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1945 WINTER INTO 1946 – BIOGRAPHY – little breast pocket notebooks of ANDRE MALRAUX 1901-1976 : I am going to GET US INTO THE BRITISH RESTAURANT CLACTON-on-SEA for a good midday DINNER that first year of the end of the 2nd WORLD WAR … But will find myself wandering between 1937 and 1945 with my GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX … and EVIL discovered in January 1960 … it made good men and women who had been in the 2nd World War sick with grief … but we will fill a big white plate with meat, or pasty, or cheese potato pie and 2 or 3 VEG … gravy or not … Soup first for a cold day, and pudding on a plate as Lord Woolton of the DELICIOUS PIE, Minister of Food, is trying in a press photograph or a Pathe cine film – but we are not exactly cheerful in the town that summer – Hiroshima Atomic Bomb, people bombed and dead, soldiers missing and airmen and sailors … especially 3 big ships sunk has good townsfolk morbid at the Command … Clacton, East Anglia SEAS EDGES people do know a lot of their histories down the centuries here … and many must visit the Cemetery with flowers on Sundays remembering THE GREAT WAR 1914=1918 family members and colleagues, comrades, and NOT at all wishing to forget them – Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX … earned his title `Colonel` amongst warring groups, tribes, crowns and scarlet gowns, Fair France and Wars of Bloody Spain 1936 … 1945 July = WE, he and I and full choir, HAVE SUNG THE 1610 Mass entire of Claudio MONTEVERDI at Clacton-on-Sea full church service Sunday morning JULY 1945 (permission General de Gaulle & Diocese of Westminster) in our town great ROMAN CATHOLIC Church of OUR LADY, CLACTON-HOLLAND seafront built 1921-1929 Priest in Charge an old friend of `young PACELLI` ( he now Pope) friend since they were all young with my families of SOUTHERN ISLAND, SCOTLAND, WEST GREENLAND and the GLOBE = He `young Pacelli` (Pope 1939) knows of a marriage 1863 of THE GRONLANDER`s great grand-daughter Miss Margareth Ransom to a great nephew of F. Immanuel KANT … and has met them visiting ROME later she a Widow `Miss Margareth-Aunt Margaret` visiting the HOMES of TIGGY in GERMANY… her young husband was murdered by SCOTS EARLS 1904 on Arran Island – they are POISONERS using a nasty PLANT they grow called DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND in various torch-blown ways – a pellet UP THEIR SNOUTS, or powdered slipped into the drinks of those they eye for PROFIT : I in 1936 spring in ROME have a 20 minutes talk with him `young PACELLI` about our South American Convents I have visited with my families and had a lovely time and we have so much we can all do to help the GLOBE … We discuss and have plans which he begins to carry out in teaching, hospital work, welfare, and we from RANSOM ESTATE and THOMAS TIGGY HOMES will fund from our so safe world transport matters … (LETTERS to Mary Helena Gordon and others and GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK and others …) `Young Pacelli` writes Mary Gordon that next time we visit we will go out to tea and he knows where there is a hurdy-gurdy … he puts on an old robe and takes his sketching book and makes watercolours … He will send ANDRE MALRAUX the handwritten letter `TWO OF MY BEST WATERCOLOURS – I THINK – for your STUDY … ` FOR 17th April 1947 …” … The EVIL can be followed down the years in www.greta-ransom .com and the other sites … MUCH was not suspected at the time … OH TEMPORA OH MORES … (perhaps it is understood in LATIN by schoolboys …) 1864 young THOMAS Immanuel began his THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide with RANSOM estate built twice around the globe from 1864 upon the legal SEASHORES of nations OUTSIDE THE BRITISH EMPIRE – our dowries of 2,000 years from our 19 Races 27 Nations BRITISH BRIDES … educated in several languages especially Arabic-LATIN, et al … NB : `THE GRONLANDER` is 6 foot 5 ins POUL GRONLANDER of a long CHINESE & ESKIMO line (Captain Alan Villers and others reading his writings in the greatest house put up on JACOPSHOLMEN Island 1920s-1930s say “ the greatest mind in the world” ) Marriage to Margaret Yates of Carlisle shipping concerns 1740s