IT WAS WHAT HE COULD DO … and the skills of the RANSOM families, Weddell, Frobisher, would have had he learning all the time – 1961 he did not go to see General de Gaulle for a week – then he knew that General de GAULLE had been deceived too – a letter addressed 1938 to the then President of FRANCE had been stolen by The British Ambassador PARIS and handed wit h his package containing THE WILL to a woman making an Imperial visit with her delicate health husband : He Andre could now understand a package sent to he and General de Gaulle conveyed by their French Courier from NEW YORK and Buenos Aries = when sealed NEW YORK end of February 1960 it contained original WILLS, documents of 19th-20th centuries – this package only had when it reached he and General de Gaulle a few letters and bills which showed there had been Ransom connexions to shipping before the 20th century … later he and General de Gaulle learned the French Courier had been intercepted orders The British Government and Crown … many people had died 1960 onwards, as they had 1936 onwards when plans were made to remove evidence of the ESTATE – education of a high standard for the Globe was not acceptable … the heirs were left alive when young because withdrawals from banks worldwide could be made without questions asked … it had been theft, violence, the robbing of many nations … … …” 1962 – it had been convenient for The British Government to blame them for the carnage to this worldwide Estate – appreciated by a Sailor King and his heir – a man he had heard speak in a PARIS restaurant 1930s and recognized that he and an American woman were very intelligent : That OXFORD 1976 Whitsuntide evening … the now eminent Doctor (23 years old in 1954) spoke to the grief stricken retired from French Government ANDRE MALRAUX : ` He said he and others in the 1950s-60s believed that Andre must know of the madness of `old Mengele` … whom they could not but miss seeing or hearing about – how he followed Andre 1950s London and Paris = & questioned people in London and threatened them he would have them arrested if they refused to answer his questions – then he began threatening some of the `THEOPOMPOS` who had young families – he himself had lodged with them while he was studying medicine finishing his Finals 1954 – 1953 Hell opened its Doors – and February 1954 he was called to assist late night – Greetha would have been dead in a few hours – old Mengele got hold of her with help – Brown rnvr drove her to them – Police cleared his way – they had heard Mengele did this to young women in the way of properties … now they saw it … Later older colleagues with families he heard left to live abroad … Mengele was paid from the top – but perhaps this circle did not tell him just got his Finals Medicine too much … Mengele had not discovered him – he was just another young person renting a room in these big houses … the country was recovering from the War … Greetha lived and the next week went to her work Colchester Museums …” : `Old MENGELE came to learn that GR knew there circle slightly – via Colchester Museums = Some older professionals moved to other nations because of Mengele … ANDRE MALRAUX busy with France matters had communications overseen by the Government of Gross Britain …` : ((( COLCHESTER 1953 November and me GR : MANIACS arrive : here `Mengele` and his blue playboy car and JIM Jong with his 4 ex-army thugs came spying – and trying to send all the Camulodunum treasures TO THE BRITISH MUSEUM IN NAME OF THE SOVREIGN – BM said `WE HAVE ENOUGH – all this is HISTORY OF COLCHESTER `– British Museum knew JIMMIE was mad from 1920s – but all staff in Museums work for GOVERNMENT- enjoy what they do and expect one day when old and grey to retire a bit WITH A PENSION – JIM JONG born 1898 who had 2 years training PEKIN THEATRE their ACTING SCHOOL age 15-17 years had been sent their because his good Chinese family, educated, knew he was MAD from visiting his father`s relatives – where he met DRUG GROWING SCOTLAND EARLS et al … they had 1954 sent a Romanian woman to have me smoke a FAG – I do not smoke and the Castle and Museum rules are NO SMOKING … I said I would give it to my mother – as she left she said `throw it away` … I did … next morning our Castle Guides who had noticed her remarked that the FAG had blown up in their end of the Drawer Bridge fire of sweepings … IT WOULD HAVE BLOWN OFF YOUR FACE Miss Ransom … Charles Chapman our head Guide now wrote his letter to MALRAUX …” from one soldier to another …” ))) _ 1953-54 = `Mengele` claiming to be a Doctor to Andre Malraux and his French and ever afterwards … (he found them all in need of his treatment he said) was arrogant to our Curators and staff and POLICE – SOMETIMES HIS BLUE CAR HAD AN INSIGNIA “ MEMBER OF THE ROYAL HOUSEHOLD” – I never saw this but others in Great Britain were indignant at this – and they would be correct in what they describe : I am the heir & LIR my co-heir to our aunt`s Estate = legal WILL & WILLS – TIGGY our Uncle is a great nephew of F. Immanuel KANT – our