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NEW RECORDS Destruction of British Documents 1921/22

1 Mar

Destruction of early British History :
1 – 6 reports : CRUCIAL to an understanding of the GREATEST CRIME UPON EARTH : The Reader will swiftly grasp the significance of Numbers 1 & 6 … therefore 1 – 6 are given first …

( Information from Teresa Eliz. Gordon born Nov 24 1906 … she to be mother of three RANSOM children Greta Frobisher Weddell, John Gordon, Colin Frederick, by her 1932 marriage to `young` Frederick John RANSOM b Nov 1911 …

Speaker 1953 ? … /but heard in snips late 1930s/1940s/ 1960/1961 Notes of Arthur Malone `Politan- ` Detective with colleagues to Andre Malraux 1957 onwards :

“ ASK YOUR MOTHER … She could not quite recall the date … but I have not had any of this money … Ask your mother … ”

( NB: Because of the GORDON name she is in very Noble circles age 14 years onwards – short career as a Jockey for Lord Athlone had her reckless & nearly lose a foot : Jockey Club RESTED TG now on ) …

“ … She said she heard about the destruction of the name RANSOM in 1921 or 1922 … she could not immediately quite clearly recall … ` but there was an AFTERNOON only EXHIBITION in WESTMORLAND of documents, books, letters, papers, drawings & photographs of the RANSOM Families … and some on show were the originals … the families, she heard, were only too ready to help him with his work ` … ”

“ … She did not think she saw the man who had organised it …
a man called CHRISTOPHER ELWOOD (?) … an Academic perhaps – but he did not have full time duties ? – he had spent his life collecting information on this Family RANSOM . The documents on show were copies, or loaned by the families RANSOM, and he had copied out some … there were many of them … ( persons of this name ? ) ” …
“ … He borrowed documents and copied them. A Book ? Yes ! A book he could not trace. 1) It showed they had been on the East Coast and up to Northumbria from ROMAN TIMES … ”

“ She your mother was told … it was interesting … & she had not known this …
She heard there were many of these families who reached back to ROMAN times … Northumbria … but they all had to keep quiet, keep things hidden … it excited ENVY at the TOP of the Government & Crown of Great Britain ` … she was told this … ” ( earlier thundering came from Alexandra of Denmark to Edward VII – reports )

“ OH, she learned … there were many of these families who reached back to ROMAN TIMES … Northumbria … In this case, the family RANSOM, a Noble connexion to them wanted their lands … It was they, the Noble connexion to them, who were DESTROYING THEIR VAST RECORDS … where they could get hold of them … graves and monuments in churches were disappearing too … ”

((( LINDSAY Crawford Premier Earl 1883 – attempts grab all GROTE HOMES & RANSOM Estate G.B. & around the globe Nations A-Z : Wedding of Millie Frobisher-John Ransom : kills them 1890/1897)))

“ At this one afternoon only exhibition Westmorland he had stressed that the histories and records were of IMMENSE IMPORTANCE to the NATION … to HISTORIANS EVERYWHERE …”

“ The ENVY at the top was BECAUSE THESE ANCIENT BRITISH FAMILIES often owned lands along the seashores of Britain and OVERSEAS …
She heard there were many people in the British Government … the Lords and their Sons … who wished to take these lands … to stop other countries competing overseas with Great Britain …
She heard that the determination to destroy these old families, they were not Noble families she thought … who were originally Sea Traders and Farmers, began the middle of the last century …”

“ … Yes, she could remember she was told that at this one afternoon only Exhibition – Westmorland, he only had it for one afternoon … he had stressed that the histories & records were of IMMENSE IMPORTANCE to the NATION … to historians everywhere … ”

“ … she had been told that the British Government and Crown were anxious to improve overseas TRADE … and therefore they were trying to take these overseas seashores and lands in silence. World trade was not fair to Great Britain and its Empire … that was why the British Government were so anxious to take the British lands from them. The man who told her about this exhibition … ? Oh, she knew him … ”

‘ She, Miss Teresa Gordon, had later heard that after this ONE AFTERNOON EXHIBITION of documents … and this RANSOM family had helped him … he could not be found … ” … F I N

( NB : Teresa Gordon & Miss Plunket-Green spend two weeks Christmas 1924/1925 in France – at Deauville where they met ANDRE MALRAUX and friends (Clara Malraux not with him) – they were seen at the Races with very distinguished Racing figures – on to PARIS :

Malraux & friends heard of the two girls being robbed at Calais by JIMMIE `Jong` ( he is well known to 1920s-1930s Paris – his Chinese heiress mother & her sister having an Apartment ) – and of a Warehouse robbery they were certain he had carried out – in fact the Police traced the two girls to PARIS & questioned young MALRAUX and friends – by then they had seen them off to England.