WEST GREENLAND … 5 children … POUL AND THE HUMANIST POPE BENEDICT exchange letters and gifts of science and scholarship and books and Papers of the GLOBE … they are especially both interested in the BOTANICAL MEDICINES … correspondence from Poul is in 4 languages `for which your Eminence prefers` … the Pope sends him a horse to show the GREENLAND PEOPLES and many spices and plants … A letter from Benedict says (said to be in Latin) … “ come quickly we have to talk – I am going MAD here …” As a child 1930s I have heard this letter and much family histories read and this special letter translated with gentle humour and glee … READERS need to plough into the HISTORIES of the GLOBE here …( – … and mostly transferred to wordpress = … ( THOMAS-Tiggy is drawn by Edward Lear as `a young man who did not know what to do` – many sea traders and people with ships knew Lear … ) Uncle KANT when `sillies` bothered him would say `I am thinking and my leg hurts – go away …` 937 SUMMER SEPTEMBER – ANDRE MALRAUX – a tall straggly young man who could move like a ballerina at times , rather prim, he accepted formal GUARDIANSHIP of me that September and says 1970 January at THE PILLAR HOUSE HARWELL, “ I was very glad to do so a child and a family where THE GOSPELS WERE ACTED OUT ” – and received a letter to a secret PARIS address October 1937 saying in her own handwriting from my Aunt Margareth Girl of the Snows (she has read all his books as her Brokers and administrators have before choosing him) ` Dear Andre … thank you for accepting guardianship to my niece Greta Ransom … you will be hearing more …` NOTA BENE : YES !! 1943-44 GROTE BROKERS Wall Street NEW YORK sent letters to this secret address of 1930s – MUCH CORRESPONDANCE sent to Andre Malraux at other addresses during the period 1938-1949 did not reach him and some was STOLEN : 1944 October he was departing for a wartime destination not known yet exactly – and asked JO seeing him off on the PARIS platform to call and check at their pre-war address – she found packages addressed to him and read them on the train she was taking down to TULLES – SHE WAS IN SHOCK at what she read and saw : Full accounts in this work, and www. in several Papers – NIGHTWATCH 1960 January has the eminent Philip Silverlea call swiftly on CLOTIS family in FRANCE – he returns in shock – ‘THAT GIRL HAS DIED IN THIS GENOCIDE – we may not tell Andre immediatel y – he has got to keep that job with de GAULLE – AFTER ALL HE Andre HAS BEEN PUT THROUGH IN THIS …They have killed all these children worldwide to get these lands and moneys … WE USED TO BE PROUD TO BE BRITISH … NOT ANY MORE … So postal packets from 1938 to ANDRE MALRAUX made GUARDIAN to the THOMAS GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN educating to 18 and beyond in Universities of the world, finally got to JOSETTE CLOTIS 1944 October – she not knowing where exactly he had gone on War duties when she saw him off at a station Paris 2 days earlier : This can all be read in our immense accurate RECORDS and on www – and various authors … I recommend for biography CATE CURTIS `MALRAUX ` … beware the writers who never knew him or us – some want dropping air-lift on the BRITISH Empire`s SUB-Pole SOUTH GEORGIA ISLAND – they can study the stars and the albatrosses ! JOSETTE mother of his 2 tiny boys, opened packages from GROTE BROKERS New York, which she read on the train back to TULLES and the little Chateau where her mother arrived the next day … the second day came 2 men with Guns and Orders “ from the British Consul to shoot MALRAUX and the WOMAN ” – JOSETTE HARRASSED BY THEM FELL ON THE RAILWAY LINE and her legs are crushed 9.11.1944 – the 2 men fled perhaps – … but one of the men `sent to retrieve PAPERS and kill MALRAUX AND THE WOMAN WHO WOULD BE WITH HIM ` … papers said to belong to AN IMPERIAL WOMAN … now known to be with Andre Malraux and `a woman` = They arrived and MALRAUX he was not there and she the young woman did not know where he was … her mother came that day … her mother stayed some days … this young woman with a child earlier was followed to the railway station by he and his colleague who spoke French like a native, he did not speak much French and kept quiet … Here the young woman put