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21st century : WORK FOLLOWING ON FROM RECORDS : worldwide 20th century : martyrs et al … a. JOHN BUCHAN, novelist, statesman, humanist (1930s I G.R. remember him at our garden parties and luncheons with our relatives and GREAT MEN) 1939 CITY OF LONDON – Thames riverside `CHURCH OF SEAMEN` ST MAGNUS THE MARTYR and ROME : b. and young VINCENT MALRAUX = ` REQUIEM for HOPE` : & a BLUEBELL WOOD, a gift April 1947 to he and PIERRE- his older brother : “an accident just waiting to happen” MI5 in mourning May 1961 … oral… speaking with them July 1969 = c. “ THOMAS GROTE CURRICULUM worldwide –EVERY CHILD IN THE WORLD IS ENTITLED TO A THOMAS GROTE CURRICULUM …” : JOHN BUCHAN says WINTER 1938-40 to the former `Miss Bloody Liar` daughter of a French Cook and a Scotland Earl he in shock, horror, bewilderment, at the begun killing of TIGGY GROTES CHILDREN HOMES Norway Xmas morning drowning them on a beach with fast tide coming in 1938 (swift messages, photos, of HORROR from “an embassy Berlin” and VATICAN – another massacre of THOMAS GROTE CHILDREN took place the Netherlands spring 1939 … (Full accounts transposed to www. in work from 2011 – other methods of `storage and retrieval` for MARTYRS of crumbling EMPIRES 18th-20th centuries P : ( … she gone on high and mouthing on cocktail surprises “ an old Eskimo gave her all these worldwide HOMES when she was 10 years of age and as a Wedding Gift 1923 = and SHE DOES NOT NEED A WILL …now she has the `KOH-IN-KNOR ON HER HEAD … ) “ EVERY CHILD IN THE WORLD – EVERY CHILD IN THE WORLD – THE WORLD – deserves a THOMAS GROTE CURRICULUM ” JOHN BUCHAN a great novelist and humanitarian (19th century records to 1987…) … is standing up to SCOTLAND EARLS referred to as JURASSIC BOG TROTTERS and their LICE – My distant relative AN Earl of LINDSAY Crawford acquired 1883 & ever onward by culling and killing heirs and relatives and relations … is the grandfather of my grandfather`s mother Millie Frobisher who married 1883 JOHN RANSOM – … “ The Lindsay-Lindsey EARLS are known to be insane & any business dealings you have with them you will come off badly … we do NOT have them to dinner” : `… with other SCOTLAND `BIG-WIGS` THEY GROW A DANGEROUS DOPE CALLED `DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND`= by moonlight and use it about the British Empire to get hold of WEALTH … … … families and other nations record histories of `THE LINDSAYbuggarhs` as the BRITISH POLICE CALL THEM = many Elders know very well the gory histories of these Scotland Earls and ATTACHMENTS : I, GR, am told 1960 January NIGHTWATCH Colne Engaine by Arthur Malone `tutor to the Medici children` “THIS NOBLE FAMILY CLAIMING YOU HAVE BEEN CULLING AGAIN … Trouble for THEM is that you keep getting OFF THEIR HEARSE – my old friends in the LAW thought they had stopped … the matter is to go further … ” “ … ANDRE is coming over again, permission his General, and another of importance from Washington : I wish I had known all of you before the WAR – I could have got help when I came to help ANDRE – October 1957 !!! 1960 early January – Arthur Malone reporting to GR : … “ PHIL has gone over to see the CLOTIS family (JO the mother of the 2 sons of Andre Malraux 1940 and 1944 who have to be “hidden under the violet leaves” : he knew a member of the family in the 1920s …” … “ INSTRUCTIONS – date is and time is – I will come at 7.30 each evening to report or perhaps about 11 am in the morning depending upon my schedule – GOODNIGHT = Reporting is me from Andre`s place 50 Lancaster Gate Square = Arthur Malone-Politian – lock up – do not open the door until you hear the farm workers coming back from their first work – about 9.30 am …” King Arthur .. ( he is the youngest grandchild of VIC AND BERT = born out of wedlock = 1969-70 he is talking with his half-sister Patricia near Oxfordshire … ANDRE MALRAUX CMES AND GOES . (V & A –his grandparents have a big MUSEUM South Kensington opposite BMNH (Natural History Museum, Geological and Science … ) FULL records on and others … JANUARY 1960 the NIGHTWATCH “ We used to be proud to be British but not anymore … they have been killing for this money