1945 WINTER INTO 1946 – BIOGRAPHY – little breast pocket notebooks of ANDRE MALRAUX 1901-1976 : I am going to GET US INTO THE BRITISH RESTAURANT CLACTON-on-SEA for a good midday DINNER that first year of the end of the 2nd WORLD WAR … But will find myself wandering between 1937 and 1945 with my GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX … and EVIL discovered in January 1960 … it made good men and women who had been in the 2nd World War sick with grief … but we will fill a big white plate with meat, or pasty, or cheese potato pie and 2 or 3 VEG … gravy or not … Soup first for a cold day, and pudding on a plate as Lord Woolton of the DELICIOUS PIE, Minister of Food, is trying in a press photograph or a Pathe cine film – but we are not exactly cheerful in the town that summer – Hiroshima Atomic Bomb, people bombed and dead, soldiers missing and airmen and sailors … especially 3 big ships sunk has good townsfolk morbid at the Command … Clacton, East Anglia SEAS EDGES people do know a lot of their histories down the centuries here … and many must visit the Cemetery with flowers on Sundays remembering THE GREAT WAR 1914=1918 family members and colleagues, comrades, and NOT at all wishing to forget them – Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX … earned his title `Colonel` amongst warring groups, tribes, crowns and scarlet gowns, Fair France and Wars of Bloody Spain 1936 … 1945 July = WE, he and I and full choir, HAVE SUNG THE 1610 Mass entire of Claudio MONTEVERDI at Clacton-on-Sea full church service Sunday morning JULY 1945 (permission General de Gaulle & Diocese of Westminster) in our town great ROMAN CATHOLIC Church of OUR LADY, CLACTON-HOLLAND seafront built 1921-1929 Priest in Charge an old friend of `young PACELLI` ( he now Pope) friend since they were all young with my families of SOUTHERN ISLAND, SCOTLAND, WEST GREENLAND and the GLOBE = He `young Pacelli` (Pope 1939) knows of a marriage 1863 of THE GRONLANDER`s great grand-daughter Miss Margareth Ransom to a great nephew of F. Immanuel KANT … and has met them visiting ROME later she a Widow `Miss Margareth-Aunt Margaret` visiting the HOMES of TIGGY in GERMANY… her young husband was murdered by SCOTS EARLS 1904 on Arran Island – they are POISONERS using a nasty PLANT they grow called DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND in various torch-blown ways – a pellet UP THEIR SNOUTS, or powdered slipped into the drinks of those they eye for PROFIT : I in 1936 spring in ROME have a 20 minutes talk with him `young PACELLI` about our South American Convents I have visited with my families and had a lovely time and we have so much we can all do to help the GLOBE … We discuss and have plans which he begins to carry out in teaching, hospital work, welfare, and we from RANSOM ESTATE and THOMAS TIGGY HOMES will fund from our so safe world transport matters … (LETTERS to Mary Helena Gordon and others and GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK and others …) `Young Pacelli` writes Mary Gordon that next time we visit we will go out to tea and he knows where there is a hurdy-gurdy … he puts on an old robe and takes his sketching book and makes watercolours … He will send ANDRE MALRAUX the handwritten letter `TWO OF MY BEST WATERCOLOURS – I THINK – for your STUDY … ` FOR 17th April 1947 …” … The EVIL can be followed down the years in www.greta-ransom .com and the other sites … MUCH was not suspected at the time … OH TEMPORA OH MORES … (perhaps it is understood in LATIN by schoolboys …) 1864 young THOMAS Immanuel began his THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide with RANSOM estate built twice around the globe from 1864 upon the legal SEASHORES of nations OUTSIDE THE BRITISH EMPIRE – our dowries of 2,000 years from our 19 Races 27 Nations BRITISH BRIDES … educated in several languages especially Arabic-LATIN, et al … NB : `THE GRONLANDER` is 6 foot 5 ins POUL GRONLANDER of a long CHINESE & ESKIMO line (Captain Alan Villers and others reading his writings in the greatest house put up on JACOPSHOLMEN Island 1920s-1930s say “ the greatest mind in the world” ) Marriage to Margaret Yates of Carlisle shipping concerns 1740s WEST GREENLAND … 5 children … POUL AND THE HUMANIST POPE BENEDICT exchange letters and gifts of science and scholarship and books and Papers of the GLOBE … they are especially both interested in the BOTANICAL MEDICINES … correspondence from Poul is in 4 languages `for which your Eminence prefers` … the Pope sends him a horse to show the GREENLAND PEOPLES and many spices and plants … A letter from Benedict says (said to be in Latin) … “ come quickly we have to talk – I am going MAD here …” As a child 1930s I have heard this letter and much family histories read and this special letter translated with gentle humour and glee … READERS need to plough into the HISTORIES of the GLOBE here …(www.greta-ransom.com – www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo.com … and mostly transferred to wordpress = www.greetah-ransom.wordpress.cm … ( THOMAS-Tiggy is drawn by Edward Lear as `a young man who did not know what to do` – many sea traders and people with ships knew Lear … ) Uncle KANT when `sillies` bothered him would say `I am thinking and my leg hurts – go away …` 937 SUMMER SEPTEMBER – ANDRE MALRAUX – a tall straggly young man who could move like a ballerina at times , rather prim, he accepted formal GUARDIANSHIP of me that September and says 1970 January at THE PILLAR HOUSE HARWELL, “ I was very glad to do so a child and a family where THE GOSPELS WERE ACTED OUT ” – and received a letter to a secret PARIS address October 1937 saying in her own handwriting from my Aunt Margareth Girl of the Snows (she has read all his books as her Brokers and administrators have before choosing him) ` Dear Andre … thank you for accepting guardianship to my niece Greta Ransom … you will be hearing more …` NOTA BENE : YES !! 1943-44 GROTE BROKERS Wall Street NEW YORK sent letters to this secret address of 1930s – MUCH CORRESPONDANCE sent to Andre Malraux at other addresses during the period 1938-1949 did not reach him and some was STOLEN : 1944 October he was departing for a wartime destination not known yet exactly – and asked JO seeing him off on the PARIS platform to call and check at their pre-war address – she found packages addressed to him and read them on the train she was taking down to TULLES – SHE WAS IN SHOCK at what she read and saw : Full accounts in this work, and www. in several Papers – NIGHTWATCH 1960 January has the eminent Philip Silverlea call swiftly on CLOTIS family in FRANCE – he returns in shock – ‘THAT GIRL HAS DIED IN THIS GENOCIDE – we may not tell Andre immediatel y – he has got to keep that job with de GAULLE – AFTER ALL HE Andre HAS BEEN PUT THROUGH IN THIS …They have killed all these children worldwide to get these lands and moneys … WE USED TO BE PROUD TO BE BRITISH … NOT ANY MORE … So postal packets from 1938 to ANDRE MALRAUX made GUARDIAN to the THOMAS GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN educating to 18 and beyond in Universities of the world, finally got to JOSETTE CLOTIS 1944 October – she not knowing where exactly he had gone on War duties when she saw him off at a station Paris 2 days earlier : This can all be read in our immense accurate RECORDS and on www – and various authors … I recommend for biography CATE CURTIS `MALRAUX ` … beware the writers who never knew him or us – some want dropping air-lift on the BRITISH Empire`s SUB-Pole SOUTH GEORGIA ISLAND – they can study the stars and the albatrosses ! JOSETTE mother of his 2 tiny boys, opened packages from GROTE BROKERS New York, which she read on the train back to TULLES and the little Chateau where her mother arrived the next day … the second day came 2 men with Guns and Orders “ from the British Consul to shoot MALRAUX and the WOMAN ” – JOSETTE HARRASSED BY THEM FELL ON THE RAILWAY LINE and her legs are crushed 9.11.1944 – the 2 men fled perhaps – … but one of the men `sent to retrieve PAPERS and kill MALRAUX AND THE WOMAN WHO WOULD BE WITH HIM ` … papers said to belong to AN IMPERIAL WOMAN … now known to be with Andre Malraux and `a woman` = They arrived and MALRAUX he was not there and she the young woman did not know where he was … her mother came that day … her mother stayed some days … this young woman with a child earlier was followed to the railway station by he and his colleague who spoke French like a native, he did not speak much French and kept quiet … Here the young woman put her mother on a train … the accident happened …` He supposed his colleague retrieved the PAPERS … I GR. have a www. Paper out on this – and other means of storage and retrieval have been available … One of these 2 men is later discovered to be Harrington an Aristocrat Scot with a 1935 16 years Prison sentence Austria for nasty sexual baby abuse using morphine on tiny children since in his teens – he to be called by British Medical circles 1950 onwards `Mengele` is born 1912 & takes a 2 years GP Course in HONG KONG 1946-48 studied hypnotism and all that `fraud-junk-balls & bunkum` become a scandal in 20th century = Mr `Mengele` knows the Scotland-Chinese Jimmie JONG (www.greta-ransom.com – sometimes for a new Reader the Records on www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo.com … or www.Greetah-ransom.wordpress.com are an easier introduction to A JOURNEY where we meet GOOD and EVIL = I have likened it to TOLKIEN`s LORD OF THE RINGS … … the EVIL have plotted since 1929 this crime to stop education the globe – an education that gave forth the highest learning in all that civilized societies desire … medicine-sciences-environment-music-arts-teaching… children found on rubbish dumps 1860s, from wars, given by good poor people – some children had a family member and these were drawn in to the Homes to help and play role of grandparents … 1904 TIGGY is murdered Island of Arran by SCOTLAND EARLS and the world kept the HOMES quietly continuing … the great gates with the sign of `the bat, the ball , the spinning top` the letter paper and cards in shades of apricot, pink, yellow and parchment repeating the design of the Gates were carefully used to civilized people Certain SCOTLAND ARISTOCRATS and Scandinavian relatives knew that the GENOCIDE of the GROTE CHILDREN was underway from 1938 NORWAY Christmas morning … and all the 2nd World War … the HOMES are begun 1864 built on the seashores of the Globe with permission FREE nations outside the British Empire – the Sailor King George V and his heir Edward VIII quietly agreed with the HOMES (I have included the record of 1934-35 and the King speaking to a mutual friend of my families – the King and his heir knew TIGGY and Margaret Ransom GROTE his wife – a letter from Margaret Grote is read out by the King : The King dies January 1936 euthanasia – his heir made to leave or remain unmarried 1936 December – an expensive ceremony 1937 was to hold The Empire together – WAR CAME again 1939 September … … c 1929 – A CRIME PLANNED by SCOTLAND EARLS and aristocrat-in-laws Scandinavia for PRIVATE GREED … NOT TO HELP THE WAR EFFORT – a slip of paper torn from a notebook 1929 has in known handwriting “ ALL RANSOM MALES TO BE KILLED ” it is the handwriting of the half SCOT-CHINESE born 1898-9 Mr Jimmie JONG James – of a very good family Chinese educated mother – her family found themselves with a DRUG ADDICT grandson who caught this habit from SCOTS LORDS Northumberland = 1937 OCTOBER : VIOLET LINDSAY ARTIST, cousin to my grandfather`s mother MILLIE FROBISHER poisoned age 32, tries to help with the upbringing of this half Scot-Chinese sympathizes with his mother … Violet-ARTIST (widow Lady Rutland) makes calls to CLACTON to my grandmother Mary Gordon – Violet has known she and her sisters and their mother CLASSICIST Teresa Murphy Carroll Mrs John O`Brien Williams since the 19th century : ? IT WAS BY CHANCE that ANDRE MALRAUX missed meeting Violet-Artist in OCTOBER 1937 … perhaps not – she and my grandmother Mary Gordon have several dangerous matters on hand since I am kidnapped back to Gross Britain June 1936 – death of my grandfather Gordon by poison March 1937 after 3 cars full of Lindsay-Lindsey drunken gamblers were outside `Crail` at 10.30pm that night March – I from upstairs bedroom window saw them then came and SAT ON THE STAIRS seeing and listening to it all … My grandmother saying `George do not leave your fireside – it is a cold night – I will call the Police again – the Banning Order on the house means they cannot enter anymore (it’s a Police document operative for 2 years) Granny may have been waiting for information, some paperwork, from Diocese of Westminster who approve on the phone the GUARDIANSHIP of ANDRE MALRAUX – she will expect a letter saying they have an official communication from the Vatican and will send her a copy … GROTE BROKERS New York have already heartily approved and all important Brokers, Administrators for the free nations A-Z the Grote Homes – that the Estate RANSOM, wound in with GROTE HOMES, is included in his Guardianship is quite understood and welcomed … 1944 9 NOVEMBER : JOSETTE FALLS ON THE TRAIN RAILS and her long legs are run over by the train just leaving : She takes 9 hours to die – morphine could not be got to her for some time – many accounts of her death are published from 1944 onwards … Malraux received the news of the accident but she was dead before he could reach the hospital … he had two sons Pierre age 4 and Vincent a few months old … 1937 SUMMER : Here he and she, were CLACTON and EAST ANGLIA those happy weeks SUMMER autumn 1937 – “the best holiday of all” as my ballerina grandmother JEAN Weddell Ransom said hearing me tell of it at `Jerusalem` the family little Deptford house Park Road, and her youngest son LEN-Lennie writing it down in his everlasting Diary … 1945 MAY – George or Andre, Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX, RETURNS to us at CLACTON the Seas Edges and calls himself A WIDOWER to those greeting him … And with 2 dead half-brothers Roland and young Claude to carry as well … 1945 JUNE onwards we will bring him into LIFE again at Clacton … the little town, the schools, the clubs, the shops, the old cinema Kinema, and Lifeboat people – my cousins` Grandpa is Mr Richard Neville POTTER owner the newspaper and a printers somewhere in Suffolk : The Cricket team have him play a match and practice and so as not to draw attention call him `ANDR-OO` … the Professor and Mrs Wincklemann opening a chemist, old friends from the 1920s, keep him safe when he comes by a 2 USA soldiers jeep from Ipswich and park opposite the great Roman Catholic Church … publicity is not to be worried about as Granddaddy POTTER has threatened all other newspapers = he is the important LIFEBOAT SECRETARY and holds the KEY to the boat shed and can summon strong men at any time … Mr and Mrs Kingsman who own the Pier help too … Our great Church has him SING with us and he is allowed sing in the St Clare Nuns Chapel … his voice is honey counter tenor and boy soprano & he trained in Paris with Alfred Deller … He will not take the ROBE he tells us he has decided … but choir mistress Mrs Taylor who has sung at Milan Opera and plays organ and piano says “ with that voice he can only take the veil – so cheer up young women … he needs a good wife now he may be going to help General Charles de Gaulle ” She first saw him in the Church a June evening at 9.30pm as she was going to lock up – he was pointing up at our great Gothic windows … thinking he was an Arc-Angel fallen down from Heaven she addressed him in Greek – he answered her in Latin … After swiftly next day trying out his incredible voice she says “ We will sing a full 1610 (Monteverdi MASS of Venice) and that will bring him into LIFE again … that has made more CONVERTS for ROME than anything else … and he won`t jump on a railway line … ” I had first seen him May 1945 looking gloomily at the railway lines to the world half way up the great Iron Bridge – I felt I had seen him before (it was 8 years ago and I was coming 5) but taking my troupe of Medieval horse riders we were playing our Games I decided not to pass him on the bridge, halted the Knights and swung my arm up and called `HOW` in a Noble Greeting and turned and took the slightly younger children down the lower meadow to the Valley road … he nodded grimly and bowed his head … Next week he is at Professor Winclemann`s home by the church and nodded grimly again saying `he thought it was me` then explained I was with he and Josette before the WAR … We had tea … now he is going to teach at our schools a 20 minutes lesson and Dr Armstrong Cambridge Geography-History takes him some days to teach at Suffolk Oratory and a school for big girls at Dovercourt … WE ARE NOW SOLEMN that Summer and Autumn – it does not feel this first year that the WAR is really ended … I shall now give up some early evening Games after school … He tells me at school one afternoon he will meet me after lessons where I hide my bow and arrows – he is taking his Guardianship very seriously and I must not call him `the totem pole` … I write poems since a 5 year old = and already have a line in my head in silence this past War = `All this death in our House, all this blood …` 1960 I will add to this as a GENOCIDE is revealed for both of us … NIGHTWATCH 1960 January COLNE ENGAINE … 1945 June – CLACTON ON SEA – WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A MIDDAY DINNER AT THE BRITISH RESTAURANT … and this will continue the autumn into winter when he is over from PARIS … he has written work for his duties with FRANCE & needs peace … A big shop area has become a Government British Restaurant for providing a hot filling midday dinner for anyone who can afford a shilling and some pence for a 3 course meal & cup of Kenya strong orange-brown tea or coffee made with the old fashioned essence in the tall bottle with label of British Africa bright tropical scenes …Tables with chairs set for 4 or 6 and a long one perhaps it has benches – I talk of perhaps it is horse meat but he can ask … this does not bother him and he says he has often eaten it abroad … and he likes meat, potato, vegetables of any kinds and gravy and a piece of bread – he may have soup first or not then take a pudding – he knows some people here perhaps and talks kindly with the ladies dishing behind the big counter … some men settle in with fags and newspapers and talk away … He and I leave the British Restaurant and go to the Clacton-Holland seafront … it is all the same he says, meaning as 1937 … some holidaymakers have come and there are deckchairs out and the Pier is open to the Fishermen at the Fishing arm built for them … The BLUE LAGOON has dancing and the Band is always first class and musicians come from London engagements and the train has them arrive for 11.30 pm and one night it was over 20 playing `Night and Day` and the Glenn Miller big band pieces and `Moonlight Serenade` … `In the Mood` has Andre Colonel Malraux or George as I call him as his mother did, exercise his tall figure … The Schools say `SEE Colonel Andre dance – and DIE` !! I am self conscious – but can dance in the Recreation ground or on a winter beach … like Isadora Duncan … I do not seem to know of his ASIAN life … until one day many years hence I read `la Condition Humaine` his 1920s experiences … then 1946 winter when we find The Pearly House `ALL AS QUIET AS THE DEAD` I remember a red-white modern design cover paperback book in our Pearly Library from Greenland … and yes I did open some pages 1943-44 but did not continue with it … … this is the first English edition printed for him in USA 1933 before he gets a French Award 1933 … It is not my China of our 3 grandmothers, Siberia, Mongolia, and the Peninsula now North Korea – RANSOM brides 1 . `Miss does not like figures on Holy Crosses & wants a gold necklace – so we never have a figure on our Shipboard Holy Crosses, 2. Miss gold necklace and bags of gold = & Admiral of the China Seas ZHENG HE` comes aboard twice for conversation, 2 hours then 5 hours .. and awards RANSOM brothers the use his personal Flag white silk and scarlet balls and `we are to take certain Commissions to India for him and for this we may deal in a little Porcelain` … 3. … a daughter of the great Philosopher part time 2 years of and on with his Friend to be Governor of the Peninsula – grandpa HUE` ARTAN 1450 – we had photos of his 16 feet statue on the headland and he has requested us to `ALL SAIL IN and tell me of your lives – I WILL HE WAITING HERE FOR YOU ALL TO COME – you who are my family and will continue after I am dead` … She did not demand gold but her father HUE` said to all his daughters they could make their husbands RICH if they proved good husbands = Thus ANDRE MALRAUX is Guardian to me … PROBLEM : MISS Auntie WIN ex ATS has been very fierce about my talking of our Ancestry since Granny Gordon her mother has died of poison – Hospital found out in anger 3 June 1944 & would like to sink certain Aristocrats off the end of the Pier at High Tide in winter : Miss Winifred Mary GORDON ATS release pending JUNE 1945 fiercely tells me all these matters are for my Father when he returns from this War – she adds that all men do not return from Wars … 1937 SUMMER, to CLACTON last days of JULY, from SPAIN and its Wars of Blood ANDRE MALRAUX came with a Young Lady to be called Miss JO Elliot … 1945 we will begin to walk in our 1937 footsteps this first year of her death because it is only natural to do so & take the dead into life with you …that has dignity come to the days ahead … THE BRITISH RESTAURANT – is next to Cordys & where the real Italian restaurant was 1937 when we, Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX YOUNG MAN of LETTERS and a YOUNG LADY writer Miss JOSETTE CLOTIS and ME `(Greetah` Greta Maureen Frobisher Weddell RANSOM) were taking ICE CREAM and two or three times a FULL TEA that summer into autumn – small persons as I was that 1937 SUMMER often recall FOOD if it is delicious very clearly … IT IS THIS sort of HISTORY THAT MATTERS and what human beings have to say, their contacts, their speech, their activities (captured at the very time = as our family friend Walter Benjamin says )… 1937 SUMMER because of troubles in SPAIN – I am told by a mutual friend we 3 stay with not to tell he ANDRE about our worldwide planes for the TIGGY HOMES & our Ransom histories and Estate – “ or he will find the planes and start the Bloody Wars of Spain up again … and it has all started too late … and another War is coming because some people are greedy and others stupid … ” 1937-1938 … THUS I am quietly thinking and confide to LEN FLYER my Uncle LIR `that when I grow up it might be best to be a Dictator & make nasty people do what is