www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo.com REPLACEMENT : Photo montage meaningful to come here : Nota Bene : The File put out 24 December 2017 was only my working document – it was not in shape … not all of this went to Harwell for the exhibition April – or was intended to … … much of the information was given on telephone and then posted to K.L. in photo-copy – colour for paintings etc, and she was working in a HURRY to create that Exhibition … I did not use E-mail as it would have given her work and the quality would not have been good enough … But it was necessary as I found information amongst the Mary Freeman Archives to encounter again the following HORROR that many of us at that time encountered on and off from a maniac with an expensive playboy BLUE CAR run by `Mengele` Mr-Dr Harrington… .. he had difficulty getting in and out of it by the time he HIT Harwell village and the area up to Oxford – he was crazed with admiration of himself … he had been diagnosed MAD age 17 years from the use of DRUGS … he often used disguise … and wished to kill women and only keep some for breeding … he also wanted to kill and destroy all good-looking young men … : The Village of Harwell and the surrounding villages were not all `dancing around the Maypole` and good harvests and pleasantries … life has enough difficulties … BUT THE APPEARANCE of this thing `BLUE CAR` I had been frightened of since 1950s, as others, was a shock to the area – As often : `old Mengele` from 1968 sometimes brought in his wake from decades past “The Clown of Heaven” as a certain Scot-Chinese was known … BUT the mother of the Whitehead twins West Virginia-Kenya living at Walnut Tree Cottage Townsend had `Pong THE CLOWN OF HEAVEN` burst in on her one June morning waving a GUN but she had one under her newspaper and pulled it first … She knew of HIM in Kenya days : This becomes comedy as he PONG-JONG rolled down the lane to TED LAY and ordered him TO EVICT Teddy Whitehead Kerven mother of the Whitehead TWINS – Major or Sirship Mr Jong etc had TED LAY eminent Farmer think this little fat guy said he was Head of the COMMUNIST PARTY – SO HE KNOCKED HIM OUT in the Tractor shed – TED LAY had had a bad day the day before on the Farm …. he was thinking of putting one of his little planes together … having a nice spin in the blue skies ? Both these maniacs lived by PIMPING and Pong the Clown had been ruining the sons of GOOD MEN in the CITY of LONDON with dicey trading and deals … __________________________________________________________ NB : he Mengele Harrington was considered dangerous to my little son Pete born 1970 – as he had been to the children of others who had achieved good things in the big world in the decades before … I will print off in this document a little of the work by PRW – he at 27 years now in churchyard since 1998 … he was evolving work `fragility of all life – and of children …` I write all this because I consider these maniacs trading on BLACKMAIL-TREASON-TREACHERY have taken from PETE whom you all loved 19 years of his life this present XMAS and now the NEW YEAR 2018 AD MEMO : Peter Rathbone Ransom Whitehead … born 1970 August 21st … Schools-Manor Prep-Harwell Primary- then for safety with friend Dan Grimshaw just ll years old to across the fields MILTON MANOR SCHOOL `MILLBROOK` run by the Glazebrook family … No child – young boy ever wanted to leave this school at 14 -15 years of age – it was so excellent at bringing them into approaching adulthood … Educational rules at that time demanded unnecessarily spruced up quarters … Pete got encouragement in photography here, courtesy and grace … School even had some RED BERETS etc come and teach a few weeks when they were in need of stability … so we parents all had to buy our sons AMMUNTION TROUSERS … I wore 2 pairs of these CHINA 1986, 1988 the Tours for BRITISH MUSEUM NATURAL HISTORY of almost 2 months each – Nearly everyone in Sciences knew Mrs W. has 3 Chinese grandmothers past centuries Siberia, Mongolia and that Peninsula now North Korea – MEMO : In the late 1950s it was the Chinese Legation-Embassy that had helped protect we of the Catholic Mission run by General Charles de Gaulle and Andre Malraux from EVIL Harrington and the `Clown of Heaven` … They knew them to be 2 evil men … In Shanghai 1986 a young man got off his bike and in good English said he was a tailor and could he make a sketch of these trousers … he did … bowing to me ! I said my 13 years old son and his school friends all had to have these 3 years ago … he smiled broadly … ====================================================== … PRW – 7th day of his life … he `Mengele` Harrington maniac of that playboy BLUE CAR `little boy bait` as young people and Police called it crept into The Pillar House attempting to lay hands on baby Peter just born in John Radcliffe Hospital … Many people came to object to the maniac called Mr/Dr Harrington born 1912 talking its `lah-di-dah` with threats – Harwell and villages having these encounters in the dusk – but we all must be patient and understanding and well mannered … 1971 – He tried to swop over Mary Freeman`s medicines – said the Doctor had left a not e with his assistant to call and correct her medicines .. she was on her own … Mary had taken her daughter somewhere that morning … MARY –Mollie saw that BLUE CAR at the bottom of her drive – and managed to walk to the entrance and seeing him leave and not alarming him … she had then come over the road to us at The Pillar house and ask to make an emergency call to her doctor … IT WAS NOT TRUE – NO CHANGING OF MEDICINES … I do not know how it proceeds … I hear later years … PAST HISTORIES of EVIL PERSON : Spoof Doctor Mr`MENGELE` HARRINGTON – A 1930s play boy onwards it had a 16 years sentence Austria 1936 but was got to a private NUT HOUSE in SCOTLAND – in 2 years it was loose Whitsuntide Holiday 1938 & told to pursue ANDRE MALRAUX whose name was on a legal AMERICAN WILL as GUARDIAN to An Estate of PHILANTHROPIC ORPHANAGES worldwide giving an education to unwanted children to aged 18-20s fitting them for work in civilized professions – These children taken in from birth or early years were taught all religions and PEACE – but told at 15-16 years of age that ` sometimes you may have to make a personal decision to not hold to this Vow` … The schools of TIGGY GROTE 1864 onwards quietly functioning outside the British Empire were with the agreement of intelligent people in Nations A – Z : This philanthropy was funded by an ancient Estate of British SEA TRADERS of many centuries : HARWELL VILLAGE – 1968-1970s : TERRIFYING OCCASIONS … given www early Histories : I had this maniac break in on The Pillar House 1968 when we only had the front of the house – before we bought the back party with the bigger garden & with help locally & from the sellers began to put the house together again so that it was become part of the Village with its big garden used for local occasions … PHOTOS are given with this FILE : Everyone Village kept cool about this maniac – it was a nasty surprise – But I had it around 1950s at Colchester Museums – the staff and Police 1953-1961 had several accurate NAMES for it when I worked there from age 19 years – The Police warned this Dr HARRINGTON to STOP STOP STOP putting that expensive blue motor car IN FRONT of the big Gates into the Colchester Museums PARK – this was the only way at that time FIRE ENGINES could enter if there should be an emergency – HARRINGTON would not – so they bravely towed his CAR AWAY !! This was 1954 – Andre Malraux was with some WORK at our Museums … a file was kept in The Hollytrees House Museum for him – eminent British intelligent persons contributed IDEAS for Museums – and buildings – and safeguarding archaeological sites … WE ARE ALL INTELLIGENT PEOPLE & do not break the LAW … this Harrington was a maniac with blackmail on lesser educated persons WHO HAD REACHED POWERFULL POSITIONS … = 1957 – 1959 in LONDON when I age 24 years now had a room at THE CATHOLIC MISSION run by General de Gaulle and Andre Malraux, with young Catholic staff = at that beautiful Terrace House St Edmund`s No 50 Lancaster Gate Square (go and see it – its now a hotel ) BUT horror of horrors – THIS MANIAC `Mengele` Harrington could get over the doorstep when Malraux was in France – … it happened that a young female cousin (university degree – married to a Barrister with a 2 years old son) of Peter J.P. Whitehead and his twin brother the Baronet (see Debretts Peerage) had just come as Assistant to Andre Malraux – She found she was NOT allowed to open the postal deliveries until this spoof Doctor Harrinton or his young Nurse wife had done so – She could not get in the OFFICE until 10 am each day ! She pointed out that some of this Post coming in to Andre was FRENCH POLITICAL MATTERS : HARRINGTON was still pursuing ANDRE MALRAUX about this 1938 WILL … and `Mengele` Pimp HARRINGTON spoof Doctor was getting paid by THE WHITEHALL lavishly by the hour ! 