her mother on a train … the accident happened …` He supposed his colleague retrieved the PAPERS … I GR. have a www. Paper out on this – and other means of storage and retrieval have been available … One of these 2 men is later discovered to be Harrington an Aristocrat Scot with a 1935 16 years Prison sentence Austria for nasty sexual baby abuse using morphine on tiny children since in his teens – he to be called by British Medical circles 1950 onwards `Mengele` is born 1912 & takes a 2 years GP Course in HONG KONG 1946-48 studied hypnotism and all that `fraud-junk-balls & bunkum` become a scandal in 20th century = Mr `Mengele` knows the Scotland-Chinese Jimmie JONG ( – sometimes for a new Reader the Records on … or are an easier introduction to A JOURNEY where we meet GOOD and EVIL = I have likened it to TOLKIEN`s LORD OF THE RINGS … … the EVIL have plotted since 1929 this crime to stop education the globe – an education that gave forth the highest learning in all that civilized societies desire … medicine-sciences-environment-music-arts-teaching… children found on rubbish dumps 1860s, from wars, given by good poor people – some children had a family member and these were drawn in to the Homes to help and play role of grandparents … 1904 TIGGY is murdered Island of Arran by SCOTLAND EARLS and the world kept the HOMES quietly continuing … the great gates with the sign of `the bat, the ball , the spinning top` the letter paper and cards in shades of apricot, pink, yellow and parchment repeating the design of the Gates were carefully used to civilized people Certain SCOTLAND ARISTOCRATS and Scandinavian relatives knew that the GENOCIDE of the GROTE CHILDREN was underway from 1938 NORWAY Christmas morning … and all the 2nd World War … the HOMES are begun 1864 built on the seashores of the Globe with permission FREE nations outside the British Empire – the Sailor King George V and his heir Edward VIII quietly agreed with the HOMES (I have included the record of 1934-35 and the King speaking to a mutual friend of my families – the King and his heir knew TIGGY and Margaret Ransom GROTE his wife – a letter from Margaret Grote is read out by the King : The King dies January 1936 euthanasia – his heir made to leave or remain unmarried 1936 December – an expensive ceremony 1937 was to hold The Empire together – WAR CAME again 1939 September … … c 1929 – A CRIME PLANNED by SCOTLAND EARLS and aristocrat-in-laws Scandinavia for PRIVATE GREED … NOT TO HELP THE WAR EFFORT – a slip of paper torn from a notebook 1929 has in known handwriting “ ALL RANSOM MALES TO BE KILLED ” it is the handwriting of the half SCOT-CHINESE born 1898-9 Mr Jimmie JONG James – of a very good family Chinese educated mother – her family found themselves with a DRUG ADDICT grandson who caught this habit from SCOTS LORDS Northumberland = 1937 OCTOBER : VIOLET LINDSAY ARTIST, cousin to my grandfather`s mother MILLIE FROBISHER poisoned age 32, tries to help with the upbringing of this half Scot-Chinese sympathizes with his mother … Violet-ARTIST (widow Lady Rutland) makes calls to CLACTON to my grandmother Mary Gordon – Violet has known she and her sisters and their mother CLASSICIST Teresa Murphy Carroll Mrs John O`Brien Williams since the 19th century : ? IT WAS BY CHANCE that ANDRE MALRAUX missed meeting Violet-Artist in OCTOBER 1937 … perhaps not – she and my grandmother Mary Gordon have several dangerous matters on hand since I am kidnapped back to Gross Britain June 1936 – death of my grandfather Gordon by poison March 1937 after 3 cars full of Lindsay-Lindsey drunken gamblers were outside `Crail` at 10.30pm that night March – I from upstairs bedroom window saw them then came and SAT ON THE STAIRS seeing and listening to it all … My grandmother saying `George do not leave your fireside – it is a cold night – I will call the Police again – the Banning Order on the house means they cannot enter anymore (it’s a Police document operative for 2 years) Granny may have been waiting for information, some paperwork, from Diocese of Westminster who approve on the phone the GUARDIANSHIP of ANDRE MALRAUX – she will expect a letter saying they have an official communication from the Vatican and will send her a copy … GROTE BROKERS