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JOURNEYING WITH GOOD AND EVIL … “ BUTTERFLIES …” says ANDRE MALRAUX 1970s … REQUIEM for CHRISTOPHER 1957 – SEPT=OCT 50 Lancaster Gate Square , CATHOLIC Mission LONDON= ANDRE MALRAUX & General Charles de GAULLE in charge POULENC adds July 1938 … New INFORMATION : records & oral, letters not received, threats to maim families, thefts & waylaying = all the powerful top Class cunning of those engineering “ … an obscene gigantic piece of STATE CRAFT by Gross Brittanique …” (quoting General Charles de GAULLE March 1962 when he holds the legal WILL of Margareth nee Ransom Grote the WIDOW of USA citizen THOMAS Immanuel GROTE = TIGGY b 1841 New York to GROTE Brokers established 1831 eventually of Wall Street when it got paved (possibly in the 1840s) – TIGGY 1864 is the creator of these HOMES upon the worldwide seashores of his wife = her family holding them by agreement nations A – Z who uphold marriages to BRIDES of the main RANSOM family who have them as DOWRY wedding gifts from 6th century SPAIN … our grandmothers descending of 14 Races 27 Nations … ( actually 19 Races if we include some of the grandmothers of these girls our grandmothers of this straight line RANSOM ( Name Ransom is from Latin language `the Redemptio` (tax administrators & all that – under ROMAN Empire of Roman Britain … 2nd century BC we come from Udewalla (Jutland) as traders into the Med – we are found by ROMAN Republic to be worthy of citizenship … and can put our axes on the dinner table … 1st century AD our main Britain line become members of the Palestine wholesome cult of MITHRAS (a poem by Rudyard Kipling tells you about this God of Soldiers …`Mithras God of the Morning our trumpets waken the wall … thou are above all Nations and ROME is above all …` MEMO : Web READERS from 2011 January AD ( & from 2012 & READERS will from following `1960-1961 NIGHTWATCH at Colne Engaine etc. be glad of reminders in this Work : that a package sent to General de GAULLE President of France and Andre MALRAUX from New York 1960 end February by Philip Silverlea whose daughter has valuable records given her by our old Buenos Aries Solicitors (engaged 1830) & meeting with her father they go together to GROTE BROKERS who because of cunning were robbed 1954 by 2 Scotland Tribes using the British Government & Crown of 1937 Coronation (before War 2 1939-1945) (MEMO : Philip Silverlea Argentine-British citizen born 1902 (educated RADLEY College near OXFORD – did a term of MUSIC under W. Butterworth composer (Banks of Green Willows) before he is killed 1916 1st World War 1914-1918) ALL THESE MOST VALUABLE legally held by our Lawyers-brokers-administrators, the over a century Documents, Wills, administration of RANSOM worldwide Estate and 1864 onwards THOMAS GROTE worldwide HOMES for orphaned children (educating them to 18 years and beyond) has been stolen the afternoon the Courier landed in France end February 1960 – Met on a plane returning from New York he is told he must wait in a hotel to see the GENERAL … it might be about 2 hours or longer … he was given a room to himself in this hotel … ! And given refreshments ! … it seems the Courier was KNOCKED OUT = given a `Micky Finn` (as in the Films) & the Package emptied of 3 WILLS & valuable records from South & North America & Scotland! Yet some carbon copies of personal letters & some administration of less important holdings were left in the package … ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MEMO 1970 January The Pillar House Harwell : Andre MALRAUX is explaining to Peter J.P. Whitehead the evening visits when I am asked by him to take shorthand as best as I can … MALRAUX says “ … enough was left in the package from our Courier to show there had been something … But nothing he, General de Gaulle and I felt we could move on … it was 2 years before we held the legal Will of the owner the Widow in our hands … a cunning crime done by your Government Peter …” ( there is more said over the next days upon this & I am present some of the time while MALRAUX visits The Pillar House Harwell – PJPW kept saying `I walked in on this – they went to my brother first` : but he knew from November 1967 details of this horrendous crime & both `A double Ape` as New York called he and his brother the Baronet, knowingly joined Lindsay Earls & others … After they were invited winter 1967-68 to accompany Mr Doc Mengele Harrington to stay 3 days with ANGELA a woman they have known since they are 6 years of age : I did not get the full truths of this until 1988-92 … 1988 February – PJPW was told by Oxford Medical circles he had 4 years to live … but his cunning went on from `a double ape` ( both of them always spiteful since they were youths) … Here January 1970 PJPW talking to ANDRE MALRAUX, I sometimes present, the lies & spite and cunning went on … … … 1977 after the too early death of ANDRE MALRAUX , I hear him PJPW say to a person the Museums world called `Gestapo` “ Don`t you think I have suffered while HE (Malraux) was alive … Now I am going to have a good time … ” ( 1978 the `good time` with the maniac Doc Harrington Mengele (he called `old Mengele` 1949 on by London medics) had them both removed fast overnight by British circles from Bali … a murder … ) NB : He and Mengele Harrington had stacked up since 1968 in other nations money from the Ransom-Grote Estate using the name of my father & dead family & 2 Tribes of Scotland … as if they were playing dice or poker like those 1920s dope-soaks = the most respectable Whitehead & philanthropic Rathbone families had `a spiteful double ape born to them 1930 British KENYA = it was hoped of course that they would mature … NNB: Doctor Harrington had a fashionable divorce 1981 in London – he tried to avoid giving the nurse wife any alimony – the Judge questioned him where he a G.P. only (not this brain specialist he