sensible = 1937 I am now 4 and a half years and have travelled nearly a year 1935-1936 from NORTH POLE to SUB POLE and we stopped off many places in between because we are helping Aunt Mag my `Girl of the Snows` with all the visits that are expected by the Tiggy Children in their REAL beautiful Homes – … we had tea with Dr and Mrs Einstein, the Armish, and Mrs Roosevelt … and Duke Ellington and Paul Whiteman for breakfast and hundreds of other people some related to us and others because of all the good things we do for the Globe, and suppers and surprise meals with the kindest interesting people all who approved the HOMES of TIG but knew the British aristocrats of Scotland did not want nations with educated calm people of intelligence – the destroying of our RECORDS was underway from 1920s … this is how the aristocrat cunning take moneys – they remove people from the planet by causing accidents and losing bodies and make foul accusations … As the Scotland nasty distant old male cousins of my grandfather Frederick Charles FROBISHER RANSOM call me `Ape and Esquimo` we have visited our 19 Races and 27 nations cousins who all look nice and are pretty colours – not Porridge coloured like these Scotland cousins, who I have to be polite to when a few gate-crash to the lovely houses of the SOULS who are related to my grandpa`s mother … I know you do not let these Jurassic bog trotters near your cups and glasses because they are poisoners – My Grandpa Gordon has died suddenly March 1937 because 3 cars of THEM were yelling late at night outside the house that they had won at cards and SHEshe (my mother who is usually at the Races with them) owed them `dough` : 1937 ANDRE and I and sometimes JO if she feels she has done enough writing for her publisher, go up the Skelmersdale Road from the Railway Station to `Crail` to see Granny Mary Helena Gordon, now a sudden widow … she likes us mid-late afternoons and she and ANDRE talk and talk and he is learning much about Southern Irish troubles the last 100 years and I take a much needed 2 hours rest above in her big lonely bedroom on the eiderdown that is covered with a pattern of brambles with blackberries and their flowers on … I drift off hearing them below and catch phrases of familiar or unfamiliar family histories … as she sang `Whack Fol-di-diddle` an afternoon at a meeting Westminster Hall 1916 the Easter Rising matter … she announced she would sing this as she had known the composer when young – the Police heard it then they had to make a show of disturbance to the meeting – she was escorted out holding the hand of a child and gave her husband`s Mounted Police number, he has a brother Thomas in the Metropolitan Police too … The 6 brothers went to the Dr Bell Academy on Greenwich Heath and grew up in The Trafalgar Tavern the great beautiful building on the Waterfront – their father was Mine Host to the WHITE BAIT SUPPERS and greeted the Members of Parliament as they came down the river in the State Barges in their ceremonial regalia – he is John Frederick Gordon of good families – Catherine Gordon mother of George Gordon Byron is of this line of Gordon – BYRON hero of GREECE is very popular worldwide and young men and women still made the CLASSICAL TOUR of Greece and Rome to enhance their education : ANDRE Widower will find out summer 1945 that her 2 sisters (of the 5 daughters of Teresa Murphy Carroll CLASSICIST) are his intellectual equals too – but that summer 1937 their lovely house across the road in Granville Road `Stella Maris` (named after the wife of artist Charles Conder, she died in a house fire) is full of old Priests, and Missionaries, and Liverpool Manchester relatives and friends of 100 years coming and going – But he and Jo did meet for 10 minutes on the beach Miss Annie Agnes Carroll Williams Artist born 1880 bathing her tiny size 1 feet – she is a sculptor, potter, designer but is trying to be retired and do so many other things – she has long curly black blue hair and bright blue eyes and as well as speaking Irish she has mastered Welsh from her cousins of her father`s families – 1946 he tells me sternly = I now tall and going about without my bow and arrows and hair band with feathers that – “… IF Annie were 20 years younger I would be marrying her… ” Two town classes of us 12-15 year olds now wear Max Factor pancake makeup pale lavender lipstick and mascara and floating swirling frocks to look like `Arthur Hughes` APRIL LOVE – we take him dancing with older ladies of 50-60 who are `his` chaperones – AT CONVENT SCHOOL of SAINT CLARES` our enlightened Nuns tell us` that Colonel Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX is “GOD`S GIFT TO YOU YOUNG WOMEN” = the intellectuals of the Classes say `STILL A BOY … someone has got TO MARRY HIM … or the wrong sort of woman may get him … Our Nuns and Granny Gordon have `young Pacelli` on the telephone to Clacton 1920s-1930s while the great Church is building … And from the VATICAN to Mrs Mary Helena Gordon (Granny) spring 1939 with photos in black and white he took himself of an Apartment he has chosen – and he wants she and me and anyone else she wants to bring before War begins – he has brought his little School `children at Risk` inside the Vatican and says now he is Pope he can do what he likes !! (The children are all religions Jewish too) … as I have said my 4 great-aunts and Granny the daughters of Teresa Carroll a southern Irish Classicist – ( she studied GREEK THOUGHT and PLATO) have an American-Irish cousin living in the Vatican and writing away in his retirement … I think quietly to myself that with TIGGY`s Homes I find we have quite a small-but big planet world and we all perhaps think easily of it as ROUND and not just little Europe – but I do not believe that everyone thinks like our families, that is that we think easily of ALL THE PEOPLES of the WORLD their different looks and religions as the same and different – I used to talk of such matters to Georges-ANDRE when we were taking a rest on the beaches – he used to give me a stare and sometimes made an answer … … … Young Pacelli (Pope Pius 12) has been also a friend of Aunt Margareth nee Ransom and her husband TIGGY GROTE great nephew of F. Immanuel KANT … Granny died June 1944 = and he ANDRE MALRAUX was expecting to return as WIDOWER and continue their discussions on world matters after this LAST WAR 1939-1945 … they had lots to discuss about THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918 those Summer afternoons early evenings 1937 = He has many friends from 1937 in the town … and now over at Ipswich the Air Base where his old friend from a USA University is a Colonel-in-Charge … Transport is agreed for him France-England with General de Gaulle and he is to attend the Nuremburg Trials in secrecy with false hair with the American team for 2 days – General de Gaulle knew my great-aunt Miss Bessie Martha Carroll Williams in the Wartime 1941-43 at Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster teas and things (bun fights & ration sandwiches = and Portugal via Southern Ireland may still legally be sending in `Pipes of Sherry` ) ANDRE MALRAUX RETURNS – Winter 1945-46 – a tall WIDOWER carrying 3 WARTIME dead – this name you may at that time recognize on his books : 1945 October-1947 February – He meets me from St Clare Covent School close the Clacton Seafront after 12 noon and we may be going to take Midday dinner at The BRITISH RESTAURANT – in France people eat a substantial meal in the middle of the day because they begin work very early not wasting the daylight he tells us : … he may have been talking with Reverend Mother Benedict mid-morning for he loves collecting information – he teaches us a 20 minutes some afternoons, and other schools in Clacton, and goes with Dr ARMSTRONG (Cambridge University) to teach a half hour at Dover-court High School for girls up to 18 years … and to the Oratory for Boys Suffolk … this he wishes to do to see this land where his mother owes her life on one blood line from 900 AD family HISTON – … he knows his genealogy here because she taught him and she put moneys away for him that came to her from these families for these SEA FAMILIES still had Ventures together from the centuries passed ~ I know that these remote ancestors give him comfort as we walk in their footsteps again as we did 1937 when we went to Lincoln and traced their homes and seashores and small farms back to SAXMUNDHAM HALL where a branch arrive 19th century and where his mother as a child came to visit and they presented her with a little dowry house hoping she might marry back into the ancient Line … the marriages from HISTON women marrying to others from 900 AD are VAST – reaching to Manchester, Liverpool, Somerset – all sea Traders the early centuries of course : “ ZACHARY … you may recall … you grew up (1933 March) knowing we from our 19th century family and TIGGY always had grants to Research in medicine as well as gifts to good hospitals worldwide … this begins 1830s the parents of Aunt Margareth Ransom – she marries TIGGY of the Wall Street Firm 1864 … they from 1831 began administering with Argentina our worldwide Estate … You and Len knew Zachary – he could not do many things – he would be full of energy then he would give up … he had a wife and a young son and a supportive family … he would go to a woodworker full of enthusiasm then lose interest clutch his head and need to sit by the door … so many things he tried … At school he had been called `jerky` felt he lacked concentration, “ gets up from desk and fidgets ” … forgets … not stupid … needs to concentrate …` He invested with a maker of TENTS … he wished him to soak the wood toggles in a liquid to make the wood hard … suddenly ZACHARY rushed outside … went off to FRANCE … found a job helping in a restaurant with pleasant tables and seats outside … very busy … he could leap about – be fidgety – he was a success with everyone – made friends … carefully saved money – sent it to his Brother-in-law to look after his wife and toddler – they looked after by his parents … they felt he had another brain-wave idea and would come back RICH … The brother-in-law seemed to have mishandled the matter – took himself off for a splendid holiday … ? ZACHARY AS A TODDLER, 4-5 years, had been HIT by a wheeled vehicle and his head a bloody crushed mess … a Surgeon had stitched and done his best … tiny child recovered … seemed alright … BUT CHILD FIGETY … grow out of it ? ZACHARY at 29 years of age was discovered to have a piece of METAL from the Surgeon`s instrument left in his head … it had now moved down to his neck … an X-ray showed this … he had it removed : HE WAS NOT FIDGETY ANYMORE … he could concentrate … his family and he had come to be known by our family … A MATTER OF HAPPINESS FOR US ALL … nothing to pay … our Estate … your Estate paid everything … we are happy to say ZACHARY and family are safe … but thoughtfully your Father and others thought to change their names … after this massacre this 2nd World War … your Detective and his old LAW FRIENDS wish it to be called GENOCIDE … the children of THOMAS GROTE … this has made evil persons RICH … they planned it pre-WAR … WE ARE ALL LEARNING MORE …”

7 Jul

C. THOMAS Immanuel GROTE Tiggy) real HOMES for children educating them to 18 – 20 years in the histories of the Globe – at 10 years onwards they visit by our ships TIG`s HOMES the other side of the world – thus Ecuador 1936 has former orphans telling us of news from CHINA where they have `pen pals` after their visits 30 years ago : we RANSOM families are 19 races & 27 nations – sea traders, merchants, out of Udewalla BC 1st 3rd centuries – employment as `REDEMPTIO` for Roman Republic & Roman Empire` making marriages Mediterranean shores and Italy 1st century AD … a branch arrive 77 AD the River Thames 2 brothers or cousins who have been in Roman Army PALESTINE … 92 AD we buy a small Estate seas edges DUNWICH SUFFOLK & are there to this day – we continue as `REDEMPTIO`( taxes, Latin ransom,port duties etc 1824 marriage of families Quaker WEDDELL Mariner=Yah. Josef SAN JULIAN f. San Miguel : Roman Catholic line SAN JULIAN is educated Portugal by Jesuits of child age 5 years of brother of The INCA AtahuaIpa 16th PERU century – protected by Spanish Priests line protected Portugal Jesuits – educated by them but expected to marry by 40 years of age and keep the INCA BLOOD LINE descending : ( another brother a babe a few months was saved – dead in his mother`s arms = raised in countryside, kept safe, we meet descendant mid-20th century … ) THUS – senior line Y. JOSEF San Julian 1800s became an early 19th century Governor for SPAIN Peru-Tierra del Fuego (his mother`s line) : he marries 1800s at San Sebastian into `Aqueda` families & his only daughter `The Elovedah-Maria` made `an ICE WHITE WEDDING 1824 to QUAKER JAMES WEDDELL (the sea – there were massive records when I was a child = our remote cousins Earls of Lindsay-Lindsey would break in our little homes & say they owned everything including the HOMES – (my paternal grandfather Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM had his mother Millie Frobisher Mrs John Ransom a grand-daughter of the Earl of Lindsay 1860s = Winston Churchill said January 1960 “ … too far out ~” He called in the 14th Earl of LINDSEY & gave him a spade ! Churchill took 98 thousands (pounds) off him ! It was put in Medical Research – but the millions removed from GROTE Brokers almost in silence 1954 Summer had been distributed criminally to members of this TRIBE New Year`s Eve 1953 – An evening was in secrecy attended by 2 Detectives, and Andre Malraux and myself were invited by 1953 COLCHESTER & ESSEX MUSEUMS : Graham Greene novelist Roman Catholic convert showed photograph to me Colchester Castle 1953 – He has come in for some years to find a corner to quietly write – he likes to speak with our Chief Guide (ex-British Army 2nd World War) Mr Charles CHAPMAN: Graham Greene learned from his Vatican circles we RANSOM families had many deaths in our families because of the `Genocide` to the worldwide seashores GROTE HOMES Children this past 2nd World War wartime = he knew my age 1953 19-20 years and therefore I had been 5 years when this planned CRIME had begun – and that ANDRE MALRAUX writer, whom he knows from 1930s, was some way involved but because of his political position with General Charles de Gaulle not too much was known here … : 1988 USA Government Washington seniors : I GRW hear “ … no one says the name Thomas GROTE anymore – we have had Agents, colleagues, others, disappeared – killed = we wondered if you can help us … a lot of children were killed around the world the 2nd World War and on = as far as we can learn, you might say, it seems the British were worried about their Trade figures … ” Some of them may know that my husband Peter J.P. Whitehead with his identical twin Sir Rowland (Debretts) are first cousins to Sparkman family, American Yacht Makers etc. 1953 autumn-winter : GRAHAM GREENE novelist comes to Colchester & Essex Museums to tell me that he has “ … gathered from Vatican information from … an old Monseigneur of South America … ” … things he believes my mother has kept from me and he adds “ You must not believe what your mother says about your father – people were like this before the War when they were after money …” He comes into the Castle about 1 pm to talk with the Guides, our chief Guide Mr Charles Chapman, & scribble in the peaceful seldom used East Study upstairs – Mr Rex Hull the Curator working at his drawings behind screens on the main floor of the Castle KEEP … `Master Greene`in thought can stroll near the Chapel Crypt … notice a music manuscript of Willoughby 17th century composer … Graham Greene says “ … two sons born James and John = CHARLES DARWIN has written a letter saying he has met the two sons of JAMES WEDDELL Quaker with London grandparents in Argentina educated by Spanish-Inca grandparents …” he shows me a photograph c 1850 of “ your grandfather 3 generations back – the noble INCA Yahmah JOSEF San JULIAN – he has an old Order of Spain ` San Miguel` given when he becomes Acting Governor for Spain of Peru and his INCA and Tierra del Fuego & San Julian Bay – he had a big house built with INCA SIGNS above the door … they were a lost language … this is how he meets his friend JAMES WEDDELL the Quaker Mariner – the two of them engaged in archaeology when they had time … 1823-24 `AN ICE WHITE BRIDE` newspapers South America : see www sites : GRAHAM GREENE : “ … A marriage is made with the daughter, only child, who holds a high office of WELFARE for the INCA … interesting is that the mother of San Julian held a similar office Tierra del Fuego, believed to be much older than the Inca but not so well developed … but it is an office of care of families from birth into death … before SPAIN came … the Spanish did not interfere with his mother`s lands that she shared equally with a brother along some hundreds of miles … San Julian had the histories … a library and documents go missing just before this last War (2nd W.War) = his wife is from San Sebastian a well respected family … – however the recent Civil War … I may be able to get some further information ” .. Whether he did learn more from Andre Malraux who November 1953 appears in the Castle Keep I do not know – PROBLEM for everybody trying to help is that MALRAUX ASSISTS General Charles de GAULLE – Politics … has the General kept the matter quiet ??? (NB: No = he never knew of the HOMES – an Army man from his youth he walked other paths in the difficult 20th century of 2 great WORLD WARS 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 ) The many pages www.greta-ransom.com and the other sites cover these 1930s-1950s days, months, years, and decades 1869 NIGHTWAT CH Colne Engaine to HARWELL village and the too early death of Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX made a victim because the BRITISH GOVERNMENT Lords & Crown, Scandinavia and others related to them were alerted 1938 THAT ANDRE MALRAUX a FRENCHMAN was shown on their stolen copies the LEGAL WILL as WORLDWIDE GUARDIAN the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN and therefore Guardian to the SEASHORES of the GLOBE where the Homes are built – this includes natural lands, small farms, craftwork and horticulture – 3 small planes are in use for every Home and the communities … : End of World War 2 certainly the worldwide killings of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES children is frightening … to many human beings who do not SLAY for money and seashore lands to SELL ON = and cunningly keep an income to themselves from the trashy developers, wood choppers of forests, cheap hotels and unnecessary mining … all illegally erected on the pits of burned children – : “ 1948 in the gardens of a Home a European shore, turned into a HOTEL in haste to make money, small teeth and finger bones were found emerging from the ground where the gardens sloped …” USA agents – NB: TIGGY GROTE is an AMERICAN CITIZEN and the families are still in WALL STREET : 1960 depth charging of the children sunk in nets began … This was first done by The Royal Navy of Gross Britain – but objections came to The Whitehall from other nations who questioned WHY WERE THE BRITISH DEPTH CHARGING WELL INSIDE THEIR 2 MILE LIMIT off-shore ??? It did get in the newspapers … is it really still there – or re-written ? : The aristocrat villains feared a PARCEL of Documents they intercepted would in some other way alert MALRAUX and General de GAULLE to what had been kept away from MALRAUX since 1938 – … I and NIGHTWATCH had depth charging and acid poured into pits of burned children thrown at us one Summer night by DAVE LINDSEY and GANGS – midnight jeering continued after 4 days THE BRITISH TERRITORIALS happened to be around East Anglia : … the British territorials came along and began 1960=61 to have known killers experience the same & this continued 1960s … 2011 AD `document in 3 Parts` www.greta-ransom.com and other sites etc – and RANSOM ancestries to show how we acquired our worldwide seashore lands … WE MARRY FOREIGN BRIDES of honourable families in SEA trading and scholarship … NB: JAMES WEDDELL Mariner – Weddell Sea – There are inaccuracies & missing information on Wikipedia because of the GENOCIDE to the THOMAS GROTE HOMES CHILDREN 1938-1956 & the hunting as `BIG and LITTLE GAME` of all who know the HOMES on the SEASHORES of the GLOBE from 1864 – agreed by nations A-Z except the BIGGEST EMPIRE of the GLOBE – GREAT BRITAIN 17th century – 20th century – other Empires kept the HOMES quietly – it was wise not to confront GB … ( Some accurate information on JAMES WEDDELL Ist – his mother the London PIECE Quaker family – We RANSOM who marry his granddaughter JEAN Minerva 1909 had silver tableware of the PIECE London Quaker family- his elder brother by 9 years was RN British Navy & had 9 children – there were many descendants in the 20th century : Very full accurate information can be found – released www.greta-ransom.com 2011 January 31st “Document in 3 parts 1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX, Josette Clotis, Greta Ransom, CLACTON-ON-SEA & WEST GREENLAND” These RECORDS are a `scaffolding for the work to follow on 2011 www. to the present year = This initial work for the CENTENARY of my young father 2011 AD Frederick John RANSOM `Jerusalem` Park Road, DEPTFORD, our families of 19 Races 27 Nations SEAS EDGES includes `RANSOM ANCESTRIES 1 – 4/5 continuing “ RANSOM-REDEMPTIO-TAXES Administrators under ROMAN REPUBLIC & ROMAN EMPIRE = called `The REDEMPTIO` East Anglia and Mediterranean Basin – We main line come from JUTLAND BC Udawala – name becomes 6th century AD in SUFFOLK `RAN-SOM` : ROME was pulling out of BRITAIN – expanding Roman Empire too big to manage … Scandinavia invading along shores of Oceanus Germanicus – NORTH Sea … Germanic tongues coming in – less Latin and Arabic used in the Forum-Market Places … : Work is repeated and continued on sites www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo.com and other methods of storage and retrieval = and on www.greetah-ransom.wordpress.com et al … from 2011-2012 onwards : NOTA BENE : 1937 the midday end of July before the arrival to CLACTON of ANDRE MALRAUX and an intelligent young lady writer ` “ to be known as Miss JO ELLIOT” my young father age 26 years has a phone call – the that distant relatives Earls of Scotland Lindsay-Lindsey have stomped in on a cousin`s SPANISH seashores Estate & are abusing the 22 years old only son insisting they have been given this Estate at the new British Coronation – They were threatening & calling him a `Red` but he was a Coptic scholar & translating records of 900 years ago the LETTERS of an Ethiopian Trading family given him to keep safe and get to the USA when his parents could do so … The evening of the arrival end of July 1937 SPANISH SEASHORES in our little plane & launch in secret silence by my young father & others, another relative a retired Rear Admiral, the drug-soaked Scotland relatives began to boil the young man only 22 years old in a VAT of MARMALADE drinking crazily … then they added lemon juice then olive oil : 1937 August – My young father age 26 & another set fire to the big farm house after screams ceased & it was believed the drunken Scots had with others fallen asleep – 19 died in the blaze but 5 got away in a truck that was behind a shed … HEMINGWAY never recovered from this crime – MALRAUX did not know until 1962 – Because of his name as GUARDIAN on stolen Wills sent to him he speaks of many things 1970 January THE PILLAR HOUSE HARWELL … ANDRE MALRAUX : “ … your Government allowed this, Peter – I have been brought to my knees & others and not known why – bereaved in my own family … ” He is asked `Why did you leave Government fellah`? ANDRE MALRAUX : His reply “ … my General left first … I thought about it … then followed – REASONS ? We felt we were getting old – we had done all we could to put France in shape since the end of this last WAR – AND WE COULD NOT TELL ANY LONGER WHO AROUND US SPOKE THE TRUTH …” I Greta Ransom W. am present these evening visits … : 1st memo : ? 