New York have already heartily approved and all important Brokers, Administrators for the free nations A-Z the Grote Homes – that the Estate RANSOM, wound in with GROTE HOMES, is included in his Guardianship is quite understood and welcomed … 1944 9 NOVEMBER : JOSETTE FALLS ON THE TRAIN RAILS and her long legs are run over by the train just leaving : She takes 9 hours to die – morphine could not be got to her for some time – many accounts of her death are published from 1944 onwards … Malraux received the news of the accident but she was dead before he could reach the hospital … he had two sons Pierre age 4 and Vincent a few months old … 1937 SUMMER : Here he and she, were CLACTON and EAST ANGLIA those happy weeks SUMMER autumn 1937 – “the best holiday of all” as my ballerina grandmother JEAN Weddell Ransom said hearing me tell of it at `Jerusalem` the family little Deptford house Park Road, and her youngest son LEN-Lennie writing it down in his everlasting Diary … 1945 MAY – George or Andre, Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX, RETURNS to us at CLACTON the Seas Edges and calls himself A WIDOWER to those greeting him … And with 2 dead half-brothers Roland and young Claude to carry as well … 1945 JUNE onwards we will bring him into LIFE again at Clacton … the little town, the schools, the clubs, the shops, the old cinema Kinema, and Lifeboat people – my cousins` Grandpa is Mr Richard Neville POTTER owner the newspaper and a printers somewhere in Suffolk : The Cricket team have him play a match and practice and so as not to draw attention call him `ANDR-OO` … the Professor and Mrs Wincklemann opening a chemist, old friends from the 1920s, keep him safe when he comes by a 2 USA soldiers jeep from Ipswich and park opposite the great Roman Catholic Church … publicity is not to be worried about as Granddaddy POTTER has threatened all other newspapers = he is the important LIFEBOAT SECRETARY and holds the KEY to the boat shed and can summon strong men at any time … Mr and Mrs Kingsman who own the Pier help too … Our great Church has him SING with us and he is allowed sing in the St Clare Nuns Chapel … his voice is honey counter tenor and boy soprano & he trained in Paris with Alfred Deller … He will not take the ROBE he tells us he has decided … but choir mistress Mrs Taylor who has sung at Milan Opera and plays organ and piano says “ with that voice he can only take the veil – so cheer up young women … he needs a good wife now he may be going to help General Charles de Gaulle ” She first saw him in the Church a June evening at 9.30pm as she was going to lock up – he was pointing up at our great Gothic windows … thinking he was an Arc-Angel fallen down from Heaven she addressed him in Greek – he answered her in Latin … After swiftly next day trying out his incredible voice she says “ We will sing a full 1610 (Monteverdi MASS of Venice) and that will bring him into LIFE again … that has made more CONVERTS for ROME than anything else … and he won`t jump on a railway line … ” I had first seen him May 1945 looking gloomily at the railway lines to the world half way up the great Iron Bridge – I felt I had seen him before (it was 8 years ago and I was coming 5) but taking my troupe of Medieval horse riders we were playing our Games I decided not to pass him on the bridge, halted the Knights and swung my arm up and called `HOW` in a Noble Greeting and turned and took the slightly younger children down the lower meadow to the Valley road … he nodded grimly and bowed his head … Next week he is at Professor Winclemann`s home by the church and nodded grimly again saying `he thought it was me` then explained I was with he and Josette before the WAR … We had tea … now he is going to teach at our schools a 20 minutes lesson and Dr Armstrong Cambridge Geography-History takes him some days to teach at Suffolk Oratory and a school for big girls at Dovercourt … WE ARE NOW SOLEMN that Summer and Autumn – it does not feel this first year that the WAR is really ended … I shall now give up some early evening Games after school … He tells me at school one afternoon he will meet me after lessons where I hide my bow and arrows – he is taking his Guardianship very seriously and I must not call