2 persons in The Whitehall were frightened about what they knew … BUT as we all work for a salary and many for an extra PENSION besides the PENSION granted by our Governments it is BEST NOT TO SAY ANYTHING … : HARWELL : By 1968 I learned there were people around the village who knew a surprising amount about this `upper class` spoof = they did their best – this maniac used disguises – he wore 6 inch boots when driving the BLUE CAR – but in tennis shoes or `flatties` he had a little brown sports car and 3 others we heard – You would have to have experience of him back through the years to recognize this IT a horrible thing that carries syringes with knock-out drops in its pockets ! 1950s – He `Mengele` Harrington insisted he did private work for The National Health Service – that he experimented with DRUGS for them … it became comedy 1957 when he took all his clothes off one morning in Kensington Gardens … That week – a note in a newspaper said the Doctor thought he was helping the NHS … he had a title in his family in Scotland … and a tiny tattoo of a swastika in his ear from 1939 … he admired HITLER he said but this was so he could work for British Intelligence (they denied it quite rightly !) … it was suggested by a Police physician after he was examined with no clothes on that he Dr Harrington needed a rest, a quiet holiday … …The London PARKS were always with Police somewhere happily … Doc Mengele Harrington was called `Old Mengele` by London medics 1950s-60s & they feared his connections – known as a pseudo G.P. Hong Kong `with reluctance` 1948 – He was disqualified by BMA 1982 after his SHOW Piece London divorce 1981- this had his maniac crimes revealed – British Medical Association -BMA in newspaper reports said `the public need not fear – he will not be allowed to work for the National Health Service again … But Mr Doc Mengele-Harrington had immense blackmail on persons in the public eye … he died from DOPE in 1992 February … ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ HARWELL Part 2 : A working document : Amongst the familiar figures of the village were sometimes ANDRE MALRAUX – retired Wing Commander Michael Morris 2 world Wars DSOs … Boseley Butchers … young men and women who have known one another about globe, Paris, London and country-sides from 1900s … The Great War … the 2nd World War … MUCH BETTER editing – of what was only a WORKING document … the Exhibition having to be put together quickly … information for a quick exhibition was sometimes by telephone into the late hours … In order to plough back years it was necessary for me to put accounts of evil matters … old druggy PIMPS collected first at Blewbury – explored the villages … angry that people they had abused from the 30s-40s were now meeting … Part I will follow … Greta Ransom W. HARWELL HISTORIES : THE PILLAR HOUSE 1852 on (Greta Ransom Whitehead – collected photos & records-iconography-daily life Harwell 4th February 1968 to 31st May 1993 … FEAST DAYS and HOLIDAYS in `Village for a Thousand Years` published 1985 for Millennium 985 AD – 1985 … ACE ACE & ACE … stories for the Pillar House children … are www. … www.greta-ransom.com and www.ancestyandtruetales.jimdo.com … storage retrieval other means : NOTES for a coming exhibition : Artists & painters their families and connections about the Globe influencing their work – John Frederick Henry BACON – L.Leslie BROOKE (Robert Anning BELL at East Hagbourne – see his important career Liverpool) … c 1918 on ? a Mr STREET an architect whose Aunt owned the Pillar House and he lives with her (info was from Derek Southall 1968/69 who knew something of his work – I cannot remember more yet – 1920s – then the widowed FATHER of the 4 Misses Clarke and married sister Rachel (Canada – issue a son and descendants … Miss Irene headmistress of the school (Miss Mousie ran the pantry & kitchen & larder to feed the young boarders at THE PILLAR HOUSE – school for young children (girls ? boarding : Sometime before end of War ( c 1941 ?) after having children during Air Raids file into the Pillar House cellars Irene Clarke (telling me) they moved to the corner house Osterley – school went on here & Amanda and Paul amongst the last day pupils at OSTERLEY 1960s : 1939-1946 – WARTIME The PILLAR HOUSE & ROYAL AIRFORCE : “ it was for a short time a CLUB for the RAF upper ranks – the front of it had a bar … the Airfield up the road …” says Dr John Fletcher at the Harwell Atomic that time before moving job to Oxford Director of the Archaeological Institute – dendrocronology and all that – ask National Gallery – paintings and what they are painted on … ! Dr JOHN FLETCHER and Delle and family live in Pillar House about 3-4 years (photos black & white – some early photo-copy here with WHITEHEAD RANSOM archives – given by Delle – garden and families … may be worth blowing them up to identify the persons (Of course these photos may show the Harwell spies Dr Pontecorvo and family and Dr FUCHS a bachelor … who were nice members of the HARWELL ATOMIC Agency … : Then the Fletcher family move to Sutton Courtney and John working in Oxford at the Lab … AFTER THEM comes Admiral and Mrs Chisolm ? and daughter Victoria, other children no doubt – they had previously lived in MALTA – it is SHE who is blamed by the Misses Clarke for painting The Pillar House WHITE – “ like the houses she saw in Malta …” said a disapproving Miss Irene come visiting and telling me what it was like when her father and she and sisters lived there … and a little about the artists too … “ The Harwell village did NOT like this painting of a fine brick house with stone mouldings white …” And the village backed Miss Irene Clarke in her taste … and grumbled about this in the 5 Pubs of the Village – with a population of 200-odd … Until other disapproved matters came along … 1950s the PILLAR HOUSE and gardens bought by Peter JEFFREYS and his wife – daughter and son (sadly son Peter killed 18 years old – a red car for birthday – the popular JAMES DEAN image had another young man killed locally) : The artists studio quarters standing in some state … and gardens & orchard still extending to MAGDALEN Estate Oxford the Cottage where the ROSE family come … it is Primary School teacher Mrs Mary Rose who painted the oil painting c 1959 saying `I felt it would now be under threat the Orchard between us and The Pillar House … so I did a little sketch then this oil painting – will you have it to keep safe … it’s a pity when the villages are in-filled … Nowhere for children to play in safety and learn about nature … 1959 the front of The Pillar House bought by lecturer-artist DEREK SOUTHALL wife Jenny, small daughters JUSTINE and ROSANNA – who attend The Primary School 1968 