pretended to be) got so much money – `Mengele` replied his grateful patients gave him money … Foreign press were to contribute information upon the life of Doc Mengele … 1982 the BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION disqualified Doctor Harrington from practicing in British National Health Hospitals … but they could not bann him acting as a psychologist … this did appear in the British Press : He lived to commit more evil until 1992 February … & had fashionable spies around my families East Anglia, and abroad and The Pillar House … He was seen to be quietly about our landscape with popular figures … … … I used to inwardly freeze – the matter for nearly a century was connected to the so-called high born … one hoped they would die off … 1992 – It was said someone `did Harrington-Mengele in` at long last … he was born Scotland 1912 & said he was an heir to a Scots Lord … he had one son alive 1992 whom I had thought of as `Dobbin` 1957 onwards & felt he might be mentally damaged a little … He had been told by MENGLE to follow me around … but my studies were in the Museums and Picture Galleries … `Dobbin` said to others that he enjoyed our days out but did not tell his father : he never seemed certain he was his father – But this was so and his brother had been pushed out of a plane by `Mengele` and their Austrian mother killed off somehow … she was quite wealthy and a kind woman who got caught 1930s Continent by this Scots maniac Harrington – thrown out 1933 by his aristocrat family because of crimes in his boyhood and found to be a danger to them by his 20th year … From 1938 Harrington was employed by Aristocrats to spy in France on ANDRE MALRAUX … he wrote spiteful things on him … He knew the first wife of young Malraux, Clara and she knew Jimmie Jong James from the end of the 1st World War … Jim Jong had a respectable well off well educated Switzerland & France mother and aunt and they had a nice Apartment in Paris … CONNECTIONS are so important in this matter of a savage GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN in order to get hold of the SEASHORES OF THE WORLD maintained by the Family RANSOM and come to them from Foreign blood wives down the centuries … A PLACE TO PULL A SHIP IN WHEN TIMES ARE GOOD or DIFFICULT or VIOLENT … We are SEA TRADERS like so many who live by SEASHORES … MEMO : ARISTOCRATS OF SCOTLAND ARE THE FAMILIES THAT GROW ILLEGALLY THE DANGEROUS NARCOTIC in SCOTLAND called `purple plum` real name DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND … they torch-blow it – wear it in pellets up one nostril – IT HITS THE BRAIN IN 2 SECONDS – they also powder it and cunningly slip it in drinks, soups, tea and coffee especially when they are at their fraud & deception & robberies … it leaves a faint mauve ring around the cup when it is empty … A Report 1970 by the 3 greatest Research Hospitals who researched it found it produced violent feelings and one said `we cannot rule out they may breed insane after some generations of using this …` ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1960 February : Nota Bene : This Courier was sent privately by General de GAULLE in agreement with Andre MALRAUX after our representative family friend of 1930s had notified Paris representative New York who communicated with the President of France … The RANSOM-GORDON families is a matter Andre Malraux & General de Gaulle had personally been connected to Malraux since 1937 and the General from 1945 of seashores of East Anglia & a Guardianship … ( It should be recalled that General de Gaulle had `SANCTUARY` with his family and the FREE FRENCH in England from 1940 to 1944 the Liberation of France from Nazi Germany … ) 1960 March – Our little team (some old members of the Law Profession) London & Colne Engaine, near Colchester Essex were sent false messages supposed to be from de GAULLE and MALRAUX saying `matter being dealt with by European leaders & others ` … THE MATTER IS THE GENOCIDE dealt the Children of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide 1938 – 1956 by British Government & Crown with Scotland Earls of two prominent Tribes & others attached to them by marriages or in-laws … : ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ENLIGHTENING ? NEW Information : The following is perhaps a meeting of people discussing the GENOCIDE … ‘ … … the woman … treating the World like a Model Scenic Railway exhibition … where ever a deposit of precious minerals found on these sea shores saying it belongs to the British government now … ” “ I wrote the (?) O`ven plays recently … if I could come and stay … … … … ” (I could do some more work ???) “ Old Mengele in France was playing POPE … absolutely pontificating to the second wife … she did`nt really want to stay with him (Andre) at one time … the boys should never have been in her house … it really got too jazzy … ” BUTTERFLIES … 1973 : ANDRE MALRAUX commenting on life & especially on lives of our children … Josette mother of the new dead Pierre and Vincent … and seeing the children of THE PILLAR HOUSE Harwell … “ BUTTERFLIES … like butterflies … he called them the two little ones … Andre said, not holding back his admiration … added `but if you had left the caravan that summer you`d have been dead : Not a left-winger amongst them – all Aristocrats without a doubt : THEY` d all been found out ! Rubbish pits of insanity they are = they should be dug in – in their own gardens … That afternoon after looking at you and the two children he said (commenting on the duration of life – the miracle of it) `I will never come again … we were to be so happy … she and they will never come again … WE … (are) BUTTERFLIES … CLASSIC CLUB … ? They told to waylay you into various schemes … putting your mother in charge of you … You to be told nothing … But your father would not let them get at the Estate … they were greedy