Little preface to help readers Face book … RANSOM MOTTO 9th century `SATTEUS LAETUS` ( Latin : `we are content with sufficient`) READERS : I HAVE invited YOU ON A JOURNEY : by 1957 age 24 years I could liken it to Professor Tolkien and his LORD of the RINGS and gave the chief villains of ignorance and violence identities from this Work of more than Tolkien imagination – see his career and life : We shall encounter great good and great evil – greet happily persons and centuries and some EVIL matters may have us weep … it is a learning journey I am told by earlier READERS who are worldwide from 2011 AD … IT’S A LONG JOURNEY – 1960 late winter the man who is Dr JOHN RAY (Ransom 2nd son heirs to THOMAS GROTE real HOMES and RANSOM ESTATE worldwide) – attacked by 2 Lindsay-Lindsey old women 1917 a month old given age 2 a new identity while he educates Kansas a School for damaged heirs) ) USA CITIZEN, degrees astro-physics, animal management, LAW, taking NIGHTWATCH tells me “ … it may help to make your notes horizontal not vertical – to lay matters out horizontal as we travel the years of our families …” 1965 – The City of London Elders 1965 told me “… … a shark wrapped in satin, has put a RIVER of BLOOD around the Globe – we will NOT have this money coming into the CITY … the river of blood comes around your ankles young woman … go and see your father … … ” I have been attacked 1962 for calling on my father and this is by the old 1920s-30s GANG of Lindsay-Lindsey, Jimmie Jong Sir James and the pseudo Doctor the pedophile Dr Harrington `MENGELE` so called from 1950 by the nervous London Medical World because of a pyramid of dead children worldwide QUIETLY spoken of by the few as GENOCIDE .. MENGELE Dr Harrington b 1912 (he pretends to be a Doctor born 1914) is seen following MALRAUX about LONDON TOWN & entering St Edmund House No 50 Lancaster Gate Square where MALRAUX and General de GAULLE run a CATHOLIC MISSION a fortune given by an Anglo-French citizen early 20th century to be distributed to small businesses Anglo-French … It is quietly spoken “Andre a good guy – WHY does he allow this ? Is it that General de Gaulle does not wish the GENOCIDE of the worldwide GROTE CHILDREN 1938 – 1956 to be known … ??? ” ANDRE MALRAUX is the name on a legal WILL 1938 making he young MALRAUX of crème-de-la-crème intelligence, GUARDIAN to the GROTE CHILDREN HOMES and the RANSOM Estate and in charge of the 2 young heirs until they 25 years old … Assistance the three RANSOM brothers and Families : FRANCE gives Georges-Andre Malraux citizenship 1901 = EARLS of SCOTLAND have NO LEGAL CLAIM on this worldwide Estate although they slither about the OWNERS by moonlight with murders from 1879 : collecting a Witchcraft Earldom 1904 after Margareth nee Ransom Mrs THOMAS Immanuel GROTE is widowed – they SLEW with poisons her husband TIGGY 1904 Arran Island … GOOD PERSONS ARE BEWILDERED and aristocrat and political areas cannot be questioned … ANDRE MALRAUX`s character is clean, honourable, but JURASSIC BOG TROTTING SCOTLAND EARLS seek to destroy him … FROM THE MOMENT IT IS KNOWN HIS NAME IS ON THE LEGAL RANSOM GROTE WILL : These histories put good people back upon the earth with their humanitas contributions and growing up with my family histories I could remember all because I had a great interest in the homes, food,weddings, and Sailings about the expanding world of the GLOBE … You who READ the hundreds of pages will learn it reveals those INSANE with GREED from their upbringing etc etc … these histories also show where records have been removed …20th century payment was by the hour and with good holidays overseas very often … expenses being dumped on small nations … BRITAIN RULES the WAVES in the 20th century … I do very much thank you all for your interest to this work of history which was first launched www. 2011 3 web sites = I had a dead 27 years old only son in 1998 and this was quite unnecessary – he has this year 20 years of his life stolen from him & 1961 the 2 sons of ANDRE MALRAUX are given `an accident just waiting to happen` by the Jurassic maniacs who began drug soaked games to the death 1920s dare-devil driving North Coast of England a track called Brooklands – where early Hollywood and British film makers came … AND THERE IS THE OBSCENE FUN KILLINGS of the THOMAS GROTE CHILDREN worldwide from 1938-1956 Yucatan … A GENOCIDE so called 1960 January onwards – 1988 USA State department quietly say `Thomas Grote a name nobody says anymore – they get killed – orphanages worldwide – seems the BRITISH were worried in this last big War about their trade figures …` : TIGGY`s CHILDREN – some observations, reports, archaeological investigations, are given of `children drowned in nets with insignia of GB on` … pits of burned petrol soaked children … “ one Home and been quickly turned into a Hotel – when it rained small teeth and finger bones came out of the sloping parts of the land from the building to the seashore …and a French farmer who covered up the grey coloured little remains where the dawn came too fast and they dare not set fire to them … it was known British army clad senior figures did this … you would not win against them … … … ” … The ACE, ACE and ACE stories `Children of The Pillar House HARWELL` `children who climbed about the dawns of yesterday` have 3 on www – I always wrote down things the children did and said and where we went in holidays – `Harwell to Pompeii and back`, Harwell to Mycenae and back` (slides to DVDs – great ruins before heavy tourism ) , London Museums, river to Greenwich, exhibitions to do with father`s work … Roman Aqua Sulis/BATH, East Anglia seas edges and my relatives back to 92 AD Dunwich SUFFOLK … arise in fear the globe Pole Nord to Pole SUB … us Ransom-Weddell-Frobisher at a distance when we go to familiar places = especially those of 1937 … NB: `Redemptio=Ransom` & GROTE CHILDREN … I have a phrase rise in my head `all this dead in our house – all this blood` … but must go forward wordless : … a big nursery upstairs at The Pillar House faces east-south and west up to The Winnow Way with old tables the legs cut down a little, books, paints, pencils, and `makings` for Xmas cards, and a dress-up chest and a great dolls house … drawings and stories were written and survive … (Andrew Lang once stayed here but the Brooke family artists were so careful of earnings that they did not give him a winter fire – he got on his horse and rode back to Winchester and a new FAIRY BOOK was not made … But remember his `… As one who has awoke on a WESTERN Shore & HEARD THE THUNDER AND SURGE OF THE ODYSSEY … … … ) 1968 – 1993 … The Whitehead Rathbone Ransom children loved all the immortal books by L. Leslie Brooke the first ones drawn in The Pillar House … and as`a child of The Pillar House 1899-1909 visiting us and his childhood memories writes in his father`s book JOHNNY CROW`S GARDEN … “ … this is the real Garden where the first book was made … He continues `my father had returned from Warne one evening by train with drawings and text by a young artist and they requested his impression – would it sell ? It was called PETER RABBIT and LLB advised swiftly by telephone to print !! 