PJP and GR WHITEHEAD buy THE PILLAR HOUSE front from DEREK SOUTHALL … and he and family and the VILLAGE so pleased when we buy the rear of THE PILLAR HOUSE from the JEFFREYS family 28 July 1970 – Little Peter Rathbone Ransom Whitehead born 21st August 1970 … Mrs Jeffreys especially happy to see it again as one building how she `remembered it 1950s the long passage upstairs with sun coming in all day` = they went to live in Malta – taking their memories of a dead son age 18 years died 1950s … WHITEHEAD children Amanda and Paul James – Victoria-Augusta (named after 2nd Legion ANCIENT ROMAN EMPIRE) is born April 1968 – village old customs observed – white ribbons pinned to the big front door … presents of 6 new laid eggs … A welcome indeed : THE CHILDREN WHO CLIMBED ABOUT THE DAWNS of YESTERDAYS in the village of HARWELL … Follows : `FRAGMENTS from daily life` with the `accepted Squire 1940s` since 13th century when FREEMEN sent 6 elder sons to The Ox-Ford, 6 more following as they bought themselves FREE : MARY FREEMAN (nee Laura Mary Dudley Short – her mother Cotton family of Founder of Kings Library British Museum Sir Robert Bruce Cotton 17th century : As an artist and teacher she sometimes used the names `Mary Short – Mary Cotton – Mollie Freeman – M. Dudley Short …` Her husband Percy Peter Freeman of the Family who has a young known scholar of the book `Schools of Athens` before he dies age 29 years … … ` Hon. Squire of Harwell` ? Soon after she and husband came to Winterbrooke House High Street the villagers and Inns, pubs, had her with this quiet title amongst themselves … Tradition had HARWELL village of a thousand years beholden to The King only … because a penniless local Knight was called to join the Royal Army – he must be clad in good chain mail and armoury, clothes of velvet and fur, and horses with attendants … This local Knight granted 12 Harwell Churls their FREEDOM if they would pay the customary silver shilling … perhaps they contributed more to the expected splendid appearance of him when he reached the King and his Nobles … Did the craftsmen of the village help ? The churls being FREE promptly put 6 elder sons in the new College Saint Magdalena at The Ox-ford … and 6 more followed … (information from Doctor John Fletcher Harwell Atomic then to Oxford Museum of Archaeology … He had lived in The Pillar House 1940s with wife Delle and children including Antony – has books out from time to time since age 18 years …` Dr John Fletcher would with a smile proclaim `you can say that CAPITALISM got going in HARWELL …` Elizabethan Village – 1600 HARWELL – `then and now series` – Anthony Fletcher – published Longman 1967 … his father Dr J.F. said `he was mooning about the house having lost a girl-friend … I said do something … here is an idea … I will give you a hand …` (We live in The Pillar House from 4th Feb. 1968 (to 30 April 1993) and previous inhabitants wander in and out … requesting we join in their histories work and art work … thus we enter circles of late 19th century to the 1960s and ever onwards … Mary Mary Freeman dies May 1986 – Official Appreciations here are from Dr Nicholas Penny at the Ashmolean Museum, Charles Freeman her grand-nephew, 2 from Dr Peter J.P. Whitehead The Pillar House … and I find that I GRW have written 3 pages the week after her death … (copies sent to KATHE LUKER organizing Harwell Historical society and an exhibition for 9th APRIL Palm Sunday 2017 AD (Greta-Greetah Ransom=Whitehead … “ … MARY MOLLIE … born 5th March 1890s-1st May 1986 … “ she can never quite leave us, we who have known her, enjoyed her company, her conversation and joined in her activities … She will dwell in our minds and in our lives for all time … we shall tell new generations of her great magic as a woman and an artist-teacher and human being … I can recall her talking about being young early 20th century … and in my mind`s eye as she described bicycling all one June night into the lovely countryside easily reached from the University of Reading … She was aged 17 years and in a fever of love for her Tutor – he was going to join the Roman Catholic Priesthood. She said “ I simply rode all that beautiful night in June, wrestling with my terrible grief – first love makes such an impression … and by the early morning I had accepted his decision. It was a shocking thing for a young girl to do … luckily nobody knew I had been away all night …” (I GRW felt the music that matched this event in her life was the coming compositions of Ralph Vaughn-Williams ` theme Thomas Tallis, `Lark ascending, and ` … perhaps drifts from his film music Antarctica (= sub-arctic as we Seas families called down the centuries … )… OR … who recalls her description of dancing on the lawn one evening a little later that year with Lord Balfour`s daughter … the music was Claude DEBUSSY Prelude de l`après-midi d`un faune (Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun …) As the music and their Greek inspired dance finished she caught the white rose thrown to her by her first love. “ It was his way of telling me that he could not go back on his decision to be a Priest … but that the white rose was a symbol of our relationship … beautiful and pure … … … ” NB: One of her last water-colours is a big painting of white roses … it was bought for The Pillar House : The Pillar House Children and I had bought a dozen of her paintings over 30 years … they chose them for their birthdays … we put our Spending money in money-boxes for art and music and visits to ancient cities … AND … memories of her making a speech at one of her given 80th Birthday Parties … when she asked to make a speech … thoughtfully said “I want to quote a few lines from the book `Tropic of Capricorn` by Henry Miller … … ” … the circle of guests stiffened just perceptibly and they perhaps braced themselves and put on calm faces against her saying something rather `modern` in defense of the role of the ARTS in our lives … she shocked nobody … it was philosophy … 1983 in JULY-AUGUST the Ashmolean Museum set about a TER-CENTENARY SYMPOSIUM (photos of us all on steps of the Museum) and PJPW contributing, and I and she were invited as Members of `The Friends` : she and friends having begun the `Friends` in 1969 : She did not attend every day or the full day because of the extreme heat temperatures over 90 F. She told me to make notes on all the lectures she could not attend one afternoon … I was to call on her after 8 pm and we would sit in the cool of Winterbrooke House garden and read my accounts. I did that … we talked for over two hours on African materials in early collections of the West, and exotica from Islam … the early China TEA trade centuries, Japan and 17th century European trade and collecting of art, commissioning it, by Europeans : she listened to my notes and added her personal knowledge from her visits to Asia to my notes at that day of lectures … WITH LUCK … from a child in single-figures I was very interested in what our Ransom foreign brides cooked, and wore as wedding frocks ! As with most ancient Sea Merchant families we never lose our relatives with seashores where a SHIP can be pulled in when Wars-plague-famine etc. arise : Xmas cards came and birthdays were remembered for we young from 12-13th century Palestine, Europe and most of South America and Italy and Spain & West Greenland … and visits made by them and us … THUS … from late 1970s I am made a member of 17th century Cavaliers & Roundheads philanthropy society SEALED KNOT to come into the Kitchens with Master Cook polymath Ian Hicks-Mudd and Colonel Robin heading The Roundheads `Regiment of Sir Thomas Ballad raised for 100 Years War` … I had practical experience of kitchens of 16th-17th century Noble and Roundhead Tables and Trestles ! A few days before the ASHMOLEAN TER-CENTENARY I was asked to have some of the world