men and used to telling LIES … lies … Butterflies … all the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN upon the SEASHORES of the WORLD … Note bene : BUTTERFLIES : This histories on www since 2011 AD the CENTENARY of my father Frederick John RANSOM … My son`s people are SAVED in this work … Peter Rathbone Ransom Whitehead born 1970 dies unexpectedly 1998 … he was shaping a career from `photography and the `the fragility of life … especially lives of children … like BUTTERFLIES … Our children the spaces between our daily words … The GENOCIDE 1938 – 1956 … the leaders who are British Aristocracy began planning it 1930s … they needed to lay hands in silence on the RANSOM GROTE HOMES seashores … THESE ARISTOCRATS were very worried about the TRADE of Gross BRITAIN … “ BENNY GOODMAN says “ bubbling with spite … we regarded them as a DOUBLE APE … the trouble they had caused the Sparkman family New York … in the 1960s they began bothering the film and theatre … they were unfortunately related to some … Some input from the British in Kenya … they had to be kept from the door … we all gave a hand if we had warning … ” (W. identical twins … born Kenya 1930 die 1992 & 2004 … ) LIR 1970s (?) … I remember when I was a boy … ARGENTINE SUNSET … we would take the evening on a balcony … quiet speaking after the day`s occupations … less liquor than over here … we children could be present and enjoy the miracle of the SUNSETS … tasks done … 1930s – When we came to Europe to live again in `Jerusalem` by the little Park at Deptford I began to notice that alcohol was drank so much … not in our circles … where it was used at the table … ARGENTINE is warmer of course … but I still felt that liquor was drank too much in Europe … BUT in GREECE … I visited and stayed with friends of Aunt MAG … I was happy here in Greece …” SHE ? “ … she said “ its like an AFRICAN PLAY … where men who have been hypnotized into boy HOGS keep appearing … and the real HERO a MAN has been sunk in MUD in the River by them … Only when the River `CRESTS` does he appear … and then disappear s again ! And it repeats … on and on … He`s immortalized by the King of the Gods … … … ” ( This is a woman (I do not know whom she is) commenting on what is happening to ANDRE MALRAUX and the cunning hiding from 1938 of the legal WILL by these British Aristocrats lead by 2 prominent Tribes of SCOTLAND Earls … Finally he Malraux is presented with the truth autumn 1961 after the killing of his two sons ages 21 and 18 years – dare devil driving was a habit of British dope using Aristocrats from the 1920s … they were short of `DOUGH ` … ) 1962 March : The legal WILL is held in his hands by General Charles de GAULLE March 1962 – this has him pronounce “ … an OBSCENE and CUNNING piece of STATECRAFT … by GROSS BRITANNIQUE … … ” ) Both good men of FRANCE have been deceived and used shamefully as if they knew of the GENOCIDE of the Scotland Aristocrats to lay hands on seashores of the world … The two Scots tribes are known to grow a dangerous narcotic called Divinorum Salvia Scotland and to trade worldwide in it as well as using it in a dangerous form themselves … IT HITS THE BRAIN IN 2 SECONDS … For the READER : It is likely all the above from MODEL SCENIC RAILWAYS (Exhibitions were popular – fund raising – some enthusiasts had a big room built attached to their homes for their ever increasing SCENIC RAILWAY model )… is part of the conversation, investigation, of a Group of people 1970s … 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 “ … old Doc Mengele … we met with him 1947 (England, probably London ) … he did not bother to make tea … called a Janitor in and told him to bring a tray of tea for us all … But he grumbled `IT IS RATIONING do`nt the Doctor know` … Mengele calling himself already a Doctor sent him off … he returned soon and said the message was `not bloody likely … IT IS RATION books … had a War tell him …` But Doc Harrington retorted that he had a 2 years-old who could do better than that … know how to get what he wanted ! … … ” MEMORANDUM : HISTORY of the ABOVE = useful reminders below : HARRINGTON born spring 1912 from an aristocrat Scotland family-part Loamshire : who does not get the nick-name of `Mengele` until 1949 given him by London Medics is taking 1946-48 a 2 years course to become a British G.P. in British Hong Kong = He has 2 sons with a rich Austrian woman they born 1934 & 1935 … for abuse of one babe under 6 months old he was given a 16 years Prison Sentence … he served some months 1936 then sent to a Private Clinic in Scotland to complete at least some years of his sentence … 15 or so years on he is reported as pushing this son out of an airplane … the first is known as `dobbin` late 1950s But HARRINGTON was released Whitsun 1938 and employed by Scotland Earls to follow and report on ANDRE MALRAUX in France … Malraux had been made Guardian to a worldwide Estate by October 1937 … he Harrington must report immediately to figures attached to British Embassy Paris if MALRAUX receives visitors or correspondence about this Appointment … 1938 January all correspondence to MALRAUX was stopped leaving Britain or America and directed to British Embassy or Jimmie Jong James & a Lord Lindsey – But Malraux was not easy to trace – he left for USA with Josette Clotis … they had been Summer into autumn 1937 based at Clacton-on-Sea with the GORDON family … Malraux was not to be told that the morning of his arrival end July 1937 the men of the Ransom family had EMERGENCY SPAIN to rescue a young cousin being tormented then to die horribly at the FUN and GAMES of the LINDSAY-Lindsey Clan … ( 1937 MAY, late spring, IN LONDON THERE WAS A CORONATION & a Scotland woman became a Queen … WAR was inevitable with Mr HITLER ) 1937 SUMMER SPAIN ending its CIVIL WAR … the SCOTLAND BOG TROTTERS GAMES were out of hand … : They boiled our 22 years old cousin