1970s … and books by Penelope Liveley and others of intelligence, integrity and with good guidance … Pete 10 years is so pleased with her THE STAINED GLASS WINDOW and its happy ending … he has been to GREECE 6 weeks to stay with his Greek English cousins … : As JOHN RUSKIN writes “ … a NATION HAS NO FUTURE EXCEPT ITS CHILDREN ..” You will like his little book `The King of the Golden River` and children will ask for a mutton roast dinner, sprouts and gravy and a good homemade bread … MY FAMILIES, as some lines of families of MALRAUX East Anglia are here in our Histories and world histories of SEA TRADERS down the centuries, we marrying foreign brides of 19 races 27 Nations = dowries a piece of seashore land to `PULL THE BOAT IN` when Religious mania, plagues, petty Wars of Greed and Ignorance rage from time to time – Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX appointed legal Guardian to me and this great Estate of Philanthropy and the real HOMES that TIGGY creates a double circle of gold a delicate flower garden around the globe from 1864 welcomed by nations A to Z but disapproved by certain Scots Earls and parts Gross Britain when these SCOTS EARLS get over HADRIAN`s WALL by moonlight – : 1976 September – before he dies too early in November my Guardian Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX called an evening at The Pillar House Harwell “ Village of a Thousand Years 1985” where he has `cometh` often – He says to PJPW of BMNH “ … this is MY family as well and I have watched them ALL grow up … I regard Bessie and Annie my aunts as my intellectual equals … I came with my chosen wife JO – we had been in SPAIN 1936 – I had friends in Paris who came from these seas edges … ” 1976 ANDRE MALRAUX – before his death : He said that evening September 1976 “ he feared he had to leave us” – he told me “ … in about 20 or so years I think you could begin … you can type well enough – put your fingers on the keys of the typewriter and write what you hear me say in your head, Greetah … there are still some few things I cannot quite follow … ” : A GREAT LIGHT WENT OUT OVER EUROPE AND THE GLOBE … Of course, he ANDRE MALRAUX autumn 1976 believed that many Genocide insane persons would be dead in 20 years or so … but they were not `dropping like flies from dope and liquor and wickedness` too quickly = and the killings went on of those who knew of the GENOCIDE of the THOMAS Tiggy GROTE HOMES upon the seashores of the Globe 1938=1956 = they had collected more THIEVES with titles or hoofs upon the aristocrat ladder and were still at work with easily acquired EXPENSES covering up this obscene crime … and getting quite rich thieving from nations A to Z – and slipping expenses to certain Rooms and Tills down the Whitehall Centre of British Government … they had been doing this in smaller numbers (clans of Earls of Scotland) since 1923 a marriage unexpected … my Aunt Margareth Girl of the Snows (whom THEY call `Old Eskimo` behind her back, being tricked into paying for 1923 – she advised not to appear at Westminster as she was RACIALLY IMPURE and other foul mouth dribblings from aristocrats of GROSS BRITAIN 1965 CITY of LONDON = SCARLET TOWN : “ … no United Kingdom as City of LONDON Elders say 1960s when they `do not approve a Yacht going about the Globe with EMPTY WAGONS trailing behind it` … I am called `Greetah` but from 1950s my name is changed to say the shorter `Greta` it was too distinctive as `Greetah` child of West Greenland family of MARGARETH girl of the SNOWS but some old 1920s people awoke my memories with the real way of saying it … THUS on our JOURNEY I can distinguish the good from the evil around me 1930s, Wartime 2, early 1950s : 1954 = Mr Sir Jimmie Jong James from 1954 was announcing in WHITES Club St James` SCARLET TOWN at the end of some special evenings that members might like to put their names down for BIG or LITTLE GAME HUNTING … if there were places … ( This was to go hunting those Grote children who had survived or pieces of the great Estate seashores of those who knew of the GENOCIDE … kill and fill your wagon = holidays to toughen up … I WILL REPEAT as 2011 AD – these pages are best printed out on paper in fairly big type face and read 20 to 40 minutes mornings or evenings … take a cup of China tea or a small glass of sherry or good brandy – DO NOT TOUCH WHISKEY ! You will learn on our Journey … I had hoped we might have a film of truth this new century to remember all this vital history and good people … 1966 `ALBERTOPOLIS` South Kensington : I am talking with a foreign GROTE CHILD 1966 born 1890s Eastern Nations “ …at the head of your Empire in this last War was an ugly woman – I was grateful for my HOME which gave me the opportunity to go on and do Science … I am going by invitation my Embassy to look upon the FACE of this ugly woman …” He travels the globe in Science protected by his Embassies … these ex-GROTE children orphans unwanted about the 19th century WESTERN EMPIRES are hunted by GROSS BRITAIN & expenses come from The Whitehall Centre of Government run by certain SCOTS EARLS and other JURASSIC BOG TROTTERS = “GROSS BRITANNIQUE” – is a title General de GAULLE gave to G.B. upon March 1962 holding in his hands the legal WILL of Margaret nee Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE American Citizen …1937-38 … with the name ANDRE MALRAUX Guardian to the GROTE HOMES upon seashores of the Globe and the great RANSOM Estate a `delicate flower garden around the Globe` … called together “ A RING OF GOLD AROUND THE SEAS, the EARTH” 1939-40 Britain is at WAR again with GERMANY : … JOHN BUCHAN winter 1939-40 has a woman who calls herself off duty by her second name of Angela (she is encouraged to drink enough to float the TITANIC by evil men of Scotland) jeering at him in person and by telephone … he knows her from 1900 as `Angela an illegitimate child of a Scotland Earl who quarrels with his Countess who goes in for Witchcraft as one of his Countess ancestors who got burned at the stake for poisoning the King who died 6 months later … ` … JOHN BUCHAN Man of Letters, says in desperate tones “ EVERY CHILD IN THE WORLD DESERVES A GROTE CURRICULUM ” – READERS will profit common sense from his novels if they know a little English histories of the Empire and other Empires 18th-19th centuries … he is one of these young people who wish to help the world they are born into … I do not hear too much of this matter in my family history in full until 1987 = a November evening misty, mild, trees and soft gold lights overhead – `Oxfordshire` perhaps … a lecture … and sad people who may believe I age 6 years March 1939 am involved in the death of the great WRITER, A MAN OF LETTERS like MALRAUX and WINSTON CHURCHILL et al called JOHN BUCHAN … WE MUST CONTINUE ON OUR JOURNEY OF GOOD …and maniac stupid senseless BIG EVIL jumping out of SCOTLAND JURASSIC