1937 JULY-AUGUST – the theft of a private ESTATE – and the burning to death of an innocent 22 years old son only child of his SCOTLAND parents whose life had been as MISSIONARIES for the London Protestant Mission in ETHIOPIA : burned in a marmalade vat on the SPANISH SEASHORES by the criminally insane Aristocrats of Scotland … REASONS … 1948 the half a wooded mountain also privately owned was LOGGED by an Earl and a Lord of this family … the MOUNTAIN then began to slip into the sea … well it would perhaps … but some money was made by them from the CUT TREES … They were boasting of this in PARIS early 1950s … 1960 THE BRITISH TERRITORIALS managed to catch some of them seen in the 2nd World Wartime burning and drowning GROTE CHILDREN – and use them early 1960s as ashtrays and baked buns & introduce them to Joan of Arc : 2nd MEMO : 1936 January and December a nice Sailor King had to be hurriedly given euthanasia – the heir booted out because of an intelligent American woman – a delicate health younger son & `protocol` step in – although there were two other healthy sons – a lot of money had to be spent – and WAR WAS COMING AGAIN & this worried those who had been in the WAR 1914-1918 … quietly some ex-forces kept fit knowing the matter of VERSAILLES Treaty 1919 had Europe a `DARK VALLEY`& France had citizens hungry, and Germany, and Asia & RUSSIA had its hands full with good intentions after 1917 (READER is advised to get the CDs et al of MOSSOLOV & my favourite 1933 for my birth-day `Neipner Water Power Station which is wonderful to sculpt-dance – he is called Julius KT– 2014 France Orchestra CD`d his work (we have Russian grannies Siberia on from 15th century – I used to get nice birthday cards until 1940s (DARK VALLEY is a book history of the 1930s worldwide – publ. 2000 AD = compiler Piers Brendon born 1941 and holds scholarly posts – parents connected to Diplomatic world 1930s – I am present at some dates and events, my families with connexions to some from 19th century – We RANSOM WEDDELL FROBISHER families et al, keep quietly with our Philanthropy and Sea trading and have been in Transport from 17th century … We are known for our SAFETY STANDARDS … safety before profit … The British Scotland Earls Lindsay and Lindsey who claim us as KIN, and others Glamis Castle DISAPPROVE of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES around the Globe and would like to lay hands in silence upon the WORLD SEASHORES upon which these are built with approval the nations independent A to Z – begun by Thomas Immanuel Grote age 23 years old – he asked approval of Edward Lear too … He TIG is a great-nephew of Frederick Immanuel KANT … he is known as TIGGY born 1842 to GROTE BROKERS The NEW YORK … Our Brokers for our Seashore lands – dowry from our RANSOM foreign Brides … we engaged them 1831 …Later we move into Wall Street when it is paved and has buildings going up … I am there 1936 … we are talking with a man who will marry an English heiress Berkshire … she will be so helpful to us 1970s – 1985 … My aunt GIRL OF THE SNOWS Margareth RANSOM tells me 1936-37 … “ MY FATHER PARKED HIS SHIP – his father had bought in 1801 the `packit of 19 Acres The New York` … Daddy thought this little firm of 2 brothers would like to manage it for us …” ( she had me sent photographs taken 1839-40 of the brown wooden building and the house attached on rising land with the Board outside saying GROTE BROTHERS management … Tiggy`s future father and another sit outside wearing clothes that have them look like Alaska Miners – the second man is either his brother or a cousin Grote – TIG`s future father has married a niece of F. Immanuel KANT … this branch are GROTE of West Saxony – 3rd and 4th cousins to GROTE families – some Banking City of London 18th century on – London Senate House a library until it was destroyed for profit … Margareth says “ Tiggy and I married in 1863 in our Chapel of Jacob then he began the HOMES the first one OHIO then sped across the PACIFIC and soon came round the world in 2 years – the HOMES were welcomed and were educating children in all there is to know to 18 or into their 20s … …” = her grandfather Jacob POULSEN, eldest son of POUL GRONLANDER and wife Margaret YATES (of a Carlisle small shipping concern- NB: we knew the family YATES 20TH CENTURY – they had interference from the British Lords and Moonlight Workers 1920s-1960s because of the connexions to THOMAS GROTE HOMES and the GENOCIDE of the worldwide HOMES by Scots Earls & Scandinavian aristocrats 1938-1950s = everyone related to RANSOM, WEDDELL, FROBISHER were harassed by short of money aristocrats GROSS BRITAIN & in-laws overseas … ) NB : We knew the family YATES of Carlisle into the mid=20th century – they had to change their name – the British Aristocrats ceaselessly interfered with all our relatives, in-laws who knew of GROTE HOMES … the crime of GENOCIDE worldwide 1938-1950s was to be suppressed `because of the new reign 1937 : our relatives WEDDELL, FROBISHER et al were dying too early … (www.greta-ransom.com Document in 3 – `1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX Josette Clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND` & the other sites and methods of storage and retrieval

30 Jun

REQUIEM for A BLUEBELL WOOD at Weeley, Essex – YOUNG LIVES LOST … a gift a tiny wood 17 April 1947… Vincent MALRAUX b 10 March 1944 – killed 23-24 May 1961 Ex ATS Miss Winifred Mary GORDON b 1910 From January 1947 is busy with my Wedding arrangements for April – Permission from The VATICAN to a WAR Widower FRENCH-Italian-Norfolk Suffolk etc. etc. : J U N E – 12 months of the year: lines from an Italian named FOLGARE 12th century AD “ in JUNE I give you a close-wooded Fell, With crowns of thicket coiled about its head, With thirty villas twelve times turreted, All girdling round a little citadel’ And IN THE MIDST a springhead and fair well With thousand conduits branched and shining speed, Wounding the garden and the tender mead. YET to the freshened grass acceptable. And lemons, citrons, dates, and oranges, And all fruits whose savour is most rare, Shall shine within the shadow of your TREES And everyone shall be a lover there : until your life, so filled with COURTESIES, THROUGHOUT the WORLD be counted DEBONAIR …` NB: all this above can be encountered in your Museums, your `CLASSIFYING HOUSES` … I Greetah RANSOM b 1933 Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis) knew them so well 1950s-60s-70s-80s with my children : and the PROMS : … they are great great grandchildren of JAMES LORD MAYOR EXTRAORDINARY 1888-89 : who with his friend WILLIAM RATHBONE Liverpool raised 36 thousand pounds for the SHANGHAI famine – 1986, 1988 I meet Tours 2 months each for BMNH CHINA SEAS EDGES the grandchildren-great grandchildren of those saved by this gift – ALL WENT INTO THE SCIENCES, NATURAL HISTORY MUSIC AND ART and PEACEFUL STUDIES OF PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE … NASA too … 1947 RECORDS : MISS WIN GORDON born 1910 3 November, Woodford Green (Winifred Mary Gordon child of a big family Scotland Irish some distant Spanish :– some dead from Scarletina 1900s HIGHGATE = TOMBSTONES carved by her , their, Aunt Miss Annie-Agnes Carroll Williams – trained Liverpool MANZONI Marble Works & giving some help to Harold Rathbone DELLA ROBBIA ART WORKS Birkenhead when he had too many ORDERS … a great work THE SYMBOL sold 1906 but never traced (pottery marks ACl. or AClW…) ARTS and CRAFTS and WELFARE MANCHESTER & LIVERPOOL) (1923-1937 our families are to be WIPED OFF THE EARTH when a Scotland bastard female shouts at the sailor King 1934-5 that SHE has been given all THOMAS GROTE HOMES “by an old Eskimo …” (www.greta-ransom.com and www.ancestryandtruetales.com … etc etc. I grow up called Eskimo-Ape by 2 dope growing SCOTS EARLS families (the B.Ls = these the names for them by POLICE Scotland down to East Anglia = “ bloody liars & Lindsaybuggarhs” – they rob grocery shops at midnight for liquor, cheese & butter & ham … (Walter Scott stuff) RACISM : OUR families came from Dublin-Manchester et al to CLACTON-on-SEA 1923 when the VATICAN was sponsoring the great Church building of `Our Lady` = Pacelli (FUTURE POPE –not a Nazi) a friend of her Irish families `since they were all growing up as young people` and family RANSOM of WEST GREENLAND, MONTROSE basin and Suffolk-Norfolk and bordering `OCEANUS GERMANICUS` with dowry lands from our 19 races foreign brides 27 nations : I get Christmas cards and some birthday presents from A – Z the globe – THIS LITTLE PLANET – with such difficulties now : She now lives spring 1946 at 5 Colne Road a big Victorian house she has rented with youngest cousin Julie Butler b 1919 they will run as a guest house for relatives and friends by the SEAS EDGES ( Julie is “our Jewel” as her Manchester brothers call her – brother Bill Butler is a Mayor of Manchester asked a second time he prefers to be on Council as something else = the families of my grandmother Mary Helena Gordon up in MANNI & Salford from 1870s grandchildren of TERESA Murphy CARROLL b 1839 a CLASSICIST Mrs John O`Brien Superior SILVERSMITH & inventor – her Murphy SHIPPING grandparents bought her a great old Merchants House – pulled down late 1940s for concrete developments … ): My aunt Miss Winnie-WIN & my 2nd cousin Julie by 1948 have 3 girl cousins from Manchester come to buy (with money!) the identical house next door where they will sometimes live – 2 are very Holy the 3rd is Aunt Terry Butler b 1899 – she once took a job she thought literary with Virginia Wolf but found herself told to clean a stove & scarcely saw typewriter or library shelves … he was very courteous … Aunt Terry had been running a little piece of Welfare in a factory with the Manager both coming into their teens the GREAT WAR … TIMES WERE HARD … READERS can go to the `hate books` like “Love on the Dole”, perhaps “Ragged Trousers Philanthropist”… others and early films I do not want you to become dismal now the POLES the Arctic-NORD and the ‘SUB” are in difficulties and cooling the Atlantic and Pacific seas = +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ We explore … exploring forth coming 17th centuries from 2 POLES with ice – this is our little Planet Earth – We are “The REDEMPTIO RANSOM” – (LATIN – TAXES etc ) our families having been at sea sailing out of Udewalla (records) from 5th CENTURIES BC to Mediterranean acquiring foreign brides – entering 77 AD Thames Flow overcoming difficulties = 61 AD a young ICENI Queen lost her temper and destroyed Verulamium (St Albans) Londinium and Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis (Bo`dicea in Tacitus = 20th century `Boudicca – she had education from Continent, spoke Latin, & may have visited seas edges of ROMAN GAUL (Asterix) … her families will have known Cunobelinus = Shakespeare calls him Cymbeline in a most interesting PLAY … (1953 Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX and I Greetah Ransom will be allowed to raise his burial GOBLET of SAMIAN WARE to our lips Colchester – Samian ware comes over to Britain in TRADE with Gaul (Asterix – its in LATIN too) They, he GAIUS REDEMPTIO, my grandpa back then 77 AD, and cousin ( have married Italian well-to-do wives) come from family duty to attend a noisy boozy wedding of great grandparents at UDEWALLA – it rather offended their ROME table manners : SUFFOLK Dunwich we buy a little seas edges Estate 92 AD – GAIUS Redemptio our FOUNDER (all RANSOM lines) “ These 2 young men cousins been in ROMAN EMPIRE ARMY Palestine – my families down the centuries read and write rather well & make `Life books` = tagebuch :” 1960 January `NIGHTWATCH` COLNE ENGAINE – outside `MISTRAL` the name of the NIGHTWATCH is given by he after a slight tap on the tiny rectangle window “ It is I your Guardian now ` MALRAUX la BURGER-MAISTER of PARIS, the MENAGIER de PARIS (Eileen Power 1924 Pelican Books `MEDIEVAL PEOPLE` … thus he calls himself on his first NIGHTWATCH the COLNE ENGAINE … swiftly adding `IT IS COLD IN THIS FIELD – at my age … there is frost on the grass if I am not mistaken … … …” : NOTA BENE : Radley pupil 1916 Philip Silverlea (did a Term with BUTTERWORTH killed 1916 GREAT WAR – Banks of Green Willow etc) has returned first week January 1960 on quick visit 4 days to CLOTIS family – he has known them late 20s on – he and other shocked eminent men British have decided not to worry the persecuted ANDRE MALRAUX – he has a job `Cultural Minister` helping General Charles de GAULLE … MATTER is the death of JOSETTE CLOTIS 1944 November mother of Andre`s young sons b. 1940 and 1944 – 1960 first week January “ that girl did not have to die – she has died in this – the British Consul sent 2 gunmen to kill she and Andre October 1944 when it was learned young JO had received letters, documents from NEW YORK Grote Brokers intended for Andre – about this worldwide ESTATE real HOMES for Children on world seashores … claimed by this noble family claiming you for their hearse … they have had to share it with other Tribes of Scotland … It explains the persecution the cocky remarks in that club WHITES St James with the crooks of Mr Jimmie Sir James of China and Scotland – so that is who was meant by `the little half breed` … Andre, others, thought he was just a bar-rat … We are to learn more … But not to tell Andre what Phil has come back with from the CLOTIS about the death of that young girl mother of his sons … I could have got us more help 1957 when I came to look after `the Medici children` for Andre … Arthur Malone Politian who over Xmas 1959-60 has been told who his father is by shocked people who protect `young Arthur` advancing on 60 … he has friends in LAW whom he studied with … Here near COLCHESTER are people with information and also on the murder of the heir age 9 years of CASTLE HEDINGHAM Miss `Uff MacDrew = she was in my school class Clacton 1942 – a school with a headmaster Commadore-Captain L. RN & founder member of FOLK LORE Society Cecil-Cyril Sharpe House – Captain L. had a pupil Ernest Dove – boy soprano HMV record `Oh for the Wings of a Dove` sold worldwide : 1960 January `NIGHTWATCH` Dr JOHN RAY (Ransom) USA NASA–LAW-Animal Management – come from WASHINGTON State Office : special leave to IPSWICH USA Airbase where Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX arrives May 1945 ever onwards – permission from FRANCE and he has 1920s-1930s there USA Army-AIRFORCE : NOTA BENE : 1960 JANUARY – `NIGHTWATCH` is JOHN FROBISHER RANSOM (known to keep him safe as DR JOHN RAY = 1988 USA Government Department to me Greta RANSOM (PJP Whitehead BMNH, his widow 1992) Younger brother to my father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM born 1911 : JOHN b 1917 is son of my grandparents Frederick Charles and Jean Minerva (nee Weddell =widow Smith) 2nd marriage Mrs FREDERICK CHARLES FROBISHER RANSOM 1909 – WEDDING ATTENDED BY EARL OF LINDSAY Crawford family = seen by her mother as FIGURES FROM A MORGUE : This 2nd son attacked 1 month old Deptford by 2 old Lindsay-Lindsey women he had to be educated from 1919 age 2 years in that magnificent KANSAS School for damaged children run by a Doctor `with pots of dough`- children harmed in bad families or born damaged – they are to have the greatest education in the GLOBE – produced 3 Senators etc. Some will never leave but their education has them fully able to contribute in the subjects they have decided upon by 17 years … THIS KANSAS DOCTOR HAD TO HAVE KNOWN TIGGY GROTE and seen his worldwide HOMES begun Ohio 1864 then TIG ploughed across the PACIFIC :– Count Boris 7 feet 2 ins tall ran the 11 RUSSIAN Homes … But such trouble at ArkAngel … he decided to reduce the HOMES 1870s to 7 as easier to manage bringing the children & young people into these bigger HOMES from other parts of RUSSIA … 1960 mid-January `NIGHTWATCH` DR JOHN RAY from USA reading records, reminding me of family history I had known well 1930s-40s: “ TIG raced round earth a 2nd time A to Z – that is how we get URUGUAY and Uzbekistan – VATICAN said 1870 a trial in ROME for 5 years – 2 years they said ‘TIG YOU ARE ON` … Margareth said NO HOME ON ICE TIGGY … and NO to that Island empty but for some ugly statues… Money dropped from the air for all the HOMES around the world – only Great Britain refused them … the LINDSAY EARLS set out to destroy them 1983 – failed … SCOTS EARLS, tribes, and Scandinavian in-laws to a Duchess of 1923 Great Britain began planning killings of the HOMES high flyers … 2nd World War … you know it all … My nation USA want to put certain people on a raft with a suitcase … what has been uncovered in this last decade has us weep … your poor father faced this 1944 Malindi – he was hidden by kind people then put on a ship back to Harwich and so to you Clacton 1945 September : ANDRE has been kept in ignorance – everyone has thought it was the General stopped him taking up his GUARDIANSHIP to the whole ESTATE after Aunt Margaret was murdered Ayrshire 1938 … Tiggy murdered Island of Arran where she owned 98 acres from 1870s – Montrose Solicitors have risked death to help us … … … I have leave from USA but I do not want to be seen around here until we know more about the district … Arthur Malone has old law friends in London … we are to get help over LINDSAY & the others …` Miss Winifred Mary GORDON says March 1947 … that she has bought a small wood from a farmer at Weeley an ancient village near Clacton, ESSEX, & she is paying for it with money from her ATS earnings & gratuity from this just ended 2nd World War – the farmer is known to her families before the war : “ … This is my gift for the marriage this April … for the 2 motherless sons of Andre … who have to be hidden under the violet leaves … to be my nephews after the marriage next month = and your children will be my nephews and nieces too … Here they can all come to us from France & part of the holidays from their Roman Catholic schools and the family of their dead mother can come from France with them …” “ We shall be a big family again as we were before this last War, before father died and your aunt Kitty my elder sister … Andre is in agreement with these arrangements & you can go and see the Wood when he has time … we have lost so many of us in the 1930s – as well as this last War – I born 1910 November 3rd Saint Malarci`s day – the same birthday as Andre – can recall the Great War (1914-1918) which he and I both discuss – I remember seeing a Zepperlin flying very low overhead” “ … it is agreed his sons will come to Ampleforth School when little Vincent is 7 years old – it is felt they should both come together – Pierre will be 10 or 11 years then … your uncle Potter and others are arranging this & Andre is in agreement – they have to be hidden under the violet leaves in this country because people can be prudish – The Vatican has granted their dead mother a marriage in heaven and Andre is to be styled `WIDOWER` at the marriage – the matter of the first marriage when he was so very young is not an impediment as it was not in a French Catholic church … … … ” THUS : Miss Winnie just ex-ATS 2nd World War : “ a My gift for the marriage is to be a little BLUEBELL WOOD at WHEELEY … It is for VINCENT Clotis MALRAUX left motherless a few months old, older brother b 1940 G. Pierre MALRAUX : Pierre & Vincent sons of Josette Clotis &ANDRE MALRAUX, born in 2nd World War” Miss WIN says “ … & the wood is for her nephews my younger brothers b 1935 John, 1938 Colin, cousins b 1939 Richard & Jenny 1941… & other cousins and children of our many families Gt BRITAIN and FRANCE …” Earlier she has spoken of this as a gift, her personal gift for the forthcoming Marriage of Grace 17 April 1947 Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX & his Ward (her niece) of 1937 Greta Greetah Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM … from `Auntie WIN (Winifred Mary Gordon born 1910 November 3rd 1910 Woodford Green … & our visiting relatives worldwide : 1939 January LONDON : INFORMATION Miss Winifred Mary Gordon kept to herself this month = BUT SHE TOLD IT TO ANDRE MALRAUX their meeting to discuss his GUARDIANSHIP 1938 and the CONFISCATION of his POST which had been done by, she was informed “ the British Government … ” SHE WAS TOLD BY THE CHANCELLOR himself January 1939 – … therefore she felt it best to leave the matter because WAR was coming (3rd September 1939) : She had known Government persons and aristocrats before the WAR and took tea and occasionally luncheon with her families … she had known many since she was a child & they spoke cheerfully and kindly to her – Her father and his brothers had gone to school at Dr BELL`s ACADEMY on Greenwich Heath – their father JOHN Frederick GORDON a respected figure who was `Mine Host` to the Government when they came down the River in State Barges from Westminster to attend the White Bait Suppers – he her grandfather dead before she was born was Mine Host at the Trafalgar Tavern the most beautiful building on the Thames at Greenwich – this was the home of his wife and young family … it had the most beautiful ballroom in Europe = She did not wish to let the families down anymore – the annoyance to everyone was her sister Teresa Elizabeth Gordon going to Prison 1926 – she had unsuitable friends – she `Treesa ` acquired these as a child when it was discovered by a the family of a Scotland Earl she age 7-8 years was a very good Young Horsewoman – she was taken without her