around the world … we are learning more … my old law friends I studied with before the War … ” 1960 2-3rd weeks COLNE ENGAINE : Arthur Malone reporting with others : From information Arthur Malone (LAW Detective-POLITIAN) returns with gathered late December 1959- 1st days January 1960, contacting our many branches of Scotland families, in-laws, tenants and acquaintances, Frobisher-Ransom-Grote et al … also 100 years of tenants ARRAN Island, other places Scotland, THE GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND IS EMERGING… end December 1959 to the end of last week January 1960 … then into February and Philip Silverlea takes flight to NEW YORK – GROTE BROKERS who oversee from 1831 our RANSOM and GROTE Estates, 1863 marriage of TIGGY to Miss Margaret Ransom of Montrose and Jacolpsholmen: they have all records safe … Philip Silverlea`s daughter, happily married with 2 small children : SHE TO BE MURDERED May 1960 = British Ambassador says “ Matter of properties of an IMPERIAL British woman, he has been informed & he cannot help : REPORTS : 1960 March = OFFICE buildings, Buenos Aries, established 18th century , ransacked by British Men in BRITISH ARMY UNIFORMS – 1960 mid-February Phil`s daughter age 28 years has visited our RANSOM-GROTE old respected Solicitors Buenos Aries where she lives = and has copies of all Wills, documents letters and carbon copy letters from 1830 when Fred Ransom and wife Gertrud Poulsen employed them and 1964 `to take care of the delicate Flower Garden , the HOMES on RANSOM seashore lands twice around the Globe : ISLAND Jacopsholmen is dowry of Gertrud, she sister of Count Poulsen Norway, grandchildren of POUL GRONLANDER and Margaret Yates of Carlisle shipping : 1770 Gift of Danish King to families of POUL GRONLANDER = “to keep as a holy place and when you may establish a College, a University to POUL our servant … ” (1967 December OXFORD : Captain Alan Villiers, others, “ a school mid-19th century gave the greatest education in the world – POUL the greatest mind you ever read … One sail Margareth gave us, Cousteau too, the KEY to the Island … THEATRE put on the world`s great Plays – had an Ox up there for the Christmastide Medieval plays … POUL corresponded wit h the Humanist Pope – both into botanical medicines … all on the shelves in the biggest house built in Greenland – he built it like a great ship, old Fred Ransom – we had an architect up there – he could have put a tier on the Theatre – took 350 – Season ran 2 months or more = OF COURSE some did not like this – education for other Races … … … SHAME SHAME SHAME ! THEY, THEY bombed the Island to smithereens – June 1960 – to STOP de GAULLE and ANDRE getting up there !!! 1960 mid-JANUARY London and Colne Engaine : more horror is gathering after Phil Silverlea returns from 4 days to FRANCE (he has Argentine-Wales grandparents, Radley School scholar time of `Banks of Green Willows` music teacher (killed 1916 WW.) ARTHUR MALONE and PHIL records : A now necessary NIGHTWATCH – others helping – including two visits night-time January 1960 from Dr John RAY (Ransom – not safe to use his real name) : Permission from WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT etc allowed to FLY IN to USA Airbase IPSWICH where ANDRE MALRAUX comes from FRANCE since 1945 MAY … (see diary records 1960 January of a failed night attack from JIM JONG & 3 other thugs : NB : He from 1954 become a `Sir JAMES` and the Steward of WHITES CLUB – HE dismissed January 1959 after Members uneasy hearing `the little vermin` jeer at Margaret Grote with foul rhymes about `an Old Eskimo` – THEN A SUNDAY MORNING is arranged for ANDRE MALRAUX, he called in by certain old Members, some his friends and acquaintances since 1920s-30s onwards – HE LEAPT ON A CHAIR and gave `THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT`… people of honour who knew of massacre of TIGGY`s CHILDREN all races and nations have been killed or gone missing : JIM IS KNOWN AS `A BAR RAT` 1960 JANUARY into early FEB : Arthur Malone & others “ … its clear that that girl Jo-Josette did not have to die in this – you knew her before the WAR – WE KNOW NOW … ABOUT THE LAST 2 WEEKS OF HER LIFE (Oct-Nov.1944) she had 2 men trying to get correspondence from her that came from New York and Buenos Aries – she and ANDRE had a secret address in PARIS from before the WAR … She saw him off at the station – she did not know where he was going … returned she had 2 men BRITISH demand these papers from her BUT her mother had just arrived by train to stay and see her 2 grandsons … others have information but we will not worry them … BUT she has died in this ! PHIL HAS just come back from France … HEARD FROM CLOTIS FAMILY MEMBERS = We may not tell Andre reports from CLOTIS families, others –ANDRE HAS GOT TO KEEP THAT JOB – after what this lot have put him through … “ … looks like murder … seems a British Consul had orders to send these two men with guns to kill MALRAUX AND THE WOMAN end October 1944 – she may have contacted someone to help her … telephoned someone … ” 1960 January, The Colne Engaine near COLCHESTER : ARTHUR MALONE reads his notes : “ … HARRY over at Thorpe (my youngest Uncle born 1912) says THEY have always been around him – JIMMIE JONG and his VERMIN = shock 1952 = little devil was on the run from KENYA for killing 3 old good men – got in that Club WHITES 1953 – nobody thought he would come back = … everybody thought ANDRE knew he was GUARDIAN to Estate worldwide not just the heirs in the family – thought General de Gaulle must be having him keep quiet … : … He (Harry Gordon) knew them all before the War – hanging around his parents trying to get hold on Gordon lands Scotland and New Zealand : he 10 years or so when he knew they were a nuisance = 1930s at Newmarket Races they`d be sticking themselves with syringes and drinking from the bottle – always got some fiddle going on with the horses … … Then after a sister`s marriage 1932 (with young Soldier Fred Ransom) they welcomed his sister back amongst them … having got her a prison sentence … Judge knew all of them should have gone in – but Angela no Angel had married a sick Prince – not expected to live more than 10 years – idea to give him some happiness ? …` Angela no Angel and her Tribe Scotland always after his family lands – Gordon uncles owned them all from the father and grandfather – ANGELA on phone to his mother 1938-39 when he had come home for his lunch – and during War he will hear, always baiting about the inheritance … his mother had trouble with them from 1920s – they used sister `Treasa` from 12 years to ride a horse and WIN for them – they used to come to the back door Epping on horses – Followed his sister to CARROLL farm 1919 – burned a young Murphy family to death setting fire to Barn next to house … they cousins to Mother and her sisters – POLICE could do nothing but got full report before young Murphy died of severe burns – : Well IRELAND OWNED BY BRITAIN = ALL went off on the Continent soon as War ended 1919 & got into more trouble … could thumb a battleship and get hospitality any British Embassy … scattering of titles amongst them …` ARTHUR MALONE reads the above from his notebook : “ ANDRE and GENERAL then have been deceived in this all the Wartime and these last years – false messages coming to your father and family … some British Government fooled and others – WE ARE LEARNING MORE … By the way you can call me King Arthur – my mother`s family had a meeting and decided to tell me who my father was – I remember a man on a splendid horse come look at me when I was small … 1940 when I had gone in the RAF he came and inspected us … I did not know who he was … +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ READERS have turned 2011 to : “ 1937 SUMMER” of many pages begins from records, bits of paper, Martyrs, and nations A to Z the globe … ARTHUR MALONE (Politian Tutor to the Medici Children) 1988 “ Seems the British Government and Crown were worried about their trade figures … so they killed all these children around the seashores … ” 1988 USA good men employed WASHINGTON State Office … “ NO ONE SAYS THIS NAME ANY MORE – they get killed – we have lost Agents and friends and valued Colleagues … it is THOMAS GROTE … … … ” The histories have spread to other forms of communication and … and kindly with help to : photos and