BOGS … & from gloomy Scandinavian pine forests … like the music of Sibelius in some parts … but I recall Blind Blake playing & we children are to play SPOONS with him for one piece … the music of YANCY which can sound like SEAS EDGES music if played slow with feeling … (1930s) ) 1950s-1960s – In Scarlet Town as the Spies called London, we were given some `cover` by old MI5 of quality … some knew more than we or thought we knew why exactly they gave cover … some did not, should not, know the worst … but they commented on ANDRE old Hero not being allowed to have his two sons come to Ampleforth School with the Tolkien boys and other sons of people of his intelligence and quality … Good MI5 and many Riverside old London families called his 2 wives `his aunts` and the hired big house in Paris `the Jan Steen Tavern` as MALRAUX did himself when it morally let him down = which they the Spies of all nations said it always did when he had to be away … All spies and others were very fond of ANDRE once `young hero` now `older `… he wrote nice books which told you about shifty persons … but now helping de Gaulle who was nice and kind, Andre did not have much time to write … 1956 onwards – GB Naval Intelligence and others in the Greater British Spy Racket wondered why they had to wire up and listen to the French General`s Place in the French countryside – he and his wife were homely and she sat knitting him nice socks and mufflers for winter – A nasty person in a blue car occasionally called with rare knitting wools for her from other parts of the world when the General was not at home – he is called Harrington from Loamshire Scotland, but known as Doc Mengele by London Medical world (not exposed until a divorce 1981 – 1982 dismissed by BMA found to be a mere GP “with reluctance Hong Kong 1946-47” – his playboy `blue car` had a scary reputation 1950s-1980s … he comes from Scotland aristocrats and had met the French Soldier Charles de Gaulle family when they were `SANCTUARY` ENGLAND DURING THE 2ND world war 3 years … As Mr Jimmie Jong (self styled Major) had and also the grandfather of the Whitehead twins (see Debrett under Whitehead and Rathbone of Liverpool – great philanthropic QUAKER familes – Benny Goodman & Stravinsky call the twins “the double APE”) … and some Earls-Lords-Curs of Lindsay-Lindseybuggarhs whose 19th century crimes are crazy violent … … … Nota Bene : WHEN really BIG SPYING GOES ON all engaged are not told everything – they are a chain of slinking about persons some very honourable and having to play `GOD the Father, the Son, and Holy Ghost` … Yet somewhere in the system info is gathered and examined … ? perhaps ? – if it is safe to that is … some things have to be shelved or LOST and judgments made … : WE YOUNG of the 1950s learn things from those keeping us safe as much as they can … and `tipping us off` about sheer powerful EVIL … 1976 Sept. and October – ANDRE MALRAUX – he will make a last visit October 1976 to The Pillar House Harwell, and then go on his frequent PILGRIMAGE to Jo`s beach at Holland on Sea where we found peace all that SUMMER into AUTUMN 1937 … He and she had come out of the blood of SPAIN 1936 … “ We left him alone 20 minutes to sit on his own on the beach where you had all been that perfect Summer 1937 … where he and you had returned 1945 and onwards … she dead in that horrible way … dying in agony in a few hours from falling under the train … seeing her mother back to her home … it was November 1944 … 1944 end October – JOSETTE with 2 young sons now had received GROTE New York letters been coming from 1941 … and documents which had her in great distress as she realized that 1937 ANDRE had not understood many things … CLARA a German would certainly have known of TIGGY`s GROTE HOMES … JOSETTE consulted a woman friend down in the valley a village nearby and here she may have telephoned immediately to someone for advice ? … Thus she gave away somehow what she had received addressed to him Andre and that HE had told her to call the secret pre-War address in case there might be letters for him … ??? JOSETTE (a `young LADY`) did not tell her mother … but Mrs Clotis describes her daughter writing in a notebook a big G … and she walked about at night saying ` BUT HE HAS NOT NOT NOT had a cheque book from America … from New York … Her daughter had earned her living writing books and articles from age 15 years – her mother always checked the work but when she became well known for a book her mother did not feel she was needed anymore … 1944 FRANCE : October-November : BUT JOSETTE was shocked to read ` GREAT SUMS OF MONEY HAD BEEN DRAWN 1939 ONWARDS ON A CHEQUE BOOK SENT HIM BY GROTE BROKERS … HE THEIR APPROVED GUARDIAN TO THIS VAST WORLDWIDE ESTATE … the HOMES BEGAN BY THEIR TIGGY … The cheques were forged by Scots aristocrats it is known 1950s : He will not know this until autumn 1961 – his 2 young sons killed 1961 May 23 in a `dare devil drive` organized by Mr Cur JIM Jong James of 2 years training PEKIN OPERA 19teens, and his thugs of 1920s-40s and their Hollywood type stunts from having early cars 1920s … MI5 say 1969 “ a supposed accident just waiting to happen … we could not begin work for 2 years … it was bestial to do this to Andre old hero after all THEY had put him through because of the WILL kept hidden from he and de GAULLE … we blame ourselves for not putting MORE watch around the boys … we had kept them safe since Pierre was 11 years old (1952) … always had 2 young Agents in the field close to them … ” … rules had changed … no Cover after 18 years … Vincent was 18 March 1961 and we had stretched the Rule and kept both safe … until then !! …” 1960 January : NIGHTWATCH Colne Engaine : Philip Silverlea has returned quick visit FRANCE – he had known the CLOTIS family pre-war – he returns in shock 2nd week January … : “ the British Consul sent 2 men to kill Malraux and the woman but he was not there and she really did not know where he was … she managed with a friend to get the resistance to take verbal message but it had to go to him by 3 or 4 agents they dare not carry anything written … `she was worried about an Island` was all that reached him after her terrible painful death … a little more 2 years on … it meant nothing …” Arthur Malone LAW Detective and others are in grief early JANUARY 1960 = “ THAT GIRL DIED IN THIS … their planned GENOCIDE of the TIGGY GROTE CHILDREN … we now hear they began planning as early as 1929 and by 1936 were ready especially as they knew another WAR was coming with Germany …” Then information added from several persons present 1930s … 1936 an English cultured Sailor King dies early, the next is kicked out with much plotted vulgarity December 1936 – 1937 Scotland has hopped over Hadrian`s Wall down by daylight to Westminster – 1937 with WAR coming much expense happens to have a very delicate health man become King when he had 2 healthy brothers … … neither George V or Edward VIII had any intention of interfering with TIGGY`s Homes … they had known TIGGY and still