parents approval to ride in Private Races of certain Noble people … during her Prison days of over 4 years she received many visitors comforting her – one was The Princess Royal who hearing no TIME in the Prison, no clocks or wristwatches, got permission to give Teresa `my second best watch` : 1920s – This branch of Scotland nobles, an Earls family, were keen to have some of the 8 pieces of GORDON lands owned by her father and his brothers and sisters – they were a nuisance to her father and his brothers, sisters, & as far as she Winifred born 1910 could recall they never let go of the family – she personally objected to them because they acted WITCHCRAFT : Indeed they were rudely telephoning her mother during 1937 and into 1939 (January to the spring) They were on the telephone challenging ownership of this centuries old Estate of the RANSOM families : Autumn 1939 she and her cousin Julie Butler decided as unmarried women they would be wise to join the ATS before conscription – this they did – she did not like leaving her mother – … French citizen ANDRE and a young lady writer came 1937 summer … but she was holidaying with her Irish and Manchester cousins at St Anne`s Beach – her young sister Esther was marrying in October the son of Mr Richard Potter Secretary of The Lifeboat Society and owner of the Clacton town newspaper and other businesses – 1938 – There seemed no legal trouble over ANDRE MALRAUX being appointed GUARDIAN to the world Orphans – GROTE BROKERS New York had insisted with other administrators that the GUARDIAN had to be a foreigner – he was accepted by everyone as the most suitable – a man of experience worldwide and with several well known and acclaimed books to his name – ANDRE MALRAUX 1933 “MAN`S FATE” his experience Asia – a second 1936 his experiences in The Civil War SPAIN “MAN`S HOPE” – my brothers had read them and said `books that men like to read` … 1938 Miss Winnie GORDON : RANSOM family West Greenland and Montrose = she began reading a Courtesy Copy of the WILL which arrived to her widowed mother 1938 asking that she and her brothers help with the Education of their niece Greetah until she was 18 years old – she Miss Win (hoping to marry) was delighted and said `we shall all have to help` reading the Will and the extent of the ESTATE A – Z the globe : Her Aunts Miss Bessie Martha and Miss Annie Carroll Williams an artist, sculptor, pupil of the Roman Catholic owner of GRANVILLE MARBLE WORKS Liverpool, had met in 1934 Margaret Grote (widowed 1904 when he was killed by a Scots Earl remotely connected to a brother of his wife by a marriage 1883 … ) and stayed in her house in Wales – the families had all met in DUBLIN in 1859 – BUT there were many pleasant connections for the families Gordon and Ransom – and all was LAWFUL 1937 when ANDRE MALRAUX accepted happily the GUARDIANSHIP of the 5 years old heir Greetah Ransom – he and the young lady Josette he hoped to marry were delighted with the child whom they found to have the understanding of an 8-9 years old : She knew there were many people of standing in England who approved THOMAS GROTE HOMES … because of his murder it was felt best to be discrete … Scotland Earls were powerful her own family knew – it was said they had been left too long to do as they pleased and they should `not be allowed over the wall` – (Emperor Hadrian`s Wall) : 1940 January = She was very surprised to hear that her brother-in-law `young Fred` an Army man, the child`s father, had been sent to The Philippines by mistake –she learned later it was NOT A MISTAKE – THE INTENTION WAS TO HAVE HIM KILLED – it was quite clear that his Army duties had him stay put in Britain – his skills were STORES – and some Gunnery …he had always from a child helped his Aunt with stores for the worldwide HOMES – from 1927 in the ARMY he had continued this with HELP from the British Army – they used this as good TRAINING : 1939 September : She understood in December 1939 her brother-in-law Warrant Officer then CAPAIN Frederick John RANSOM was HOME DUTIES – suddenly 1940 January he disappeared after receiving an Army Order from Salisbury Plains – He was last seen in Bulford Army Mess over the Christmastide – 1940 late winter the War Office could find he was still marked HOME DUTIES … : 1943 – her mother in Clacton from January 1942 looking after the 3 children – said their mother was on WAR WORK – this was not true – It was not until 1943 her mother received letters from their father FJR … she did not see the letters … IT WAS WARTIME later she understood that much correspondence sent to her families went missing : Autumn 1939 she was in the ATS with her Cousin Julie and they were able to stay together until the end of the War … 1942 to Clacton came a young Polish hero called JAN KARSKI – he had purposefully called with Church people from the Diocese of Westminster to see her mother – and admire the great Church that the family friend Pacelli, now Pope Pius 12 –the Irish families had been friends from their very young years ; A young POLISH STUDENT Jan Karski had been able to use the GROTE HOMES to travel across Europe in Wartime … She, Miss WIN, later understood her mother was writing to the Southern Irish relatives to ask if they could go and see the POPE & tell him the conditions in Roman Catholic Poland … The Pope had also known Margaret Grote – she had visited 19th century from 1851 when she was 10-11 years of age : Her families had often called at the VATICAN since the beginning of the 19th century – They when sailing from West Greenland had an open invitation to call at The Vatican and tell of the Arctic : and it was known they owned seashores all around the Earth from the foreign marriages they had made for centuries and ran much philanthropy and in Japan had a royal line from 16th century – MISS WINIFRED GORDON says how SHE WAS UPSET when in 1939 she was also told by persons (who annoyed her mother and father before he died suspiciously March 1937) that her niece Greetah would NOT be able to make a noble marriage because she was not pure BRITISH .. she had laughed at first and mentioned that the Ransom family had bought lands 92 AD BRITAIN SUFFOLK, at Dunwich … she had visited many family sites her GORDON families and RANSOM after her sister married Frederick John Ransom in 1932 !!! And this first Ransom family worked for the Roman Empire as Taxes Administrators (LATIN : the REDEMPTIO = ransom ) 1938 – CHRISTMASTIDE NORWAY seashores : startling news & frightening `from Vatican and an Embassy in BERLIN` – 3 photos – 2 children saved by rowing boat, prehaps 3 … received 1st January 1939 Clacton-on-Sea, Old Road house `dames school` of 300 years : the killing (GENOCIDE) of a complete THOMAS GROTE HOMES CHILDREN has taken place XMAS morning NORWAY – the HOME children and scholars left on a winter beach with wild seas coming in … deliberately left … Scandinavian aristocrats have joined with SCOTS dope growing aristocrat EARLS to kill all children educating from birth-early years -ORPHANS, educating to 18-20 years in all world knowledge from – leaning all civilized pursuits, languages modern and ancient, all sciences, religions, agriculture, technology, arts especially music, all CIVILIZED LEARNING : The unwanted orphaned children are being horribly fun killed all the 2nd World War by British Scotland aristocrats and some in-laws of DENMARK & NORWAY who have planned these killings from 1929 “ to make Britain (they) RICH …” 1944-1945 CHRISTMASTIDE : Miss Win received a letter from a widow with copy a last letter to her from her Captain husband – who would NOT help kill the GROTE CHILDREN – A Captain Lindsey/Lindsay had ordered him shot at dawn = his loyal BATMAN got his last LETTERS written late night with help from other armed forces who did not agree with this Task and then the ORDER of EXECUTION 1944-1945 XMASTIDE +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1949 London : “About us are MONKEY PUZZLE TREES with dripping icicles … I have said before the WAR Andre is being fooled because of the TIGGY HOMES … & his Guardianship … my parents knew Thomas and Margaret GROTE … I have to live mostly overseas … … … ” … says an honourable man distantly related to one of these Scotland Tribes – He had come upon the GENOCIDE worldwide A-Z of a golden ring a delicate flower garden : 1947 MARCH – I Greta `Greetah` RANSOM have from records & conversations written the visit to the BLUEBELL WOOD for VINCENT, taking Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX : This can also be found in the long work and on www.greta-ransom.com `Document in 3 parts = “ 1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux, Josette Clotis & Greta Ransom CLACTON-on-SEA and WEST GREENLAND” Also on sites www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo.com And www.greetah-ransom.wordpress.com … other methods of storage and retrieval RECORDS to put the THOMAS GROTE MARTYRS and families, helpers, back upon earth and the Universes :

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21st century : WORK FOLLOWING ON FROM RECORDS : worldwide 20th century : martyrs et al … a. JOHN BUCHAN, novelist, statesman, humanist (1930s I G.R. remember him at our garden parties and luncheons with our relatives and GREAT MEN) 1939 CITY OF LONDON – Thames riverside `CHURCH OF SEAMEN` ST MAGNUS THE MARTYR and ROME : b. and young VINCENT MALRAUX = ` REQUIEM for HOPE` : & a BLUEBELL WOOD, a gift April 1947 to he and PIERRE- his older brother : “an accident just waiting to happen” MI5 in mourning May 1961 … oral… speaking with them July 1969 = c. “ THOMAS GROTE CURRICULUM worldwide –EVERY CHILD IN THE WORLD IS ENTITLED TO A THOMAS GROTE CURRICULUM …” : JOHN BUCHAN says WINTER 1938-40 to the former `Miss Bloody Liar` daughter of a French Cook and a Scotland Earl he in shock, horror, bewilderment, at the begun killing of TIGGY GROTES CHILDREN HOMES Norway Xmas morning drowning them on a beach with fast tide coming in 1938 (swift messages, photos, of HORROR from “an embassy Berlin” and VATICAN – another massacre of THOMAS GROTE CHILDREN took place the Netherlands spring 1939 … (Full accounts transposed to www. in work from 2011 – other methods of `storage and retrieval` for MARTYRS of crumbling EMPIRES 18th-20th centuries P : ( … she gone on high and mouthing on cocktail surprises “ an old Eskimo gave her all these worldwide HOMES when she was 10 years of age and as a Wedding Gift 1923 = and SHE DOES NOT NEED A WILL …now she has the `KOH-IN-KNOR ON HER HEAD … ) “ EVERY CHILD IN THE WORLD – EVERY CHILD IN THE WORLD – THE WORLD – deserves a THOMAS GROTE CURRICULUM ” JOHN BUCHAN a great novelist and humanitarian (19th century records to 1987…) … is standing up to SCOTLAND EARLS referred to as JURASSIC BOG TROTTERS and their LICE – My distant relative AN Earl of LINDSAY Crawford acquired 1883 & ever onward by culling and killing heirs and relatives and relations … is the grandfather of my grandfather`s mother Millie Frobisher who married 1883 JOHN RANSOM – … “ The Lindsay-Lindsey EARLS are known to be insane & any business dealings you have with them you will come off badly … we do NOT have them to dinner” : `… with other SCOTLAND `BIG-WIGS` THEY GROW A DANGEROUS DOPE CALLED `DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND`= by moonlight and use it about the British Empire to get hold of WEALTH … … … families and other nations record histories of `THE LINDSAYbuggarhs` as the BRITISH POLICE CALL THEM = many Elders know very well the gory histories of these Scotland Earls and ATTACHMENTS : I, GR, am told 1960 January NIGHTWATCH Colne Engaine by Arthur Malone `tutor to the Medici children` “THIS NOBLE FAMILY CLAIMING YOU HAVE BEEN CULLING AGAIN … Trouble for THEM is that you keep getting OFF THEIR HEARSE – my old friends in the LAW thought they had stopped … the matter is to go further … ” “ … ANDRE is coming over again, permission his General, and another of importance from Washington : I wish I had known all of you before the WAR – I could have got help when I came to help ANDRE – October 1957 !!! 1960 early January – Arthur Malone reporting to GR : … “ PHIL has gone over to see the CLOTIS family (JO the mother of the 2 sons of Andre Malraux 1940 and 1944 who have to be “hidden under the violet leaves” : he knew a member of the family in the 1920s …” … “ INSTRUCTIONS – date is and time is – I will come at 7.30 each evening to report or perhaps about 11 am in the morning depending upon my schedule – GOODNIGHT = Reporting is me from Andre`s place 50 Lancaster Gate Square = Arthur Malone-Politian – lock up – do not open the door until you hear the farm workers coming back from their first work – about 9.30 am …” King Arthur .. ( he is the youngest grandchild of VIC AND BERT = born out of wedlock = 1969-70 he is talking with his half-sister Patricia near Oxfordshire … ANDRE MALRAUX CMES AND GOES . (V & A –his grandparents have a big MUSEUM South Kensington opposite BMNH (Natural History Museum, Geological and Science … ) FULL records on www.greta-ransom.com and others … JANUARY 1960 the NIGHTWATCH “ We used to be proud to be British but not anymore … they have been killing for this money around the world … we are learning more … my old law friends I studied with before the War … ” 1960 2-3rd weeks COLNE ENGAINE : Arthur Malone reporting with others : From information Arthur Malone (LAW Detective-POLITIAN) returns with gathered late December 1959- 1st days January 1960, contacting our many branches of Scotland families, in-laws, tenants and acquaintances, Frobisher-Ransom-Grote et al … also 100 years of tenants ARRAN Island, other places Scotland, THE GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND IS EMERGING… end December 1959 to the end of last week January 1960 … then into February and Philip Silverlea takes flight to NEW YORK – GROTE BROKERS who oversee from 1831 our RANSOM and GROTE Estates, 1863 marriage of TIGGY to Miss Margaret Ransom of Montrose and Jacolpsholmen: they have all records safe … Philip Silverlea`s daughter, happily married with 2 small children : SHE TO BE MURDERED May 1960 = British Ambassador says “ Matter of properties of an IMPERIAL British woman, he has been informed & he cannot help : REPORTS : 1960 March = OFFICE buildings, Buenos Aries, established 18th century , ransacked by British Men in BRITISH ARMY UNIFORMS – 1960 mid-February Phil`s daughter age 28 years has visited our RANSOM-GROTE old respected Solicitors Buenos Aries where she lives = and has copies of all Wills, documents letters and carbon copy letters from 1830 when Fred Ransom and wife Gertrud Poulsen employed them and 1964 `to take care of the delicate Flower Garden , the HOMES on RANSOM seashore lands twice around the Globe : ISLAND Jacopsholmen is dowry of Gertrud, she sister of Count Poulsen Norway, grandchildren of POUL GRONLANDER and Margaret Yates of Carlisle shipping : 1770 Gift of Danish King to families of POUL GRONLANDER = “to keep as a holy place and when you may establish a College, a University to POUL our servant … ” (1967 December OXFORD : Captain Alan Villiers, others, “ a school mid-19th century gave the greatest education in the world – POUL the greatest mind you ever read … One sail Margareth gave us, Cousteau too, the KEY to the Island … THEATRE put on the world`s great Plays – had an Ox up there for the Christmastide Medieval plays … POUL corresponded wit h the Humanist Pope – both into botanical medicines … all on the shelves in the biggest house built in Greenland – he built it like a great ship, old Fred Ransom – we had an architect up there – he could have put a tier on the Theatre – took 350 – Season ran 2 months or more = OF COURSE some did not like this – education for other Races … … … SHAME SHAME SHAME ! THEY, THEY bombed the Island to smithereens – June 1960 – to STOP de GAULLE and ANDRE getting up there !!! 1960 mid-JANUARY London and Colne Engaine : more horror is gathering after Phil Silverlea returns from 4 days to FRANCE (he has Argentine-Wales grandparents, Radley School scholar time of `Banks of Green Willows` music teacher (killed 1916 WW.) ARTHUR MALONE and PHIL records : A now necessary NIGHTWATCH – others helping – including two visits night-time January 1960 from Dr John RAY (Ransom – not safe to use his real name) : Permission from WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT etc allowed to FLY IN to USA Airbase IPSWICH where ANDRE MALRAUX comes from FRANCE since 1945 MAY … (see diary records 1960 January of a failed night attack from JIM JONG & 3 other thugs : NB : He from 1954 become a `Sir JAMES` and the Steward of WHITES CLUB – HE dismissed January 1959 after Members uneasy hearing `the little vermin` jeer at Margaret Grote with foul rhymes about `an Old Eskimo` – THEN A SUNDAY MORNING is arranged for ANDRE MALRAUX, he called in by certain old Members, some his friends and acquaintances since 1920s-30s onwards – HE LEAPT ON A CHAIR and gave `THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT`… people of honour who knew of massacre of TIGGY`s CHILDREN all races and nations have been killed or gone missing : JIM IS KNOWN AS `A BAR RAT` 1960 JANUARY into early FEB : Arthur Malone & others “ … its clear that that girl Jo-Josette did not have to die in this – you knew her before the WAR – WE KNOW NOW … ABOUT THE LAST 2 WEEKS OF HER LIFE (Oct-Nov.1944) she had 2 men trying to get correspondence from her that came from New York and Buenos Aries – she and ANDRE had a secret address in PARIS from before the WAR … She saw him off at the station – she did not know where he was going … returned she had 2 men BRITISH demand these papers from her BUT her mother had just arrived by train to stay and see her 2 grandsons … others have information but we will not worry them … BUT she has died in this ! PHIL HAS just come back from France … HEARD FROM CLOTIS FAMILY MEMBERS = We may not tell Andre reports from CLOTIS families, others –ANDRE HAS GOT TO KEEP THAT JOB – after what this lot have put him through … “ … looks like murder … seems a British Consul had orders to send these two men with guns to kill MALRAUX AND THE WOMAN end October 1944 – she may have contacted someone to help her … telephoned someone … ” 1960 January, The Colne Engaine near COLCHESTER : ARTHUR MALONE reads his notes : “ … HARRY over at Thorpe (my youngest Uncle born 1912) says THEY have always been around him – JIMMIE JONG and his VERMIN = shock 1952 = little devil was on the run from KENYA for killing 3 old good men – got in that Club WHITES 1953 – nobody thought he would come back = … everybody thought ANDRE knew he was GUARDIAN to Estate worldwide not just the heirs in the family – thought General de Gaulle must be having him keep quiet … : … He (Harry Gordon) knew them all before the War – hanging around his parents trying to get hold on Gordon lands Scotland and New Zealand : he 10 years or so when he knew they were a nuisance = 1930s at Newmarket Races they`d be sticking themselves with syringes and drinking from the bottle – always got some fiddle going on with the horses … … Then after a sister`s marriage 1932 (with young Soldier Fred Ransom) they welcomed his sister back amongst them … having got her a prison sentence … Judge knew all of them should have gone in – but Angela no Angel had married a sick Prince – not expected to live more than 10 years – idea to give him some happiness ? …` Angela no Angel and her Tribe Scotland always after his family lands – Gordon uncles owned them all from the father and grandfather – ANGELA on phone to his mother 1938-39 when he had come home for his lunch – and during War he will hear, always baiting about the inheritance … his mother had trouble with them from 1920s – they used sister `Treasa` from 12 years to ride a horse and WIN for them – they used to come to the back door Epping on horses – Followed his sister to CARROLL farm 1919 – burned a young Murphy family to death setting fire to Barn next to house … they cousins to Mother and her sisters – POLICE could do nothing but got full report before young Murphy died of severe burns – : Well IRELAND OWNED BY BRITAIN = ALL went off on the Continent soon as War ended 1919 & got into more trouble … could thumb a battleship and get hospitality any British Embassy … scattering of titles amongst them …` ARTHUR MALONE reads the above from his notebook : “ ANDRE and GENERAL then have been deceived in this all the Wartime and these last years – false messages coming to your father and family … some British Government fooled and others – WE ARE LEARNING MORE … By the way you can call me King Arthur – my mother`s family had a meeting and decided to tell me who my father was – I remember a man on a splendid horse come look at me when I was small … 1940 when I had gone in the RAF he came and inspected us … I did not know who he was … +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ READERS have turned 2011 to www.greta-ransom.com : “ 1937 SUMMER” of many pages begins from records, bits of paper, Martyrs, and nations A to Z the globe … ARTHUR MALONE (Politian Tutor to the Medici Children) 1988 “ Seems the British Government and Crown were worried about their trade figures … so they killed all these children around the seashores … ” 1988 USA good men employed WASHINGTON State Office … “ NO ONE SAYS THIS NAME ANY MORE – they get killed – we have lost Agents and friends and valued Colleagues … it is THOMAS GROTE … … … ” The histories have spread to other forms of communication and www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo.com … and kindly with help to www.greetah-ransom.wordpress.com : photos and iconography, including the Letters from HAROLD Walter POULTER of COLCHESTER & ESSEX Museums 1950s-61 : After the GENOCIDE 1938-1956 of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES children in education into their 20s there was/is EXPENSES & grotesque holidays for `hunting big and little game` boasted of in WHITES CLUB by JIMMIE JONG James (Sir James 1954) where he is Steward 1953 – FIRED January 1959 for his foul mouth and crimes back into the 19-teens: His respectable Chinese rich family put him to learn ACTING the famous Theatre/Opera PEKING training school – after he became homicidal age 15 : ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ABOVE : File A – is speaking JOHN BUCHAN Novelist 1939-40 London = NB: correspondence and telephone calls to Angela `former Miss Bloody Liar` and JIMMIE JONG Major James-this & that ` REGENT of ALL ENGLANDS and `CLOWN of HEAVEN gambling 1929 he may become the CHINESE EMPEROR – if he can fool Dr SUN Yat SEN (becomes a University CANTON) and his brother-in-law General Chen-KAI-CHEK a nice seaside VILLA at QUINGDAO ( CHINA – I HAVE ANCESTRAL LINES NEVER LOST (they sent me Birthday greetings 1940s-50s : Grandmothers