legal WILLS are made America and Argentine – GROTE Brokers our in-laws are still in NEW YORK – I GR and Len LIR travel the THOMAS GROTE HOMES the HOMES 1935-36 using our planes and ships – An Uncle is REAR ADMIRAL Alfred Charles RANSOM 1st World War …) Late 1960s … ANDRE MALRAUX says “ COLCHESTER – interference JIM a BAR RAT and he `MENGELE` I vaguely learned were pests at the Museums and sometimes around my Clacton families … 1976 Oxford Doctor says “ 1953-54 Police did what they could – everybody on your (Andre) side – people read your books ” … 1960 winter NIGHTWATCH reports of `Politian` (Tutor to the Medici children) his real name is ARTHUR born early 1900s : … ` I have heard … It was an obsession with Doc H. & they called him `Old Mengele` – he had to know what Andre had said and whom he was with if Andre had `got OUT ` on his own … Andre had friends his own age & all nations as you would expect – he had been in Asia, everywhere, 1920s-30s … At that time & since 1949 these older professional people in medicine and education, a spy or two, believed Andre had to tolerate this quite frightening chum of British & Scandinavian Aristocrats because of his Political scene alongside General de GAULLE and that Andre came and went back and forth from Paris and London every 2 weeks … POLITICS was a matter they did not enter especially when it mixed in with aristocrats of an Empire winding down … ” 1976 OXFORD Whitsuntide – I (GRW) had suddenly been found ill an afternoon Whitsuntide – an old friend of Andre at an event I and my children were attending had telephoned him on a secret number and there was immediate help to get him over to Oxford in a helicopter : I remember half waking that evening in the hospital and he was softly talking – then he was taken away with the Doctor who had been the 23 year old 1954 – just getting his Finals in medicine … ANDRE MALRAUX learned horrible matters – how Mengele was believed to take money for harming young women and men … MALRAUX now immediately spoke to several people that summer what he had heard and that this had him understand more – why he was bereaved of Josette and their sons … and this doctor`s recollections of the 1950s answered many puzzling matters in his career from 1938 = THEFT of a WILL and communications, deaths … a GENOCIDE … to take seashores the world … destroy them … he had seen the destruction … what happened swiftly after the children were killed … illegal money from viscious logging, mining matters, had come to Great Britain since the 2nd World War … 1976 a September evening : Surprise visit late warm evening by ANDRE MALRAUX to THE PILLAR HOUSE, HARWELL, Village for a Thousand Years : … where the immortal books for children were drawn by LLB 1900s beginning with `JOHNNY CROW`s GARDEN` (See book by his son 1981/2 – Henry Brooke MP – letters to The Pillar House children 1970s … people who have met with young Andre about the Globe 1920s on … groups of people we must call `ships passing in the night` they have tried make a fair world …) 1976 September : 6 feet plus tall Andre Malraux enters our beautiful house High Street the School lane, after a soft knock on the great door with the bronze hand knocker, an old friend waits for him in a car at the door – He has matters to speak upon that he feels I have not heard … he knows he and I are still surrounded by EVIL that intends keeping the GROTE HOMES children Genocide a secret matter of the British Empire 1937 onwards … they gather riches from destroyed worldwide seashores other nations … 1976 September – ANDRE MALRAUX speaks on his discovery this past Whitsuntide of the EVIL of a Doctor of Scotland family who caused much mischief to his Elders 1920s and onwards … Georges-Andre looks to me with solemnity … I have just put the two younger children to bed and come to the sitting room front of the house before going to the Great Kitchen which we have easily restored to its usefulness of 1850s … children come and go from play in the Gardens to sit before the great fireplace with the bread-oven – we take part in many Berkshire-Oxfordshire matters of conservation, arts and crafts, village histories, visits to all the great Museums London in school holidays & invitations to PVs, children attending Proms from 3 years – 2 Classical tours 1968 Harwell to Pompeii and back, 1969 Harwell to Mycenae & back : Andre Malraux sometimes appearing on our journeys … he would like to act as a grandfather to the children but this had ugly maniacs appear and take him away = these creatures include Mengele – they have been on DOPE since they got into 2 figures of age – they are paid lavishly by G.B. to keep QUIET all knowledge of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES on the seashores of the world 1864 to their GENOCIDE 2nd World War … MALRAUX has a face of dignity always … THESE ARE JURASSIC FLEAS … Jim bar rat dies “ at the Angel & Crack” 1981, but `Mengele` survives to February 1992 – PJPW dies age 61 in May 1992 … HELP ME CARRY THE DEAD GROTE HOMES CHILDREN back upon this sad PLANET … NB: by GR … www – Photos of Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX from 3 years old … into his teens … 20 years and onwards … show the kind face – he is vulnerable – … … if his name had not been on our WILL he could have escaped much evil cunning perhaps ? … he had a first wife Clara who knew JIM & others 1920s and `MENGELE` a Mr Harrington messing about with Psychology etc (THEOPOMPOS called psychiatry FRAUD JUNK balls and bunkum as London and Continental P & Ps all had expensive suits, cars, apartments and country houses and prescribed heroin to their patients and were SWIMMING IN IT THEMSELVES … their patients needed homes and jobs of interest ( ( I encounter Clara age 2 years 8 months Paris, & hear `all Paris is hoping to get him away from her – heroin since a girl` … in 1937 when I am 4 and a half and have travelled NORD to SUB Poles and up and down S. America, she is said to be following Andre and Jo with GUNS : I must not talk about some matters “ OR HE WILL GET YOUR AIRPLANES and begin the SPANISH WARS up again” says our friend and Clacton hostess the artist mother of Unity a big girl of 10 years … 1937 I and Josette are nervous that Clara may appear with GUNS –I began to recall her 2nd World War as a `Old Mother Riley` figure from the popular comic strips and the films … HE IS VULNERABLE – powerful women put DOPE in his food bowls … Josette and I sew, make good nourishing soup and I can make the fairy cakes for tea … we do not frighten him … 1940 WHEN first news of the planned killing of ALL the GROTE children is heard by me I begin to see written in my mind “ALL THIS BLOOD in our HOUSE … ALL THESE DEAD and in OUR HOUSE … I must carry them and see if we can have them live again …” : I had a habit of writing on flat stones 1937 SUMMER … Josette and he found some in his luggage when he got back to FRANCE … I forget what were my `stark lines` in those days – it is a form of Diary when you cannot say all you wish to … 1968-1976, Andre Malraux whom I call Georges as his mother did, is familiar with The Pillar House Harwell, and my Scotland Irish Welsh families at Clacton-on-sea and calls them “ my families, Peter, I have watched them grow up from 1937 when I came that summer with Josette … we were exhausted from SPAIN …” 1968 Summer : On earlier visits to Harwell and Blewbury village he has told PJPW in a very firm voice “ … my aunts Bessie Martha and Annie Carroll Williams I regard as my intellectual equals … and Mary Gordon their sister whom I am to learn died too early 1944 … Other matters 1960s this last decade, which caused the deaths of the four grandparents of Greetah … … … you should not listen to the Gossip over the Downs at Blewbury village … it is not important … ” Peter (works BMNH after Kenya FISHES 1950s) does not wish Andre Malraux to speak in front of me upon matters he was not present at … and tries forbid him, playfully, not to remind Greta, Fellah of the long ago – “ why Greta works so hard running this old house and looking after 4 jolly children …” 1968 March onwards (before the birth of my 2 children) I have several old familiar villains of the 1930s coming and going outside the house and circling about my families = as they persecuted us 1930s onwards, and he Andre Malraux and some of his staff and me 1950s when I this time came `SANCTUARY` to St Edmund House, 50 Lancaster Gate Square – these things are GREAT POISONERS & Mr `Mengele` Doc H. can get them OFF any crème (He is found 1981/2 Divorce and BMA to be a FRAUD his only qualifications are GP 1948 Hong Kong : … There have been killings and threats of attacks 1960s – I got some protection City of London – I cannot understand WHY these obscene maniacs are able to roam the nation and the Globe … Knowing I was being poisoned, suddenly August 1961 I began to live on water and suck sweets … my 9 and half stone went down to 7 stone 9 pounds … then getting ulcers under my arms I added tomatoes and eggs … came up to 8.4 lbs by 1962 … but only ate from paper bags and bottles sealed … and fresh water …recalled my months of living on CHOCOLATE and milk when living in THE MALRAUX FORTRESS 50 Lancaster Gate Square LONDON by the Parks … It was Mengele had the locks on our doors changed without Andre`s knowledge so he could walk in after midnight … and Mengele tried have no water running to my room & broke the electric fires three times – I TOLD THE HOUSEKEEPER I would bring in the Police from across the Park as my grandpa had been a mounted Policeman … SHE STOPPED `Mengele` at his tricks … she seemed to know he was MAD … but felt that Nurse Mrs Mengele could control him … : SO for 2 centuries I KEEP PUTTING BACK ON EARTH THOMAS Immanuel GROTE his real HOMES worldwide for unwanted children or those in need and we educate them in several languages from 2=3 years of age as small children learn easily, classics, kindness, all religions, sciences, earth`s geology, universe … ALL THERE IS TO KNOW … NB: JOHN BUCHAN = READERS have recently been able to read Records on a good man of Scotland called JOHN BUCHAN … he says in grief to a woman who phones he and my granny Mary Helena (Murphy-Carroll-O`Brien et al nee Williams) the widow Mrs Mary Helena GORDON … EVERY CHILD IN THE WORLD DESERVES A GROTE CURRICULUM … EVERY CHILD IN THE WORLD” … then he died … … These obscene GENOCIDERS (and much killing for `dough` before the word Genocide is invented 1943, are all rich from the Genocide and robberies of our family Estate GROTE HOMES and RANSOM : From the killing of my father and others 1969 they intensify hideous destruction our SEAS EDGES & communities, now they cunningly have great financial fraud of our worldwide transport investments reaching back to 17th century … Oh these are called IMPERIAL Matters by the Dipsomaniac Forces in the Embassies … from 1937 they were told to PAY ALL overseas bills for EMBASSIES from our BANKS and they did and WHITEHALL could then distribute the `savings` hither and thither to GENOCIDERS beginning 1938 NORWAY Christmas morning … when 350 children were drowned in the seas … they may not be examined and the GOD from Henry VIII is still useful to them as `protocol` … W.S. Churchill had some shocks January 1960 – he says `I have told them up there to STOP GROWING THAT STUFF … they won`t … and Ls … A BLOODY NUCIANCE SINCE THE PLANET BEGAN … nobody wanted THEM over the WALL … It is after 9.30pm a warm September evening – it has been a hot Summer – ANDRE MALRAUX speaks about `Mengele` Doctor H … “ I HAD HIM ARRESTED, Peter, TWICE IN FRANCE 1949 and 1950s – he was become insane – a close member of his Scotland family, a doctor, took him away and had him put in a psychiatric hospital in Scotland – my French family were told not to encourage him to enter my Paris house – this mature Scotland doctor told them IN ANGER that they made him `Mengele` worse and that he was envious of me … this envy begins before the War, 1938 to be precise … They had used my name to get him `Mengele` OFF a serious matter in Paris, FRANCE … and he was now threatening me and my work helping General de Gaulle … I was also being poisoned … ” ( The good doctor is the step-mother of `Mengele` whom her husband had adopted when he was a child – he an illegitimate son whose mother had died … the first wife died when `Mengele` was 12 years age – dismissed by a Norwegian school for theft, bullying of small boys and sexual attacks on them … some tuition privately and another school Scotland had him give serious problems at age 17 – age 20 he was sent to the Continent with an income … THEOPOMPOS were able to learn many things about the early history of `old Mengele` and they learned he was not an Heir to a Peerage but insisted he was in `swinging-scarlet London circles` where he was seen about with certain aristocrats occasionally …and they did not wish to have a GENOCIDE of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide in the open … they were making money from the world SEASHORES the HOMES were built upon … they cut forests and ruined plantations, mined everything, and HELD BACK DEVELOPMENT IN THESE NATIONS … ) 1976 September and that summer ANDRE MALRAUX speaks to others … he is exhausted with grief … 1938 if his name had not been cunningly discovered on the legal WILL of Margareth nee RANSOM widow MRS THOMAS Immanuel GROTE the persecution of him and his sons would never have occurred : He now knew matters about his two households, Paris and his `home` the Catholic Mission with General de Gaulle at St Edmund House 50 Lancaster Gate Square, London : He says “ … that he knew now who was poisoning him several times … he had thought it was Clara going mad and wanting more money and he did not like her keeping company with Harrington who was often MAD – the step-mother of Harrington `Mengele` had committed him twice to a psychiatric hospital but he got out too quickly and came into his Paris house and his London home too often … he Andre was patient with him … but he knew Mr Jimmie Jong (James) an old Paris hang-about the 1920s onwards – Jimmie was supposed to be running the London Club WHITES as Steward with a partner … Jim was mad and often in a dangerous state from drugs – you only had to be with JIM an hour or two and you knew he was A BAR RAT – but he knew THEM too well … He had Jim dismissed as Steward at WHITES Club early 1959 by good friends who were members of the Club – General de GAULLE was an honorary Member from the 2nd World Wartime and he himself had been asked to accept membership after the Wartime … there were members of his age and they had known one another from the 1920s-30s : He and the General had opened St Edmund`s House Lancaster Gate Square in 1952 – it had been the home from the 19th century of an Anglo-French Roman Catholic businessman – he had left a considerable fortune invested in Switzerland in the 1920s – to be distributed to small businesses Anglo-French and he had young Catholic staff to assist him – Greetah had come for two winters because her mother was poisoning her … he learned so much more these last few years … : … November 1961 he had a copy of the WILL