knew his widow Margaret Grote … her death murder 1938 … British Ambassador kicked out of Germany by Hitler for trying steal the GROTE children Christmas toys 1936 goes to Paris and hands the WILL he has stolen from FRENCH GOVERNMENT and letter to President of France to `Angela` July 1938 … 1938 at a big `nosh up` Versailles politician Daladier et al comment in records and are heard too … 1934/35 … Buckingham Palace and Sandringham Norfolk : it was made clear to his family and in-laws and their friends by the Sailor King George V that no part of the GROTE Ransom worldwide Estate went to Scotland Earls = and a list of 8 presents from Mrs Grote to Angela his 1923 daughter-in-law and her full brother included a piano that had belonged to Ferencz (Franz )LISZT … He sternly calmly speaks ` but NO PART OF THIS WORLDWIDE ESTATE went to the Bowes Lyon family or Earl Lindsay Crawford … the Sailor King made clear to them gathered and personally : the sailor King George V had read out letters he had received to his own family 1934 from Margaret Grote and her eminent administrators of this worldwide Estate – these included GROTE BROKERS New York, an old distinguished firm in Buenos Aries and distinguished families of other Races including JAPAN where Mrs Grote had family blood lines of many centuries : The Sailor King made it quite clear he approved these HOMES in foreign nations A to Z … he says “ … I am assured the HOMES are doing what Tiggy said they would do … I only know that these nations would not speak to ME – now they are willing …” November I935 he speaks of us whom he has watched grow up Ransom – Weddell – Frobisher families “ … tell them to get down to New Zealand or America … we can ask for help when the heirs are full grown …” HE MEANS THE GROTE HEIRS who are me and Lennie my sub-heir and co-heir – we are in training and the world is pleased with us – we do not `savage` people : 1938-9 after the murder of Margareth girl of the Snows a visit she makes to Ayrshire friends of her father, by “ the pimp Jimmie who works for certain Scotland Earls by Moonlight” we are invited out by many EDUCATED English persons … big gardens and houses … Taplow, Clouds, etc and the year of mourning for Margaret Grote is called `the Presentation of the Heirs` : Another WAR 1939-1945 creeps and sweeps in … perfect conditions to descend upon the seashores of the Globe in Army and Navy uniforms to now slay the GROTE CHILDREN and the settlements around the REAL HOMES … Seashores A – Z to be abused, robbed, dirtied … FILTH arrives and England becomes GROSS BRITAIN … 1935 – 1990s – onwards : But the killing haphazardly about the worldwide ESTATE GROTE and RANSOM had begun 1935 = as if by maniacs in weird fun … these maniacs used pellets of Divinorum Salvia Scotland UP THEIR SNOUTS … Upon the death of Margaret nee Ransom widow of THOMAS Immanuel GROTE it was a duty of THE TIMES newspaper LONDON to make an announcement and name the heirs and that the legal Will and administration were in the hands of GROTE NEW YORK and other worldwide administrators …thus the GENOCIDE could not take place and the decades of killings to cover up this crime – The TIMES newspaper did know that ANDRE MALRAUX was named GUARDIAN in the legal WILL and that he was with crème-de-la-intelligence common sense and had experience of the Globe and regimes of all kinds … But he was with a French citizenship … : There was nobody with his experience and skills in GROSS BRITAIN … Scotland had `got over the Wall` and Scandinavia too spent lavishly on `satin and lace` gambling and liquor and DOPES … 1988 = USA Washington State Department : “ The British were worried about their Trade Figures in the War ” I am told 1988 by American Agents who had “ … lost colleagues Scotland after the end of World War II – and one a friend a Dr JOHN RAY but he had another surname he did not use – he had disappeared – he was expected back WASHINGTON for Senate Duties winter 1969 –1970 … nobody says the name Thomas Grote anymore … they die … … …” 1988 – 1994 The DOORS of HELL swung wide open … Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX my guardian since 1937 had been dead 18 years by 1994 … 1976 he said “ in about 20 years or so I think you could begin … put your fingers on the typewriter keys and write what you hear me say in your head … I fear I have got to go away … … … ” Beware of biographers of Georges-ANDRE = many are jealous of his crème-de-la-crème intelligence and his tall figure and delicate manner and lovely hazel-browns-green eyes … “GOD`s GIFT TO YOU YOUNG WOMEN ” said our Clacton Convent Order of the Poor St Clare Nuns 1945 onwards … Attached to the great Church of Our Lady, begun building 1921-1929 this had been watched over by `young Pacelli` a friend of my Irish relatives and he was often on the telephone – he is one of my God-fathers – They once young people teens and twenties they wished to help make a better world : 1939 he becomes Pope and I was to go to the little school he has moved from Rome into the Vatican – children of all nations at risk including Jewish children and he writes to Mary Helena my grandmother `I can do what I like now so have brought the school inside the Vatican – I am sending 2 photos I have taken myself of a comfortable house you can have and 2 nuns to do the work – You can go out into ROME and my Godchild Greetah can be safe here at school …” ( Granny Gordon b 1870 has an Irish Passport since IRELAND FREE 1932 – sing `Whack fol de diddle` ) = but after my kidnapping back from the Continent so brutally June 1936 by certain SCOTS EARLS my Irish grandmother and I could not leave for ROME Sumer 1939 even though we were to go via Southern Ireland where she is now with Irish passport having been born Sackville Street 1870 a great-grandchild of Murphy Shipping and other famous honourable names – Carroll-O`Brien-O`Grady et al … see Debrett etc … 1942 JAN KARSKI comes to Clacton with Westminster Diocese … they know she Mary Gordon may be able to help him and have her Irish cousins call at the Vatican as usual … she sternly tells JAN KARSKI “ NOW you have done your best, we will take over, and you are NOT to go back but go on with your young life and TEACH what you have been learning …” He went to America … He was full of emotion at the great new Roman Catholic Church next the Convent of Poor Saint Clares … ANDRE MALRAUX will sing 1610 MASS Monteverdi with us July 1945 … the voice is floating boy soprano, counter tenor and delicate honey tones … he trained with Alfred Deller Paris – many young men did 1920s Paris … This is to PULL HIM INTO LIFE AGAIN and have him go forward … not think about the horror of JOSETTE falling on the railway lines : He does not know of the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN begun in Norway Xmas morning 1938… all his post, messages, letters left for him in Paris, are taken by cunning dope and fashionable idiots … there are expenses for those who keep society of certain Aristocrats of Great Britain … 1940 January = My