in marmalade in the little factory & his cries were at first thought to be from their taunting … A bunch of 5 got away in a small van … but 19 were burned to death when the farm building was set on fire – they had been heavily drinking and these British aristocrats all take heavy DOPE – By 1938 I learned we will not tell `my girl of the russet silk bridal gown` what has happened … her husband will know … 1945 July a distraught HEMMINGWAY calls out to MALRAUX in a big Paris gathering … “ Hey Andre … I have found you an owner with an unused Jam factory – he says you can do what you like there …” MALRAUX in a nervous condition – war ended April 1945 – felt he was being insulted and turned and left without a word … ( A very useful book for dates & places is by Curtis Cate `Biography ANDRE MALRAUX` published c 1990s …) 1938 onwards & during the 2nd World War : MALRAUX had not received any correspondence – but in late October 1944 his Catholic wife Josette Clotis (a young writer) mother of his 2 tiny sons called at an address in Paris – he told her to call at this address PARIS they had used before the War – he going off to Alsace Lorraine etc. This was the last time he would see Josette alive … She went to the address and there were several bulky envelopes : Josette read them in the train going back to TULLES – Papers and letters from GROTE BROKERS Wall Street NEW YORK sent over the last months = and what she read will have her die – she in 2 days is harassed by 2 men with guns : She fell from a train on the 9th November and died in agony from the wheels running over her legs … the men got the correspondence : Josette had managed to send vague messages (oral) to Andre November 1944 – the resistance workers would not carry written messages … all that reached him after her death was `she was worried about an island` … 2 years later another worker recalled a little more … but it did not seem to mean anything to him … Reports can be found on and the other 2 www sites … 1960 NIGHTWATCH at Colne Engaine Essex : The contents will be revealed in carbon-copies gathered February 1960 NEW YORK by Philip Silverlea ( a pupil of Radley College near OXFORD England c 1914-1918 = this will have him die 1976 and his 28 years old daughter in Buenos Aries will die MAY 1960 because she was able to retrieve 3 necessary WILLS all legal the last in administration from 1937 ! “ A GIGANTIC OBSCENE PIECE OF STATECRAFT by GROSS BRITTANIQUE” says a sad grieving General Charles de GAULLE March 1962 … ( Greta Ransom adds : MY account is www. as `Pierre DRIEU la Rochelle & Josette Clotis October-November 1944 … “ THE BRITISH CONSUL SENT TWO GUNMEN TO KILL MALRAUX and the WOMAN – and RECOVER CORRESPONDANCE THEY HAD RECENTLY RECEIVED … / the gunman with perfect French is clearly HARRINGTON – the maniac called `Doc Mengele` from 1949 onwards … He was seen with Clara Goldsmidt MALRAUX first wife, estranged 2nd World War, at a table outside a Café Paris July 1945 Liberation of Paris – they were alone and seriously in conversation … ) Ernest Hemingway the Novelist was referring to the horror of what had happened late Summer 1937 on the RANSOM seashores (dowry of a past Ransom bride) where a young cousin`s parents run a little Mission providing work for the local communities … Nearby is a THOMAS GROTE HOME educating children late teens early 20s – with permission the SPANISH Roman Catholic Church and various prominent persons of quality : At sometime in these years Hemingway will learn of the GENOCIDE of the children by certain British Aristocrats … who were worried about their Trade figures 1920s-1930s and wished to silently illegally lay claws on these world seashores and destroy them … It was a perfect opportunity to kill all the GROTE orphans and stop these nations A-Z having well educated teachers of medicine, sciences, arts, farming and all civilized pursuits which bring peace … ( READERS can turn to the crimes now familiar to us all in the Reports and desperate cries from ENVIRONMENT workers – of the globe … (like the state of our RANSOM seashores of the world) TLS gives a review of a book by a `surviving environmentalist` PAUL KINGSNORTH `CONFESSIONS OF A RECOVERING ENVIRONMENTALIST” – review TLS May 26th 2017 AD … 1900s – 1930s = They are retired Ethiopian Missionary teachers & Medical assistants for the Protestant Missionary Society Britain … I have written this in `Document in 3 Parts` 1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX, Josette Clotis, Greta Ransom, CLACTON-on-SEA & WEST GREENLAND launched January 2011AD for the CENTENARY of my young father who was mercilessly slain March 1969 in this SCOTLAND maniac EARLS GREED … and amongst the following pieces of this 20th century ACCURATE HISTORIES The READER can find she my aunt mother of this Coptic scholar 22 years old under ` The bride in the russet silk wedding gown` … www.greta-ransom … … and … 1958-1959 winter at Saint Edmund House No 50 Lancaster Gate Square off the Bayswater Road beside the Parks : a straight line walk leads from across the road into the Park and passing Physical Energy by Watts one sees in the distance the impressive Monument to ALBERT – he who with friends created the GREAT EXHIBITION The Chrystal Palace 1850s attend by families from all over Britain using the efficient Railways : I have paid for my room here 4 times over – 80 pounds for 4 months … and maniacs come in and out – Jimmie Jong Sir James (knighted 1954) trails crimes of greed and everyday can bring in Doctor HARRINGTON G.P. pretending to be an eminent brain specialist – the staff here are young boy-men and do not seem to know of his history as `Doc Mengele` to the Hospitals of Middlesex and central London – both these maniacs have high friends – JIM known 1930s `to work for certain Scots Earls by Moonlight – you do not let him enter your door ` … Mengele thrown out by his family