scholars to The Pillar House and provide a supper … I set about a 16-17th century banquet – stayed home a day while Mary took certain of the lectures … From 1970s worldwide visiting scholars to Harwell were greeted with `which century would you like to eat from … ? ` The Pillar House EAT ART came about ! And this was a world known to MARY FREEMAN from pictures in world Art Galleries and Museums … and the guests of course … (NB : If in a hurry do Anglo-Saxon supper of pork chops, apple sauce with honey, barley bread beer or wine … I think it has come from a poem of those centuries … Read book recommended by Dr John Fletcher `ALFGAR THE DANE` – written at Sutton Courtney … XMAS will never be the same again – 1001/or is it 1006 the peasants invited to the Manor House for a splendid GOOD FOOD SPREAD looked from the windows and saw Abingdon, Wallingford, and somewhere else, Dorchester, were all on FIRE … those wretched DANES again … the ladies made a chain and fetched water from the river … all survived somewhat … 1983 August : That evening of my 16-17th century Banquet, MARY-Mollie Freeman encouraged us to eat in The Pillar House big garden and she would come across from Winterbrook for the desert … I had eager help from sturdy Art historians from Eastern Europe and Italy who lifted three big tables out onto the lawn by the Medlar tree … A heavenly summer evening – The Pillar House architecture delighted them and they spotted its 18th century features – commenting it was not 19th century – although built in 1852 after THE FIRE … the owners wanting their house back ! Stand at the great front door when sun setting and look along the L-shaped house to the GREAT KITCHEN … a most convenient plan – children cannot get lost – central big room was our MUSIC ROOM where piano in use every day … MARY FREEMAN 1983 – SHE entered The Pillar House on her own through the High Street little gate calling out her arrival … A Goddess dressed in shades of lavender flowers in ankle length gown of organza and matching lavender big picture hat swathed in silver lavender net … The learned men of the Art Historian World arose and went to greet her and escort her to the head of the table by the Medlar tree … she greeted everyone and said how she was enjoying the SYMPOSIUM of the Ashmolean Museum … My delicate iced deserts were tried with chilled wines of all shades : And then she was encouraged by the Table to speak on her travels of the world and its Museums, Art Galleries from the beginning of the 20th century … She spoke on people long dead but revered by them … she had known many in her long career from her girlhood – her parents with friends called `the Georgian Poets and connexions` : the philosophical matters artists encountered … the encouragement she gave them all had them with joy and hope … She looked so stately yet ethereal as if we had with us a person of a thousand years … in this village `HARWELL Village of a THOUSAND YEARS 985 – 1985` the publication … 1985 – PJPW with help a cousin Dr Martin Brett Cambridge writes the investigation of the earliest Charters 985 AD … publication for the Visit of c 2,000 descendants of HARWELL families – Saxon Norman French BAYLOLLS & descendants, 2 brothers Harwell … others … many USA but also worldwide … A SOCIETY and magazine had been running for many years … 1983 August – The foreign scholars attending the ASHMOLEAN TER-CENTENARY invited her to visit them in their Nations : I heard her saying to someone as the conversations went on “ Oh, we were all staying with the Ambassador in Cairo that time … and young Graves came for about a fortnight … he was a clever but flamboyant young man … and actually we were quite relieved when he left to go on somewhere else … ” Amongst her acquaintances, colleagues, friends she could recall a tall delicate young man who spoke English as well as her generation did … it was in 1920s Ceylon first time … he had a soul and wrote a book then others … he was a Frenchman but had English family a line from his mother of 900 years Norfolk-Suffolk … she Mary had met him again before he died a little too early – he had many English friends – people called him George or Andre – MALRAUX … In the candlelight at the tables on the Pillar House lawn, these men and women of the highest intelligence seemed to slightly bow their heads – knowing he ANDRE MALRAUX had several tragic deaths to burden him since the years of 2nd World War and on to the unexpected death of his two sons … Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX had become the 1st Cultural Minister of ART – appointed by General CHARLES de GAULLE 1958/9 – 1969 when they both left Government he says ` … … … we felt we had done what we could … we were getting old … … …` RECORDS : Visits to The Pillar House from January 1970 – Dining room … then visits to see the children and the garden … accompanying us about LONDON Exhibitions … 2 last Visits September and October 1976 … then A PILGRIMAGE TO THE SEASHORES and he left alone for 20 minutes on `JO`s BEACH` where we had SUMMER 1937 – CLACTON-HOLLAND-on-Sea … He and Josedtte come from BLOOD of SPAIN Civil War … and all of us at the seas edges and Poles Nord to Sud knowing another WAR is COMING … We could not save the lives of the world`s CHILDREN of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES … established 1864 onwards … A genocide planned from 1929 by Scots Earls and in-laws to one branch began Norway Chrsitmas morning 1938 when 350 children were deliberately drowned on an isolated beach … photos – REPORTS by 1st January 1939 `an Embassy Berlin` (Canada ?) and Report from VATICAN … I coming 6 years remember that day the `Dames School house` Old Road Clacton-on-Sea a morning – our post goes across road to the junior department of a Dr Barnardo Home (or it is stolen !) … my distraught father saying `I cannot say a word or this country with this new reign will arrest me … I am still in the Army … HE MUST SPEAK OUT … he is said to be in America …” : MALRAUX did not know what had happened … TREACHERY – & TREASON now took over … and WAR broke out 1939 3=4th September … NOTA BENE : READERS of this work HARWELL histories etc can look at the BBC publications RADIO TIMES … THIS IS an easy way to step in at first into these times … familiar to we … but remote from younger Readers … I keep a file handy of Xmas-tides and birthdays and holidays and relatives visiting … it’s a good way to step into the past … especially if you have photos and information on grandparents lives … OPEN SESAME ! … then continue with newspapers and level headed writers … This 2011 AD www. issued work from records called : “SUMMER 1937 …” www.greta-ransom.com and www.ancestry&truetales.jimdo.com and www.greetahransom.wordpress.com … Title “ SUMMER 1937 Andre Malraux, Josette Clotis a young lady, Greta Ransom, CLACTON-on-SEA and WEST GREENLAND …” scaffolding for work to come – DOCUMENT in 3 Parts … 2011 records released … continues 2017 AD … www. & other necessary means of storage and retrieval … CONTINUES … MARY FREEMAN (Mary Laura Dudley-Short Mary Mollie Cotton on some art work …becomes Mrs Percy Peter Freeman ..) Winterbrooke House HARWELL … in her 70s-to mid 80s it was remarked by various people that her dinner parties really got going after midnight … then she would talk about Art and its role for everyone in the world, artists, friends, and always Exhibitions she had just seen. And perhaps lead the way up to her picture gallery… I and PJPW invited one occasion “ come about 10pm … ” crossed the road to our The Pillar House at after 2.30AM … Her well known in the medical world Roman Catholic nephew Dr Jacques Goddenne had arrived = he as a young Doctor had experienced the dangerous `Agent Orange` in a War doctor. He would come to visit his mother (Olive) her two sisters his Aunt Phyllis Dudley-Short in St John`s