of Margaret Grote waved at him in anger – the matter was Berber peoples in the hills of Algiers related to the RANSOM families a marriage made 6th-7th century AD and this ancestral line were in touch in SPAIN to the mid-20th century : He was amazed – stunned – he looked at the WILL and did not go to see General de GAULLE for a week and he did NOT mention the WILL when they met for French Political matters : 1961 NOVEMBER – one late afternoon 50 Lancaster Gate Square there was threatened violence from JIM and others if he did not leave his apartment immediately and they stormed out having had the water and electricity turned off – he was alone – but managed a telephone call to a young woman who had worked for him – she was able to get electricity and water turned on immediately – she was married to a young Barrister – he moved out the next day to English friends and then to FRANCE … … it was necessary he was often in England 1960s … he took his duties as GUARDIAN to Greetah seriously especially from 1945 when a Clacton friend Dr and Mrs Winnclemann, he had known them France 1920s onwards, found her mother very mad, even dangerous … Her mother was insane 1920s in the manner of many young persons British … She was acquainted 1920s with those who later would organize this GENOCIDE 2nd World wartime – to take hold of the seashores of the world … they were known to be insane in the 1920s-30s … ( The young woman a grief laden Andre Malraux telephones that November 1961 late afternoon is Jenny Brett (Cambridge Uni, married with a 2 years old son 1957) Autumn 1957 Jenny came to work for Andre as private assistant but left after 2 months, November, because she had frightening interference from `Mengele` his wife and the wife of Jimmie – he was now calling himself by a false name `Sir James Harrison` who was an old man in a wheelchair she had known in the study of her grandfather as a child 1930s 1940s … ! : Jenny could not have the postal delivery addressed to Andre when he was over in PARIS – these people she knew to be of bad reputation opened it first – she found the rooms of Andre locked until after 10 am mornings and the housekeeper would not give her the key until the POST had been opened by these persons – she knew many letters concerned the French Government … 1957 November-early December : SHE Jenny Brett LEFT IN TEARS telling ANDRE she could not work for him under these conditions … he explained to her that present times were difficult … earlier that autumn when Greetha came `sanctuary` fleeing her mother (whom he had known briefly with his young friends 1924 France)… he gave her some background but did not wish to frighten her … she had complained seriously about the man JIM and the pedophile Doctor called `Mengele` and that they hindered her work for him Andre … … he ANDRE was told by these same persons in the Club WHITES that Greetha was unacceptable and MUST NOT BE SEEN WITH HIM – she did not wear a hat (so, dear Reader, we bought me a beret in green which was stolen, then a white one which an Aunt sent … that was stolen … my room was searched by them these creepy maniacs every day … and my pyjamas went missing – I DECIDED THAT T HESE HOL Y BO YS WHO WORKED FOR MALRAux were NOT guilty : It was now revealed DECEMBER 1957 … Doc Mengele STOLE from this ANGLO-FRENCH CATHOLIC MISSION, Scarlet Town as the kind Russian Spies called it, and it was seen by `spies` on the beds of he and his Mrs Nurse Mengele Harrington – she who is a 20-something years blonde nurse … BUT she can now STOP his step-mother from locking him up in a SCOTLAND NUT HOUSE … The point I am trying to make is that WE ARE ALL QUITE LAW ABIDING AND RESPECTABLE and do NOT have dirty parties like this lot of 1920s=30s aging jazz cocktails DOPERS … ANDRE MALRAUX – he is young 1920s and 30s born 1901 but he never seemed to belong to their age because of his crème-de-la-crème intelligence, kindness and care of us … … … BUT THE MATTER IS A GIGANTIC GENOCIDE – THE GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND OF THE GLOBE … and THEY do not want to be found out – their GREED has made them INSANE …” 1958 winter – came `young Arafat` and then a real old King of Aphganistan … they were very polite to me as we passed up and down the stairs of No 50 tha t I was feeling was `a staircase of fear` … – the King raising his flat cap to me and inspite of his age tripping up and down the stairs … THUS KINGS CAME FOR CHRISTMAS 1958 … Andre the third … … READERS have lived through it all from 2011 – I made files `LIFE AT LANCASTER GATE Square` … but after reading early November 1957 THE LORD of the RINGS I knew, announced, IT WAS NOT ME THAT HAD FAULTS for not wearing a hundred pound hat on my pony tail hair … HE HAD TO TRY UNDERSTAND IT WAS THEM ! … THEY ARE DOPE ADDICTS and `Mengele` mixes them things saying he is carrying out trials for the National Health System … GRIM though the GENOCIDE is the MADNESS of these creatures who were young in the 1920s has to be explained to persons of the 1950s onwards … POISONED CHALICE