JIMMIE JONG had the key to the `dusty French Mansion Bowes Lyon` as he was a friend of the family at Glamis Castle (… now a big French Museum = here JIM and Lindsay et al stored their loot…) … The girls had been heading for Monte Carlo … Kind Malraux and his friends ( they are all between 17 years and 22 years of age ) took the two girls age 17 & 19 up to PARIS & found them a tiny apartment Central, all sometimes went out on the town together as young people do …

… they may have met his mother Berthe and Aunt Marie now living in an apartment : the corner grocery shop given up … MALRAUX is very much `the boy next door with a good heart` … Malraux and friends loaned the two girls some money and to their surprise had it returned swiftly in January 1925 with a polite letter from Teresa Gordon thanking them for a delightful time and coming to their aid … ( He tells me Greta Ransom 1957 “ … money returned, a polite letter well written from your mother, thanking us all for a delightful time … I was now going out East again … I heard nothing of her until 1934 … and more of her tragic years ahead talking with your grandmother Mary Gordon when we came for the SUMMER 1937 …” )

MEMO : But Clara Malraux was not with them = she and Teresa do not meet until July 1947 at the Clacton-on-Sea Colne Road seafront house of Miss Win Gordon and cousin Julie Butler ex ATS – Teresa & Clara spoke alone for 2 hours … this pair are not to be trusted … 1957 Georges-ANDRE assures me that he was NOT an old boyfriend of my future mother – apparently my face resembled a RUSSIAN NOVEL as he told me this … Greta Ransom …

READER can turn to ANDRE MALRAUX biographies , where it can be read that 1924 he has just got out of PRISON in Asia for Temple & Tomb robbing : as the Museums world will ever after recall with fun ! They blamed `the older wife calling her ` that Cat who insisted she came from a higher class than him therefore should have known better ` )

CONSIDER : 15th May 1938 JIM JONG, Ayrshire Farmhouse of O`Niell family, picked up beside her dead body her personal copy her legal WILL – Margareth nee Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE had sent to ANDRE MALRAUX c/o British Ambassador Phipps, PARIS, that month a signed WILL for MALRAUX the GUARDIAN, & courtesy letter to French President : Her letter to Ambassador Phipps says would he kindly deliver this to ANDRE MALRAUX, or to him at his publishers . We, RANSOM, FROBISHER, WEDDELL, POULSEN families were all waiting for MALRAUX to call or write – but his Post had been stolen Orders British Government and Crown XMAS 1937/1938 :

? … Clara Malraux will undoubtedly have been shown WILL by JIM Jong – her brother Maurice Malraux helps JIM 1941-1948 by cunningly searching out the properties on the RANSOM 19 acres under New York – bought 1801 administered by the loyal family GROTE BROKERS Wall Street-
Angela, a friend of JIM from 1912 has got a CROWN May 1937 = her brother-in-law Ned (Edward 8) has abdicated : she will make her first State Visit to FRANCE July 1938 – she was handed with witnesses by Ambassador Phipps the WILL & letter to French President – NB: Keep in mind that all these persons when young 1920s met Paris, other fashionable places, and abroad :

1960s – Angela (now an old Queen) learning of revelations to ANDRE MALRAUX & General de Gaulle 1960-March 1962, she says 1962 “ she threw it in the British Museum – the OLD ESKIMO Mrs Grote not allowed make a WILL … & she had given her all the Estate when she was a child … & she ANGELA did not need a WILL now …