Wood and Aunt Mary Freeman widowed 1960s at Harwell : I a child of known Southern Irish families with relatives & friends in the Vatican from mid-19th century & Quaker-Nonconformist too & PJPW a Rathbone Quakers grandmother – were at ease here : His Quaker great-grandfather Philip Henry Rathbone of Liverpool, Chairman of the Museums & Art Galleries Committees … In the 1980s we took her to `the Play` at Stratford-on-Avon Shakespeare Theatre, setting off early morning so we could have a picnic lunch in Holy Trinity meadow before going in to the theatre : Twelfth Night, Henry IV, A Winter`s Tale perhaps – Perhaps one performance was the Oxford College Gardens ? An occasion to Salisbury for music in the Cathedral and perhaps to Old Sarum city mound – picnic in the setting sun. We drank a little of my homemade wines of certain flowers (white rose petal with a touch of ginger) fruits, or nettles with a touch of Sage or Thyme … Quince, Medlar, dandylion, and supposed that Shakespeare enjoyed these flavours too and the delicate colours … quietly talked and listened and enjoyed being alive … the children with us … Mary Freeman and I had late Victorian childhoods although over 40 years between our birthdays … hers in that time but mine by long living relatives – one is Great-Aunt Miss Annie-Agnes Carroll Williams a sculptress and Arts and Crafts worker Liverpool who read each night a passage from the Bible and a passage from Lucretius his `de rerum natura` – her Roman Catholic Italian Professor Manzoni told her to when she was 17 years in 1897 : she had Heaven and ATOMS to discuss 1945 onwards with a young friend of East-Anglia & French ancestry ! This aunt could say of some in church overdressed on solemn Feast days `my dear she was dressed like Fanny Cornforth` = MARY FREEMAN had no recollection of hearing this slightly disapproving comment on a fellow Roman Catholic (or Convert ?) – Family of M.F. did not brush shoulders with those who had seen The Pre-Raphelites then ) Thus MARY FREEMAN said thoughtfully on one occasion to me `Greta, I think your childhood has earlier Victorian elements in it than mine …` But we did run our households with somewhat Victorian economy … and knew from a book called `Enquire Within` some wise sayings For the light of the day we`ve nothing to pay Let hope be our handmaid Care in summer, comfort in winter : this referred to our homegrown fruits for storing in dark cellars, jam and jelly making, and pickles : ( I made wines of pretty colours – and she would very occasionally ask for a bottle for a soup or desert ) Wilful waste makes woeful want Better go to bed supper-less than rise in debt ( we did not agree here and both of us felt a bowl of bread and warm milk a little sugar and a scrape of nutmeg a sensible idea !) Take care of pence, pounds will take care of themselves The windows opened more would keep doctors from the door (we both agreed NEVER OPEN WINDOWS ON A COLD NIGHT ! And sleep in a warm room ! We increase our wealth when we lessen our desires ! (a good one for the 21st society) An hour in the morning is worth two at night Morning for Work and evening for Contemplation Better advice for modern times is from Annie-Agnes `stone worker & arts & Crafts, youngest dau of Teresa Carroll Classicist : Annie-Agnes Miss Murphy Carroll O`Brien Williams, she my supposed- to-be-retired great-aunt chants the below to me from 1943 at `Stella Maris` Clacton-on-Sea` : She also read with her Bible & LUCRETIUS from age 17 years the INGOLDSBY LEGENDS by old Revd. Bareham 1834 – it made him `well-to-doo` & life in his Rectory warm and snug in the winter months = perhaps the below is his … … In the morning work awhile After dinner rest awhile Advice for 21st century … After Supper run a mile … And take the big meal in the middle of the day again – better for the digestion … MARY FREEMAN – become a Roman Catholic Convert in her young years – may have not been allowed read INGOLDSBY LEGENDS … (Readers of these few pages will enjoy finding out why …) The advices go on … Put a stout heart to a steep hill A good BOOK is a light to the soul Use a BOOK as a BEE DOES A FLOWER Be temperate in all things And … Little deeds are like little seeds they grow to flowers or to weeds … Yes I had the older Victorian up-bringing … & my grandparents and their families both sides knew a `young Pacelli` – many people knew … ( A man become Pope whose bad publicity is because so much of his life & travail remain hidden by evil tricks of devious madmen of vast greed from 1937 … Records many : 1936 Spring after he and I had a 20 minutes talk-away about South America and Tierra del Fuego “dear to my heart” he had other Visitors waiting – he regretted he could not come with my family out to tea in ROME – WAR was coming : Thus he `young Pacelli` writes 1936 autumn to Granny Mary Helena Gordon to say he knows where there is a hurdy-gurdy and he and I WILL go there to TEA next time I come to Rome – he also talks with her on the telephone in England = Many friends know that since he returned from his Germany appointment to the VATICAN he slips about Rome in an old Robe un-recognized with his sketching book … and our Irish-American cousin Priest who lives-in the VAT too will accompany us on this TEA PARTY : This Irish-American cousin Father S.F. sends me blue and green sweets for the sky and sweet clad earth = and some come to The Pillar House up to 1973 – then he had to go to Heaven and continue writing – But `young Pacelli` had gone on ahead in 1959- but tragically still deceived by unintelligent evil maniacs who did not wish other nations to be well educated … but they did evil deeds for money & hedonist mad FUN really : MARY FREEMAN, her families and friends are people who are sensible & aesthetic and practical, trying without violence to make something of Heaven come stay upon the earth … as with my people : See ISSUE of TLS end of March 2017 … about the 1225 A.D. Carta de Foresta … (Times Literary supplement) : HARWELL VILLAGE … at Winterbrook House and the Pillar House our household and aesthete economies led twice a year to ` Araldite Glue Party mornings` as MARY FREEMAN called them … favorite china or porcelain or crafts workers wares were stuck – broken or chipped plates, bowls, cups or saucers – and got very sticky fingers trying to mend Glasses not too successfully – the guest was warned to set a rare wine glass down carefully as it might wobble : I had done some restoration work on Iron Age pots and Roman Samian Ware at Colchester and Essex Museums in the 1950s ! SHE, Mary, WENT TO LONDON once a week to meet friends and go to Exhibitions … she had a Club but I cannot remember its name … and she went abroad to stay with Jacques her nephew and his families … He had a sister at John Hopkins Hospital who had all their finances on a computer while another sister Liz with husband Ed ran a Lukemia Hospital New York for Children … they Ed and Liz visited Harwell mid-1970s and she asked me to make a luncheon at The Pillar House and she would arrange a supper at Winterbrooke … They had known the mother of the Whitehead twins in Wartime 2 London when they all worked for the American Red Cross : As they are in the Medical world I turned to John Evelyn, Sam Pepys, their use of fruits & salads and fresh vegetables of the Covent Garden … and real white and yellow wines and not my homemade … they visited friends in Oxford and we all met again after Supper at Winterbrooke over the road and the evening finished early … Ed and Liz spoke on their New York Hospital and the young patients who will not live very long : ` … we give them a normal life, some schooling each day, visits to the City events, Museums and Galleries, and light entertainment and pantomime and Christmas festivities and they have visitors from their families … We take them to music concerts, regular