marrying RANSOM direct line of ROMAN REPUBLIC BC and ROMAN EMPIRE … in Siberia, Mongolia, and modern North Korea our Peninsula & 16 feet statue of HUE ARTAN Philosopher-Statesman-Sea Merchant- I and MY 20th CENTURY blood lines have relations-relatives, in-laws, there and round about – (1400 about WE WENT EAST AGAIN made marriages not as HIGH as previously but our WIVES HAD TAUGHT US PHILOSOPHY – HE CAME ABOARD stayed 2 hours, EVERY INCH A MAN, ZHENG HE` … came again and stayed 5 hours … RESULT IS WE ARE TO HANDLE TRADE FOR HIM TO INDIA – for this we may engage in a little PORCELAIN … THANK GOODNESS OUR WIVES HAD TAUGHT US PHILOSOPHY AND WE ARE TO SAIL UNDER HIS PERSONAL FLAG … white satin WITH SCARLET stars/balls : WE HAVE THIS GRACE recognized 1985 the 2 months CHINA seacoasts for BRITISH MUSEUM NATURAL HISTORY FISHES … and repeat 2 months for BMNH – Dr Peter James Palmer (West Viginia) WHITEHEAD – the Whitehead identical twins have a great-grandfather JAMES LORD MAYOR 1888 who with fellow QUAKER friend WILLIAM RATHBONE of LIVERPOOL gathered 36 thousand pounds for the FAMINE of SHANGHI … We met Scientists whose grandparents had lived because of this MONEY … the USA METHODISTS NOW BECAME ACTIVE UNIVERSITIES ESTABLISHED and sciences established … RANSOM FAMILIES – my ancestors, cousins, CHINA-MONGOLIA – MODERN KOREA, 1450, 1500s (1504 WE MARRY lady JAPAN of OKINAWA and my POUL GRONLANDER line (all well over 6 feet high) Our Philosopher ancestor of North CHINA comes to investigate GREENLAND 1601 stays and marries West Greenland coast Fredericktown, we come to JACOPSHOLMEN Island … 1900s where we are stopped establish the UNIVERSITY `to POUL` Granted 1770 ` in honour of POUL our sometime Servant` … a Danish King who of course was declared MAD = education for `apes and Eskimos` like us might be in the way of TRADE – logging – fishing shooting anything that flies – and seeing people do not live too long … 1760s POUL and the HUMANIST POPE are correspondents and BOTH into the BOTANICAL MEDICINES – POUL has a wife Margaret of SEA TRADERS and education of WALES shipping – the YATES FAMILIES … Full histories here are vast – I have added to www.greta-ransom.com initial 2011 work some of the almighty (overseas too) records of those who knew these my relatives & 1930s I receive birthday presents from them … 1940s – 1950s … READERS should NOT avoid the savagery of my 21st Birthday Party 11 March 1954 from SCOTS EARLS (who have been stealing from worldwide banks and properties, medical, music, gym, science GRANTS = This party is arranged by my young father London Army Captain FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM and his relatives – a member of the Churchill family was present with her husband – A TELEGRAM said to be from ANDRE MALRAUX legal guardian THOMAS GROTE HOMES and myself was delivered to the TABLE while guests awaited us to arrive = THE EARLS OF SCOTLAND HAD SUNK SO LOW … and were as usual short of `dough` : – March 1954 21st BIRTHDAY PRESENTS to me from overseas and Southern Irish titled relatives were CUNNINGLY STOLEN and opened again as from 1936 (after the death of the kind Sailor King V ) at the back of BUCKINGHAM PALACE – the ancient necklace of pearls to me to descend amongst the generations ahead, as it had, = this sent from CANADA- the wedding pearls and legal property of our ancestor Sir MARTYN FROBISHER – torn to pieces in a MAYFAIR GUTTER: A daily Express photographer, another, managed photos of all this dope-liquor-high society OUT OF SCOTLAND : The legal King Edward 8, son of the Sailor King , and his Father DID NOT AGREE THAT 2 SCOTLAND TRIBES of EARLS had been given these worldwide SEASHORES and HOMES to DESTROY and fill up their COFFERS – they had no WILL and GROTE BROKERS of WALL STREET had come on an official MISSION to help establish this – the KING seems to have fallen ill XMAS 1935-36 : 20TH century FIGURES FROM A MORGUE : 1904 : SCOTLAND EARLS HAD OVERSEEN THE DEATH OF TIGGY GROTE 1904 and played tricks on the widow & getting money from her – they `piped` they would assist by travelling the HOMES worldwide … THEY HAD FREE HOLIDAYS and a CUNNING THIEVING GOODTIME … It was the 1920s – DRUGS DRINK GAMBLING – Speech 1903 HOUSEs of PARLIAMENT by Joseph CHAMBERLAIN he says “ … British Trade … nil …” HISTORY BOOKS CAN TELL MORE … ` “ Out EAST all the EMPIRES BY 1870s desperately OUT OF POCKET and working 2 year olds in their FACTORIES – the DEAD were put outside the BACK DOORS after midnight and collected : THIS LAST INFORMATION IS FROM PEOPLE OUT EAST, shocked, and with cameras, records, letters, exposing this BUT IMPERIALS were powerful – WEST: WEST = those called WHITE skinned – rather PORRIDGE COLOURED – I invited attended as guests with my family luncheons and teas – The Japanese embassy teas were the best !! SCOTLAND EARLS and those who worked for them by MOONLIGHT had murdered the brothers, sister-in-law, and babes of the RANSOM family of MARGARET nee Ransom MRS THOMAS Immanuel GROTE 1830 WALL STREET NEW YORK families- her nephew FREDERICK CHARLES FROBISHER RANSOM had to be hidden : … he (MY paternal grandfather) marries a grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL (SUB ARCTIC SEA ) 1909 – CHILDREN = MY FATHER, HIS SISTER, 2 BROTHERS HAD TO BE HIDDEN – BUT ANOTHER WAR 1914-1918 had them with some safety at DEPTFORD, ARGENTINE, world-wide, USA … 1932 MY YOUNG FATHER BORN 1911 marries Teresa Elizabeth Gordon b 1906 one of several children of MARY HELENA Murphy Carroll O`Brien WILLIAMS MY MATERNAL GRANDPARENTS – HE LANCERS REGIMENT – then BRITISH MOUNTED POLICE = he born 1870 to GEORGE ERNEST GORDON b 1868 – `OF GOOD FAMILIES` = HE ONE OF 6 SONS of JOHN FREDERICK GORDON & Matilda Kellow EDINBURGH – he MINE HOST THE WHITEBAIT SUPPERS, TRAFALGAR TAVERN, THAMES, GREENWICH WATERFRONT …the most Beautiful building on the waterfront of THE river THAMES = JOHN FREDERICK GORDON, their father is well known to COURT & Houses of Parliament as a good man of the GORDON families (branch of CATHERINE GORDON COAL MINE HEIRESS SCOTLAND , THE MOTHER OF GEORGE GORDON Byron to be LORD BYRON (FATHER ` MAD JACK BYRON ` WHO SPENT HER FORTUNE – leaving her for 3 years in a tiny house Hollis street that stood to 1956 UNTIL JOHN LEWIS STORES PULLED IT DOWN – a PILGRIM SITE for USA – WE VISIT WITH A BOOK OF HIS POEMS : This NB = to show posh readers we have claims to be BRITISH = SCOTLAND, and the RANSOM families from 77 – 92 AD Londinium TO DUNWICH SUFFOLK AND ONWARDS THIS CENTURY … : 3 PIECES – ACCURATE RECORDS – 2 MORE WILL FOLLOW – A. Is above – JOHN BUCHAN 1939-40 – A SEPARATE FILE is `B` – A BLUE BELL WOOD – for VINCENT MALRAUX B 1944 – A GIFT for `WEDDING OF GRACE` from Miss Winifred Mary GORDON b 1910 Nov. 3rd shared birthday of she and the father of VINCENT – to die AGE 18 YEARS = `AN ACCIDENT JUST WAITING TO HAPPEN` 13 May 1961 – because his father is the GUARDIAN to the THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide : MI5 say `dead because his father made legal Guardian of GROTE RANSOM HOMES ` … `C` a separate File – THOMAS Immanuel GROTE HOMES worldwide 1864-1956 – & JOHN BUCHAN statesman, novelist, traveller

27 Apr

HARWELL EXHIBITION Easter 2017 – `Harwell Village of a Thousand years` Notes for KL. Harwell Historical Society :- G. preferring to work with letters & telephone where urgent : FOOD : Get a HARWELL` 2,000 years COOK BOOK` collecting – Some years ago somebody has published a Stone Age Cooking book years ago – my copy is with Victoria ! And important is MUSIC down the centuries – may be early instrument makers over at Wantage & Berkshire-Oxford – see www. & Music departments local Colleges etc MEMO : remember that Feast 12th century given in `Lime-tree House` High Street when the Norman French Bishop came to impress his Anglo-Saxon churls – and collect taxes : Artist- teacher MARY FREEMAN cooked light lunches or suppers sometimes for her Artist friends – made preserves (invented a pear and vanilla jam but it had to be kept frozen in portions in the Freezer – wonderful on bread and butter or with plain ice-cream – I have used last year the jam labels her mother bought 1914 as WOMEN got ready to keep the table supplied as their Victorian grandmothers did : A booklet of them either from National Gallery or TATE – Dutch painting girl with jug opening a casement on the cover – LOGANBERRY, red currants, greengage, peach, quince, gooseberry, marmalade … all the jams we used to make in THE GREAT KITCHEN of The Pillar House – with willing children joining in … licking spoons … clamouring to scrape out the pans … as when I made cakes from the Edwardian cook books : SURPRISE – in Nanjin and Xiamen CHINA 1986 & 1988 evening markets the squares had shops with windows FULL of these cakes ! I asked the Scientists why ? `Oh it was the American Methodists taught them to take tea and cakes evenings – they came to begin our Universities – everybody has an old lady of the family who can make these cakes …` Little cakes called `Desdemonas` & Othellos` should NOT go out of fashion – WITH CHINA TEA of course : (I can send you a photo-copy print for making these pretty pink-white-chocolate dainty cakes – I am having to print recipes out for a friend who is of Normandy and others – ) : FOOD – late 19th century early 20s the influence of THE SOULS Movement had young women use public trams and buses, go to the kitchen themselves to make cakes and delicate deserts, & use wild flowers in house and on table … they painted these things … artist ROGER FRY his chocolate cake a postcard of this in the kitchen had it on regular demand for weekend – a bunch of wild flowers in a jam jar on a window sill were now accepted in the Manor House (ask Ashmolean – Geoffrey Museum London, look up Arts & Crafts artists internet) MARY FREEMAN (Miss Mary Laura Cotton Dudley-Short) ROMAN CATHOLIC CONVERT in the 1920s … with many of her friends & acquaintances – after the horrors many had seen FRANCE and the loss of brothers and men in the family : 1920s-1930s-40s – she would borrow paintings for the afternoon from various galleries and young friend Kenneth CLARK `gone ON HIGH` – She wanted to borrow a REMBRANDT for her class Convent of the Sacred Heart Hammersmith – they asked to paint using colours or atmosphere from these paintings – young Master CLARK knowing she wrapped paintings up in newspapers & said she took them safely on the BUS to save taxi fare for ` The poor box ` said ` The National Gallery would honour her by paying for a TAXI on this occasion – … no doubt he begged to put in POOR BOX the BUS Fare & the TAXI fare … THUS HOW HER AGE THOUGHT : it should be remembered that many of these upper middle class young women had families that GAVE VALUABLE GIFTS of PAINTINGS to 19th century galleries ! MARY FREEMAN her collections of CHILDRENS PAINTINGS – 1920s to 1960s – she taught in several schools London Bethnal Green and Convent of the Sacred Heart Hammersmith et al – gave her salary for Scholarships – a big collection is safe with me – late 1930s-1950s – London/Oxford/Harwell schools – most have the names of the children on them : she was fearful HISTORY of CHILDHOOD in art would not be understood – I have them safe here – wheel barrowed over the road to me from Winterbrooke House to Pillar House – they were to come late 1970s after the early death of ANDRE MALRAUX – work both households delayed this … The death of Malraux was a shock to many people who had known him 1920s they then older than he – a young man with English roots and `crème-de-la-crème` intelligence and purity : The collections include 1939/41 children & young peoples` simple drawings in notebooks and written in English sentences about their lives – the Mission School was run by Pastor Dr Broadbent and his wife and staff – LAGOS … Dr Broadbent had across the Lagos lane a superior Orphanage (Thos. Grote HOMES ) educating children all colours up to 18 and on into Universities Africa, America & Canada, Switzerland et al – he had some of his promising students go across the lane for classes in subjects which would benefit them & their country … A man called JOHN BUCHAN, a world traveller – writes over 50 novels including the well known `Prester John` – an educated Scot from a Rectory born late19th century (dies 1940 age 65 years) who besides writing novels holds Government posts including being Governor of Canada some years, was in agreement with the HOMES of TIGGY as he was known – (see life of Buchan) – but TIG was slain by Scots Lords 1904 ( 2 Tribes of Jurassic Bog Trotters – I grow up knowing them and their gigantic ignorance and obscene tittle-tattle … lah-de-dah !) TIGGY – HIS WIDOW `Girl of the Snows` Margareth nee Ransom my great-great aunt has a great grandpa POUL GRONLANDER 6 a half feet tall mostly Chinese ancestry, and these Jurassic Bog Trotters call Margareth high education speaking 12 languages in all subjects and several others when she tours the HOMES – These SUB APE JURASSIC BOG TROTTERS behind her back call her `The Old Eskimo` and have been begging for school fees and loans since `1890s – These Porridge coloured Scots things are into RACISM to get gold bars … I grew up hearing them yapping and threatening at me from 2 years of age (1935 on) : SUB SUB SUB APES calling me `Ape and Eskimo` … into the 1970s when I am approaching 40 : Margareth lives until they kill her 15 May 1938 Ayrshire – she has a legal marriage 1863 Jacopsholmen Island off West Greenland the family Poulsen-Ransom Jacop Chapel – Delacroix painted the door for the Chapel ! Guess where it is ! And her great grandmother`s wax dolls of France – Margaret Yates gave her trousseau money to the West GREENLAND Mission 1740s – she is of a small shipping family CARLISLE – Polymath POUL GRONLANDER who has deep blue eyes and is `dishy` said all 1930s girls when they saw her drawings of him … Poul corresponds in 4 languages with the Humanist Pope Benedict – they are both interested in BOTANICAL MEDICINES … NOT the animal medicines ! Established 1864 by USA citizen born 1842 young THOMAS Immanuel GROTE (GROTE BROKERS Wall Street families – still active) the Orphanages were quietly a golden ring a delicate flower garden twice around the world with agreement all nations except SCOTLAND EARLS and some British …The Sailor King AGREED with the Homes of TIG and Margaret Grote – but he died quickly 1936 January (euthanasia) and his heir `Ned` King Edward VIII (8) who also agreed with the HOMES, known to his future wife an American, booted out before Christmas December 1936 – Churchill and others of education did not agree with this – Edward was an intelligent man … : 1939 September – 2nd World WAR WAS COMING : MEMORANDUM : the Treaty of Versailles 1919 had that GREAT WAR Winners demanding they be paid the cost of the war to themselves – it has been agreed frequently it was stupid and greedy : 1919 VERSAILLE Treaty left the fallen GREAT neighbour of little FRANCE on its knees – both nations needy in fact, 1920s, 1930s – Famine, extreme poverty and shame to Germany and poverty to France & some famine … 1933 HITLER SWEPT IN … a Wagnerian figure who gave the fallen Germany some dignity and HOPE … THUS another War – British soldiers, airmen, sailors, of the GREAT WAR (WW1) understood this by the late 1920s … many friendships had been made between Germany and Britain after the end of the War … ( books by C.E. Montague of the Manchester Guardian 1920s, 1930s give the times and hardships with an understanding of The Great War 1914-1919 and the understanding of both sides … WAR 1939-1945 – We wartime children did `mans work` about the house and garden – : +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ LAGOS – education – in the Broadbent Protestant Mission and our Tiggy Grote HOME educating all religions – : I have since 2008 worked on computer – coming off 3 typewriters in different places about this house – Dawn pieces to be tidied up later : Orange boxes full of papers and memorabilia : House – Neo-Classical 1820s with orchard ! Little Peter chose it 1993 : FOOD : A cheerful note – get copy of old Great War French Soldier Marcel Xavier BOULESTIN to cook by – (he had a shop in Bond Street 1900s for art-décor & interiors – but made NO money) – a friend Robin Holmes asked him if he could do a Cook Book from his childhood home – Marcel B. was always talking about FOOD and sometimes cooked his English friends an old Country house French meal 19th century : Prefaces explain – I think he published more than one book : – BUT last October I made the best Apple Chutney of France – I spread out 5 English old recipes (1 Harwell cook book) and BOULESTIN ! It was appreciated as Christmas presents : My age group can remember he had called by his name a restaurant in Leicester Square until 1946 `BOULESTINs` – : Although he dies in 1946 the restaurant continued – possibly until the early 1950s … Try sweet pumpkin soufflé … not just soup … And the cooking 1st and 2nd World Wars books – some published by The Imperial War Museum, Greenwich = 1940-45 `We`ll Eat Again` & others : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wing Commander MICHAEL MORRIS 1st & 2nd W.Ws – earns a DS0 both Wars – lived Malt House Towns End … Jill wife 2nd made beer as clear as glass … she was in 2nd World War Egypt etc. and worked for WAR OFFICE after 2nd W.W.& having the children Edward and Philippa : was assistant in Cabinet Falklands war … A HARWELL working visitor from GAUL = until his retirement 1969 when he and General de Gaulle decided they were getting old – had done all they could in FRENCH Government since the end of the 2nd World War : Strides about HARWELL from autumn 1967 when he gets a Hon Degree from Oxford University : … to October 1976 his too early death, seen about HARWELL Village is Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX a `MAN of LETTERS` as Winston CHURCHILL calls him solemnly 1960s – Andre pulls a grey wig on to avoid Press in Oxford : he has known Wing Commander Michael Morris both world Wars from 1920s : MICHAEL now retired plays Golf but with friends is active in Club for Burned FLYERS & other activities : Andre & Michael shop in Harwell Bosley Butchers (French Bosley grandfathers 4 and 5 times back in a village Andre knows and has old friends living round about …) and all chat in early 1920s French about Wars and problems … ARCHIVES : MICHAE MORRIS – will feature in WAR RECORDS both WARS : You can find this on Inter-net – ask RAF Archives HARWELL VILLAGE CHATTER AROUND THE VILLAGE WELLS … & HARWELL Ale Houses as past centuries to the 1970s onwards … Entered into the long life of Michael Morris RAF, matters below kept in shadows – or where urgent advice should be given & a WATCH upheld … 1970 HARWELL the MALT HOUSE : Michael MORRIS retired RAF 1st & 2nd WARS … 1971 as I push V-A & new babe `little Peter` in the big green pram coming past his gates end of Towns End bids us `good-day` … He says Andre is around and gone off to Oxford … 1968 on he finds me polite but often with a `nervous seriousness` : He in calm but jolly teaching manner explains to me `a type of WOMAN of Britain & Europe 1920s/30s` when he was still considered young … : Nota bene: Michael having just encountered MY MOTHER born 1906 in Harwell High Street – & she not pleased to find 1920s a familiar face & hailing her with “Ah Teresa, you did not come to the Sunday `at Home` that your daughter Greta gave last week` – Andre says he is always in touch with you – come and have a tumbler of my wife`s beer – she makes it …” MEMO : Pity I could not immediately recall August 1945 at 11 pm the `Pearly` House Clacton-on-Sea The great `Rec` … She was trying to ram me with the tall clothes prop for the Wartime washing line across the little lawn that hot night of a black sky & only stars = He Colonel MALRAUX `on Watch` for concerned people for the Ransom children – Shropshire born Mrs and Viennese husband Professor Wincklemann (chemistry of the Brain etc), various school teachers and a Policeman renting a room across the Vista Road : A voice called and a tall figure in a USA Army raincoat (like Major Glenn Miller) stepped out of the darkness of the Wild Cherry tree Avenue bottom of our garden & says “ Good Evening TERESA – I have not seen you for 20 years … its Andre … ” (exactly – January 1st week 1925 ! – but he had Reports on her – from visiting to London friends from 1934 when she was trying to sell me a year old across a fashionable Bar West-end … his friends and others had Police called and I was taken to my grandparents `Jerusalem` Park Road Deptford – Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM and wife Jean choreographer ballerina Europe and South & North America ! 1934 – SHE HAD JUST RETURNED with a Duchess friend from a quick visit to AMERICA – they stole Benny Goodman`s clarinet for 3 hours – a prank – but The Keystone Cops got it back when he mentioned their names & where they were staying their few days SWELL TIME – he had a Concert at 5 pm ! 