Scotland at 21 years of age – he is expected to keep his madness on the Continent … IT BECOMES COMIC – TRAGIC – DANGEROUS … LIKE A GOTHIC MOVIE ? Reminders of a film called `DR CALIGARI – DAS CABINET` … ! Mr Mengele likes to dress up looking like MALRAUX … he wears 6 inch boots a Glenn Miller raincoat US Army style, a black wig … sideways it is spooky … I knew of an early film called ` the Cabinet of Dr Caligari` but had not seen it … & this said to be an Eminent Brain Specialist who has threatened to cup of my foot because I walk too fast, Well he has an ACID tone voice … but Mr old Doc MENGELE as I know him from 1953 warned by Medical world-teaching (My THEOPOMPOS crowd) – are frightened of him because he keeps lists of people who he sees as a threat to the discovery of the GENOCIDE of THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide and the RANSOM seashores … Both these maniacs are heavy DOPE users – THEY GROW IT IN SCOTLAND with other EARLS … it is called Divinorum Salvia Scotland … they STUFF IT UP THEIR SNOUTS … 1970 a 5 years in the making REPORT by the 3 biggest RESEARCH & teaching HOSPITALS in the WORLD winds up its REPORT with “ … THEY MAY BREED INSANE …” : 1958 – BLUE slinky sports CAR outside the building No 50 … MENGELE was crowing in his acid tones at me as I came into the lovely building one evening about 6.30 pm … REQUIEM for CHRISTOPHER – 1957 September … a young man of 27-28 whom I GR knew 2 weeks … I last saw him coming up the stairs at St Edmund`s House 50 Lancaster Gate Square about 9.45 am as I came down the last staircase … he gave me a look of irritation after a Goodmorning … HE IS TO BE KILLED THAT WEEKEND FOR KNOWING OF THE ESTATE OF THOMAS GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN and the RANSOM lands worldwide upon which they functioned since 1864 … Doc Mengele Harrington smirked at me “ YOU NO LONGER HAVE CHRISTOPHER TO WORRY YOU NOW … with what you are not to know … CHRISTOPHER will not come back …” Encountering MENGELE I keep a calm face half smile and say `now go and have a good supper … you have been working hard in the Hospitals … and have a good night of sleep … it`s becoming cold & wintery by 4 o`clock now …` He finds me an empty headed female I hope … One night midnight I awoke to find him searching my clothes on the chair, my books, my bag … I thought it might be MALRAUX who needed to pay the taxi from somewhere … he is only allowed a `gitong` by his ex-wives … it’s a joke down the Whitehall and around a Mr Macmillan in Government … Everybody born around the 1900s knows one another from 1920s onwards … Its been A DARK VALLEY … … … (remember the book 2,000 AD by young Piers Brendon (born 1941 – I am 1933 & knew France in the 1930s and POLES Nord to Pole Sud … but I am not to remember … so these maniacs are always `Micky Finning` people they rob … THIS REMARK FROM MENGELE – about Christopher-KIT is most important … It shows he knows of the murder of `Christopher-the-Kit`late Septemhber early October 1957 … A FUN PLANNED MURDER : 1959 – IT IS REVEALED BY MI5 good men after their investigations … they have acted as guardians to all of us … THE NAME OF THOMAS GROTE must never be spoken ! And there are 3 young men disappeared before I come here August 1957 – I am fleeing SHEshe from November 1955 – she said `I can get a lot of money if I poison her …` She has turned into CLYTEMNESTRA-Mad mother Kali-the MINOTAUR again … Christopher age 27-28 worked with ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE at this CATHOLIC MISSION run by them in spare time … But this house is also called `the HOME of Andre Malraux` by many people of the first half of the century and by himself … he lives sometimes at “ my house in Paris – a sort of Jan Steen Tavern … I keep a LILO mattress up with my boys … I am still hoping to get them over here … Vincent could have two years at Ampleforth … ” ( … the 4 sons of TOLKIEN have been to this Roman Catholic School … the sons of Andre were to begin schooling here in the early 1950s … Andre Malraux dare not say who his relative are from the East Anglia family HISTON Norfolk-Suffolk (see local map – there is a river Histon) (other surnames from daughters marrying out down the centuries) This is a unique Genealogy of 900 years – NORFOLK into Suffolk, Sussex, and Manchester & Liverpool … His mother Bertha and her family knew them well into the 19th century … she received sea-trading & farming income from them and put it away for young Andre her only surviving son – it was intact at her death (he away in Asia) … She Bertha-Berthe stayed with a branch 1912 who owned SAXMUNDENHAM Hall Suffolk … he Andre had photographs … BUT MR MENGELE likes to maim and cause accidents and destroy families & like JIM & certain Scots Tribes of EARLS DESTROY all documents & Memorials and graves … and he began investigating this area from 1954 when he was actually threatening Colchester Museums & the Police – he produced a sign saying `MEMBER of the ROYAL Household` on his BLUE Sports CAR – & he had a telephone number for them to ring … The full truth of WHY THIS PERSECUTION does not emerge until the 1960s … the 2 sons of Andre and Josette are killed in a car May 1961 : IT IS MENGELE and JIM who threaten MALRAUX from 1938 and when he becomes an assistant to General de GAULLE 1945 – these two maniacs have known Charles de GAULLE when he was SANCTUARY 2nd World War ENGLAND, Suffolk & Kent : … and thus POLITICS creeps in … with VERMIN … JIM Jong James & Harrington `Mengele` are two powerful maniacs who kill easily = my families GORDON and RANSOM have lost old members who know of the HOMES & ESTATE … during and after the 2nd World War the new generations hears of parts of this GENOCIDE … By 1944 my 4 grandparents & various distant aunts and uncles have been physically harmed & poisoned : I HAVE IN THIS WORK upon their lives and words and friends