him `the totem pole` … I write poems since a 5 year old = and already have a line in my head in silence this past War = `All this death in our House, all this blood …` 1960 I will add to this as a GENOCIDE is revealed for both of us … NIGHTWATCH 1960 January COLNE ENGAINE … 1945 June – CLACTON ON SEA – WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A MIDDAY DINNER AT THE BRITISH RESTAURANT … and this will continue the autumn into winter when he is over from PARIS … he has written work for his duties with FRANCE & needs peace … A big shop area has become a Government British Restaurant for providing a hot filling midday dinner for anyone who can afford a shilling and some pence for a 3 course meal & cup of Kenya strong orange-brown tea or coffee made with the old fashioned essence in the tall bottle with label of British Africa bright tropical scenes …Tables with chairs set for 4 or 6 and a long one perhaps it has benches – I talk of perhaps it is horse meat but he can ask … this does not bother him and he says he has often eaten it abroad … and he likes meat, potato, vegetables of any kinds and gravy and a piece of bread – he may have soup first or not then take a pudding – he knows some people here perhaps and talks kindly with the ladies dishing behind the big counter … some men settle in with fags and newspapers and talk away … He and I leave the British Restaurant and go to the Clacton-Holland seafront … it is all the same he says, meaning as 1937 … some holidaymakers have come and there are deckchairs out and the Pier is open to the Fishermen at the Fishing arm built for them … The BLUE LAGOON has dancing and the Band is always first class and musicians come from London engagements and the train has them arrive for 11.30 pm and one night it was over 20 playing `Night and Day` and the Glenn Miller big band pieces and `Moonlight Serenade` … `In the Mood` has Andre Colonel Malraux or George as I call him as his mother did, exercise his tall figure … The Schools say `SEE Colonel Andre dance – and DIE` !! I am self conscious – but can dance in the Recreation ground or on a winter beach … like Isadora Duncan … I do not seem to know of his ASIAN life … until one day many years hence I read `la Condition Humaine` his 1920s experiences … then 1946 winter when we find The Pearly House `ALL AS QUIET AS THE DEAD` I remember a red-white modern design cover paperback book in our Pearly Library from Greenland … and yes I did open some pages 1943-44 but did not continue with it … … this is the first English edition printed for him in USA 1933 before he gets a French Award 1933 … It is not my China of our 3 grandmothers, Siberia, Mongolia, and the Peninsula now North Korea – RANSOM brides 1 . `Miss does not like figures on Holy Crosses & wants a gold necklace – so we never have a figure on our Shipboard Holy Crosses, 2. Miss gold necklace and bags of gold = & Admiral of the China Seas ZHENG HE` comes aboard twice for conversation, 2 hours then 5 hours .. and awards RANSOM brothers the use his personal Flag white silk and scarlet balls and `we are to take certain Commissions to India for him and for this we may deal in a little Porcelain` … 3. … a daughter of the great Philosopher part time 2 years of and on with his Friend to be Governor of the Peninsula – grandpa HUE` ARTAN 1450 – we had photos of his 16 feet statue on the headland and he has requested us to `ALL SAIL IN and tell me of your lives – I WILL HE WAITING HERE FOR YOU ALL TO COME – you who are my family and will continue after I am dead` … She did not demand gold but her father HUE` said to all his daughters they could make their husbands RICH if they proved good husbands = Thus ANDRE MALRAUX is Guardian to me … PROBLEM : MISS Auntie WIN ex ATS has been very fierce about my talking of our Ancestry since Granny Gordon her mother has died of poison – Hospital found out in anger 3 June 1944 & would like to sink certain Aristocrats off the end of the Pier at High Tide in winter : Miss Winifred Mary GORDON ATS release pending JUNE 1945 fiercely tells me all these matters are for my Father when he returns from this War – she adds that all men do not return from Wars … 1937 SUMMER, to CLACTON last days of JULY, from SPAIN and its