1934 (as MICHAEL MORRIS knew from the fashionable crowd) She Teresa Gordon-Gordon `de Havilland` MRS R. and her 1920s friends were known to have outbreaks of brandy-dopes-withdrawal symptoms of the ROARING 20s … when they were after money from young heirs … perhaps a kidnapping had failed ! It was supposed this 1920s crowd were still playing at MATA HARI … August 1945 Clacton-on-Sea war just ended April – my mother, known to my schools as Clytemnestra, Mad Mother Kali, the Minotaur, to me as `Sheshe` – crashed forwards in that dark night and said `WHO`SE THERE` He said quietly entering by the gap in the hedge that we children & the Winclemann`s had shown him “ its Andre, Teresa ” … She turned to me with the harsh order `PUT THE KETTLE ON YOU ! ` & began to tell him I was MAD … She was muttering `I HAVE SEEN A GHOST`- a ghost – …` But ANDRE refused her cup of tea – she would have put KNOCK-OUT drops in it … a regular nasty & sometimes lethal game of these aging Roaring 1920s DOPE and bottle of hard stuff in each paw ~ She does know he is GUARDIAN to a worldwide Estate & that it is being kept from him ! … he ANDRE MALRAUX and my father are supposed to be DEAD in this 2nd World War … But my father British Army was useful – he age speaks Japanese & we have 16-17th century relatives Okinawa … my young father born 1911 Frederick John Ransom was a useful soldier in the Philippines & did a swim to talk to a Japanese relative and childhood friend & got shelling stopped while invalids, children, old people were got down from a hilltop Hospital … Winston Churchill is talking about this 1957 – he knows my gt-gt Aunt Margareth from the last century and TIGGY … Aunt `Mag` of many languages including Arabic, Greenlandic, Japanese and all the rest needed for Europe only died 1938 : CONTINUES : www.greta-ransom.com and www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo.com … other sites : NNB : T.E.G. who got in with the wrong company age 9-10 years because they penniless aristocrats knew her father and his brothers and sisters owned 8 pieces of SCOTLAND land – and a PENINSULA in New Zealand a legal purchase from the times just after Captain James Cook discovered the place ! … T.E.G : Wing Commander retired Michael Morris knew she Teresa Gordon ( born 1906 to honourable properly educated families ) was a most excellent horsewoman as a child in single figures of age but at 16 got BANNED by the Jockey Club for dangerous riding & having a crazy half Chinese-Scot Mr Jimmie Jong (of a most honourable educated Chinese family) hanging about her with undesirable aristocrats pimping at the Race Courses : And early 1920s she Teresa Elizabeth Gordon rode into Westminster Hall on a big black horse crying out she was “ KING RICHARD the 1st returned from THE HOLY LAND ” Her aristocrat company 1920 ever onwards were always short of `dough` : They were able to crook a finger and call in an R.N. big ship & made a trip about Asia at the end of THE GREAT WAR 1st W. War … “ they were awfully good at thumbing a Royal Navy battleship – always find a relative with gold rings ” says a wit 1950s : Britain was short of money from 1870s. 1957 an old friend allowed `Tree` to ride a big black horse across London from one Barracks to another …This was for her 51st Birthday 24th November 1957 … Policemen stopped traffic central London as she splendidly rode this noble BLACK beast … Andre Malraux had her then `crash in` on his London home which is St Edmund House, 50 Lancaster Gate Square, Catholic Mission & annex French Embassy London, run by he and General de GAULLE distributing a great fortune by an old Anglo-French Roman Catholic whose fortune had been safe in Switzerland from when he died 1920s & his legal WILL leaves it all to small businesses English and French : 1952 – 1961 Scarlet Town (as the spies call it) – to this gracious building (sadly now a Hotel) comes that little bouncing bomb the nasty cunning Mr Jimmie Jong James who haunted my childhood and part of the Wartime to 1944 – Jimmie learned Acting PEKIN Opera age 15 a superior Course 1913-1915 – He had sold off cunningly at age 14 years his Chinese family`s NANJIN lands – the last by fooling a great Aunt – 1950s he is still playing at `PONG the CLOWN` a character he excelled at … ALL have encountered one another in PARIS The Great War into the 1930s : A good film could be made 1968 HARWELL Towns End – neighbours – the mother of the Whitehead Twins fled from Kenya in a hurry 1964 – she and Michael Morris slip away to make phone calls across the Atlantic to try get help for this and that – they both come from global 1920s … They both know Andre is a good man : Her West Virginia educated relatives also reach into NEW YORK branch – her sister married to Joseph Sparkman he LIFE President New York Yacht Club … WHO would think that little Harwell village had such matters of the big dizzy world – we go about our shopping, tell the milkman then Jacky milk-girl about extra weekend needs – hear the latest objections to Vale White Horse intentions to pull so-and-so down – saved the Methodist Chapel with help from young Dr Roy Strong Director Victoria and Albert Museum who made a TV and BBC appeal `SAVE THE ENGLISH CHAPELS ` but CPRE always needing help … Ah – help, a little, from SHADOWS escaped from doors of HELL … … ` the devil he was 2 years coming – humped them up in his sack – he was 2 days coming back with `em saying – “ let them go on punishing the earth … I keep a decent Place … ” RESPECTABILITY & keeping the Flag flying or half mast : Whitehead twins – Debretts Peerage 19th century roots – b. 1930 Kenya to a most honourable QUAKER family Orton-Appleby – Young James 1888 is become “JAMES Lord Mayor Extraordinary” – Lord Mayor of London – Queen Victoria let him take the Glass Coach up to Appleby to show the town as he was `her favourite Lord Mayor` A son Rowland E.W. K.C. made a love marriage to Ethel Rathbone daughter of QUAKER Philip Henry RATHEBONE (well known respected Liverpool Chairman of Museums and Art Galleries) … Basil of films is her nephew … 1968-69 – Whitehead twins mother : Known to HARWELL as `Teddy` (Gertrude Ostrander Palmer b 1907- becomes 1929 Mrs PHR. Whitehead 1930 Kenya mother of the W. twins) says to me in her best hill-billy West Virginia accents “ Deearh – when Iah cum ova tah ENGLAND 1927 I was young & went tah smart parties in London – they woz takin` DOPE that hed them keep going fur 4 days – … then they all fell down – on the 5th day after that their Servants CHIPPED THEM OUT OV RIGA MORTIS … deeearh … Well ah did not think that woz FUN ! Americans stick to old cocaine ..” She and retired RAF Michael Morris were familiar with this world of the 1920s … Teddy also has a VERMONT accent thank heavens – 1968 June – HARWELL – GUNS & HOLLYWOOD style CHICAGO … One of these apparitions, been in Kenya 1944-52 appeared Walnut tree Cottage Towns End – & began to draw a gun on her June 1968 – but she had her gun wrapped in a newspaper – she had been warned the little `bouncing bomb` was trying BUY UP Harwell village … Well, well – here is Mr Cur JIMMIE Jong JAMES Clown Pong who knows that citizen of France & East Anglia Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX has called on her twice … 1920s-30s young Andre his PARIS days made a rule to dive out of places when certain BAR RATS came in – they wasted his time … : JIMMIE stormed off to TED LAY & told him to EVICT Teddy – Dear TED at the next Harwell Sunday `AT HOME` confides that he thought the `little hob goblin` said he was Chairman of the OXFORD Communist Party – so he HIT HIM ON THE JAW and down he went & he left him in the back of the tractor shed – Ted had had a bad day yesterday & Cur JIM did not wake up until the next morning when Mr so-and-so helped `the little guy`, who had fallen out with TED, to find his car parked down the road : The cottage is owned by the Merrits` from pre-war years & Teddy had modeled a head in bronze of their daughter Margaret age 12 in the Wartime at evening classes Camden – it went in the Summer Exhibition Royal Academy … HARWELL resident : Michael prefers to be known as MR Michael Morris after retirement from the RAF : He knew that young clever well mannered ANDRE MALRAUX 1924 had encountered she Teresa age 19 and a 17 year old Miss Plunket Greene at Deauville Races – The girls had been ROBBED at Calais by Chinese Scot Mr Jimmie Jong James who had acted like a brother on the ship over : They had arrived at DEAUVILLE Races without money … Teresa a stunning Poker player got their fare in 2 hours at Calais : So ANDRE and kind young friends meeting them at the RACES, loaned money to the two interesting girls and invited them up to PARIS – found them a little apartment – they were impressed that Teresa was talking with TOP racing stables – one eminent man of these circles had his arm around her shoulders and they were excitedly talking about BLOOD LINES non-stop … ANDRE says “ I had no idea of this horse world – I put a BET and the 4 legged beast either won or I lost my money ” 1924 December Deauville : So young man (of Paris & East Anglia & finally Harwell ) about to become a `Man of Letters` ANDRE MALRAUX – just out of an ASIAN Prison and with young friends took the girls up to Paris over some days Christmastide – (HE and PRISON ? Oh tomb & temple robbing an older woman took him : Archaeologists said `SHE should have known better – but he had drawn attention to the pilfering of ancient sites and a dicey-jazzy TRADE in antiquities ~ Sir Leonard Woolley of UR waved a gun at him – but admired him ~ YOUNG MEN of the MANOR – as Kipling understood … his son went in GREAT WAR as a simple soldier – lost his life … Rudyard Kipling wrote him the 2 books for his 12th birthday PUCK of POOK`s HILL & REWARDS and FAIRIES : When I was young ANDRE MALRAUX read me `Old Men at Pevensey` and sipped a goblet of BORDEAUX wine … my favourite was always `Parnesius` the Great Wall ) PARIS 1924 – XMAS DAY 25th – He to his mother Bertha & Aunt Marie – his wife Clara with her friends – But the girls went (my next decade future Mum) to the BRITISH EMBASSY for glorious food and wines that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ! Titled 1920s young could tip the Ambassador out of the best bed : 1971 – I come to HARWELL The Pillar House 4th February 1968 – my first children born 1968 & 1970, ( A.& P. come 1965 with PJPW to Walnut Tree Cottage Towns End ) I knew I showed my embarrassment : MICHAEL felt he should GIVE ME A SERMON on the 1920s WOMAN : – he has experience – he has just met my mother again after 30-40 years ! He met dear Jill his 2nd wife in 2nd World Wartime Alexandria and Cairo : “ you have to understand Greta – these women were more like men … when Andre and I were young … … … ” “ Many a time my first wife, a BOY when in Paris with Andre`s Countess Louise, would return from PARIS and KNOCK ME DOWN THE STAIRS OF OUR CASTLE … we had a small Castle in Rutlandshire – I lived in the round turret – up winding stairs, with my big dog – he was very sensitive to any sounds – I sometimes wondered if he detected ghosts … he would protect me from anyone or anything … ” ( We had gone to a peculiar luncheon near Windsor in a Lutyens house after the death of my father – Jimmie Jong James came in half way – I called it `the luncheon of the ancient Roman Tombs` a 20 aside table had a line of morbid looking green leaves down the centre – several places were laid for the dead … ANDRE was at the head of the table – there were children of the age of A and P and Victoria-A not long walking was on her reins … www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo.com et al it was creepy – I had not known we were attending this until 12 noon … A man came and took me the other end of the Table … several years on Andre Malraux said to me `I want you to remember that occasion like this … We had a luncheon with our families and our friends … Nothing else … But Andre dies too early 1976 and those I call `Jurassic Bog trotters` live on into the late 1990s – my mother dies 2001 … Michael Morris RAF c 1991 sending me a last message = 1971 HARWELL … that morning Michael continues his warnings of 1920s women : “ Now I am a big Chap but I want you to know THESE WOMEN fought-carried guns-DRANK-wore male attire or the most expensive evening frocks … When my first wife returned from PARIS only our eldest son could calm her – she had a marvellous voice like the Woman who used to sing RULE BRITANNIA at the end of THE PROMS … he would rush to the piano and call out `SING MATER … Oh DO SING` … and she would give us a splendid recital – if she had needed to she could have sung in Grand Opera … ” ADVENTURES IN HARWELL … shady sides of the street … 1970-71 : HARWELL High Street – Wing Commander Michael Morris of a most splendid RAF career –both world Wars 20th century had met my mother again = he was not happy about her progress and her old chum Cur Jimmie Jong James around us … and a sinister ghoul spoof Doctor from London with that well known expensive blue car – Dr `Mengele` Harrington .. children were warned by Police never to accept a lift … it had expensive fashionable powerful chums – & had been PAID to follow Andre England & France & even abroad ! 1950s COLCHESTER – Andre Malraux did not like him `Mengele` … “ a queer disapproved of generally by the Medical Profession – a Physician hangs about Paris and London … ” “ POLITICS is a jungle & a nasty business Child – men take the first whiskey at 9.30 am … ” said he of the big Quaker Family Whitby, retired from OUT EAST as the Deputy Curator Harold Walter POULTER to Colchester & Essex Museums 1934 – He is talking to me 1953 the 19 years old = ` new British slave to this study house of ROMAN Britain 1st-2nd centuries AD ` 1950s – I would have been happy to pull up the drawer-bridge and never leave Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis – The Barracks here looked after me my first months ! `Daughter of the Regiment` – My mother went on a cruise on a famous YACHT with her Noble chums – 1953-1959 = 1959 August when Andre MALRAUX now Minister of Culture FRANCE – has been deliberately poisoned and pulled through by Colchester Hospital quietly – Harold POULTER alerting them late night – he was a week recovering – POLITICS you know !! 1953 – Harold POULTER polymath continued “ we wish the young Emperor Andre would come back to us – our civilized world of archaeology … The General is alright – its what is around them … And over here the clock has been turned back a 100 years … in your young lifetime it`s going to be 150 years Child … etc. etc. etc. ! … ” web sites – www.greta-ransom.com et al : with colours to help me and READERS with following this `Tolkein RINGS` journey of GOOD and sheer EVIL … which begins 1883 the LINDSAYbuggarhs as the British Police call them from Castle of May to Lands End … … … Becomes Comical – but it was also heavy with the Tragical = I likened the decades 20th century to Tolkien `s book LORD of the RINGS – Andre Malraux (my Guardian from 1937 October) had called the book `about GOOD and EVIL` … I had as a child thought of life as a Journey and we encounter GOOD and EVIL … Reading `RINGS` first time from the 1957 I could give a bunch of 1920s-30s maniacs I had about me from my birth the names of some of the Tolkien characters ! Here come to HARWELL village were the very worst of them … and luckily Michael Morris and others out to Oxford had an understanding – some people more than others … and knew ANDRE MALRAUX was a man much abused over the matter of a legal Will telling his full Guardianship … it had been easy for the MANIACS to blame General de Gaulle from the 1940s … The MANIACS made dirty blood & gore BIG money ! MEMO : Dr `Mengele` Harrington is de-frocked by BMA 1982 after he drew attention to himself with a SHOW biz style Divorce in London 1981 : Mrs Deliou rushing up to me with newspapers – `Mengele` had been found out ! She said `he terrified Teddy & she began to live in Fort Knox – we had to give a special knock before she would open the door ` … how can these things happen in our country after the two Wars we have suffered …` MY mother = Her 1940s wartime activities were 1920s crazy – & she & old chums all took bits of the RATIONS for nice TEAS with dear OZ (Sir Oswald Mosley) in Holloway Prison … 1937 my father had to telephone him to “ GET THAT TRUNCHEON OFF HER ” ! She had rolled it in newspaper & was swinging it about hitting people – Sir Oswald said `the rules were the truncheons were put into the store after a March – yes he would STOP her ! 1967-1976 to his death : HARWELL & round about : Everyone liked George-Andre & tried to keep him safe – his sons had been killed in a car 1961 … : +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ HARWELL histories – links East-Anglia to Bosley Butchers – ANDRE MALRAUX & Ransom families 92 AD Suffolk – OUR (my families) 1864 established worldwide education in real HOMES – Uncle TIGGY GROTE & nations A-Z made quietly a delicate flower garden round the globe, a halo twice A to Z of fragile common sense – disapproved of by some EMPIRES -Children all shades & colours, shapes & sizes enjoy GROTE CURRICULUM living in REAL HOMES – TIGGY & families began 1864 global educating them to 18-20s in many languages, classics, sciences, arts, medicines, humanism – exchange visits the globe to Grote Homes always made when orphans reach 10 or 12 years of age … 1936 Ecuador tells us of visit to CHINA 30 years ago – letters come to them from `pen pals` about Chinese problems … WE, Ransom-Weddell-Frobisher families on 1935-36 world tour for AUNT MAG of highest education the globe, are asked to discuss on this matter – these ECUADOR once orphans knowing from our South American recent `dropping in` (using our little planes to flit up and down) have gathered information on World matters & from Europe as well … we are INCA et al the daughter `the AELOVEDAH-Maria` of JOSEF Yahamh` SAN JULIAN f. San Miguel Acting Governor for Spain 1830s-50s … We have met a family with a young man age 11 years, descendants of WAT TYLER, who will leave good works – chariot boy – the best understanding of Sir THOMAS MORE stage and screen … a meaningful work on film with Emmanuel (had to find a suitable name to go into films – saw Edward G. Robinson on side of a Van in Boston – ( Charleton Heston) he brought me a plate of ham and eggs – I coming 4 years old, remember everybody who brings me FOOD ! MEMO : Readers : 1985 Harwell VILLAGE – that year came about 2,000 Americans other nations – ALL descended from 3 HARWELL blood lines … They did not live uneventful lives the centuries – or the present times – they did more than `go daily to the Humungomarkets` as Harwell young people said from 1960s, coming to realize life wanted sensibly sorting out … 1842-1904 THOMAS Immanuel GROTE – his murder Scotland : 1883 onwards : Certain Tribes Scotland Earls short of `brass` disapproved the education for all Nation, not just their own Empire – Class and Racism ruled OK Yah : … having failed to kill TIGGY 1883 the wedding visit of a grand-daughter Millie Frobisher to widower JOHN RANSOM (educationalist at Montreal, Japan & West Greenland) they began to TARGET in stealth Thomas Grote worldwide Homes – they could with `authority` & already did 18th century onwards pick off seashores & forests and crop growing lands – known as the worst LOGGERS of the globe – Problem ! … but these Estates around the GROTE HOMES were by approval Nations A-Z OUTSIDE the British Empire – Weep for them around the village greens & Ale houses – incoming money was not what it should have been from the Empire Asia etc … & their superior EDUCATION had not given them any skills other than diplomacy & dice playing … – But concerning GROTE HOMES Fair FRANCE kept its peace – Mag & Tig had considerable investments bringing comfort to the land from Geoffrey the Norman of the 3rd Crusade – his first lands down at TOULOUSE – last picked off by they and other Jurassic bog trotters 1960s ! France 19th century had still a painful memory of Crecy and Agincourt … Fair FRANCE 19th century had 5 flourishing HOMES from 1870s into 1940s & last destroyed Christmas Eve 1953 : MEMO : The record for the 19th-20th centuries overseas The BRITISH EMPIRE in Education is 3 up from the bottom of a World list : 1862 – wondering what to do with life other than NEW YORK – TIGGY a son of GROTE BROKERS who got to Wall Street eventually when it was paved, at 20 years of age in 1862 he sailing with his GUARDIAN the RANSOM family of Montrose and West Greenland saw that the well meaning Missionaries across the Pacific educated the native children & orphans to 12 years in firm obedience and holiness to the Christian God (of many faiths of the West !) This system however well meaning … merely produced A WORKFORCE that would NOT question the long hours & poor living conditions and slavery of their lives – so long as they went to Church on Sundays … they were taught to obey the WESTERN IMPERIAL MASTERS … of several EMPIRES … the WEST got RICH … (on to `Windrush` etc) Nota Bene : 1920s a young man b 1901 Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX saw this matter clearly – with friends – his own nation FRANCE was an EMPIRE too … as was an ancestral line of his mother Bertha of East-Anglia of which she was proud and which provided her with income from honest shipping and farming etc & this income she put away for him her only surviving child – when he married and had children this NEST EGG would keep them safe in a world where the GREAT WAR had shaken everybody … of 900 years Family HISTON Norfolk originally – about Suffolk 1954 ! Andre knew his ancestral lines – he is talking about them to Whitehead cousins families in China 1920s … (`you must see the sunsets at Amoy` I am told 1980s … ) HARWELL – 1986 & 1988 BMNH tours – Fishes : 1952 CHINA – Diary LIR ` Lennie – WE HAVE HAD A LONG WALK ! – we now have things to do – LOOK ! the WEST has managed to ruin the first 50 years of this new century – let that Clown Hitler in – NOW they are sending US philosophy (French) US ! CHINA ,of course, hath CONFUCIUS =================================== 1947 Summer 5 Colne Road Clacton-on-Sea : My ex-ATS, a real Roman Catholic b 1910, Aunt Win (Irish-Welsh Scots father G.E.G said “ Andre – he is raised by 3 Graces – Clara & a doctor called – they have been threatening Professor Winclemann because Andre has divorced her – she married him when he had scarcely left his teens – she was on the shelf – on DOPE since she was a girl …” “ I agreed with Mrs Winnclemann to speak with her here in our new house – but as she is NOT a lady I would not have her in the sitting room – I took her to the kitchen for whatever she had to say – I was polite but told her to follow me to the kitchen … but she is threatening Andre and you and your family … ” We can her the sea from this house & in 3 minutes be on the beaches if we run …Professor is always playing records – Debussy `la Mere` and Preludes and lots of Richard Wagner – when the sea is rough he puts on `Flying Duchman`- We could do without these doped up 1920-30s nut-house cranky-house types – of between 2 big WORLD WARS … 1914-1919 and 1939-1945 … they needed a GROTE Curriculum !! READERS can follow with the RADIO TIMES these years … it is perhaps more real than believing persons endlessly writing or speaking `what they think` on times they have never lived in … 1947 July CLARA at Clacton-on-Sea : “ you may FOLLOW ME to the KITCHEN ” Has Miss Winnie been reading the Plays of Oscar Wilde ? `Importance of being Ernest` was still popular and on wireless` … nota bene : This doctor with Clara Goldsmidt 1946 just divorced from Andre Malraux – HORRORS ! – This is `Mengele` Harrington – he hung about us on Clacton PIER Whit-Sunday Tide 1944 – Police were looking for him – big notices in school yards `NOT TO LEAVE YOUNG CHILDREN ALONE` : It is he who will 1954 get that expensive BLUE playboy CAR from cunning pimping … it is not until October 1959 that the Essex Police try drive him away from lurking seafronts and villages : ======================================== 1968 HARWELL = 4 February we come to The Pillar House Harwell … 4 children by 1970 – I still followed by same now aging Maniacs but thank heavens Michael Morris encountered them from 1920s : (there is now a KENYA connection eldest 2 children) … SURPRISE : 1969 Luncheon of the ancient ROMAN TOMBS near Windsor : there will be at the long long table CLARA & “ Dr DEAD FISH EYES ” seated on my LEFT HAND … USA Teddy, mother of the Whitehead twins calls IT `Doctor dead fish eyes` … and MICHAEL MORRIS knows all of