young father 22 when I am born British Army become Captain, is marked by War Office HOME DUTIES= Stores and some gunnery – Warrant Officer-then Captain 1943 Frederick John RANSOM b 1911 Deptford is sent doped on a plane from Salisbury Plains to the Philippines with orders to kill him by a Major Jimmie James of the queer Intelligence Unit back of Buckingham Palace, well assisted by the Earls of LINDSAY Crawford and LINDSEYbuggarhs and the witchcraft aristocrats up at Glamis Castle … all dope growers … but my father spoke JAPANESE & helped get people away by making a long SWIM to see a distant distant cousin Japanese and got shelling stopped of a hilltop hospital for many hours … 1957 October – Winston Churchill is talking with Andre and me a Scarlet Town an old fashioned supper place – and he Winston Churchill thought my father had been awarded for this … all of us have had vital information removed to keep the Genocide slipping into dark passages where the only daylight is from memory … 1960 January comes as a shock with its NEW YORK and ARGENTINE records gathered … Mr Churchill regards ANDRE as a Man of Letters, like himself … 1939 January – I have known Churchill since we had a long talk one January morning 1939 in his paper shop when I thought he looked like Santa Claus – he lives in Aunt Margaret`s Mansions her father put up … he was worried about Japan and was grumbling aloud … I and my other grandparents Ransom have Japan on the phone to Daddy and it will be alright – and I tell WC. I have had a lovely afternoon tea with pretty cakes at the Japanese London Embassy last year 1938 … I am nearly 6 years and have travelled nearly a year from Pole Nord to Pole Sub and all over Europe and up to Greenland our Island 3 times … He and my aunt write letters of culture to one another – he will miss her now she is dead since her birthday 1938 : when Mr Jong Jimmie James stuck a knife in her neck and said it was done with a hair ornament = but was found out by some good men in a Scots Pub who KNOW Mr Jim the half-breed (he is Chinese-Scot) who is always cheating at The Races … … all this is CHANCE – I might not have been kidnapped by obscene Earls and had my education at all the GROTE Homes as the MAYA insist I come to them when 5 years 1938 … everybody speaks English and many languages more in TIGGY`s beautiful real homes where they have weekend clothes and learn everything in the world and do not finish education until 27 years of age ! Then stand on their own feet but can always come HOME and most visit every 2 years for their holidays some bringing families with grown up children … BUT THE HOMES MUST BE KEPT LOW since SCOTLAND EARLS murdered TIGGY 1904 on Arran = where Aunt Margaret owns 98 acres and stopped the growing of Divinorum Salvia Scotland by Earls and Lords and the tenants help her from 1880s into 1930s and call her Miss Margaret Aunt Margaret … 1954 March = They the Tenants and Solicitors of Arran sent me 21 thousand pounds for my birthday 1954 but it was STOLEN by the usual EARLS and JURASSIC BOG TROTTERS by MOONLIGHT … So I could not go on looking after them as she had done since the 1870s … Mr Jimmie 1953 was now Sir James and Steward of WHITES CLUB St James` but because of obscene language and filthy things said about ANDRE MALRAUX an Hon. member with General de Gaulle the most that could be done was to DISMISS Mr CUR Jimmie JONG James Clown of Heaven PEKIN Opera training 2 years 15-17 years old – he born 1898/9 China … he is known to say midday when doping and drinking he is “ golng up the road to see 3 broads and a Greek” but he has been around them since before they were born … … ( JAMES JONG JAMES n 1898/9 China – he trained age 15 years for 2 years PEKIN Opera after he killed a family member and sold off the last of their NANJIN lands – they a very respectable family with daughters educated Switzerland and France were in shock at this first grandchild being so insane – they felt his behaviour came from the Scotland aristocrats Northumberland where he was allowed at 7 years to experiment with DOPE … his family name is James a father who was RN Captain then lower Diplomatic status at Port Arthur 1890s – Violet-artist Lindsay (widow Lady Rutland) is a friend of his mother and her sister but says “ Jimmie was a child who worried you – at 11 years he had French and Chinese his languages and pidgin English … I was always worried for his mother and the younger son …” (Violet speaking October 1937 to Granny Mary Gordon now widowed and I am waiting for Violet to take me to the Convent School for afternoon lessons – she dies too soon after a Magistrates document is stolen which will have his mother and she put him in an ASYLUM to save the younger brother and the families … We children are to call her Violet-artist ) : 1504 – We RANSOM have a Japanese marriage1504 Bruges Cathedral to the Lady Okinawa & her dowry 2 islets the Pacific … where 19th century cousin Reverend Mother Margery Mainwarring of Scotland took a community of young women who did marvelous work medicine and education … Margery age 10 at her birthday party Scotland had been kidnapped and put in a coffin and buried – she was found about 2 seconds before death – she was an heiress of course and Scots Lords wanted her money – she took her money out to Japan and used it for good deeds – but she might not have been found ! ? She trained as a Nun Missionary and is an in-law but not I think a descendant of our Lady Japan – F. Ransom was picked up by her Japanese brother Arctic –F.R. had his ship sunk & wife and 2 sons drowned 1499 and he was on a plank with one crew member … chance ! 1504 visits lead to a marriage Bruges her dress of apricot and pink and the Nuns of her convent bridesmaids … she now 27 in 1504 and he 42 and they will have 5 children, Phoebe marrying Sir Lionel Mainwarring who was not nice and Uncle Captain RN Mainwarring 1930s wants to step back in time and kick him where it hurts … I know all the family brides by the time I am 5 years … 1960 JANUARY the NIGHTWATCH Colne Engaine : JOSETTE CLOTIS a YOUNG LADY : men and women protecting me and Andre say ` we used to be proud to be British – not anymore – this GENOCIDE has been well planned before the War … that girl JO did not have to die – that girl has died in this … we may not tell Andre what we have found out about the packages she received October 1944 after parting from him in Paris = and the 2 men who the British Consul sent after she got back to kill she and Andre and GET HOLD OF PACKAGES AND LETTERS SHE HAD GOT FROM A SECRET ADDRESS ANDRE AND SHE HAD IN PARIS BEFORE THE WAR … from New York and other places … We feel HE HAS GOT TO KEEP THIS JOB & not break down as he might if we tell him young JOSETTE fell under that train because she had been pestered by 2 British men wanting this correspondence to him = her mother has told all that happened – Phil knew them the CLOTIS families before the war late 1920s-30s – Andre and the General have been deceived since this last wartime and up to now … THIS IS GENOCIDE – my old friends I studied LAW with before the WAR want it called this … a name they are keen is used at LAW … 1960 SUMMER = Then British Territorials` came along quietly – they had seen some of these brutal killings 2nd world war of TIGGY children around the world and they now set about giving same deaths to some of the maniacs … one was guilty of deaths of 2 girls in Scotland so he got put in his larder with sign `prime pork` : the Grote children were burned in pits or sunk in nets at sea as planned 1930s … … we will leave the Territorials to their own inward healing – those who had seen this mighty dope-fired worldwide crime would never recover … they meet in 3s or 6s and VOW to go on with their good deeds and more charities … (Read `just light-a pleasant beach-clean – No 2 piles in the distance – bones ? 