were games they had known from their titled families since the turn of the 20th century … when Britain was losing its Empire and THEY were short of gold bars and slaves … BUT in 1953 I had luckily met `the THEOPOMPOS` and had heard horrific details of the histories of JIM and `old MENGELE` Doc H … who squatted in Andre`s Paris house and went in and out of his London home … London spies and others called the PARIS house THE JAN STEEN TAVERN … and everybody was on Andre`s side … NB: The sad JENNY BRETT : her great grandfather Quaker James Whitehead Mayor of London 1888 – a son marries into family of Quaker William RATHBONE V1 Liverpool – Jenny is a second cousin of the Whitehead twins born 1930 Kenya – PJPW and his twin knew her from Wartime Wallingford where the several families came for holidays when schools closed … I remember Jenny 1957 … she will have her family life interfered with by the pedophile Doctor Harrington `Mengele`… I last saw her with my son 17 years old 1988 we attended the Centenary of JAMES 1939- 41 : danger comes to Wallingford – JIMMIE calling himself Major James special Intelligence Unit back of Buckingham Palace 1939-1944 will visit her great uncle at Wallingford Sir R.E.W 1939-41 he a son of JAMES LORD MAYOR 1888 – and then JIM calls on Fridays and searches Sir Rowland`s study when he JIM knows he is away in OXFORD on legal duties – a housekeeper was indignant but luckily reported to Police and others … Sir Rowland was pushed in the river a winter morning February 1941 by JIM – a witness walking his dog along the tow-path thought it was a poacher passing them by that frosty morning 9 am – the small burly figure had a little sack over his shoulder & only grunted to his `Goodmorning` : NOTA BENE : I GR have seen JIM with his hessian demi-sack and so has half of CLACTON-on-Sea and the Globe – he travels light & thieves all clothes he needs on big Liner trips Europe to America or Asia – he is acting a character from CHINESE OPERA his Pekin training … MATTER was Sir REW and other QCs KCs a small Committee had said “ The British Government and Crown cannot broker a penny of this Estate worldwide ======================================================= “ A LEGAL WILL, his name on it did not reach General de Gaulle until March 1962 when it was handed to him by the USA : He himself MALRAUX had it waved at him autumn 1961 – his sons dead – he had never seen it before … others had and kept it from him and visitors to him had letters they left him taken and several were known to have DIED – others were fooled – many people had lost their lives – He was deceived in his Paris house and in his London home … he had said this several times … BUT HE DID NOT KNOW THE ROLE of HARRINGTON until now WHITSUNTIDE holidays 1976 – 1938 Harrington claimed to be a Psychiatrist and then 1947 a qualified Doctor – he was secretly employed sadly by `The British Government and Crown` : General de Gaulle holding the legal WILL of my Aunt Margareth nee Ransom Mrs THOMAS Immanuel GROTE reading the name of ANDRE MALRAUX as worldwide GUARDIAN to the GROTE children and the heirs of the RANSOM Estate also worldwide (transport amongst the investments since 18th century) says no doubt in grief … “ A GIGANTIC OBSCENE PIECE OF STATECRAFT by GROSS BRITANNIQUE … … … ” 1938 – He young ANDRE MALRAUX had received a letter from Margaret Grote October 1938 thanking him for becoming GUARDIAN to her niece … this came to him in Paris an address he kept private from Clara and others … he and Josette had read it … then he went to America … this kept them alive he now knew … But Josette collected letters for him from the private address Paris – they were parting October 1944, he to Wartime France and she back to the two tiny boys the Perigord … HE MET HER WHEN SHE WAS DEAD … messages reached him by Resistance Workers … “ The British Consul sent 2 gunmen to kill Malraux and the woman – and remove certain Papers they had received from USA …” Information from a man breaking down Xhristmas 1944 … then he disappears … ONE OF THE GUNMEN was HARRINGTON `Doc Mengele` … JO fell from the train seeing her mother off to her home – the train ran over her legs … FULL ACCOUNTS of this are given – especially 1960 January when PHILIP SILVERLEA returns from a 4 days visit to THE CLOTIS FAMILY – he had known them 1920s in France ( PS was at Radley School 1st world war pupil studied music -his parents English and Argentine – his 28 years old daughter murdered in this Buenos Aries after the PACKAGE TO General de GAULLE and ANDRE MALRAUX cunningly delayed, opened, and nothing too certain left in – they say early March in a note to LAW good men “ Yes, interesting, shows there was something – we will be in touch …” Other communications arrived that were FALSE … a second genuine note from de Gaulle and Malraux says `talking with other Leaders Continent` : So Gross Britain & Scandinavia kept its GENOCIDE hidden until 1961 and 1962 : And the pimping went on by JIMMIE JONG Sir James 1954 and LINDSAY-Lindseybuggarhs and Doc Harrington MENGELE … and others … AND OTHERS … Nota Bene: READERS have turned first to the Records called “1937 SUMMER – Andre Malraux, Josette Clotis, Greta Ransom, Clacton-on-Sea and West Greenland ” ` scaffolding – DOCUMENT in 3 PARTS` = It is lengthy – a first www. appearance may have `the Bookshop at the End of the Universe` … and I advised read 20 to 40 minutes a day … IT IS A LEARNING DOCUMENT about GOOD and EVIL … And various tricks have been used TO STOP THE REVEALING of this GREATEST CRIME of CIVILIZATION of the GLOBE (as one mature good Aristocrat called it and withdrew as much as he dared from the company of the insane murderers … … … WAR CAME 1939 September 1970s ANDRE MALRAUX learns further “ … his postal communications were stolen from 1937-38 before Margaret Grote owner of the entire family worldwide ESTATE was murdered May 1938 – ANDRE MALRAUX learned that her husband was murdered in Scotland 1904 and others claimed illegally and in secrecy the ownership of this `delicate flower-garden and gold circle ` worldwide ESTATE – and that the planned killing of the children began a Christmas morning in NORWAY 1938 … and continued during the 2nd World War around the Globe … Ideas and some planning had begun 1929 and with determination 1937 onwards knowing a second WAR was coming – He had been 12-13 years old in 1914 – he lived in Paris with his Grandmother, his Mother and her Sister … : … he ANDRE MALRAUX learned many matters after 1961 after the unnecessary deaths of his two sons 18 and 21 … He had learned that letters and messengers to his doors Paris and London were intercepted and there were murders of people … so that the TRUTH of a GENOCIDE could not be known … other nations had people slain … He Andre Malraux had been brought to his knees by bereavements … slayings carried out by creatures who wished to be RICH and FAMOUS – they are but infamous & insane … NNB : Poisoning people in the way, quickly or slowly , was a feature of the upper Classes Great Britain especially 19th century and into the 20th century … there is much research on this … Scotland relied on it to keep themselves in `satin and lace` … … REMEMBER the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN – Records of the deaths are in this work … sunk in nets from big ships and hacked to pieces and burned … and the other thousands OF victims

7 Oct

BANANA ICING birthday cake 1937 1937 MARCH `Crail` Skelmersdale Road, CLACTON-on-Sea : ABSENT from my party age 4 years is my grandpa who sometimes paints lovely pictures of places that we know – poisoned by SCOTS EARLS & scum … GEORGE Ernest GORDON b 1868 my maternal grandfather – his painting `Going to Church by MOONLIGHT in the snow` : A few nights ago came LINDSAY-Lindsey EARLS in 3 cars 10.30 pm demanding MONEY – gambling with Teresa Clytemnestra-Minotaur-Mad Mother Kali … : I will sit on the shingle August 1937 watching Jo and Andre in the moonlight talking with the beach attendant who has been in THE GREAT WAR 1914 – 1918 … & & 2011 … photos/montage/etc : RECORDS being read at COLNE ENGAINE Jan-Feb. 1960 : Dr JOHN RAY (Ransom) “ … do you remember … you wanted the icing on your birthday cake that year to be banana flavor and yellows and pale yellow … it would be made at `Crail` the home of your grandparents Gordon (Skelmsdale Road CLACTON-ON-SEA) … Miss Win could not find the essence … so I coming and going my education said `we will ask PERU – our INCA cousins know everything about the kitchens … they said `ask in Paris` : I recall the pleasure these household matters gave … I had been raised in Argentine my first 9 years (to keep him safe from evil SCOTLAND Earls & their tribes as a RANSOM-GROTE-WEDDELL heir) CATASTROPHE` … your grandfather Gordon went missing … I only in my teens was not told what you and Gordon family had encountered that night early March – a pack of our LINDSAY-Lindsey cousin-age come threatening for money as your mother had lost in their gambling games last 2 days Clacton sea front their Place they simply call `Grand in big letters` = this building it was already slipping down from they forcing the Builder to use some heavy Scots granite blocks they may well have stolen from Scotland… Andre describes it 1937 and saw it just before demolition 1945-46 … it had wooden bars on the door and a red X …` He Georges-ANDRE had barely noticed 1937 but you said it was sometimes full of nasty men but the Police kept watch on them as much as they could .. your Hostess told him to not be seen by them as they were very nosy … he and JO did not wish Clara to know where they were … he does not tell her of his East Anglia ancient blood lines – she is always saying he has spent her money . ME – Greetah Maureen RANSOM 4 years 11 March 1937 (READERS have followed this “ SUMMER 1937 Andre Malraux, Josette Clotis, Greta Ransom, Clacton-on-Sea and WEST GREENLAND” issued 2011 when it was felt no further murders would occur to hide the GENOCIDE of British SCOTS LORDS, British Government and new CROWN of 1937 spring : ) THE BIRTHDAY CAKE WAS MADE as a firm sponge with