these old things of between 2 World Wars and onwards – They still in `Roaring 1920s manner` but with the presence, the body language, of VAMPIRES & ghouls & hob goblins : Half way through the meal at this long long table comes JIMMIE JONG JAMES with a full bottle of RUM – intending to buy a Dedham Estate from Michael = but it was the property of his son – JIM and his companion drank the bottle themselves – Michael soon made an urgent phone call to his son that afternoon – had the response `WE WILL HAVE THE GUNS OUT`- they can go to our Solicitors in the proper way– NO calls with Whiskey bottles and dope ” WE MUST GO ON OUR JOURNEY … there will be GOOD and EVIL … ============================== 20th century : Clacton-on-Sea had from 1910 = has its own problems with a Scotland Tribe of Jurassic Bog Trotters who built a low crouching GRAND between a strip of land beside 18th century The Royal Hotel – unfortunately claiming lands from GORDON families and RANSOM families as kin – Marriage made 1932 – and expecting to handle ALL moneys-properties-homes as their own property from a marriage 1883 and this of 1932 = With cunning if they can even OUT to cousins 9 digits on family trees – and all in-laws where there is MONEY ~ -______________________________________________ 2nd World War – ENGLAND East Anglia – Harwell : FOOD : If age 9-12 years you must be in charge of the KITCHEN if war work calls women to work : then a nice quick High Tea for a winter day after School, about 4.30pm when you have walked home – homes are rarely heated at this time : FRY very thick slices of BREAD in some LARD until crispy – add chopped mint, chopped onions or the green sprouting tops, mix with O`Daddy Sauce or Heinz tomato sauce – USA food parcels delivered back of Town Halls, scraps of cheese if any – under a hot grill – & eat fiercely, turning off gas immediately ! – TEA now often comes from KENYA, if ships can avoid German Subs – this tea is a rich bronze colour, very cheerful looking, but needs 2 dashes milk and half spoon sugar – spoon if you dare : dip Rock Cakes in it … HOMEWORK collect any books needed from bookcases – Regular duty is soak in soapy water in bucket any clothes in need of a wash, handkerchiefs, socks, underclothes leave until next day : Light paraffin stove – kettles can be boiled on these chimney stoves like Valour : Paraffin -remember weekly to call at shop of school pupil Funneula Fiona-Faith MacDonald – she runs her Ironmongery & Seed Merchants shop very professionally from age 10 years on Saturdays or after school – few can say her first Christian name ! Weekdays SUPPER 7-8 pm : Remember to soak the salted cod in bucket of water in the garden the day before – water vegetables or flowers with this salt water – do not waste ! Evening about 6.30 scrub lots of big potatoes for baking – more than needed because they can be fried next morning : Warmth from the oven welcome – 5 pm try listen to BBC Childrens` Hour (very intelligent) while doing homework if possible … feed dog – butchers always kind over bones and scraps & doggie will eat potatoes and meaty gravy saved from Sunday dinner or fried liver – lots of liver & fried slowly with onions the gravy can be used as a spread – chop herbs from the garden : 2 brothers, perhaps a school friend – send OUT in the Recreation grounds to walk dog, play games `Dropping in Enemy territory by moonlight`, `Up the Kasbah – invisible ink messages ` ( Hhm – when Colonel Andre Malraux came May-June 1945 he forbade us at this game – “ …the KASBAH is a very serious matter …” I never understood – we had got this game from a FRENCH film in black and white ! He was serious & I may know more history than him and about `early man` so I stopped taking my bow and arrows to school & hiding in trees – end of childhood ! The St Clare Nuns have called him `GOD`s GIFT to young women & as JO has died on a railway line leaving him 2 tiny sons he is called `a widower` by the Vatican & the Churches – so he sings in our Church choir & teaches a 10 or 20 minutes in the schools that first year to come back to life = he has 2 brothers dead too ) After school WARTIME : save listening to BBC News for 9 pm – its Wartime – wise to know if a dash to shelters over night or you may be sleeping in the metal table shelter in a downstairs room … Try get at least 15 minutes in REC with others to play what ever game we have chosen : Remember to check supper things ready to begin cooking … if snow or very cold open a of tin soup to sip in cup with main plateful – baked apples sometimes … Cocoa later before bed … Summertime make lemonade with powder from sweet shops … or if we feel ill ! Coughs and sneezes … BREAKFAST – Porridge OATS golden syrup – fried bread with tomatoes if the season … Cornflakes … milk is delivered happily to the doorsteps … SCHOOLS : … Seaside schools have pupils look at newspapers from 8 years of age before beginning lessons : after REGISTER, then Morning Assembly little lecture & hymns – “ Here hath been dawning another blue day – THINK ~ shalt thou let it slip useless away …” … Teachers are come from retirement so University graduates etc … this proved GIVE a CHILD TEACHERS, some of mature years, and from the UNIVERSITIES, then children of Britain stay well educated … As JOHN RUSKIN says 19th century – “ A NATION HAS NO FUTURE EXCEPT ITS CHILDREN … … … ” … Back to classrooms sit at our desks head exercise book page with date daily but if you like use the names of the old Scandinavian days – Moon-day (Lunatics day) – TU his day- (polishes THEIR armour) – Woden`s Day (all go fighting) – God THOR his day (looks in horror at what THEY have done to their armour – shaking his head he lights his FORGE !) – FRIGGA Goddess of the SKIES (she weaves the clouds to cover THEIR shame after THEY have been fighting on Woden`s day) – Saturn`s day (shopping) … VALHALLA & THEY the GODS sit at Table … ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ AM-X also calls on Madam Mimi by Harwell church – they speak French – MARY FREEMAN has known Andre in Ceylon 1920s slightly : She and friends did not like Robert Graves – he would dominate the supper table : Dr JOHN FLETCHER – talking about Edward Black Prince – Chronicles – somewhere that he came to Harwell – as a child liked his Manor Harwell best – came on a stretcher before his death … Johanna his wife … Dr Fletcher saying `much to do here` : He knew I had been at Colchester Museums : – & of the genealogy done by my father & older members of our family – including Alfie Charles Rear Admiral 1st world War ( saying 1946 “ had to be called out at the end of this last … Admiralty short of Rear Admirals …” ) With a great Genealogy people would call one another `cousin` even from 800 AD ! It was a Victorian past-time before Television : There were magazines-journalson genealogy : Inter-net has genealogies by surnames – & connections in genealogies may be done : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MEMO : ART & working PHOTOGRAPHERS : ALAN SPENCE … he and his brother and sister grew up knowing MARY FREEMAN very well : 1986 he was allowed photograph Mary Freeman`s house after she died – permission her nephew Charles Freeman scholar writer Oxford Uni. : With Janet, us, JIM Froud, we chose 11 pm and with glasses of sherry her sister PHIL deposited in the cellar years before, turning sugary, we captured the mystery of the place – an Artists house of the early 20th century late 19th century décor … ALAN did the PICS – I had to write things for her friends : I have set of these photographs copies sent KL MARY FREEMAN HOUSE 1986 : – Ask Alan if he can give you a copy of them … MUSEUM life has one automatically keep things – letters all sorts – jottings on people we knew 1930s – THE WORLD OF MARY FREEMAN : I knew a lot of people branching into her decades in my first years up to 6-7- before WAR CAME : my grandpa Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM had his last school teach him Latin, Greek, conversational French – & EARLY ENGLISH – he could lecture on Beowulf and other Sagas – he was useful to the aesthetes ! We also attended with the always solemn Catholic Converts lectures given by Indian poets – a lecture March 1937 with Teilhard de Chardin in a white shirt prancing up and down on a Colchester school stage – everyone adored Professor Chardin but fell asleep a bit from a big supper first – but I was not invited to this – only to the Lecture because my Father could not accompany them – … he might have got the BIG SUPPER ~ at my age just become 5 years on the 11th March I am keen on FOOD … My mother when back from weeks at the RACES with her noble chums, some in Black Shirts with truncheons helping OZ sometimes, is nasty if she has LOST all her money ! She can refuse me food – say I have had it and eaten it – throw dirty uncooked potatoes at my feet and say `here Rat` ! … I suppose IF we had a Castle she might knock my young father DOWN THE STEPS as the first fashionable wife of Wing Commander Michael Morris expects when this wife comes back from PARIS 1920s … Perhaps she used to lose at the RACES or Poker ? TEILHARD de CHARDIN : I liked him ! Alert & inspired ~ I thought he said `if you concentrated you could put your MIND on a STAR` : Georges-the-blessed ANDRE (some very nice people regard him as having a halo already) … (Colonel Malraux as he was in the War and he had to be in the WARS of SPAIN because nobody had the idea of organization too much …) Georges-Andre would often ask me to GET HIS MIND BACK FROM THAT STAR where I put it SUMMER 1937 when he asked me to demonstrate this to him : That was our weeks & weeks with a young Lady writer Miss JO on `the best Holiday of all` from last day July to early October 1937 – at CLACTON-on-SEA and all the seacoasts and little villages Essex-Suffolk … & us three trekking olden ways to Lincoln and Norfolk on to Kings Lynn finally his mother`s little Dowry House at Saxmundham Hall … We are walking about in the footsteps of his ANCESTORS = And his father`s line are `Maljaow` from Ostend but sail with us RANSOM 1600 =1630 from Bordeaux : Somehow France thinks he is just French ! MARY FREEMAN and the Dudley-Short parents – The Indian poets, TAGORE et al & TIELHARD de CHARDIN were known to she Mary and her families and friends – A PHOTO of Mary in INDIA shows her as a member of a Group of Indian-Western ladies to assist relationships – I will photocopy it off – its in a book – can`t rem. Name – she told me – I came across it by chance : FOUND IT – sent KL photocopy … : MARY FREEMAN – her Catholic circle of friends around Harwell – out to Oxford … : Lady AGNES EASTON – family have a private Catholic chapel : Knew Poet Christopher Cauldwell – SPAIN – Civil War 1936 : Ask others about these links to her work : I only see Lady Agnes in that big old 19th century kitchen at Winterbrooke House when they are exchanging preserves and thinking about shopping and letters & Easter and Christmas plans – and Convent `Retreats` : A friend a Nun is a fine printer at a Convent – their world as Catholics & Converts – me pre-war R.C. connections abroad with visits South-North America, Rome, France … Canada & West Greenland ~ Their world was a little smaller than mine – but many of them knew INDIA – I did not – only Malay at under 2 years Some ARTS, CRAFTS, MUSIC circles : But they know my grandmother Mary Helena Mrs George E. Gordon b 1870 Sackville Street has a big Peace seeking Irish family (Dublin Murphy Shipping-Carrolls-Sir Edmond John O`Brien-cousins O`Grady et al Williams Wales) who can step in to `the VAT` (Vatican) and talk face-to-face – & we all have an American-Irish cousin living in writing – alive to 1973 – he`d send me blue green sweets – land and sea : – but a dangerous world 20th century – rise of racism – because of lack of MONEY from the East for the West – Our Families` friend is `young Pacelli` from late `19th century – becomes Pope 1939 … : HARWELL Village for a Thousand Years = some matters that HARWELL old families & in-coming 19th=20th century residents carry with them … MATTERS spoken about the VILLAGE WELL, in the ALE HOUSES … and `When Shutters drawn, Candles lit … a WATCH kept … … … 2nd World War : EUROPE Poland crisis – JAN KARSKI a young student crosses Europe quietly comes to England, USA – asks HELP for Poles Ghetto & elsewhere – this does reach Mary Freeman at sometime – and others – some will have met the dark haired young man at Diocese Westminster London 1942 – he wrings his hands gracefully anxiously as he speaks I could remember = see Video USA he in his 80s : I, The Pillar House (1968-1993), recall the young Polish hero coming to see my grandmother Mary Helena Gordon 1942 to CLACTON-on-SEA Essex – & I Greetah Ransom being quietly introduced age 9 years … 1942 ENGLAND – Amongst Mary & her friends some may have had useful contacts & connections & given help various ways ? : Young Jan Karski out of POLAND comes to talk with us Gordon & Ransom families at the Seaside Clacton-on-Sea = he used GROTE Homes in 2 or 3 places on his journey by various forms of transport and foot – NB: the Uncle TIGGY HOMES have immunity officially 1936 -given by Hitler & friends and German Government – “ Older students need not fight – Hitler said `he knew their worth` : they are to continue- with medicine, useful technology, sciences, teaching, music, agriculture & botany, animal welfare, history, geology & earth sciences, astrophysics, many languages and Classics …” USA citizen born 1842 , to GROTE BROKERS, TIGGY GROTE`s code formed 1864 is ` talk-do not fight – BUT … you may have to make a decision at sometime when you are an experienced adult … : MEMO : 1904 – Arran Island off W. Hebrides : Tiggy was murdered by Scots Earls … they had been claiming the HOMES from 1883 and the seashores of other nations worldwide the HOMES are built upon – this is Treason-treachery- gutter stupidity – another Tribe of EARLS joined in competition 1904 – they were already set to grab at the 8 pieces of our GORDON lands in Scotland and eyeing a Peninsula owned by our GORDON families New Zealand … These Tribes of Earls grow a dangerous drug called Divinorum Salvia Scotland – they push it up their snouts and it HITS their brains in 2 seconds – they then become violent maniacs & like to kill humans of any age worldwide including Scotland … ) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1942 JAN KARSKI : We have tea with he & his deputation from Westminster at the Montfort Lodge Priests Home CLACTON – it is to ask my grandmother Mary Gordon if she can get help from the VATICAN – she tells him she will write to Irish cousins immediately – may telephone if it is not breaking the Law – ask them to go across to Rome and into the VATICAN & try and talk personally with Pacelli as they always could do – before this latest WAR came upon us – she has heard that now he is the Pope it is difficult – but she does know he will receive them from Ireland if he can : Southern Ireland is NOT at War & it is no longer since 1932 owned by Gross Britain – It is agreed : Westminster Diocese will make enquiries for her as to whether she can telephone Dublin without breaking the British Law : She Mary Gordon will write that evening to her cousins Dublin – keep copies – an in-law to her family owns a newspaper locally : letters will be in the post to-morrow and following days :- I hope my grandmother will not put her letters to her cousins in the local post office but use a `diplomatic bag`, shall we say … … but I, 9 years old now, & know it is difficult to get to the family friend `young Pacelli` now that he has `gone on High` : 1920s to 1939 he phones my grandmother & her sisters from Rome – his old friend is in charge of our great new Church : Pacelli as Pope – he telephoned my grandmother 1939 asking she come bringing me – an apartment is inside the Vatican, 2 Nuns to do the work, and she being Irish can go out into the City – he sent 2 black white photos of the Apartment which has its own door and opens on to a lane – he has his little school `children at risk` inside the Vatican now that WAR has begun … BUT we could not get me out to Southern Ireland and hence safely to ROME & the Vatican where we have an American-Irish cousin living in Father Stephen `Foster` BECAUSE OF THE GROTE HOMES worldwide … Whitehall : “ The British Government & its New Crown cannot broker a penny of this Estate worldwide – We FEAR the Government and Crown have embarked upon FRAUD … ” 1939-1940 = A little Committee of Q.Cs and K.Cs asked to quietly consider the Seizure of the GROTE RANSOM worldwide Estate has sufficient of them come to this decision : The Committee members, old honourable men, are visited separately by a Major Jimmie O`Carroll James – he says he has an Intelligence Unit at the BACK of Buckingham Palace – it is found he has – when he is away it is run by a man called Clive who is in the Army : Three of the Committee die 1940-41 … … one member is Sir R.E. Whitehead Q.C. – grandfather of the Whitehead twins – he is said to have fallen on the tow path Wallingford early morning walk before his breakfast = REPORTS Police – and by a man with dog who heard Sir Rowland shout for help & ran back to him – he could not speak : he had pass him a little fat man with a sack over his shoulder head down who only grunted when man with dog gave him a `Good-morning` – he had to have passed by Sir Rowland … who may have been pushed in the river … ? It was wondered was the little swag-man a Poacher ? : MEMO : JIMMIE JONG James, trained 2 years PEKIN OPERA Acting School age 15-17 years 1914-16, is known as a man you do not let over the doorstep – `who works by moonlight for certain Scots Earls …` In the 1920s – 1930s he is known to travel about the world with a demi-hessian sack containing a change of underclothes & shaving things … he can easily steal clothes … Nota Bene: First languages of JIM Jong James are FRENCH, and CHINESE, he speaks English `pidgin` fashion – at 11 years of age 1910 was sent to a WELSH School to learn ENGLISH clearly : The father a Scot, mother an educated Chinese girl of excellent Finishing Schools Switzerland and France, with her sister : French Composer Maurice Ravel – caught Jimmie Jong in his private residence Paris in his dressing room searching his wardrobes = Ravel had decided not to go to the seaside after all … returned to take a rest … says `found the little half Chinese man trying on one of his suits – he does not want you to know who his mother is` = Ravel had found `the little man` fingering his car one evening –later he found a sticky substance on the driving wheel – he took his handkerchief and wiped it off … Ravel died from wounds got crashing his car … 1968 – 1970s : DID ANYONE LOSE MALE CLOTHES in HARWELL ? 1930s CLACTON Seafront – at The Royal Hotel this was spoken about – men guests reported clothes missing – MEMO : the LINDSAY Crawford `Grande` a low grey granite building already looking unsteady 1920s is next door on a strip of land used 19th century for the carriage horses and dogs : Nota bene : If a Whiteman marries a foreigner then she has to be rich and of good birth = yes his mother is of European educated Chinese family once owning big lands NANJIN up to 1900s … his father a Scot called Captain James RN then a minor Diplomatic post at Port Arthur – he may have been dead by 1920s – Jim`s Chinese mother has with her sister a very nice respectable Apartment in PARIS – there is a younger son I can just recall 1930s-early 50s : I remember her 1939 … she is a friend of VIOLET-artist cousin to my great grandma Millie Frobisher – they are both (unfortunately) grandchildren of an EARL of LINDSAY Crawford !! ( see Debrett- Burkes Peerage etc) We (Gordon & cousins, Ransom & cousins worldwide ) of good law abiding families worldwide are caught in England – Gross Britain : – we are in danger because of maniac dope growing & Witchcraft Scotland Tribes of Earls – 1938 they have set about killing the GROTE HOMES children & staking out their claims to the SEASHORES of NATIONS OUTSIDE the BRITISH EMPIRE = 1938 onwards … they will `BIG BOOT IN` on these lands Europe and worldwide the last year of the 1939-45 War and MAKE BIG MONEY – destroying woodlands, fishing, wild life, and peaceful farming and civilized necessary occupations and peoples lives – evicting where they can – robbing minerals & building cheap holiday ghettos – one sloping garden in front of a building turned into a hotel had little teeth and finger bones found after rain … beneath the top soil burned layers of fabrics and more remains of children … Of course they had lorries come quickly and pour good earth on top … DANGER ? Oh – I with Lennie LIR my young Flyer-polymath Uncle are the heirs of TIGGY and Aunt Margareth Girl of the Snows and Andre MALRAUX is our Guardian – ANDRE MALRAUX is GUARDIAN to the THOMAS GROTE HOMES children of the WORLD … & to us until we are at least 25 years of age … … because of theft of the ROYAL MAIL & organized cunning he has not received his documents about this – except JO received a New York letter November 1944 in Paris saying `could Malraux account for the big expenses on the cheque book they GROTE BROKERS sent him 1939 ? ? The School in the VATICAN for `children at risk`- an article on this appeared in a British newspaper c 1970 – A Jewish girl her life saved in this school in the VATICAN stayed after the 1939-45 War until she was 19 years old teaching younger children whose families might be found perhaps ? – she was happy there – her 2 brothers who came in with her 1939 went to USA to continue education and they had alive some relatives not sent to the Gas Chambers … MEMO : `Young Pacelli` was VATICAN representative in GERMANY 1920s – this was when that Nation was `down on its knees` : after the VERSAILLES Treaty 1919 the ALLIES demanded re-payment of their War Costs – that is the WINNERS of the GREAT WAR : Best not do this to a big, big fallen enemy ??? 1920s-33 = After 10 years plus of extreme hardships to the ordinary people of Germany it was too easy for ADOLPH HITLER to sweep in as the great Wagnerian Operatic figure who would lift them from poverty … MARY FREEMAN & HER TIMES : An easy GUIDE book for first half 20th century : A quick grasp of the DEPRESSION years between the 2 Wars is `THE DARK VALLEY – a panorama of the 1930s – archives – young Piers Brendon b 1941 – describing events my family & I am involved in & people we know of all races & nations : We must never say names – Mary Freeman & her circles will know this too … ! Think of HARWELL in Tudor times & religious maniacs ! – Scary when you cannot fly or sail away … : ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ HARWELL “Village for a Thousand Years” & its many connections worldwide into 20th century AD : MEMO : I have safely the Bo`bart ORGAN, made Carpenter firm Battleboro, Vermont … WE NEED someone to pay for restoration … web site … easy matter to mend & they require no electricity ! Could not Balliol raise the funds – because they owe the College to our Harwell family `the BAYLOLLS of the Manor High Street – a young 2nd cousin of the Bishop of Bath and Wells age 21 died of Plague … his mother a BAYLOL` girl, he inherited money and named that College after them both : 20th century 1910–1986 – MARY FREEMAN her many FRIENDS : A. S. , Jim RCA, & others may recall more : ? The name of a nice middle-aged couple who go into Vatican library for research : And DAVID RODGERS retiring BODLEY Head does this too – visiting ROME 2 weeks for work in Apostelica Vaticana : His sister Brenda was a 2nd World War Resistance worker France into the Alps – took people & Airmen over into Switzerland : They lived in The Mill, Blewbury I think – I did not know them until the 1980s : he gave me my Library membership = OLD CATHOLIC NETWORK ! MARY – Friendship with Margery MOCKLA & husband of MILTON MANOR – CATHOLICS – M.M. and husband they knew my family & grandparents Frobisher Ransom and my young Father FJR genealogist-SOLDIER-craftsman-polymath : – y