and other good souls PUT THEM BACK ON EARTH … 1957 MURDER of CHRISTOPHER- `the KIT` near London – in a shrubbery garden – 2 old people try help (earlier this work 2 web sites beginning – and ) : Employed 2 years (1955-57) by the ROMAN CATHOLIC MISSION, 50 Lancaster Gate Square the 27-28 years old CHRISTOPHER late September 1957 does not return by Sunday night or Monday morning to his work and his bedroom at No 50 – that elegant terrace house of 1860 now called `Commadore Hotel` : Christopher-Kit, had a friend working Whitehall and he had an Aunt who had known a Mrs Margaret nee Ransom widow of THOMAS `Tiggy` GROTE of the world seashores real HOMES educating all the foreign nations orphan children to 18 years and beyond … many of them and their children in intelligent peaceful work : This aunt had known Margaret widow of Thomas into the 1930s – she knew that ANDRE MALRAUX was Guardian to this worldwide Philanthropy – and that young Greta Ransom and her father and family were the HEIRS … she had heard that Miss Ransom had come to live in No 50 and that MALRAUX was her Guardian to the Estate … Margaret Grote before her death had made him Guardian … It was supposed that General de GAULLE helped in some way … the Estate was a most perfect piece of common-sense and with agreement the nations of the globe … but the British Government from 1937 had refused to comment … they had after the War given the idea that the Estate had been disbanded … she knew this was not so … It is likely that Christopher spoke with other young people gathering information … The account of his MURDER comes from MI5 and from others likely to be ex-Army – 1960 summer had the British Territorials assist – some of their successes come via ARTHUR MALONE Detective in the Lawyer`s Gown … he calls himself sometimes `Politian` Tutor Guardian to the Medici children : THE READER may like to refresh upon THE GREEN ROOF 1958 – the RUSSIAN GIRL and the DETECTIVE MALONE and a kind CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY person who had `stayed home for the weekend and was able to get the two on the ROOF into his window and telephone the POLICE – who came ! He also made us a cup of tea ! 1938 July : published 2,000 AD the big book `DARK VALLEY` Piers Brendon gives background to 1920s-1930s Europe – AND EARLY CRIMES Mischief-1920s IGNORANT SCOTS `JURASSIC-SILURIAN BOG TROTTERS … who have always lived by cunning crimes … their titles have them beyond the LAW … READER can turn to earlier work on web sites : “ … and POULENC SAID … `he never knew what dirty animals were until he saw THEM coming at him …” (he a well known French composer was being told by SCOTLAND Aristocrats he had to give his CONCERTO for GROTE HOMES children to a new Queen from Scotland … whom he knew about Paris in the bars 1920s …) ` From RECORDS : an additional remark to the first is 1938 from Francis POULENC French COMPOSER to his the above angry retort to these maniacs … “ I AM LOOKING FOR A CATTLE DROVER …” (he means to drive THEM the SCOTS BOG TROTTERS out of France and taking money from THOMAS Immanuel GROTE real HOMES for CHILDREN & educating them to 18 – 20 years in sciences = medicine, agriculture-botany, technologies that do not make weapons of WAR, scholarship and the ARTS … ) 1938 same year … concerning a STATE VISIT JULY 1938 of `ANGELA` of Scotland … The PRESIDENT OF FRANCE, M. DALADIER said amongst other things … “ … a woman who would do anything to be head of the BRITISH EMPIRE …” They have all been young people together … we must try and remember … but they are all now with world power … and another WAR is going to start … – 1939 – 1 year 2 months after this expensive VISIT … A marriage 1923 : The woman Angela ( born 1900 nee Bowes Lyon) & “ her MEN ” are to make a State Visit with her delicate health husband to the Palace of VERSAILLES … and SHE has demanded that POULENC give her his `CONCERTO FOR GROTE HOMES CHILDREN` … These persons from Gross Britain have ALL been in PARIS from the 1920s `drinking until they fall down` … Angela is known through the 1920s & early 1930s for her cocktail snappy remarks about `SHE owns THOMAS GROTE HOMES the world … she has got them off `AN OLD ESKIMO` : They are all on heavy DOPEs and BOOZE … MEMO : ANGELA MAKES A ROYAL MARRIAGE 1923 to the very delicate healthed son of the Sailor King George V – her female in-laws say she is uncontrollable & give her a JOB as `Travelling PEACE AMBASSADOR-DRESS… in 1934 she is yelling through Palace doors SHE OWNS GROTE HOMES … Mrs Margareth nee RANSOM legal widow of THOMAS IMMANUEL GROTE (TIGGY) is alive and in good health … her letter to the SAILOR KING George V (a man of culture of her generations who has known TIGGY and their families) Speaking to this daughter-in-law at XMAS 1934-35 the SAILOR KING has told her SHE DOES NOT OWN GROTE HOMES or any part of the RANSOM-GROTE-Weddell worldwide ESTATE … He speaks to trusted friends saying “ Yes I know Angela is shouting through doors … BUT NOW SHE IS COMING IN AND SHOUTING AT ME …” THE MURDER of CHRISTOPHER : 1957 September, No 50 Lancaster Gate Square, Whitehall friends, young CHRISTOPHER sometimes called KIT spoke on the ancestry of Miss Ransom & tried talk to her about the worldwide Estate her father was quietly running for she the heir with his younger brother LIR … he has learned it is a great Philanthropy Estate … but he says she (Miss Greta Ransom) seemed vacant & perhaps a little nervous – … KIT spoke firmly to her one morning as she was leaving for a Museum … he said “ … but surely you remember … In 1507 AD you came over the ALPS to help us …” This was the week before he went missing … It is known to many that the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide have been murdered to get in silence these world seashore lands for the BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS and CROWNS … BRITAIN IS