iconography, including the Letters from HAROLD Walter POULTER of COLCHESTER & ESSEX Museums 1950s-61 : After the GENOCIDE 1938-1956 of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES children in education into their 20s there was/is EXPENSES & grotesque holidays for `hunting big and little game` boasted of in WHITES CLUB by JIMMIE JONG James (Sir James 1954) where he is Steward 1953 – FIRED January 1959 for his foul mouth and crimes back into the 19-teens: His respectable Chinese rich family put him to learn ACTING the famous Theatre/Opera PEKING training school – after he became homicidal age 15 : ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ABOVE : File A – is speaking JOHN BUCHAN Novelist 1939-40 London = NB: correspondence and telephone calls to Angela `former Miss Bloody Liar` and JIMMIE JONG Major James-this & that ` REGENT of ALL ENGLANDS and `CLOWN of HEAVEN gambling 1929 he may become the CHINESE EMPEROR – if he can fool Dr SUN Yat SEN (becomes a University CANTON) and his brother-in-law General Chen-KAI-CHEK a nice seaside VILLA at QUINGDAO ( CHINA – I HAVE ANCESTRAL LINES NEVER LOST (they sent me Birthday greetings 1940s-50s : Grandmothers marrying RANSOM direct line of ROMAN REPUBLIC BC and ROMAN EMPIRE … in Siberia, Mongolia, and modern North Korea our Peninsula & 16 feet statue of HUE ARTAN Philosopher-Statesman-Sea Merchant- I and MY 20th CENTURY blood lines have relations-relatives, in-laws, there and round about – (1400 about WE WENT EAST AGAIN made marriages not as HIGH as previously but our WIVES HAD TAUGHT US PHILOSOPHY – HE CAME ABOARD stayed 2 hours, EVERY INCH A MAN, ZHENG HE` … came again and stayed 5 hours … RESULT IS WE ARE TO HANDLE TRADE FOR HIM TO INDIA – for this we may engage in a little PORCELAIN … THANK GOODNESS OUR WIVES HAD TAUGHT US PHILOSOPHY AND WE ARE TO SAIL UNDER HIS PERSONAL FLAG … white satin WITH SCARLET stars/balls : WE HAVE THIS GRACE recognized 1985 the 2 months CHINA seacoasts for BRITISH MUSEUM NATURAL HISTORY FISHES … and repeat 2 months for BMNH – Dr Peter James Palmer (West Viginia) WHITEHEAD – the Whitehead identical twins have a great-grandfather JAMES LORD MAYOR 1888 who with fellow QUAKER friend WILLIAM RATHBONE of LIVERPOOL gathered 36 thousand pounds for the FAMINE of SHANGHI … We met Scientists whose grandparents had lived because of this MONEY … the USA METHODISTS NOW BECAME ACTIVE UNIVERSITIES ESTABLISHED and sciences established … RANSOM FAMILIES – my ancestors, cousins, CHINA-MONGOLIA – MODERN KOREA, 1450, 1500s (1504 WE MARRY lady JAPAN of OKINAWA and my POUL GRONLANDER line (all well over 6 feet high) Our Philosopher ancestor of North CHINA comes to investigate GREENLAND 1601 stays and marries West Greenland coast Fredericktown, we come to JACOPSHOLMEN Island … 1900s where we are stopped establish the UNIVERSITY `to POUL` Granted 1770 ` in honour of POUL our sometime Servant` … a Danish King who of course was declared MAD = education for `apes and Eskimos` like us might be in the way of TRADE – logging – fishing shooting anything that flies – and seeing people do not live too long … 1760s POUL and the HUMANIST POPE are correspondents and BOTH into the BOTANICAL MEDICINES – POUL has a wife Margaret of SEA TRADERS and education of WALES shipping – the YATES FAMILIES … Full histories here are vast – I have added to initial 2011 work some of the almighty (overseas too) records of those who knew these my relatives & 1930s I receive birthday presents from them … 1940s – 1950s … READERS should NOT avoid the savagery of my 21st Birthday Party 11 March 1954 from SCOTS EARLS (who have been stealing from worldwide banks and properties, medical, music, gym, science GRANTS = This party is arranged by my young father London Army Captain FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM and his relatives – a member of the Churchill family was present with her husband – A TELEGRAM said to be from ANDRE MALRAUX legal guardian THOMAS GROTE HOMES and myself was delivered to the TABLE while guests awaited us to arrive = THE EARLS OF SCOTLAND HAD SUNK SO LOW … and were as usual short of `dough` : – March 1954 21st BIRTHDAY PRESENTS to me from overseas and Southern