NNB : The friendship formed 1919 between young Teresa Eliz. Gordon & the 6 years older Elizabeth ANGELA Margurite Bowes Lyon was disapproved of by Gordon parents & an invitation from the Parents of Angela refused `Teresa was too young to go into Society` : ( This branch is Frederick John Gordon Mine Host White Bait Suppers `Trafalgar Tavern` Greenwich, his 6 sons and 2 daughters own 8 pieces of GORDON land in SCOTLAND … the madness that Sir Walter Scot could not write continues ) Teresa went without her parents permission 1920 to Bowes Lyon Glamis Castle – & with ANGELA & JIM to France 1920/1921 … with the KEY to “ The B-L Dusty Mansion France ”

MEMO : AUGUSTA FROBISHER (Ettrick & Napier branches) 1948 = says to family member REAR ADMIRAL Alfred Charles RANSOM RN 1st & 2nd World Wars/see Debrett 1953/
“ ANGELA – A PACK HORSE … for the CRIMES of her MEN ”

… It is known that Scotland Nobles grow and use a dangerous narcotic DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND and torch-blow it into pellets which are inserted in the nose or fixed in a cavity above the nose – it hit’s the brain in 2 seconds – it is sold abroad also in powder form to factories employing 2 = 4 years olds & to brothels and places of ill repute = “ 2 fields will pay the bills for a year for a big Noble place & family … ” says Uncle of Edward du Cann (born 1924 his mother is Teresa Gordon) who grows this plant with 4 or 5 chums = high on HEROIN he is indiscreet to Miss Greta Ransom of Colchester Museums :
It is February 1954 = he had just collected a cheque for 20 thousand pounds SOHO for he and friends have sold an 18 months crop : Its cult names are `purple plum`/`lavender mist`/`purple pickle`/ etc

( / “ 1937 SUMMER 6 weeks – Andre Malraux, Josette Clotis, Greta Ransom, Clacton-on-Sea & West GREENLAND ” = document in 3 parts = to 1990s / NAIL IN YOUR HEAD / & RANSOM ANCESTRY Part I = restoring the work of FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM 1911 – killed Deptford 1969 =
FJR centenary 1911 – 2011 AD = Part II RANSOM histories is assembling on WORDPRESS = with other relevant work for MARTYRS … TWITTER – FACEBOOK – MY SPACE etc … )

I will now include Report No 6 : VATICAN RECORDS intended to be safe with `young Pacelli` Pope Pius XII =

The related 2 – 5 Reports are given after these pages …
Reports 2 – 5 are given to show the 20th century MADNESS, the criminal insanity, of these dangerous robbers & destroyers of the Histories of ROMAN, Anglo-Saxon, & Medieval BRITAIN and its sea going and farming families of Essex – Suffolk – Norfolk and up to NORTHUMBRIA … READER will get an idea of what is missing by reading the work of my young father FJR in my assembling of RANSOM Ancestry & histories released worldwide web 2011 AD = These bestial crimes are done solely to get BIG DOUGH for IMPERIAL & Noble Britain, Scotland, & Scandinavia …


Report No 6 – VATICAN – 1945/1947

“ your father went to see Pacelli –
The Pope gave him his BLESSING –
…your father explained what he intended to do … He would restore the Estate where he could, offers of help came from the little Nations & many Nations, and good people … but it was dangerous because all the children were dead around the globe, pits were full of burned bones – some nets had been found at sea with children in & these were just within the 2-mile limit of little Nations … and Great Britain Nobles now had a third of the ESTATE LANDS … much had been taken of RANSOM transport investments in CANADA … The Premier Earl of Lindsay-Lindsey No 14 said that ANGELA now a Queen had given these massive investments to him and his family …

He, your father, wanted to keep his two younger brothers (b 1918 & 1921) out of it to begin with … he explained to Pacelli, now Pope Pius 12, they could be called on to help where he and GROTE BROKERS & the overall Solicitors Argentina knew it was absolutely safe for them to go and assist :

( NB : Dave Lindsay-Lindsey 15 (b 1926 becomes EARL 1985-dies 1989) got Canada Railways in the RED because of withdrawals from Banks for himself & families & rest of his TRIBE grabbing = they have also began for FUN the Wars of the INCA again & devastated the Estate in PERU as well as slaughtering all the GROTE CHILDREN and settlements = but as the British PRESS thought he was to marry Princess Meg (Margaret) this was fudged after one outspoken report in a British newspaper … )