Wars of Blood ANDRE MALRAUX came with a Young Lady to be called Miss JO Elliot … 1945 we will begin to walk in our 1937 footsteps this first year of her death because it is only natural to do so & take the dead into life with you …that has dignity come to the days ahead … THE BRITISH RESTAURANT – is next to Cordys & where the real Italian restaurant was 1937 when we, Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX YOUNG MAN of LETTERS and a YOUNG LADY writer Miss JOSETTE CLOTIS and ME `(Greetah` Greta Maureen Frobisher Weddell RANSOM) were taking ICE CREAM and two or three times a FULL TEA that summer into autumn – small persons as I was that 1937 SUMMER often recall FOOD if it is delicious very clearly … IT IS THIS sort of HISTORY THAT MATTERS and what human beings have to say, their contacts, their speech, their activities (captured at the very time = as our family friend Walter Benjamin says )… 1937 SUMMER because of troubles in SPAIN – I am told by a mutual friend we 3 stay with not to tell he ANDRE about our worldwide planes for the TIGGY HOMES & our Ransom histories and Estate – “ or he will find the planes and start the Bloody Wars of Spain up again … and it has all started too late … and another War is coming because some people are greedy and others stupid … ” 1937-1938 … THUS I am quietly thinking and confide to LEN FLYER my Uncle LIR `that when I grow up it might be best to be a Dictator & make nasty people do what is sensible = 1937 I am now 4 and a half years and have travelled nearly a year 1935-1936 from NORTH POLE to SUB POLE and we stopped off many places in between because we are helping Aunt Mag my `Girl of the Snows` with all the visits that are expected by the Tiggy Children in their REAL beautiful Homes – … we had tea with Dr and Mrs Einstein, the Armish, and Mrs Roosevelt … and Duke Ellington and Paul Whiteman for breakfast and hundreds of other people some related to us and others because of all the good things we do for the Globe, and suppers and surprise meals with the kindest interesting people all who approved the HOMES of TIG but knew the British aristocrats of Scotland did not want nations with educated calm people of intelligence – the destroying of our RECORDS was underway from 1920s … this is how the aristocrat cunning take moneys – they remove people from the planet by causing accidents and losing bodies and make foul accusations … As the Scotland nasty distant old male cousins of my grandfather Frederick Charles FROBISHER RANSOM call me `Ape and Esquimo` we have visited our 19 Races and 27 nations cousins who all look nice and are pretty colours – not Porridge coloured like these Scotland cousins, who I have to be polite to when a few gate-crash to the lovely houses of the SOULS who are related to my grandpa`s mother … I know you do not let these Jurassic bog trotters near your cups and glasses because they are poisoners – My Grandpa Gordon has died suddenly March 1937 because 3 cars of THEM were yelling late at night outside the house that they had won at cards and SHEshe (my mother who is usually at the Races with them) owed them `dough` : 1937 ANDRE and I and sometimes JO if she feels she has done enough writing for her publisher, go up the Skelmersdale Road from the Railway Station to `Crail` to see Granny Mary Helena Gordon, now a sudden widow … she likes us mid-late afternoons and she and ANDRE talk and talk and he is learning much about Southern Irish troubles the last 100 years and I take a much needed 2 hours rest above in her big lonely bedroom on the eiderdown that is covered with a pattern of brambles with blackberries and their flowers on … I drift off hearing them below and catch phrases of familiar or unfamiliar family histories … as she sang `Whack Fol-di-diddle` an afternoon at a meeting Westminster Hall 1916 the Easter Rising matter … she announced she would sing this as she had known the composer when young – the Police heard it then they had to make a show of disturbance to the meeting – she was escorted out holding the hand of a child and gave her husband`s Mounted Police number, he has a brother Thomas in the Metropolitan Police too … The 6 brothers went to the Dr Bell Academy on Greenwich Heath and grew up in The