10 minutes on one screamed `we are going mad – this is an unfinished crime – THEY will be back in full daylight … camera – drawing – two little planes took off from a THOMAS GROTE HOME airstrip … 1980s they have not recovered and have moved away never telling their families only a few wives knew – the new generation must be protected …` and etc etc. NB: the later postings on and give good and EVIL … TAKE A CUP OF CHINA TEA or a small glass of sherry or brandy if you feel overwhelming sadness … THIS WORK OF HISTORY IS BEST READ PRINTED OUT on PAPER … I have done this … 2011-12 someone in UKRAINE printed out 7,000 pages … I believe this was because of the histories down the centuries of Arctic fishing, trade, communities, and people you can almost talk with … my families always kept life-books, tagbuch-diaries-papers & papers & papers, letters, as all shipping families going about the expanding world did … 1996 – I began with 3 typewriters sometimes working into the early dawn … putting back good people upon earth … and persons and situations of obscene EVIL that killed them : Certain Scots Earls and Lords grew a dangerous dope powdered to slip into food and drink or worn up their `snouts` the pretty gilt lavender-ish pellets torch blown HIT their brains in 2 seconds : 1970 reports from 3 great world research hospitals say `we did not think it possible – but they have been training their children on this from as young as 4 years – teaching them to rip to pieces small animals and birds without remorse … it produces great strength and violence … etc. etc. ` “ IT HITS THE BRAIN IN 2 SECONDS” … I am born 1933`Greetah` (it means child of the family of Margareth nee RANSOM of Montrose Basin and Jacobsholmen West Greenland – My aunt b 1841 to we centuries of Sea Traders families, whom I know until her killing Ayrshire 15 May her birthday 1938 has near 50 languages spoken with erudition – 1864 my `girl of the snows` marries Thomas Immanuel GROTE b 1842 = ceremony our POULSEN Ransom chapel of Jacob & the Angel, Jacobsholmen Island 1863, 2-3 hours off Xristensharb our shopping town : – this Island given to son Jacob Poulsen of Great POUL GRONLANDER 6`5” deep blue eyes m. Margaret Yates Shipping Carlisle 1730s – Friends and students with the EGEDE boys sons of Norwegian Pastor Hans EGEDE (& wife Gertrud made a saint) (see 4 vols Finn Gad Histories of Greenland = Island given by enlightened Danish King and Ministers 1770 to Jacob eldest son “ to use as a Holy Place and make a College and when you may a University to West Greenland in the name of POUL our sometime servant … … ” Poul is mostly Chinese ancestry – I meet a cousin 1986 Quingdao 1986 our tour for BM Natural History Ichthyology seas edges of China 6 weeks … the return 1988 … it is as if each visit of Fishery work was 200 years more of life … I met the girl who January 1959 from the Chinese Legation who had save my life when EVIL wished to stop ANDRE MALRAUX entering the French Government as Cultural Minister and me his Ward and heir to the dead children of the sea shores of the globe TIGGY HOMES … THESE GENOCIDERS FEARED THEIR CRIMES WOULD BE EXPOSED … TIGGY a son of founders of GROTE Wall Street 1831 The New York … before it got roads : same GROTE families out of Germany came to England, London banking etc 18th century, Donations to Senate House Library University etc … TIGGY is a great-nephew of F. Immanuel KANT philosopher … he is drawn by Edward Lear `there was an old man who did not know what to do` = TIG was then 20 years old …) TO HELP READERS along this JOURNEY of GOOD and EVIL : It is easier to read printed out as a book – www. began 2011-12 someone in Ukraine printed out 7,000 pages – I have much information about global fishing scattered through this history of our families and branches down the centuries – ARCTIC fishing early centuries AD, late medieval, then 18th century onwards was proving of interest … And TIGGY had 11 HOMES for orphans in RUSSIA from 1860s but a friend Count Boris 7ft 2 ins. tall reduced them to 7 as he found this easier to cope with especially in winter on visits – he adored giving this help and was very enlightened and pleased with TIG`s Rule of NO FIGHTING – DISCUSSION – BUT YOU MIGHT HIT A SITUATION IN YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU HAD TO FIGHT TO SAVE YOUR LIFE AND OTHERS … TO CONTINUE TO HELP OTHERS … I may continue this INTRODUCTION TO NEW READERS but will try not to … : this above was mean`t to be short but I find this difficult when the histories reach back to 2nd century BC Udewalla and MED- Roman Republic then EMPIRE … I grew up with them from birth and by 3 years old was very interested in the FOOD and the wedding frocks of my 2,200 years of Grandmothers, the colours of their eyes, hair, skin, and when the Christmas cards came to us here were so many of them in touch with us from all these centuries … and presents came sometimes and invitations to visit and we did make some … 1920s included HOLLYWOOD where Uncle Fred MacMurray took a big house and everyone went to holiday … he is on the Scotland RANSOM line … He is actually an estate agent WALL STREET but when the market is DOWN he goes to make a film … and then there is `Cousin Clark` whose oil cans I carry to the back of his car when he is driving from our Weddell town-let Argentina to North America : LIR b 1921 keeps diaries from 12 years … my young father b 1911 writes each fortnight his SANCTUS SPIRITUS … And our early MOTTO of Osbert Ransom is SATTEUS LAETUS … ` I am joyful, content, with sufficient … (early Latin – try Dr Smith`s`) Perhaps it would be meaningful to have new READERS glance at THE NAIL IN YOUR HEAD 1938 ( the nail had some hours in my skull in my reason and judgement area !! ) … to grasp how dangerous are the persons about us … those who want to grab at this Estate and `lard` themselves with diamonds, race horses, and red carpets & as Captain Alan Villiers says 1967 Oxford “ no education there – still want to stick a FLAG on someone else`s lands … … …” I have some help from young friend `H.H.