“ … the POPE gave your father HIS BLESSING … they were two men in terrible shock – the crime seems worse than NAZI Germany to us … ”
… “ … It had been planned so meticulously before the War began September 1939 by Navy & Army these criminally insane could trust : Orders from the top ? … it was to prop up the nobility of Britain and Scandinavia … Your father found solace in raising monuments to the GROTE CHILDREN – but these had to be hidden …as the road across the fields – it was uncovered once a year. ”

1938 -1960/1962 – “ ANDRE MALRAUX had no idea of his full Guardianship … we know now – the ring about him was cruel and terrible in its power : at any time he could be slain if he should step forward as GUARDIAN … or say he had not received the WILL … or came to know about the enclosed letter to the French President that Margaret Grote May 1938 put in the envelope addressed to Andre, with the signed WILL for him … a letter in her own handwriting : the handwriting of a most highly intelligent woman ” …

… “ The Pope had the documents, books, papers, letters in holdalls, trunks … he watched to see the GROTE HOMES papers nailed down in wooden boxes, crates … big 4 inch nails were used … it went behind his dreadful DOOR … ”

C 1961 – “ … the crates had been prized open, found empty of everything …the big nails were left in the sides as they had been ripped out … inside nothing : trunks gone ! We hear a collection of books that were on shelves were missing … ”

We believe , that like the canvas bag – that JIM stole 1938 from your little house the Old Road … & ended up with Mengele Harrington 1950s ( Loamshire connexions ? ) – it was reported he, old Mengele Peer-in-Waiting , is heard bragging he would destroy it … We believe all of this will have been thrown in the SEAS or set fire to … their rages … ”

( Nota bene : Canvas bag had some years work of John Ransom & wife Millicent Frobisher 1883-1890 before he was savagely killed, liver cut out, and left in playground of Hither Green School, found by children early morning 1890, London : I GR have listed what I remember 1938 – Len and I have lessons weekends on our duties to GROTE HOMES and RANSOM ancestors and achievements = we are always shown to be humanists through 2,000 years … )

1960s – “ A report comes that the Papers in the crates were shredded … that someone was persuaded to do this … the crates had been ripped open, nails showed it had been no attempt to remove papers in orderly fashion …”

… “ Pius wanted all this kept … your father expected to live to be 100 his health so good … like his brothers … Len always in training and a musician too . He would go on restoring the Estate it was agreed, and the HOMES were expected to go back in 1949 – many Nations were going to help put them back : take the lands off the KILLERS where they could … ”

((((( Missing from VATICAN … the records of the GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN around the globe 1864 onwards … and our RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate in 3 Parts : History of James Weddell his INCA wife and the families of approximately 150 persons 1960 – all slain /records `1937 SUMMER onwards/ -/ The 18th century histories of POUL GRONLANDER & families & the 19th century histories of JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND off Xristensharb, West Greenland : The 3 Wills required to administer this worldwide Estate, for the VATICAN too, and us are that of Tiggy Grote, Margareth nee Ransom, and her parents, my great-great grandparents FRED RANSOM Montrose near Basin, and Jacopsholmen Island, his wife is The Gronlander`s grand-daughter, Gertrud Poulsen …

… a brother to she is Count Poulsen of Norway : his great-grandson lived, existed, until 1957 : he telephoned November 1957 to ANDRE MALRAUX at `St Edmund House` 50 Lancaster Gate Square, London, but MALRAUX receives no postal communications not opened … This building ( now a Commadore Hotel ) is a Catholic hostel for young Catholic workers, from well known schools, helping with this CHARITY run by Diocese of Westminster RC, General de Gaulle, and Andre Malraux = Malraux calls this house in the 1860s terrace `my London home` …
… WHY NOT A BLUE PLAQUE on it ? … )))))

SENTENCE for this hideous crime ? : I suggest they be put on tethers and chains, to PLOUGH in the ancient ROMAN BRITAIN fashion …
Greetha Ransom