Trafalgar Tavern the great beautiful building on the Waterfront – their father was Mine Host to the WHITE BAIT SUPPERS and greeted the Members of Parliament as they came down the river in the State Barges in their ceremonial regalia – he is John Frederick Gordon of good families – Catherine Gordon mother of George Gordon Byron is of this line of Gordon – BYRON hero of GREECE is very popular worldwide and young men and women still made the CLASSICAL TOUR of Greece and Rome to enhance their education : ANDRE Widower will find out summer 1945 that her 2 sisters (of the 5 daughters of Teresa Murphy Carroll CLASSICIST) are his intellectual equals too – but that summer 1937 their lovely house across the road in Granville Road `Stella Maris` (named after the wife of artist Charles Conder, she died in a house fire) is full of old Priests, and Missionaries, and Liverpool Manchester relatives and friends of 100 years coming and going – But he and Jo did meet for 10 minutes on the beach Miss Annie Agnes Carroll Williams Artist born 1880 bathing her tiny size 1 feet – she is a sculptor, potter, designer but is trying to be retired and do so many other things – she has long curly black blue hair and bright blue eyes and as well as speaking Irish she has mastered Welsh from her cousins of her father`s families – 1946 he tells me sternly = I now tall and going about without my bow and arrows and hair band with feathers that – “… IF Annie were 20 years younger I would be marrying her… ” Two town classes of us 12-15 year olds now wear Max Factor pancake makeup pale lavender lipstick and mascara and floating swirling frocks to look like `Arthur Hughes` APRIL LOVE – we take him dancing with older ladies of 50-60 who are `his` chaperones – AT CONVENT SCHOOL of SAINT CLARES` our enlightened Nuns tell us` that Colonel Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX is “GOD`S GIFT TO YOU YOUNG WOMEN” = the intellectuals of the Classes say `STILL A BOY … someone has got TO MARRY HIM … or the wrong sort of woman may get him … Our Nuns and Granny Gordon have `young Pacelli` on the telephone to Clacton 1920s-1930s while the great Church is building … And from the VATICAN to Mrs Mary Helena Gordon (Granny) spring 1939 with photos in black and white he took himself of an Apartment he has chosen – and he wants she and me and anyone else she wants to bring before War begins – he has brought his little School `children at Risk` inside the Vatican and says now he is Pope he can do what he likes !! (The children are all religions Jewish too) … as I have said my 4 great-aunts and Granny the daughters of Teresa Carroll a southern Irish Classicist – ( she studied GREEK THOUGHT and PLATO) have an American-Irish cousin living in the Vatican and writing away in his retirement … I think quietly to myself that with TIGGY`s Homes I find we have quite a small-but big planet world and we all perhaps think easily of it as ROUND and not just little Europe – but I do not believe that everyone thinks like our families, that is that we think easily of ALL THE PEOPLES of the WORLD their different looks and religions as the same and different – I used to talk of such matters to Georges-ANDRE when we were taking a rest on the beaches – he used to give me a stare and sometimes made an answer … … … Young Pacelli (Pope Pius 12) has been also a friend of Aunt Margareth nee Ransom and her husband TIGGY GROTE great nephew of F. Immanuel KANT … Granny died June 1944 = and he ANDRE MALRAUX was expecting to return as WIDOWER and continue their discussions on world matters after this LAST WAR 1939-1945 … they had lots to discuss about THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918 those Summer afternoons early evenings 1937 = He has many friends from 1937 in the town … and now over at Ipswich the Air Base where his old friend from a USA University is a Colonel-in-Charge … Transport is agreed for him France-England with General de Gaulle and he is to attend the Nuremburg Trials in secrecy with false hair with the American team for 2 days – General de Gaulle knew my great-aunt Miss Bessie Martha Carroll Williams in the Wartime 1941-43 at Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster teas and things (bun fights & ration