WORRIED ABOUT ITS TRADE … and has the biggest EMPIRE … it RULES the 7 Seas … 1960 SUMMER British `Territorials` begin to remove from the Nation some of the maniac killers of the GROTE CHILDREN 1938 – 1956 … 2nd WORLD WAR … certain aristocrats were seen to sink children in Royal Navy nets or have fun hacking them to pieces calling them `apes` … But the GROTE HOMES guardianship HAD TO BE KEPT FROM ANDRE MALRAUX and General Charles de GAULLE … this was done until March 1962 : 1970 ANDRE MALRAUX says at The Pillar House HARWELL Village, “ I had TREACHERY in my House in PARIS and TREACHERY in my HOME in LONDON …” MURDER & GENOCIDE by British Government Lords & Crowns – 1940s – 1950s – 1960s it still continued : MANY PEOPLE WERE KILLED, as CHRISTOPHER-KIT when they were close to MALRAUX & de GAULLE … It had required massive corruption the BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN to get hold of these lucrative world SEA SHORE LANDS … READERS are familiar with REPORTS of the uncovering of this GENOCIDE : NIGHTWATCH 1960 COLNE ENGAINE can be read on then transferred in sections to etc. 1957 autumn at 50 Lancaster Gate Square : `Christa-a-Bell` (is needed on a bike – he may have been called Joseph) was very anxious = KIT a friend had really GONE MISSING … he did not come back to his room at No 50 after the weekend and did not report for Work by the Tuesday … he enquired of the parents and a sister ..? KIT was reported as dead his body found outskirts of London … He remarks a little later in October that the parents and a sister of CHRIS-KIT were to have a swift Visit from the Doc (Harrington sometimes called `old Mengele) by some London Medics, had often seemed ODD to him & he did not care for the way `Doc Mengele` always turned up when ANDRE-Gov was `over` from PARIS – got in the way of his appointments = He had noticed that the DOC used the 2 private rooms and bathroom of ANDRE MALRAUX when he was away … and that he could hear everything said in the next door rooms called `our workshops` … ALSO that Doc H. or his nurse wife always took the letters addressed to Malraux either from the Postman or from the Housekeeper … Political correspondence came – it was always opened by them … and there were private correspondence to Malraux that they opened as well = People called and were sent away with `he will be in touch when he has the time …` He (Christa-bell) was left with pieces of correspondence to deal with where it concerned the MISSION … soon he had to fill `dead man`s boots` and not tell the other staff … He and older Whitehall friends will be told of this murder, have it confirmed in details as the months go on … IT IS SAID TO BE A POLITICAL MATTER to do with “ an Imperial woman before the War …” (full grisly report has already appeared in these REPORTS … cut telephone – house of 2 old people with garden and shrubbery … they did not know of any appointment – young man said he would go through the shrubbery and he had left a friend in a car waiting for him … ) 1957 autumn – CHRISTOPHER was murdered so that THE GENOCIDE of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES 1938 – 1956 remained hidden and THE SEASHORES OF THE GLOBE went ON making `DOUGH` for the BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWNS … Britain was still the most powerful `empire` (commonwealth ?) of the globe … ################################ The end of October into November 1957 `ANDRE-Gov-Sir` employed a personal Assistant to work for him daily – a young woman called Jenny Brett University graduate married to a young Barrister they had a 2 years old son = She received rudeness from Doctor H (Harrington) found the Malraux apartment locked when she arrived for work and the housekeeper had orders to only give the daily POST to the Doctor or his Nurse wife … She knew from her young London circles that Dr H. was regarded as a pedophile & that the small fat man half Scotland-Chinese the Steward of WHITES CLUB was NOT Sir James Harrison ( who a old man she had known in her grandfather`s study when she was a child … JENNY BRETT = Her great-Grandfather is JAMES WHITEHEAD Quaker Lord Mayor of LONDON 1888-1889 – friend soon in-law is QUAKER WILLIAM RATHBONE MP of LIVERPOOL … READERS have found JENNY in the earlier Reports www `She swiftly made a friend of another live-in employee ( nicknamed `Christ-a-bell` = is needed on a bike ~) who was in charge of the Staff : He was in charge of the work they did … & both he and the other staff were answerable to ANDRE MALRAUX who had accommodation the floor above the Flag staff … Christopher-Kit had been the friend for 2 years of `Joseph ? whom they later called `Christa-bell` … `Miss Greta Ransom lived at the top of the building in a west facing room … she was quiet and calm and had research in the Museums for old Mr Poulter of Colchester Museums –she had known MALRAUX as a child before the 2nd World War : Mr Poulter had been to stay here 1953 and he and Andre had been out in Indo-China early 20th century and had memories to exchange … She did not meet Christopher-Kit – he was found dead 4 days after he went missing – but she did NOT like the two men who were able to examine the Post of Andre Malraux – and the blonde nurse wife of Doctor Harrington was not an educated young woman – she was 20 years younger than he …` IMPORTANT : She wrote a letter mid-November to Scotland Yard about these two men & she was visited by Police from Scotland Yard – she was a great-niece of Sir James Whitehead Quaker Mayor of London 1888-89 and she had Rathbone cousins from a marriage made between the two Quaker families in 1895 – She was now under investigation by the Teams of JIM JONG and `Doc MENGELE` … they are employed by Imperial persons to see that THE GENOCIDE of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES 1938-1956 to lay hands on foreign worldwide seashores for Scotland Earls & their families does not become known … Her young son `is found dead in a London street at night` – I hear 1988 that `he was about 9 years old` (1966/7 ?) 