Report No 2 –
1930 : “ Visiting `Jerusalem` Deptford, the little home by the little Deptford Park, were the LINDSAY/Lindsey Premier Earls of G.B & Scotland & families : “ … about 20 or so … called without warning … in the little garden they tore the small green apples of the one tree and threw them at one another … they drank our sherry then sent out for more alcohol – the bill was later given by the shop keeper to my father Frederick Charles, with apologies ` … but there were too many of them and not time to call our Policeman …` … ”

“ They now proceeded to drink gin – whiskey – Port, all over our little 4 down, 4 rooms upstairs Deptford home … They trampled the garden where the tall grass was left with the spring bulbs growing … they tramped about the house, upstairs too, and COST UP every item of furniture, pictures, tableware, BOOKS that are rare or first editions : they, as usual `nicked` … ”

“ … my father said after they had gone `the last time LINDSAY vampire magpies get in our door ! ` We must say in future `going out – Police on door, or that guests coming to call … or we are going to a Ball for retired Policemen and their good families …`
That late afternoon Frederick Charles had to tell them … `they calling themselves Cousin LINDSAYS they were` … that some eminent visitors would arrive for tea and cake and the evening … Dad said he must insist that they, the Noble Lindsay families, must now leave … the Policeman would come to see the late afternoon and evening eminent visitors were not disturbed … ”

Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM, future kind brave grandpa of Greetah b 1933 , writes of this unexpected visit ` they demanded that afternoon of their excessive drinking, that I leave ALL the ESTATE of GROTE HOMES & RANSOM worldwide to them … “ OF COURSE ! ” I have three sons and a daughter and the Estate is never to be broken up … it is our family work … `

1938 Widow Mary Gordon – widowed because of LINDSAY-Lindsey and criminally insane chums :

“ … the knock at the door had me think it was the afternoon Postman … they BOOTED IN – like from a 4 ALE BAR, Harry … all of yeeh should know … I was on my own – they tore up a book – eyed the paintings of my dead husband … I said `IF YE TOUCH A PAINTING by George … I`LL HAVE YAH EYES ` … They knew, after the men came from Ireland and beat them all up after they tried kill the priest and the Nun died … they knew what could happen to them . They took the Cat with them … ”

“ They heard the child was with me alone here … wanted to tear the child to pieces at that place on the seafront …
… WILL OUT ! accepted everywhere abroad … NOT ACCEPTED THIS HEATHEN LAND ”

((( Later we heard they threw the CAT out of a train window – Len & me GR were at `Stella Maris` across the road my great-aunts Bessie Martha and Annie Agnes artist : Len and Annie A. Cl. W. do sculpture/marble work/sketching & painting … Lindsay & JIM have destroyed a sculpture by Annie she 17-20 years 1900, possibly Madonna, Saint Anne & child, in a Manchester grave yard … Graves in Wales will be destroyed soon on the Williams-Carroll family line…)))

1935/36 LIR “ … my book gathering – I had been collecting for a long time … I was foolish enough to tell Cousin ELEPHANT EARS Lindsay … They waited for me to come off the train … they threw me in the ditch and took my book gathering from my satchel. I never saw the work again – I believe they spat on it & burned it on the seafront … ”

( 1986 – a pleasant luncheon for a birthday … I hear of `razoring` = removal of Records : the speaker takes his holidays in VATICAN libraries … he has retired as Librarian of a world known LIBRARY … I am a member since the 1981 death of dirty JIMMIE JONG Cur-Lewd JAMES … )

( NB: Len Immanuel Ransom born 1921 collects the ancestry of his mother her forebears WEDDELL SEA & INCA etc … 1965 a Stop Press Evening British newspaper reported ` records got by a scholar from his bank on James Weddell were found to be soaked in his Greenwich flat in the bath, shampoo and hot water … Police investigation … it did not continue … )

Mary Gordon mother of Teresa had to be told : it made her realise her daughter could be mad, insane : she said it was
“ THEM the UNHOLY on the SEAFRONT … EARLS of LINDSAY GANG were offering her Invitations over Christmastide if she would do it …”
: Mary Gordon, had Angela & Jim a nasty problem 1919 onwards – they began wanting free Irish horses & 8 pieces of Gordon lands Scotland – “ & now, the devils, are at uneasy dialogue with Earls of LINDSAY-Lindsey … to see who gets biggest share out the holy HOMES and the Estate …” ( … she speaks on the telephone with PACELLI about matters – as everyone does , visit & write about the greatest piece of PHILANTHROPY in the world to keep it safe … now they have killed Margaret`s son – her grandson a Priest at Rome : an Irish American cousin DOMINICAN lives in a room in Vatican writing … )