Irish titled relatives were CUNNINGLY STOLEN and opened again as from 1936 (after the death of the kind Sailor King V ) at the back of BUCKINGHAM PALACE – the ancient necklace of pearls to me to descend amongst the generations ahead, as it had, = this sent from CANADA- the wedding pearls and legal property of our ancestor Sir MARTYN FROBISHER – torn to pieces in a MAYFAIR GUTTER: A daily Express photographer, another, managed photos of all this dope-liquor-high society OUT OF SCOTLAND : The legal King Edward 8, son of the Sailor King , and his Father DID NOT AGREE THAT 2 SCOTLAND TRIBES of EARLS had been given these worldwide SEASHORES and HOMES to DESTROY and fill up their COFFERS – they had no WILL and GROTE BROKERS of WALL STREET had come on an official MISSION to help establish this – the KING seems to have fallen ill XMAS 1935-36 : 20TH century FIGURES FROM A MORGUE : 1904 : SCOTLAND EARLS HAD OVERSEEN THE DEATH OF TIGGY GROTE 1904 and played tricks on the widow & getting money from her – they `piped` they would assist by travelling the HOMES worldwide … THEY HAD FREE HOLIDAYS and a CUNNING THIEVING GOODTIME … It was the 1920s – DRUGS DRINK GAMBLING – Speech 1903 HOUSEs of PARLIAMENT by Joseph CHAMBERLAIN he says “ … British Trade … nil …” HISTORY BOOKS CAN TELL MORE … ` “ Out EAST all the EMPIRES BY 1870s desperately OUT OF POCKET and working 2 year olds in their FACTORIES – the DEAD were put outside the BACK DOORS after midnight and collected : THIS LAST INFORMATION IS FROM PEOPLE OUT EAST, shocked, and with cameras, records, letters, exposing this BUT IMPERIALS were powerful – WEST: WEST = those called WHITE skinned – rather PORRIDGE COLOURED – I invited attended as guests with my family luncheons and teas – The Japanese embassy teas were the best !! SCOTLAND EARLS and those who worked for them by MOONLIGHT had murdered the brothers, sister-in-law, and babes of the RANSOM family of MARGARET nee Ransom MRS THOMAS Immanuel GROTE 1830 WALL STREET NEW YORK families- her nephew FREDERICK CHARLES FROBISHER RANSOM had to be hidden : … he (MY paternal grandfather) marries a grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL (SUB ARCTIC SEA ) 1909 – CHILDREN = MY FATHER, HIS SISTER, 2 BROTHERS HAD TO BE HIDDEN – BUT ANOTHER WAR 1914-1918 had them with some safety at DEPTFORD, ARGENTINE, world-wide, USA … 1932 MY YOUNG FATHER BORN 1911 marries Teresa Elizabeth Gordon b 1906 one of several children of MARY HELENA Murphy Carroll O`Brien WILLIAMS MY MATERNAL GRANDPARENTS – HE LANCERS REGIMENT – then BRITISH MOUNTED POLICE = he born 1870 to GEORGE ERNEST GORDON b 1868 – `OF GOOD FAMILIES` = HE ONE OF 6 SONS of JOHN FREDERICK GORDON & Matilda Kellow EDINBURGH – he MINE HOST THE WHITEBAIT SUPPERS, TRAFALGAR TAVERN, THAMES, GREENWICH WATERFRONT …the most Beautiful building on the waterfront of THE river THAMES = JOHN FREDERICK GORDON, their father is well known to COURT & Houses of Parliament as a good man of the GORDON families (branch of CATHERINE GORDON COAL MINE HEIRESS SCOTLAND , THE MOTHER OF GEORGE GORDON Byron to be LORD BYRON (FATHER ` MAD JACK BYRON ` WHO SPENT HER FORTUNE – leaving her for 3 years in a tiny house Hollis street that stood to 1956 UNTIL JOHN LEWIS STORES PULLED IT DOWN – a PILGRIM SITE for USA – WE VISIT WITH A BOOK OF HIS POEMS : This NB = to show posh readers we have claims to be BRITISH = SCOTLAND, and the RANSOM families from 77 – 92 AD Londinium TO DUNWICH SUFFOLK AND ONWARDS THIS CENTURY … : 3 PIECES – ACCURATE RECORDS – 2 MORE WILL FOLLOW – A. Is above – JOHN BUCHAN 1939-40 – A SEPARATE FILE is `B` – A BLUE BELL WOOD – for VINCENT MALRAUX B 1944 – A GIFT for `WEDDING OF GRACE` from Miss Winifred Mary GORDON b 1910 Nov. 3rd shared birthday of she and the father of VINCENT – to die AGE 18 YEARS = `AN ACCIDENT JUST WAITING TO HAPPEN` 13 May 1961 – because his father is the GUARDIAN to the THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide : MI5 say `dead because his father made legal Guardian of GROTE RANSOM HOMES ` … `C` a separate File – THOMAS Immanuel GROTE HOMES worldwide 1864-1956 – & JOHN BUCHAN statesman, novelist, traveller

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