pale yellow icing and the banana essence (perhaps LANGDALES did have this after all ? – or Paris ? _ and I remember comments that the flavor was perhaps not too correct but a kind of almond-banana flavor but that would have to do and in fact a trial with it on some fairy cakes was felt to be delicious enough and banana-ish enough … KITCHEN matters were important from Neolithic times … & the Neanderthal peoples were often considered for useful hints on store cupboards for coming East Anglia bitter winters – we felt they were not so simple minded from things that were discovered about them … everyone liked histories in those days and there were weekly and monthly magazines … : (photos on www work from 2011) … GRANDPA DEAD was unbelievable at first : MY GRANDMOTHER Mary Helena Gordon with weary face of disbelief sang quietly phrases from the Opera `Pelleas & Meliasande` … she had learned it incase Mary Garden went down with flu` in Paris … 5 children 13 years to 2 years had died of `scarletina` Highgate … the big house had to be given up and the elegant millinery firm `Mary Helena Carroll` – = Carroll being the family name of her mother Teresa Murphy Carroll CLASSICIST Dublin and Manchester … she gave her 5 daughters Roman Catholic and Classical names … A BIRTHDAY TEA … 11.3.1937 – I brought a friend home to the tea from St Clare Convent School & Uncle Harry came early from Thorpe-le-Soken and Miss Winnie Mary Gordon and 4 or 5 grownups saw that Granny Mary Helena had very little to do … my young father Fred John RANSOM would take me home unless Aunt Winnie feels I should stay and share her bed and we will leave doors open and say our prayers and say comforting things to Granny her mother : My young father FJR ex-Army but `on hold` somewhere down the Thames, has to dash abroad often, suddenly, and he is helping Aunt Margareth with the Estate worldwide since he is 15 years, and the British Army nowadays with `this and that` as another WAR is coming we all know – he goes “to see about your porridge” in secret code talk between us and this is to CASABLANCA in our little planes : 1937 MARCH Clacton – The birthday table in the dining room had little sandwiches of delicate flavours, tiny biscuits, and the YELLOW CAKE in the centre, a delicate China tea poured weak for we children, early spring wild flowers from corners of the garden & always lots of daffodils to uplift the heart … & perhaps Auntie Win`s blue hyacinth … SADNESS … Grandpa has been murdered with poisons by these EARLS ! I will come to know it swiftly but we must not alarm the many close and distant relatives … ANDRE MALRAUX and the young LADY Josette will come end July 1937 this year and Granny will be so glad of them calling afternoons and she can answer all Andre needs to learn about IRISH MATTERS … Southern Ireland is FREE 1932 and she immediately got an Irish Passport – she born Sackville Street a great house the grandparents Murphy Shipping of her mother Teresa Carroll bought her when she got married to young John O`Brien WILLIAMS a skilled superior Silver-designer and maker … THE BANANA FLAVOUR YELLOW ICING CAKE was eaten quietly and normal things observed … there was something on BBC Childrens Hour I listen to and my friends at The Convent School – then there is a duty to listen to the 6 pm BBC NEWS … I kept thinking that Grandpa would appear … or come from Heaven and be invisible but with us … I COULD NEVER FORGET THAT EVENING late with 3 cars outside in the middle of the road and the LINDSAY and other nasty gnomes and spiteful dangerous pixies balling they were owed MONEY ! The banana icing flavor = the GROTE HOMES had been asked by February and South America (I have visited so many of them 1935 and 1936) replied `ask Paris` … but a BANANA ICED BIRTHDAY CAKE was requested by many of the little children in the Homes around the world “as little Greetah was having” … YOU SEE the HOMES for the orphans of TIGGY are real HOMES with nice clothes for weekends and holidays to other Nations, and everybody is in touch – the telephone has been invented the 19th century and ALL the Homes can ring one another or ask another HOME to ring on around the EARTH for them … Perhaps my BANANA cake recipe can be made for children again … IT DID NOT COST A LOT OF MONEY and was made in the kitchen at `Crail` Skelmsdale Road close to the Railway Station to the world … CLACTON-on-SEA March 1937 … when the daffodils of yellows and gold are everywhere cheering a Britain hardly recovered from THE GREAT WAR … and we sensible people knowing another WAR is coming very soon … as it did 1939 3 September … I go some Sundays with Granny and others who have lost fathers, sons, uncles in that GREAT WAR … now she likes to go a walk with old friends to have a word to her husband who has died 7 or 8 years before he should says the Family Doctor : HIS PAINTINGS SURVIVE & reproductions My favourite colours are lemon yellow and lavender and soft silvery greens … Andre likes brown and blue … Jo likes greens but will think more about this matter … G.R.

7 Oct