ENGLAND 1930s a HIGH TEA – WINTER LATE AFTERNOON or early EVENING … almost tastes like a poem … you could follow with a walk by a winter sea …with the dog … a peep at the river the nearby little Park … Cut very thick slices of a good loaf … & toast, spread generous with good butter, spread with chopped fine cooked liver in some bacon fat … some chopped green herb … eat hot, fingers or fork & knife … TEA either Chinese or what you like at your elbow … clear plates & tea cups when a good amount eaten … Music soft, talk of the day … AH here comes A JELLY – a PEPPERMINT JELLY – perfect after the fine chopped liver paste on toast Its made with `top of the milk` or milk as poured by some in their tea – old people or children : Method : stir some chrystal Gelatine in heated water, Peppermint culinary essence , the warmed milk, a little sugar – Place on a kitchen windowsill – when cooled and just thickening stir in thick cream so very gently … chill to finish off : a dozen Chrystal violet flowers might be added to the top when set … `dishe` into glass dishes or thick glass syllabub stemmed goblets – small spoons … Woolworths Stores sold thick glass called `Jacobean` – goblets, bowls, tankards – it did not chip easily – best to keep the delicate glass for special occasions … : Talk awhile softly … music, favourite meaningful records, or played on the piano or on flute, string guitar … to-day a disc or long-player ?… even tapes … … … take AN ORANGE, or banana … share with another at the table … ? NO Television – how is the weather from a window … can you hear the sound of the sea … ? Children have board games, puzzles, drawing book, a camera to record … GROWN UPS … a real medium sherry or glass `Canary` … someone read a few pages from a meaningful book … poems … talk of clean seashores, woods with bluebells, violets, primroses, quiet lanes & big kitchens of your youth … homework at big kitchen tables, and ongoing preparing of Winter preserves … & meaningful music all over house … BBC wireless softly always on and at a distance, top of stairs perhaps – so never an empty house … Important to families with loss of a member in that GREAT WAR I … Ah … a piece of chocolate from a new box kept in a corner cupboard or a sideboard … Earlier BEDTIME in winter : Wash hands & face & well clean teeth – brush hair : & a quiet warm night`s sleep in the cosy brushed cotton nightclothes … church clocks struck … and perhaps owls could be heard … 1930s … & before … ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1930s – FAMILY TABLES … I have several www 1930/1935/1943 etc Above is HIGH TEA at `Jerusalem` Park Road, Deptford by the little sloping Park – DEPTFORD BY THE THAMES … our first named ancestor Gaius a retired young Soldier Roman Empire Army been in Palestine with his cousin (they with male lines UDEWALLA but Mediterranean mothers) : 77 AD Gaius takes post `REDEMPTIO` next `Gravesend` & Londinium Fort – interviewing foreign Traders wanting to come up the river & sell produce … Name becomes 5=6th centuries RANSOM (ransom-redemptio) as ROME has difficulties with its too big an EMPIRE …Estate at retirement 92 AD Dunwich SUFFOLK … family continue to present day … (LIFE BOOKS-tagebuch-diaries had to be kept safe offshore from 1937 onwards …) … Food of the seasons … … ASTERIX & chums of ROMAN GAUL & ROMAN BRITAIN ate similar snacks … … `per PANEM et SALEM ` = “bread and salt” = come have a bite to eat … we will talk about matters … and the news … ` per Forum gloriantur` … _____________________________________________________ MEMO : Greta `Greetah` RANSOM – work for THE MARTYRS of THOMAS Immanuel GROTE worldwide HOMES … 1988 Washington State Office agents say ` . “NOBODY SAYS THIS NAME THOMAS GROTE – they get killed – the BRITISH in the WAR (2nd World War) killed all the children worldwide – Homes on seashores … British were worried about their TRADE … if you remember anything then let us know … AT … … …”… ============================================== 21st century AD … Vegetarians – a replacement to the fine liver above … So this late noon I made toast & while hot spread it with olive oil & butter, squeezed orange juice from the fruit over it, spooned on chopped green beet leaves in homemade paste of garlic & walnuts crushed under rolling-pin or in `mixer` … fennel seeds & raw chopped very green apple … Put in a bowl, great spoon, dish yeeh selves, add olive oil, dash of crème … A wood board with Breads a knife … Glasses of bon AQUA- add pale pink or pink-orange shades of wine …more water … TALK awhile … matters of the day … hopeful things … RISE and assist making a `Cure`s Omelette` – beat many eggs while heating fiercely a stout fry pan, pour in olive oil or butter – when blue haze pour in the many beaten eggs … 1 to 2 minutes & add chopped `lambs lettuce` or chopped spinach, wild garlic any herbs … DISH from high heat pan to warmed plates – rush to the trestle, table, or napkin covered knee … EAT fast while hot – olive oil in jug to hand … salts, peppers, where desired … Look at something from nature – scenery, garden, art book paintings or magazines … await tea, coffee … a thimble of `argmanac` … jugs of lemon juice with a little sugar and good water … plain eau, aqua … A taste of ROMAN GAUL & southern ROMAN Britain Empire perhaps … more

2 Jan

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