` to manage the mechanics of posting work `on line` … I touch type from 1949 and do not know what is on the keyboard which is French-American … we could have done with an editorial team from 2011 … but have continued the Orders from my GUARDIAN (1937 onwards) and kept on this JOURNEY … … the Guardian is Georges-Andre … but ANDRE MALRAUX his name on his books and in French Government circles and is of course known as French = but speaks the best pure English from his mother having him read THE BIG BOYS BOOKS in English from age 12 years- sea tales – Kingston-Balentyne-Marryat- etc (he is born 1901 November ) … she Berthe/Bertha has 900 years of East Anglia ancestry Lincolnshire-WASH-Norfolk-Suffolk … the families were some centuries Kings Lynn getting quite rich, then a branch to own Saxmundham Hall 19th century & other seas edges around England … 1937 September we went to see the little dowry house she his mother Berthe-BERTHA Lame` had been given in the grounds of The Hall Saxmundham Suffolk … she had received income from these several lines of relatives since a child and when she married had put it away for her son when he married and had children … Her old English families had hoped she and her sister would marry back into these ancient blood lines 1890s … War came 1914 -18 = she might have made an English marriage and given her only surviving son a well-to-do English step-father ? After she gets a divorce from his father Ferdinand – CHANCE … chance … ? Georges-ANDRE and we helping are trying to buy it back 1945 so he can give it to his 2 tiny boys Pierre and Vincent … ENGLISH roots : 1937 he Georges-Andre had all these records down the centuries since c 900 AD – September we 3 went over 2 weeks `in their footsteps ` along the seas edges … they fished, traded, farmed, and perhaps early centuries AD records become lost they had held Office of some kind Roman Britain – the WASH was always rich fishing grounds – HISTON in Andre Malraux family records is the first recorded family name = `a histone = Greek `logos` ? = an early Readers E-mail 2012 has them investigating “ how often MALRAUX uses `histone` in his speeches and writings …” 1937 SEPTEMBER my grandmother Mary Helena Gordon decided to stay home as her husband my grandpa George Ernest Gordon (London mounted Police after young years in Lancers Regiment) had died March – she told Andre `ye know the child inherits so she must always be with you and the young lady & ye must take a respectable hotel and all have a suite together – my family will pay if ye have not enough money ` She my grandmother thought he understood about the great worldwide HOMES – My father and family were gone to SPAIN the morning he arrived last day July 1937 and did not meet and then ALL POST is stolen : My family including retired Alfred Charles RANSOM Rear Admiral 1st World War went to rescue a cousin – but the Lindsaybuggarhs killed him age 22 an only child, Missionary Scotland family and Coptic scholar in a cauldron of boiling marmalade – they were acting as they do in SCOTLAND on their big Estates ! They then claimed this small Estate and cut a big forest in 1948-9 and had half a mountain begin to slip into the seas ! ) … 1937 August about the little Clacton seaside town he is already called `Andre dear` by old ladies and middle age ones … he is every ones son is agreed = He will say all his life “ 1937 that long summer into autumn, my mother`s ancestral lands, here we Jo and I found the Gospels acted out … ” 1937 September CLACTON railway station : So we 3 set off by trains, buses, taxis, our feet, beginning at Lincoln and visiting Lincoln Cathedral where the Ostend branch have a monument, putting up at a `coach and horses` beautiful hotel in the main road of the town – where I much travelled order our accommodation suite and early morning tea and toast at 8 am & he calls me `the prophet` … In the Cathedral I tell JO she can be married here and Aunt Margareth will pay for it all as she had to pay for the wedding of Angela who visits the Lindsay on the seafront … and I will help design her bridal gown perhaps … Then around the Seas Edges we go – small villages, coastal erosion, old Inns, churches and churchyards, Markets and Market Halls and libraries and Town halls and sitting down to eat or picnics … a farmer`s wife smiling at us, I can see her in my memory now, as she is giving instructions to our old taxi driver and she much interested in our quest as she feeds her ducks … rather hoping we were to return to his ancient homes and pointing out the peace of living in the countryside and having the sea close by = Hoping we will `COME HOME` I think … and Jo is such a very YOUNG LADY and not a modern hoyden … this pleases everyone that she IS such a Young Lady and her English is becoming perfect as his … a little 19th century I think … but I have Quaker phrases that they are learning too … `com`th wee (mee) to thee` & other phrases from 17th century refugees France, Continent, fleeing to EAST ANGLIA seas edges, the silk weavers, paper makers, and useful folk … farming skills … His clothes are grey trousers turnips, white shirt open neck no tie except evenings, sleeves rolled up – jacket Granny Mary Helena Gordon insisted on buying him Co-op and I lay down law about A JUMPER, a woolly, tied round waist for a foul wind doth sweep in here East Anglia … shoes black well worn laced up … some tennis shoes … Josette nicely dressed simply and touch lace-up shoes but with her high high heels with us … I hath shorts and jumper, 2 frocks for polite places, and we wash things out in the seas edges with a bar of soap … dry on a bush or a hotel bathroom … a maid will then see things are dry by the evening … … one place we stopped a morning and half afternoon in Norfolk coastal erosion had taken the village where his mother`s blood lines had lived centuries before … he hopped from one tough grass hillock out and out into the sea … Josette and I getting scared it might be boggy and he could be sucked under … but we did not, dare not, disturb him … the matter of we his blood lines, we stepping in their long ago footsteps had become HOLY … He stopped slowly as he reached just the spreading grey green, now quiet grey seas, disappearing into the haze of the North Sea `Oceanus Germanicus` of Roman Britain … he gazed some minutes outwards … then turned slowly to face us – we quite a way away … & keeping his balance he made a few leaps on tough grass mounds … then spread his arms gracefully … said with great emotion … “ BUT FOR THEM, THEM WHO WERE HERE, I WOULD NOT EXIST … THERE WOULD BE NO ME … NO ME … and we three would not be here … ” what chance we all are … but already we know we must go to the stars … 1940s-1950s a phrase in my head “ ALL THESE DEAD IN OUR HOUSE – all this blood … … …” Greetah Ransom ? Below – this century of little planet earth with troubles … we make a mid-day HALT … at a seas edges ancient INN perhaps called The Coach and Horses … cool beer and cheese and good bread, a glass of clear pure water, an apple or pear … (above … me – Greta-Greetah Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM adding Caecilia-music