visits to the Parks and they have countryside visits too = Because of the drugs they must have to stay alive they cannot progress beyond a 9 years old in education … they will die by 11 or 14 years old … we have had one live to 16 years … it is a matter of Research … some parents can pay the Hospital … and this has us able to take in poor children … We see our children have a happy life as normal as possible … it is short … but we know Research is going to help … come up with advances … … … ` And she had the family of her brother in HOLLYWOOD USA … his daughter June a scriptwriter etc. … MARY had regular correspondence from and with all these family members … and exchanges on matters concerning the world … MARY FREEMAN 1970-1980s … WE KEPT IN TOUCH BY LITTLE NOTES … rarely telephone … she put her notes were put through the Pillar House door and I could put mine on her kitchen table when Mary Lister her housekeeper was there … occasionally in good weather she might call at `great kitchen` door The Pillar House – it can be seen in one of the LLB Books or she might come to `the jasmine door` leading into the gardens, gaily calling about an event we should attend in Oxford and saying she was OFF to London … ( Mary Lister`s daughter Heather was drawing at a young age and brother Darren had thoughtful things to say about natural history … Father Lister was very proud of them … they would be in charge of the house …) A JOURNEY DOWN THE YEARS … 18th-19th and 20th centuries = spoken by Laura MARY-Mollie Dudley-Short become Mrs P. Peter Freeman … Days around the Globe and England & HARWELL in the LIFE of MARY FREEMAN … she and her circle well aware of Racism G.B. … see photo in book of her with a Committee of white and Indian women … These pages composed by me from all manner of Records : I Greta `Greetah` Ransom Whitehead … Here we will step into her days and life from her conversation and my being present 1968-1986 onwards coming to know her families and friends … FROM THE PILLAR HOUSE after her death The Pillar House makes two visits of 2 months each 1986 and 1988 for BMNH-FISHES Section = With Dr Peter J.P. Whitehead I visit China touring the SEAS EDGES -visiting Fishery Colleges and Universities … My family RANSOM ` the REDEMPTIO for ROMAN BRITAIN LONDINIUM ( Thames River duties GRAVESEND to the Fort LONDINIUM 77 AD recovering from `Boadicea-Boudicca` losing her temper when insulted by a Roman general … so she laid waste 61/62 AD Camulodunium-Verulamium-Londinium – but 19th century got a nice bronze work alongside the Houses of P … Our CONNEXIONS around the GLOBE (world) – as THE FRIENDS of MARY FREEMAN and her AGE turn of the 20th century UNDERSTOOD = PAST-PRESENT-means FUTURE : They could look at the STARS and know there was more beyond – earth had created life in many ways … But beyond the Night Skies is more … (21ST CENTURY can view the NASA WEB SITE … ) (( We `REDEMPTIO = becomes RANSOM 5-6th centuries AD : Wise to change name – visit by Augustine & a Deputation 597 AD comes from ROME – we agree join in ! We retire 92 AD to EAST ANGLIA Dunwich (from 10th century AD beginning coastal erosion ) But we continue for ROMAN BRITAIN to hold hereditary post of `The Redemptio` = The family are SEA TRADERS and MERCHANTS come from known families at UDEWALLA BC … `To keep the blood pure` good marriages were made Italy and shores of Meditterrannean … and dowry a little piece of SEA SHORE to sail in when times difficult … keep your Ancestors … (presents come to the young for Birthdays etc ) CHINA from Siberia, Mongolia to Korea and JAPAN we sailed down the centuries from 1400 AD marrying educated Brides : IN the TWO CHINESE VISITS 1986 & 1988 (like living a 100 years each time) I discovered many things which she MARY FREEMAN had spoken upon ALMOST YESTERDAY … Confucius sensibility everywhere … My father, brothers, my grandparents had died very early 1930s-1960s : But I met my Chinese ancestral lines – from POUL GRONLANDER Gotharb & Xristensharb, multi-language Poul growing up with the sons of good Pastor Egede and wife Gertrud, Poul polymath = Poul is correspondent with the Humanist POPE who writes Poul “ … come quickly – we must talk on botanical medicines – I am going MAD here …” LATIN translation of course … (This Pope tries stop the Inquisition minded – recognizing that many in `THE VAT`, as elsewhere in Ruling Circles were suffering various illnesses … and finding cures would help them come `out of the Doldrums` ( POUL has 16th -18th century family histories and parents of CHINESE-Eskimo-French scholars : He is my grandpa 4 generations back and his educated blonde curls blue eyes wife Margaret Yates is of a modest but humanist CARLISLE shipping family ( her drawings of Poul by Margaret show a young fellah of 6`5” tall, dark blue eyes and “dishy” = as East-Anglia girls in the 1930s remarked shown family Archives at Clacton-on-Sea … they all go dancing and have met a girl named ZEPPERLINA – she has a plaque in the local church (in actual books or Internet hopefully …) 20th century, 2 World Wars and poverty for all 1930s are re-called by an author of ` DARK VALLEY` publ. 2000 AD … he gives READER research from official RECORDS and his own family experiences through 1920s-30s -40s = Europe, Britain & the GLOBE … 20th century : Music and Hollywood films helped when life dismal … `Walk on the Sunny Side of the Street … and `Night and Day … Our families have Uncle Fred MacMurray in films “ when Wall Street Insurance LOW ” he tells us on visits … Also another close blood line from ( my) Jesuit educated Portugal INCA-Tierra del Fuego Grandpa 3 times back marrying Spanish BASQUE wife … thus giving another Hollywood figure – a cousin to the mother of my Father … My grandmother Jean Minerva a ballerina-teacher-choreographer … This second Hollywood film maker is also `dishy-handsom` … but NOT 6 feet 5 inches tall as POUL … His tiny Eskimo-French mother read the First FRENCH translation o LUCRETIUS printed PARIS 1720 (see Cosmo Gordon bibliography & TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT – TLS a Review by Peter J.P. Whitehead of The PillarHouse and BM Natural History FISHES Section : 1980s … ) CONNEXIONS and CONNEXIONS the centuries – HARWELL Village of a Thousand Years publ. 1985 has philanthropists, Artists-writers-scholars, Army, Navy & FLYERS (Air-Force Men) living in the village or nearby – and Scientists at the Harwell Atomic Site : Continental Refugees had been entering Britain from Anglo-Saxon times and others ON THE RUN from Continental troubles 16th- 17th centuries and that because of Religious matters by 1685 ` REVOKING of the Edict of NANTES` the Bosley Clan came sometime after ( Bouzlay-ie ? ) – Thus 20th century Harwell Village has 18th century French refugees with this `BEST BUTCHERS shop of all` : Mary Freeman and Catholic and Non-conformist and Quaker friends knew this historic world of SHIPS PASSING IN THE DARK – but sometimes pulling into the same Port : 1968 summer a very tall solemn figure entered to get the Meat Order for an old English friend of the 1920s, to be greeted in French language from behind the counter with “ Ah ! Andre our countryman – we have always read everything you write – The once young man of a good soul struggling author of books 1920s-30s-40s ` Man`s Fate`, `Days of Wrath` `Temptation of the West` `Walnut Trees` etc wondered if he needed to go `Retreat` again that Monastery of St Francis, Italy : HARWELL 1968 Summer a `Man of Letters` picked himself up from the Bosley Butchers Shop floor and enquired ? in French and English – HOW ??? … And they explained THEY had come with goods and chattels after `Revocation of NANTES 1685` – an exodus to England was allowed : Arrived EAST ANGLIA (paper making & weaving craftsmen) but 19th century moved near Ox-Ford and took up farming … `Oh, they knew his mother`s HISTON