sandwiches = and Portugal via Southern Ireland may still legally be sending in `Pipes of Sherry` ) ANDRE MALRAUX RETURNS – Winter 1945-46 – a tall WIDOWER carrying 3 WARTIME dead – this name you may at that time recognize on his books : 1945 October-1947 February – He meets me from St Clare Covent School close the Clacton Seafront after 12 noon and we may be going to take Midday dinner at The BRITISH RESTAURANT – in France people eat a substantial meal in the middle of the day because they begin work very early not wasting the daylight he tells us : … he may have been talking with Reverend Mother Benedict mid-morning for he loves collecting information – he teaches us a 20 minutes some afternoons, and other schools in Clacton, and goes with Dr ARMSTRONG (Cambridge University) to teach a half hour at Dover-court High School for girls up to 18 years … and to the Oratory for Boys Suffolk … this he wishes to do to see this land where his mother owes her life on one blood line from 900 AD family HISTON – … he knows his genealogy here because she taught him and she put moneys away for him that came to her from these families for these SEA FAMILIES still had Ventures together from the centuries passed ~ I know that these remote ancestors give him comfort as we walk in their footsteps again as we did 1937 when we went to Lincoln and traced their homes and seashores and small farms back to SAXMUNDHAM HALL where a branch arrive 19th century and where his mother as a child came to visit and they presented her with a little dowry house hoping she might marry back into the ancient Line … the marriages from HISTON women marrying to others from 900 AD are VAST – reaching to Manchester, Liverpool, Somerset – all sea Traders the early centuries of course : “ ZACHARY … you may recall … you grew up (1933 March) knowing we from our 19th century family and TIGGY always had grants to Research in medicine as well as gifts to good hospitals worldwide … this begins 1830s the parents of Aunt Margareth Ransom – she marries TIGGY of the Wall Street Firm 1864 … they from 1831 began administering with Argentina our worldwide Estate … You and Len knew Zachary – he could not do many things – he would be full of energy then he would give up … he had a wife and a young son and a supportive family … he would go to a woodworker full of enthusiasm then lose interest clutch his head and need to sit by the door … so many things he tried … At school he had been called `jerky` felt he lacked concentration, “ gets up from desk and fidgets ” … forgets … not stupid … needs to concentrate …` He invested with a maker of TENTS … he wished him to soak the wood toggles in a liquid to make the wood hard … suddenly ZACHARY rushed outside … went off to FRANCE … found a job helping in a restaurant with pleasant tables and seats outside … very busy … he could leap about – be fidgety – he was a success with everyone – made friends … carefully saved money – sent it to his Brother-in-law to look after his wife and toddler – they looked after by his parents … they felt he had another brain-wave idea and would come back RICH … The brother-in-law seemed to have mishandled the matter – took himself off for a splendid holiday … ? ZACHARY AS A TODDLER, 4-5 years, had been HIT by a wheeled vehicle and his head a bloody crushed mess … a Surgeon had stitched and done his best … tiny child recovered … seemed alright … BUT CHILD FIGETY … grow out of it ? ZACHARY at 29 years of age was discovered to have a piece of METAL from the Surgeon`s instrument left in his head … it had now moved down to his neck … an X-ray showed this … he had it removed : HE WAS NOT FIDGETY ANYMORE … he could concentrate … his family and he had come to be known by our family … A MATTER OF HAPPINESS FOR US ALL … nothing to pay … our Estate … your Estate paid everything … we are happy to say ZACHARY and family are safe … but thoughtfully your Father and others thought to change their names … after this massacre this 2nd World War … your Detective and his old LAW FRIENDS wish it to be called GENOCIDE … the children of THOMAS GROTE … this has made evil persons RICH … they planned it pre-WAR … WE ARE ALL LEARNING MORE …”

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