my Confirmation Wiltshire 1941 March … a satin ankle length gown and blue wide band borrowed from MANCHESTER cousins (Murphy-Carroll-O`Brien-O`Grady-Butler Williams et al … see Debretts for some 1859 onwards … ) a RECENT good book is `ATLAS of the GREAT IRISH FAMINE` – `Our Bill is Mayor of Manchester Butler-Williams …RATHBONE & WHITEHEAD QUAKER families – Wm. Rathbone MP agrees with Unions – crafty move by some Tory `demand 1,000 pounds by midnight or destroy this `1st Trade Union`- William 6th pulled 1,thousand pounds out of his back pocket at 11 pm … OPEN SESAME …see establishing District Nursing G.B. and his increasing family around the table – Eleanor MP took up his idea `Family allowances` (Rathbone records shd. be up at Greenbank House and Cottage the University unless dishonourable SHEARS taken to them as to GROTE RANSOM WEDDELL FROBISHER by Aristocrat Jurassic bog trotters and adhering Jurassic Fleas of Scotland and Scandinavia … all who were with best silk swaztika flags in top drawers to welcome in Mr HITLER who would bring them opportunities for BIG MONEY 1940-41 … but he set off in the winter SNOW for Russia like Napoleon … TAKE CARE ALL OF YOU upon this little PLANET with tremendous difficulties – TRUST NASA – I launched this tears and shadows work from records and the victims 2011 31st January … syphilitic Gross Britain pawed about it … NB: IT IS A LEARNING DOCUMENT of a great JOURNEY OF 2,200 YERS … evil and greed built pyramids of ignorance to grasp at it … … … 20th century : George SEFRIS GREEK POET has some poems he had to write in French because as Ambassador he could hardly expect Classical Greek scholars AT TABLE Paris … … … eventually `that boy ` REX WARNER down the road at Wallingford translated them under SEFRIS guidance et al into English … Bodley Head 1960 publication … (using his poem for this history) `these stone heads fell into my hands – I hear the mouths speak, the eyes direct me to see daylight in passages where memory of light only came from memory …` POET Ambassador GEORGE SEFRIS will not mind my re`writing a bit … he loaned ANDRE MALRAUX and me HIS HAT when he knew we had to go to SALISBURY PLAINS January 1954 – SEFRIS said he always caught a bad CHILL down there by STONEHENGE …( he is wearing that particular hat in a photograph of him on the beach somewhere in Greece … ) VAST RECORDS are various ways of `storage and retrieval` and 2011 ongoing and and various Twitter for researchers and scholars early on then those who liked meeting reality … especially `ANNIE and BESSIE Parts 1 – 5 .. SUPPER after MIDNIGHT MASS 1943` and MEALS from 1st century AD … especially 1930 RUBY WEDDING of Mary Helena and George Ernest GORDON : (Catherine Gordon is a coal mines heiress our line but MAD JACK spent all her monies in 2 years … little son writes poems – GREECE … name BYRON … ) All work from my touch-typing learned 1950 because the distant distant KIN LINDSAYBuggarhs and Lindsey-evil fairy lines harmed my writing hand when I was 3-4 years of age … they bang children who are heirs against the door entrances … give them pony accidents & loop the loop them out of smallish planes … etc etc … READERS : Help IF YOU HAVE TIME with storage and retrieval – somebody in Ukraine did print off 7,000 pages … lots of histories here on fishing POLES NORD and `SUB` 2,000 years from Life Books-tagbuch etc. and documents of shipping and trade of Republic & ROMAN Empire and Medieval expanding globe : and Captain JAMES COOK 18th century BANQUET 1969 GREENWICH `Transit of VENUS` 1769 … Captain ALAN VILLIERS and replica `Mayflower` hi-jinks 1953 … and Count Mauritz of the Hague the short EMPIRE of BRAZIL – exhibition Moritzhaus the Hague December 1979 … etc … 1976 November ANDRE MALRAUX has met a too early death & wicked ignorance is determined to SHUT the DOOR on his legal 1937 onwards GUARDIANSHIP of THOMAS Immanuel GROTE CHILDREN their worldwide HOMES 1864 onwards & RANSOM Weddell Estates worldwide = 1938 – 1956 and onwards : Leading to an obscene gigantic GENOCIDE begun by SCOTLAND EARLS getting over HADRIAN`s WALL 1923 onwards down to WESTMINSTER … and cunningly taking on certain Scandinavian Noble `fishy kitchen-middens` from 1929 onwards … They began to plot a robbery and massacre of seashores A – Z properties of other Nations their SEAS EDGES … in name of GREAT BRITAIN its EMPIRE … which was causing troubles … wishing for `humanitas` 11th November 1944 Perigord – JOSETTE CLOTIS with two tiny boys Pierre 4 years, Vincent a year … “ the British Consul October 1944 sent 2 gunmen to shoot ANDRE MALRAUX and the WOMAN – who had PAPERS belonging to an IMPERIAL BRITISH WOMAN …” She young Josette – did she fall or is she pushed on the railway line ? … fuller records January 1960 NIGHTWATCH : it becomes clear then to some, years later to me and others, one of the GUNMEN is the Scotland ex-prison lunatic maniac called HARRINGTON … claiming 1948 to be a Doctor … he is a `with reluctance GP` Hong Kong 1946-1948 and climbs into Imperial Britain circles … He makes London medical circles nervous and is called `OLD DOC MENGELE` … Showy divorce `1981` has investigation by BMA and he is 1982 dismissed from doctoring in British Hospitals … Finally harms another woman and her son – son dies age 18 – MENGELE who haunts with JIMMIE JONG Cur/Lord-lewd JAMES MALRAUX and his residences and THE PILLAR HOUSE HARWELL Mr Jong b 1898/9 `Clown of Heaven PEKIN` dies 1981 “at the Angel and Crack” London – dismissed as Steward WHITES CLUB 1959 January – ANDRE MALRAUX makes The Sermon on the Mount a Sunday morning January 1959 where he is known as `a good man` : Mengele Harrington is sent to HELL February 1992 still insisting he is to be a Lord or an Earl for noble undercover work … See www 3 sites as given above : ` NIGHTWATCH 1960-61-62 Colne Engaine near CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis … COLCHESTER and ESSEX MUSEUMS as we were mid-20th century … so this means forays to Suffolk on important early BRITAIN and ROMAN BRITAIN and Medieval work down to Cavaliers and Roundheads … ` READERS : GO TO RECORDS THE SEALED KNOTT … a charity where we act out battles and slave in the kitchens to produce the absolutely authentic FOODS … `HISTORY BEGINS IN THE KITCHEN` … see a little book PENGUIN 1928 Eileen Power `MEDIEVAL PEOPLE` – especially `the Goodman of Paris` … I leave you with the 3 of us, young people, September 1937 East Anglia “ … on the rim of the URN of ETERNITY …” Summer 1937 – In Spain the LINDSAY-LINDSEY and OTHER nobles burned to death in a cauldron of marmalade the distant cousin to all of us a 22 years old Coptic scholar, only son of `MY GIRL IN THE RUSSET SILK BRIDAL GOWN` going to Ethiopia for a Protestant Society of Welfare and Schooling … the only child their son : GREED RULES a fading EMPIRE & its Scotland drug growers … (ABOVE a quote Dr JOHN RAY Ransom 1960 end JANUARY … Night Watch The Colne Engaine … HELL doth NEVER CLOSE ITS DOORS … ORCS issue out …

30 Sep

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