The matter : LIR 1930s diaries/& Arthur Malone detectives colleagues for ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 on …

CHRISTMAS 1936/1937 – “ … we found she had put paraffin on your head … ”
( I Greetha heir, and Lennie my co-sub-heir – we in training … young PACELLI and all intelligent human beings know our training programme & approve … )

“ We caught her … she swore in the name of GOD ALMIGHTY to us that it made the hair to curl – she said she could not afford to send you to the hairdressers because she had to save money her husband was mean : But you were to be in the St Clare Convent School play as a Pink Fairy that Christmas … if she burned your head and face you would not appear ! YOU SAID THAT SHE WANTED TO LIGHT A CANDLE to dry your hair off – she had wound your hair around some rags … and you were to light the match … but you would not …
… We knew now she could not be left alone with you ! ”


MEMO : Ref. etc There are many more horrendous diary etc accounts of these criminally insane British and Scandinavian coin less Nobles … Beginning with 1860s the mother, a Miss nee Lindsay, of Millie Frobisher my great grandma mother of Grandpa Frederick Charles Ransom – the dangerous narcotic is sometimes mentioned Divinorum Salvia Scotland = it can used to kill old people & take their wealth and properties … this young woman ( she is one of my great-great-grannies – I owned a table centre she had embroidered, mauve, lavender stitching COLOURS OF HE SOULS Group – it was STOLEN from me at 50 Lancaster Gate Square – Doc `kill the Birds` Mengele HARRINGTON spoof G.P. Hong Kong/ known to diminishing circles of ex-Quaker Nonconformist Britain as `Ah beware of the Royal Satrap – p a e d o p h I l e = paedophile … ahem ! `

… this young woman born within ramparts of LINDSAYBUGGARHS Tribe had escaped to marry a FROBISHER … she experiences some horrors too … (as her grandson she never knew Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM does … and like she is killed by Lindsay & JIMMIE JONG … he 1939 now with 2-man Unit-Intelligence back of Buckingham Palace … the two daughters of ANGELA call him `UNCLE JAMES` …

… LINDSAY EARL 1884 took her house, Mrs Frobisher, pulled it down, sold off the Park lands … she dies – it will have been another murder by the greedy Lindsay insane … he removed the PASSPORTS from Millie and John RANSOM and highly intelligent young friends 1884 after sending 3 big Naval ships to West Greenland ordering them off our Island or he would cannon them (British newspaper with photos) – told Sir Harry Parkes to go to HELL for allowing them to go and see ancestors in Tokyo : they are received at the Court by the Empress herself … RANSOM have marriage 1504 to older Royal line Okinawa – thus we descend with Japanese eyes for 2 centuries … : there were newspapers of these events … seen by me 1938 when my grandmother Jean Weddell Ransom told me the seriousness of what was happening about us – and our GUARDIAN Andre MALRAUX has not replied to any letters … Margareth my aunt has been killed by JIM JONG stabbing her neck … & he is now trying say I did it with a hair ornament … He is called VERMIN by human beings :

NB : A repeat of 1 – 6 with notes, other explanations, will appear on WORDPRESS & other pieces of work/RANSOM etc :

Nota bene : RANSOM-GRONLANDER-WEDDELL out-breeding over 2,000 years has Noble Britain, Scotland, & Scandinavia wetting themselves : we, my direct line ancestors, are 14 Races and 27 Nations of BRIDES = I have some information, & a photograph taken at Stonehenge on TWITTER etc photo is likened to Leonardo da Vinci his MAN … my Guardian from October 1937 Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX would perhaps agree with this … … ? I keep telling him to GET UP in the Paris PANTHEON & come and HELP with this vast accurate histories of GOOD PEOPLE & of the EVIL MONSTERS of GREED …
\ … Greetah Frobisher Weddell Ransom … 2011 AD