1967 she seeing in her Debrett Proofs a marriage last month October 1967 between Miss Greta Ransom and her cousin identical twin Peter J.P. Whitehead British Museum NATURAL HISTORY she visits him in December 1967 – he had been in Kenya until 1960 – she occasionally met his twin Rowland at family events … : To her cousin Peter she is very complimentary on the character of ANDRE MALRAUX during the few weeks she worked for him … he was a very nice man … (she gave her NOTICE in by the end of November 1957) … ANDRE could not keep these two men out of his London home this Catholic Mission – the spoof Doctor H. told many people ANDRE was his PATIENT for NERVES – the Doctor was a maniac & stayed in the PARIS house where ANDRE had to leave his 2 sons Pierre and Vincent … Doctor Harrington sometimes pretended to be a well known Edinburgh Physician of the same name … 1957 late November-early December : SHE LEFT this employment at No 50 – but told ANDRE he might call on her for help at any time … She felt … `these two men somehow were a threat to HE and General de GAULLE – and matter would be Political … ` … there is more on Jenny in this work … her cousins, her brother Cambridge University and the new life coming to The Pillar House HARWELL … ANDRE always present until his too early death November 1976 – JIM JONG Sir-Lord James until his death c 1981 … and the evil MANIAC pseudo doctor Harrington `Mengele` showing his grisly carcass and with his ACID VOICE comments until his death 1992 February … somebody finally `did him in` … READER memo : Doc H. has a fashionable DIVORCE London 1981 – he lost a lot of his money in Alimony – 1982 he is BANNED by the BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION … newspaper coverage both cases … photos with the first … perhaps with the second ? The MARTYRS, victims, innocents, dead is a VAST landscape all over the globe during the 20th century : … All from this covering up `THE GREATEST CRIME of CIVILIZATION` (a remark by a noble person … “ the clowns … they must have gone mad … it’s the greatest crime of the globe … of civilization … ” This work begun for www . launched January 31st 2011 AD … continuing … A JOURNEY … we travel amongst great GOOD and vast uncontrolled EVIL … GR GREAT BRITAIN GOVERNMENT & CROWN from 1937 Spring ( by cunning Diplomacy `it`s face – it`s Title – A FRONT) is used by Moonlight ) to steal by MOONLIGHT this ESTATE … secretly stolen by 2 TRIBES of SCOTLAND who began plotting this genocide 1929 as a Military and Naval Exercise … A daughter of a French cook is used to silently claim that `an old Eskimo` had given the Homes and lands to her when she was a child … In-spite of a legal WILL operating since the murder of Widow Mrs Margareth nee Ransom GROTE 15 May 1938 Ayrshire … when she was paying a visit to friends of her father the O`Neills at their farm before leaving for ROME and safety in the VATICAN … ( READER can find this in several places this WORK) – JIM JONG killed her slitting a vein behind her ear having given her a `Micky-fin` : He had already caused the sudden death of her grand-daughter 1929 … and her son Basil was poisoned in a cup of tea 1933 … Jim did it … NB: POISONERS were to be found readily amongst the titled classes when funds were low 19th century and into the 20th century … (A research paper was issued a few years ago – a book – investigations did not dare go further than 1920s … OLD ESKIMO ? My aunt `girl of the snows` is the great-granddaughter of POUL GRONLANDER genius and his wife Margaret YATES of Carlyle Shipping 18th century West Greenland … POUL is mostly Northern CHINESE & is 6` 5 ins. tall … In 1986 I met a member of his father`s family QUINGDAO … we are all tall from this blood line : 2011 www – I have described LIFE at 50 LANCASTER GATE SQUARE – on and off … from typewritten files 1957 – 1959 … In September 1957 ( I had only come August when everyone holidaying – I had fled my mother who was saying she was going to poison me and get a lot of money at last … George-ANDRE MALRAUX had come to fetch me into his London Home where he works for this Mission part of the months since 1953 (until November 1961 … ) `SHE-She CLYTEMNESTRA `Mad Mother Kali` my mother (she often denies it) is as mad as JIM & cronies and they were all close chums 1920-1930s travelling the globe … they could leave bills to the unsuspecting … 1921 she rode a big black horse into Westminster Hall crying out `RICHARD the FIRST returned from THE HOLY LAND` – they are all on terrible mixtures of DOPES and Brandy … said `to have a bottle in each paw …` MALRAUX has known my mother since December 1924 … she was with very eminent RACING people at DEAUVILLE … he did not meet her again until August 1945 ! She and his first wife Clare 6 years older than he are heavy users of heroin and like the wining & dining life … Fashions : … they of the ROARING 1920S are said to have got themselves hypnotized into EVIL on the Continent when the RAGE was for phrases from S. Freud & they went INSANE … or `JUNK FRAUD balls and Bunkum as 1953 young men in the Medical profession called it … and GOT OUT & into other avenues of medicine … ) LET US SAY A LITTLE PRAYER or some meaningful lines of POETRY for young CHRISTOPHER who dared come to know about THOMAS Immanuel GROTE HOMES worldwide educating children for all the professions of peace … And ask again `Where are the million worldwide Grote children mother Britain` ? Might the globe have less unrest if you had not killed them and taken their SEASHORES of the GLOBE … ? CHRISTOPHER whom I knew a few days ` you have lost your life in this matter of THOMAS GROTE HOMES … Tiggy was murdered by SCOTS EARLS 1904

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