families line of many centuries – Kings Lynn and Saxmundenham later … FOREIGNERS CAME IN =OH ! They spoke to him in good French but a dialect of a French village – told of their ancestry the last 2 and a half centuries : “ We all come from this French village where we share the same Grandfathers 4 and 5 times back in the years – We used to visit every two years – they coming over here – not so much now … But we take our own BEER over last years … because getting older we cannot drink so much of our cousins Red Wine – had hang-overs when we were younger … very good wine … ” HARWELL summer 1968 : this tall dignified figure I have known 1935 Paris & 1937 all summer Clacton and East Anglia SEAS EDGES calls at Bosley Butchers for a weekend Meat order – he sometimes has work art-history with Dr John Fletcher – 1960s : He (Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX) returned 1945 May to East Anglia the little town Clacton-on-Sea laden with a dead wife and 2 dead brothers from the WAR – Our schools and great Catholic Church of Our Lady had him teach a little in our schools, sing in our choir when – we help him with his grief with a full performance of that joyous Monteverdi `1610 MASS` July 1945 – and The Order of the Poor Saint CLARE called him “ GOD`s GIFT to young women ” … and let him sing in their Chapel because of his counter-tenor voice ! He trained under Alfred Deller in Paris in his 20s ! : Clacton-on-Sea and area knows him well – he has relatives from Lincoln to Suffolk : I always call him `Georges` as his mother Bertha did – and carefully take no interest in Politics 1950s onwards when he steps into French Government as Cultural Minister with General Charles de Gaulle – the General and Gs-Andre Malraux run an Anglo-French Catholic Mission St Edmund`s House, Lancaster Gate Square by the Parks : Mary Freeman and her families are Catholics and this beautiful private dwelling the home for decades of a Roman Catholic Anglo-French man of business and Philanthropy 19th century-1920s had gatherings of good people – my great-aunts visited – He left a Fortune to be distributed to English-French small businesses : 1941-43 General de Gaulle and his wife and my great-Aunt Miss Bessie Martha Carroll Williams had Wartime TEAS at Diocese of Westminster with other Roman Catholics : Meeting again 1957 they rattled away in 19th 20th century elegant French … where they had left off 1941-1944 : This ` English-French MAN of LETTERS too` as Winston Churchill calls him 1950s, has an English life with old friends of 1920s-30s & relatives : HARWELL & Bosley Butchers with courtesy invited `their double-countryman` to join in a Sing-Song down at the new Harwell home – they no longer lived in the big Queen Anne Mansion where they have their Butchers shop … next The Pillar House : Harwell had these two splendid architectural houses and the little Charity Homes – still with 5 Pubs-Inns in 1968 ! `Georges-Andre `Man of Letters` said to the Bosley families that he had friends living about their ancestral French village … SMALL WORLD SMALL WORLD as I found 1988 in The Post Office Hohhot a sweet town of INNER MONGOLIA – in perfect English two young men told me their cousin was a scientist at HARWELL ATOMIC STATION … He and wife came to tea 1988 – photo : 1986 – If MARY FREEMAN had not died 1986 I do believe she would have met us in HONG KONG before we set off along the SEAS EDGES of CHINA for 6 weeks … MARY-Mollie, she was passionately interested in the progress of children learning to draw and make visits to Art Galleries and Museums : If our children sent her a Christmas or Easter homemade card or a letter with a drawing after we had attended OAS PVs and Ashmolean events then she would call at their tea-time or come across on a Saturday morning to thank them – She had taught Art in several London schools to children from her 30s … BANKING her Salary at Bethnal Green, QUIETLY, to make a Scholarship in Art for a child wishing to continue – I think she did this in other schools … : MARY FREEMAN, her endless work & transport 1950s : At nearly 50 years old she was taught to drive a car by Delle Fletcher, husband Dr John Fletcher said `Delle tied cushions to her back and chest as her pupil was thought to be a bit nippy with the gears …` I heard from Mary that it was a `god-send` to go where she needed in her own time : She felt one day when children grown up I might learn to drive a car – cars had been around since 1880s/90s – I was not keen ! ( NB: The days of we young `flyers in training` had ended for me when 2nd World WAR broke out September 3rd 1939– newspapers and BBC – my father `on release` from 1934 British Army: I was 6 years 6 months old, tall, & knew the world was round and small ! We could fly anywhere ! At 6 years I learned to land our tiny planes if an emergency happened – a bit bumpily at first : But we needed to fly Pole to Pole in those days 1920s-30s – Training was very serious – first lessons were understanding engine and history of FLIGHT = it had only begun c 1904 ! Then care of the plane and handling every engine part – checking after landing flight then before take-off = Serious discussion with other pilots come in from long flights about `their flight` ! Thus I no longer `Shweppes Demon Flyer in Training` – grounded after 2nd World War ended ! My last flight 1939 was to LAPLAND – & the TEA fizzed when the Reindeer families put something in with the sugar – and they laughed away : At Harwell I preferred buses & trains, seeing the landscape, other people, and reading a bit & making my endless notes and lists ! : (LIR – a lst Class FLYER my young uncle born 1921-musician-artist kept diaries since age 12 …) She invited me to an Ashmolean event one evening 1980s – she would drive her car – Returning through centre Oxford we were waved down by a patrol car Policeman & she immediately stopped – he advanced like a Bull, saw who she was and with theatrical sweeping bow said with solemnity slowly “ Madam – MAY we have some lights … ” “ Oh Officer, how silly of me – we should have lights – we should not have been talking so much … we have been to the Ashmolean …” She looked very girlish. PJPW had to accompany her to the Watermill Theatre – talking all the way about an exciting project – they went half the way in second-gear. He insisted on driving back . Last July 1985 we had fun in her kitchen cooking some Medieval biscuits from 16th17th cookery books for a TEA TO BE GIVEN TO THE VISITING AMERICAN DESCENDANTS … this was to be in The Pillar House garden – & she would host them at sometime : We made some EAT ART as a friend an Art Historian based Cologne called this enjoyable kitchen work : Big Peter had written on The HARWELL Charta 985 some help from a cousin a Medievalist at Cambridge – I had an Anglo-Saxon receipt for barley-wheat biscuits-honey, eggs, butter & some MACE – ( ENGLISH Fairs- Market Places, sold spices & dried fruits shipped from Palestine since Roman Britain times & before … ) HARWELL blood lines were coming home 1985 – sons and daughters of HARWELL = and Master Coleman A. HARWELL owned the Nashville TENNESSEE Press ! I baked and we tasted – the church cat called Muffin by my children pawed in and circled about the kitchen – he is large beautiful black and white … he was interested in `the art eat` : Mary said `Oh I do wish I had a cat again – how I miss my Misty who died some years ago – but it would be difficult to cope with a cat when I am so often away or up in London … it just might get under my feet … THESE Mace flavoured Anglo-Saxon BISCUITS were regularly cooked in The Great Kitchen at The Pillar House … I remember young Pete & friend Dan Grimshaw of Upton on one of our frequent visits to SARUM-Salisbury thoughtfully chewing these Anglo-Saxon Medieval biscuits 1985/6 at Old Sarum in the foundations of the first Cathedral & musing ` that Bishop of the ROLLING STONES … must have eaten biscuits like these then …` ( history tells us that the Bishop had a row with the Knight and dismantled his Cathedral and took it down the hill to its present site … he is supposed to have used farm carts – but surely easier to have rolled the stones … ? ) Knowing her for a few years 1968 – 1986 it was felt her spirit was always about 27 years of age … An ever enquiring mind, active lifestyle … person of great sensitivity AND A STUDENT … In her 92nd year she had so much to go on exploring and translating into the arts … Kunst-kammer and Wunderkamma, cabinet of curiosities – closet of rarities … student of the globe and the Universe … Greta RANSOM Whitehead … re-reading some lines I wrote 1986 the week after her departure from the world … (March 2017 AD) Printed off Mar. 26th 2017 – copy to Kathe Luker for HARWELL EXHIBITION in new Village School … These pages by GRETA RANSOM widow of Dr PJP Whitehead BMNH Based on 3 close typewritten pages I wrote the week after death … October 1986 I accompany PJPW to CHINA for BMNH – visits to Fishery Colleges, Museums, Universities along the coasts Hong Kong to CANTON … to XIAMEN/Amoy … Shanghai … Heinan … QUINGDAO … on to PEKIN …. 6-7 weeks work … returned via Japan and New York December 1986 : 1988 April repeat CHINA … (PJPW told 1988 Febr. He has 4-5 years to live) … bought 1830 house in France H.P. moved 1993 … began much historical recording work – given to me to continue – … NOTES to page 2 PJPW work – his `APPRECIATION` GRW adds a little on `the spot` information – oral from she and her artist friends and families : I am sometimes passing him oral M.F. from our daily Harwell life … she may have just looked in … Or she & I talk as we go about our household duties – then take a rest with a cup of tea … “ After breakfast work awhile – After dinner rest awhile (meaning midday big meal as French do nowadays and working England did 19th century) After Supper run a mile …” Page 2 PJPW writes `… she taught in Cambridge – (margin note) at the Perse School (Cambridge … HOWEVER ! Here are her first jobs as told to me (she would be 19-20 21 years old : She lived awhile with the MAYNARD KEYNES family his Russian ballerina wife and children … “ We would go out mornings to walk the children she their mother the ballerina pushing the pram – perhaps another child on the way … sometimes I had to push it … and see to matters of the household – he was very proud of her and the children – he had much work and was often excited about it … the household was different to my upbringing … but I was able to continue to study art ” THEN she met the Eric Gill family … and they went to the countryside in a cart pulled by horses he driving – they went with others in the art field … ` unusual households but it helped him in his art work – living in this way` ( then Augustus John comes in somewhere – perhaps via his sister …) she bought work by Eric Gill : She was often `up to town` (London) and off to Belgium to nephew Jacques & wife Monique and big family … In New York Liz sister of Jacques with husband ran a N.Y. LUKEMIA HOSPITAL for children (see my notes – meeting them 1976-7 … In Hollywood, and sometimes coming going, the daughter and family of her brother who died in the accident on the big wheel at Battersea : Many friends of all decades came to stay – or she to them … Sometimes a `Retreat` with friends – staying with Nuns who were trained in Art = wood cuts and fine printing … 1968 on at THE PILLAR HOUSE – I enjoy being at home – have big P`s two older children the Pillar House to 1976 – then A. to Canada/America … We make regular outings to Museums & Art Galleries ancient Cities, PROM Concerts Royal Albert Hall – music in great Cathedrals … Friends of Salisbury Cathedral … Always busy : … my two children Victoria-Augusta b 1968 (called ` the Mouse-weed` or `Mousie` (still 2017 AD) but named after ROMAN EMPIRE LEGION the VICTORIA-AUGUSTA … and Little Peter (now in the Churchyard 1970-1998 P.RR.W.) (who asked to have his name spoken as PETE when he was 21 years & back from a year world tour : A previous child of The Pillar House (Lord) HENRY BROOKE called `little Henry` asked his name be without the `little` when he became an MP Houses of Commons 1930s … I WORKED LIKE 10 `Irish Navvie`s in The Pillar House and she appreciated that I did and found it `sculptural dance` and I always had a wireless on softly – Radio 3 (what had been our Third Programme) Long player records, tapes … THUS – Mary Freeman and I spoke as we went about our daily tasks … Winterbrooke House or The Pillar House … … all Whitehead 4 children had daily school, weekly piano lessons and with she sometimes and other families exhibitions to attend Oxford-London and school holidays visits to the Museums and Aqua Sulis (BATH City) – visits to my Gordon-Ransom Clacton seaside families and Whitehead and Rathbone relatives visiting : she was keen to hear our `adventures` when I took the children on London visits … We did 2 CLASSICAL Tours by car 1968/69 `Harwell to Pompeii and back` and 1969 ` Harwell to MYCENAE and back` camping mostly = AMANDA Oonagh, PAUL James, & Victoria-Augusta MOUSIE 5-6 months … before little Peter born 1970 then off again 1973 Italy by car – Big P. always driving = he could combine Museum work etc. on these Tours of 6 weeks each : ALL slides & photos to Video and now on DVD too – some borrowed & copied by world Museums – Days before mass Tourism : I born into centuries of Seas-Trader genealogy-philanthropy-arts-crafts & work of all sorts with the hands seemed natural to her ! I had had one grandmother IRISH – Church singer etc. the other the INCA-Basque -Argentine-Bavarian ballerina-choreographer-teacher ! Her world understood something of Philanthropists LIVE DANGEROUSLY 19th-20th CENTURIES – the rich are short of money – Shakespeare would have understood this world : … I grew up 1930s-40s called `APE – ESQUIMO ` by related 1883 Scotland Senior Earls – another Clan jumps in on us 1904 – Good human beings warned of “ the little blue-eyed half Chinese-Scot who WORKS for certain Earls BY MOONLIGHT … ” ( he has a Switzerland- France educated Chinese mother – her rich family all lines are very honourable – could recite CONFUCIUS !! CARS – I never learned to drive a car = but could land a small plane in emergency by 1939 age 6 years – “ Shwepps the Demon flyer in training Huh ! ” said an experienced pilot from 1910 West Greenland 1938 – He eyed me after our landing from flight Atlantic to Xristensharb West Greenland – I at 5 years refused to take a beer with the Pilots calling out `Beer Kid ? ` = Replied `Shweppes` please … I dress as a boy = or my experienced FLYER Uncle LIR age 17 years will get called `Nursemaid ` – I have been flying since 9 months ! 1938 on – Daddy and LIR now Fly near Casablanca to see a Polish man about `my PORRIDGE` … He is the real person – the idea for `Rick-Nick` in that film with the lovely piano tune …` But dark overcoat trilby pulled over his eyes 1953 he thinks I remember him – when he sneaks into Colchester Castle Museum saying `I AM THE SPY – I used to grow your porridge Casablanca … remember – your father said you were here … I want to see a Curator about North African Roman ruins … ` 1938 – BUT A WAR IS coming – most people knew it by 1936 !! PERHAPS MARY FREEMAN NEVER LIVED AS DANGEROUSLY AS US : but many people she knows 1900s-1960s live as my worldwide families (foreign Brides for centuries !) The War Artist friends she had of both World Wars lived dangerously … And this was a time of EMPIRES and they were not wishing to give up this Role – France with Indo-China, Scandinavia – RUSSIA – and the biggest Empire of all time still coloured PINK on Globes and in Atlases … WALLS HAD EARS !

2 Jan


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