20 Jan


( “ God`s gift to young women, Greetah” said my Clacton St Clare Convent School class autumn 1945/1947 when Colonel X WIDOWER (left with 2 tiny boys-their dead mother & 2 dead half-bros.) flew into Ipswich airbase & came every 2/3 weeks to take Sherry mid-morning with Reverend Mother Benedict & across the seafront at Montfort Lodge the Priests House with the super library – ( All 2nd World WAR it was wisely nodded that the old 18th Smugglers route to `the Jay-Wick` lingered with Portugal : more likely `The VAT` had some connections ) My great-aunt Miss Bessie Martha Carroll Williams speaks at Westminster Diocese Catholic `bun fights` the war years with General and Mrs de GAULLE – they are `sanctuary` a house in Suffolk & a London apartment needed for War urgent matters & discussions : Nota bene : There are similar histories about HARWELL families – call on the very old quickly with your recording equipment : BOSLEY the HARWELL butchers : … are very cheerful when you step in the shop & there is an account of the week`s happenings : 1968 next door the Pillar House the Butchers welcome me a young wife with first child & 2 `steps` ages 6 & 7 ( their mother Mavis SRN – dies suddenly 1968 June in Southern Ireland : 1953 she married in Northern Ireland the eminent young Kenyan Barrister Clem Ardwings Kodek Minister of Game & Tourism KENYA slain Mombasa crossroads 1969 ) I hear one morning buying sausages ( asked if I want the head on the chicken & the bits = or Mrs so-&-so makes delicious soup and stuffings with the bits … ) an account of their ANCESTRY … `we have a Grandpa 4 times back in a French village – went over to see our cousins – got slaughtered with red wine – Now we take our own beer… … name `BOUZLIE ` ? Ask the present generation … came over 18th century as paper makers (not silk weavers I think who settled along the Thames) & went farming possibly Norfolk … draining of the Fens happening … HARWELL the BOSLEY BROTHERS butchers : AM (George-Andre) 1968-1976 went to a sing-song or two or three with them – As they see matters they are French-English, of course ..and “ our Andre” is English-FRENCH : He has done well, become Minister of Culture over there – where we Bosley came from 18th century … we visit our village taking our own beer – got slain once with our cousins on that red wine … they have come over here visiting us … Our Andre his mother English same place where we came over – troubles, wars & religions you know … but he is now French … : THE old BOSLEY family thought of `our ANDRE` as same NATIONALITIES as themselves – BOTH SIDES OF THE CHANNEL – they FRANCE & ENGLAND – he ENGLAND & FRANCE … sad about his two boys 1961 … hear more about young deaths when MI5 come for the great 100 seater HARWELL ATOMIC luncheon 1969 … Everyone championed ANDRE & valued his intelligence and kindness : Some pieces of white marble from their shop counter is here in FRANCE – I turned it into a kitchen side table … JIM FROUD helped direct what would be useful for craft work when packing up the Pillar house 1992-93 : The old BOSLEY brothers would have liked to know the counter fate … 1945 July, to help him come to terms with 3 family War deaths he joined our Clacton choir to sing at the Seas Edges East Anglia : Young Pacifist Ben Britten is up the coast at ALDBOROUGH – I develop these Britain seashores `ships that pass in the night` in my Pierre Drieu la Rochelle 1944-1946 … young men of that horrendous 1st World War – how hideous experiences & scenes can linger in the memory the rest of life – FOOD : HARWELL 2,000 years COOK BOOK would be nice – and MUSIC down the centuries – remember that Feast 13th century given in `Lime-tree House` High Street when the Norman French Bishop came to impress his Anglo-Saxon churls – and collect taxes – : MARY FREEMAN cooked at Winterbrooke House into her 80s : She made preserves – invented a pear & Vanilla jam – I have used last year 2014 AD the jam labels her mother bought 1914 – WOMEN wanted to keep the table supplied as their Victorian grandmothers did : The influence of late 19th century early 20th THE SOULS Movement had them easily use buses, go to the kitchen themselves, use wild flowers in house and table … they paint these things – Roger FRY his chocolate cake : wild flowers in a glass jam jar … : 1890s ARTS CRAFTS Movement influence on painters, poets, welfare workers musicians dancers : Examples in Ashmolean Museum, V&A, Geoffrey Museum – Reading ? MARY FREEMAN (Miss Mary Cotton Dudley-Short) ROMAN CATHOLIC CONVERT in the 1920s with many of her friends & acquaintances : 1920s-1930s for TEACHING CHILDREN from : she would borrow original paintings for the afternoon from various galleries & young friend Kenneth Walker `gone ON HIGH`: She wished to borrow a REMBRANDT for her class at the Convent of the Sacred Heart Hammersmith – they would be asked to paint using colours or atmosphere from these excellent paintings : Young Master Walker knowing she wrapped paintings up in newspaper safely BUT took them on the BUS to save taxi fare for ` The poor box ` … bashfully said … ` dear Mary, yes you may borrow a Rembrandt for your Class for the afternoon … but the National Gallery would wish to honour you by paying for a TAXI on this occasion ` : No doubt he begged to be allowed to put the bus fare & the taxi fare in the Poor Box of the nearest Catholic Church – which would be Westminster Cathedral perhaps …he could look at their paintings again … THUS HOW HER AGE THOUGHT = it should be remembered that many of these upper middle class working young women had families that GAVE GIFTS of PAINTINGS for FREE to 19th century early 20th century galleries ! Her age as children were used to seeing famous paintings on walls in their families homes : MARY FREEMAN her collection of CHILDRENS PAINTINGS … LONDON OXFORD HARWELL 1920s-into 1950s she taught in several schools – gave her salary for Scholarships in 2 London Schools, Bethnal Green & another : – the big collection is safe – Many paintings have the names of the children on them : she was uncertain HISTORY of CHILDHOOD could be understood – great pile wheel-barrowed over the road to The Pillar House from Winterbrook House : LAGOS : including the collection 1939/41 from the Missionaries Broadbent when in LAGOS … I alerted ASHMOLEAN 2 years ago – said I was photographing them to a web site : www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo.com … ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wing Commander MICHAEL MORRIS both Wars –DSOs – They lived at the Malt House after the end of 2nd World War … Jill used to make beer as clear as glass … she had worked for WAR OFFICE 2nd W.W. – late 1970s went back to work – was assistant in Cabinet Falklands war … 1969 : WING-COMMANDER 2 world Wars MICHAEL MORRIS speaking at The Malt House, Towns End, Harwell … “ You should understand Greetah- Greta ? how do you prefer ? Before you were born many of us, then young people, were involved in a WAR … called The Great War when it ended … it was believed there could never be a War like it again … … ” 1969 leaving HARWELL in 3 cars-full a Sunday morning we went to a curious luncheon in the biggest LUTYENS house … it was my 1920s American mother-in-law surveying the curious gathering with “tables laid for the dead” who said “ I hev bin mad all mah life deearrh, but are ain`nt MAD any more … they hes their crowns in their handbags … ah heard about sum orve this when I come ova here in 1928 … then we went orff to KENYA …” She played old blind woman with her white stick – that evening and next days she and Michael had `big pow-wow` out of HARWELL & on Golf course and open spaces … Grown up matters of 2 World Wars : He had already helped her make phone calls across Atlantic to the niece & husband of MARY FREEMAN who ran a hospital for Children with leukemia …` : Dr Elizabeth Godenne & husband Dr Edward MacCracken … 1969 HARWELL VILLAGE : – I had already been told by Michael & other villagers & the encircling area to beware & “ not to take a cup of tea or coffee from a certain Miss CIRCE – village has experience here … she takes `stuff` and smokes dope … searches your handbag … calls herself a black witch & says she is to punish somebody every day to keep the globe on its axis … ” She had brought drugs into the village yelled KNAPPER newsagent at PJPW one evening on the Pillar House doorstep … before you came to live here … : It was necessary to keep the young safe – Police had a scheme that they came in an evening – called a KITCHEN TABLE meeting – showed photos of drug victims Oxford hospitals & other towns – asked please get in touch with us if you are approached – a phone number given – call in on `Cop Shop` if you like … “ Harwell circles & Oxford academia warned me that WITCHCRAFT of a primitive punishing sort did exist Cheltenham into Gloucestershire : Concerned villagers felt it was `what was treated lightly & encouraged in the newspapers – it came from bad education & GREED & from the top lot …` 1969 – so we of Harwell & environs attend a LUTYENS House `luncheon at the table of ancient Roman Tombs with places laid for the dead ` : Michael Morris 2 World Wars RAF DSOs said “ … invitations from the delicate ANDRE … a man who has never been left alone by a certain breed of men and women … ” I did not receive my invitation although MALRAUX had sent it and asked several persons to see I attended : I likened it to `a luncheon at a table of ancient ROMAN TOMBS … ` Michael liked that description & would not let me forget it : He too belonged to that world of young people about & encountered by MARY FREEMAN after the 1st World War … The HARWELL READER here SHOULD UNDERSTAND that our Elders were once young – they were not quite half-witted : and they WON 2 WORLD WARS – but others were there to pack their saddle bags full of GOLD & go for GLITZ & blood around the earth … which went on : “ Remember the earth the blue seas, the skies, and “ spring doth comth ” … At the END of his life MICHAEL MORRIS sent me a message by impeccable persons “ … tell Greta not to ever forget the man called MALRAUX whom she knew from a child, and whom we all admired … … … ” ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 20th century HARWELL 1st & 2nd WORLD WAR people … … they are friends, acquaintances, worked & fought together, or have passed one another as SHIPS in the DARK, met along the SEAS EDGES and by star light SKIES … all have experiences that contribute to the civilizing of the mind – of use to the young : A HARWELL working visitor from `GAUL` : autumn 1967– October 1976 walking in the village lanes is sometimes Georges-Andre MALRAUX Minister of Culture for France (until 1969) : he sometimes pulls a grey wig on : he knows Wing Commander Michael Morris both world Wars from the 1920s – the first wife of Michael a friend of Malraux`s friend Countess Louise Vill : MICHAEL retired plays Golf, is handy man at home, but with friends is active in Club for Burned FLYERS & other community activities : ARCHIVES : MICHAEL – WAR RECORDS both WARS : Inter-net & Royal Air Force Archives : drawing by Rothstein British airmen (?) 1970 HARWELL the MALT HOUSE : Michael 1970 explains to me a type of WOMAN of Britain & Europe 1920s/30s : Michael having just encountered MY MOTHER to his surprise in Harwell High Street – He believes he should tell me not to be embarrassed by her : … she Teresa Elizabeth Gordon born 1906 in the early 1920s (age 15-16 ?) rode into WESTMINSTER HALL on a big black horse crying out she was “ RICHARD the 1st returned from THE HOLY LAND ” He knew that young ANDRE MALRAUX 1924 had encountered she and a Miss Plunket Greene Deauville Races … had their company in Paris with his friends over some days Christmastide – Christmas day he to his mother Bertha & Aunt Marie – his older wife Clara with her friends – The girls (my future Mum) to the BRITISH EMBASSY for REVELS Christmas Eve-Christmas Day into dawn Boxing Day ! I showed my embarrassment nevertheless : MICHAEL FELT he should GIVE ME A SERMON on the 1920s WOMAN –he has experience of them : then thank goodness he met Jill his 2nd wife in Wartime Alexandria : MICHAEL MORRIS now began to ease my embarrassment & improve my education upon the 1920s PARIS-LONDON bar rats, flies, butterflies of high society HIGH on dope and liquor : … only Margaret Sweeting an untitled girl, very rich, was acceptable – and she tried help educate the young WILD titled of British Society 1920s onwards – she could have the LOUVRE kept open in the evening for she and her party – after taking them out in the countryside in a comfortable coach to look at paintings in great places – feeding them deliciously lunch and supper : “ She gets the wrong husbands – they marry her for her money” was the opinion of people you can trust : “ you have to understand Greta – these women were more like men – Many a time my first wife, a BOY in Paris with Countess Louise would return from PARIS and KNOCK ME DOWN THE STAIRS OF OUR CASTLE … we had a small Castle in Rutland shire – I lived in a turret with winding stairs with my big dog – … Now I am a big Chap but I want you to know THESE WOMEN fought-carried guns-DRANK-wore male attire or the most expensive evening frocks … When my wife returned from PARIS only our eldest son could calm her – she had a marvellous voice like the Woman who used to sing RULE BRITANNIA at the end of THE PROMS … he would rush to the piano and call out `SING MATER … Oh DO SING` … and she would give us a splendid recital – if she had needed to she could have sung in Opera …” 1970 Wing Commander Michael Morris of a MOST SPLENDID RAF career – so, nightmare, had met my mother again ! Her 1940s wartime activities too were 1920s crazy – & she & old chums all took bits of the RATIONS for nice TEAS with dear OZ (Sir Oswald Mosley) in Holloway Prison … where all of these MEN-WOMEN should have been … … 1937 my father had to telephone Oz Sir OSWALD to “ GET THAT TRUNCHEON OFF HER or she will be back in Prison again ” ! He went in her Prison during THE 2nd World WAR– the pair of them were proud of having shared it : 1937 she had rolled his ISSUED TRUNCHEON for the BLACK SHIRTS in a newspaper & was swinging it at people she did not like – including her own family : MICHAEL now tried not to make me blush too much in future – he avoided the more shocking Roaring 1920s Tales of THEIR PARIS days : I had to agree that `these women were more like men` … They may have got hold of the FUTURIST MANIFESTOS ? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1967-1976 to his death : HARWELL & round about : Everyone civilized liked George-Andre & tried to keep him safe – his sons had been killed in a car May 1961- MI5 old workers were in mourning for “ an accident just waiting to happen – RULES said we had to withdraw COVER on them when the youngest Vincent got to 18 in March – if we had thought about it a bit more we would have found a way to get round the new RULES” : Summer 1969 visit to HARWELL & the Atomic Site : 1947 July at Clacton-on-Sea : – My ex-ATS Roman Catholic Aunt said “ ANDRE – he is raised by 3 Graces, his dear mother, grandmother and aunt are ALL in heaven … Clara is NOT a lady & she has been living immorally since she married him when he was scarcely out of his teens : I would not have her in the sitting room – I took her to the kitchen for whatever she had to say ! ” FOOD : 2nd World War : If age 10-12 years you must be in charge of the KITCHEN then a nice High Tea for a winter day after School is FRY very thick slice BREAD in some LARD – add chopped mint, O`Daddy Sauce, or Tomato sauce from USA food parcels & eat fiercely – TEA , avoiding German Subs, comes from Kenya & there is usually milk & sugar : AM-X also calls on Madam Mimi by Harwell church – they speak French – MARY FREEMAN has known Andre in Ceylon 1929 slightly : She and friends did not like Robert Graves – he would dominate the supper table : Dr JOHN FLETCHER – talking about Edward Black Prince – Chronicles – somewhere that he came to Harwell – as a child liked his Manor Harwell best – came on a stretcher before his death … Johanna his wife … Dr Fletcher saying `much to do here` : He knew I had been at Colchester Museums – Andre was my Guardian from age 4 years – knew RANSOM Suffolk and SEAS EDGES everywhere … : ( … & the genealogy done by my father & older members of our family – including Alfie Charles Rear Admiral RANSOM 1st world War ( saying 1946 “ … had to be called out at the end of this last … Admiralty short of Rear Admirals …” ) With a great Genealogy people would call one another `cousin` even from 800 AD ! Cleopatra Ransom (her father retired got into Egyptian history ! ) saying 1938 “ we have not had a Christmas I see since 800 AD – then it is time we did … ” It is a force for good & the world is quickly OPEN … GENEALOGY : it was a Victorian pastime before Television : There were magazines-journals : Inter-net has genealogies by surnames – & connections in genealogies may be done with ease Remember DNA does not yet care for women … a male line can take you back B.C. : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MEMO : ART & working PHOTOGRAPHERS : Ranger Cottage, father & mother working scientists HARWELL ATOMIC – Dr Spence became Director – ALAN SPENCE, his brother and sister grew up knowing MARY FREEMAN very well & taught art in Primary School by her : After her death in 1986 he was allowed photograph the interior of Winterbrooke house before it was dismantled : permission her nephew Charles Freeman scholar writer Oxford University : With Janet, & us P. & G. Whitehead, JIM FROUD, we chose 11 pm and with glasses a good sherry her sister PHIL deposited in the CELLAR 25 years before we walked through the rooms and climbed the stairs to the other floors … capturing the soul and spirit & meaning of the place into the dawn hours – An Artists house of the early 20th century late 19th century shadows … ALAN did the PICS – I had to write memories for her friends … PJPW & nephew Charles gave readings in HARWELL CHURCH at her Service : Burial ashes in the grave of her husband Percy Peter Freeman Harwell cemetery : MARY FREEMAN HOUSE 1986 : I can photo-copy my set but no doubt Alan will want to provide a set himself : The Pillar House gave her ` the last MARY FREEMAN tea-party ` in the garden and house : details & photos : THE WORLD OF MARY FREEMAN – edging into my Roman Catholic world : Was she at that last great MASS & afternoon in Saint Magnus the Martyr the Seamen Church, City of London, on the Thames … ? I knew a lot of people branching into her decades in my first years up to 6-7- before WAR CAME : my grandpa Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM had his last school teach him Latin, Greek, conversational French – & EARLY ENGLISH – he could lecture on Beowulf and other Sagas – he was useful to the aesthetes ! We also attended with the always solemn Catholic Converts lectures given by Indian poets – one with Teilhard de Chardin in a white shirt prancing up and down on a Colchester school stage – everyone adored him but fell asleep from a big supper – I thought he said if you concentrated you could put your MIND on a STAR = Georges the BLESSED ANDRE (Malraux) would often ask me to GET HIS MIND BACK FROM THAT STAR where I put it 1937 demonstrating – our 6 weeks Holiday Clacton & trekking Lincoln-Kings Saxmundham about in steps of his ancestors = his father`s line are `Maljaow` from Ostend but sail with us RANSOM 1600=1630 from Bordeaux : Somehow France thinks he is French ! MARY FREEMAN and the Dudley-Short parents – her mother a Bowdler & a Cotton families : The Indian poets and Teilhard de Chardin were known to her and her friends – A PHOTO of her in INDIA a member of a Group of Indian-Western ladies to assist relationships – I will photocopy it off – its in a book – she told me about this little group of Anglo-Indian women they were having dialogue with to try improve understanding & education : ( I go to a lecture March 1937 Colchester given by Teilhard de Chardin an evening in a School – I liked him ! The party taking me all fell asleep having had a good supper : I had to explain the lecture next day to my clever father & others : He said “ NO you have not understood it all … but I will go and ask so-and-so as he was there & would never fall asleep ” : THUS that Summer 1937 with help of Josette we put the BRAIN of ANDRE MALRAUX on a STAR … 1957 he asked me to get it back for him … he had missed it he felt … we then tried to have me recall was it to the left or the right of the ANDROMEDA Nebulae ? 1937 I am 4 – 5 years and travelled POLES Nord-Sub and all that is in between in our airplanes and ships including an Argentine ship where they had me steer a few minutes as the newest Weddell-Frobisher of the families ! MARY FREEMAN – her Catholic circle of friends Harwell area : Lady AGNES EASTON – family have a private Catholic chapel : Knew Poet Christopher Cauldwell – SPAIN – Civil War 1936 : Ask others about these links to her work : I only see Lady Agnes in the kitchen at Winterbrooke House when they are exchanging preserves and thinking about shopping and letters & Easter and Christmas plans – & Convent `Retreats` : A friend a Nun is a fine printer at a Convent – their world as English Catholics & Converts : My pre-war Roman Catholic world is the world with visits – “ Young Pacelli ” a friend coming from 1920s Germany to Vatican administration : 1933 Pacelli is my Guardian – not the Vatican – Andre Malraux my guardian 1937 October onwards – both Guardians to the Family philanthropy worldwide : MARY FREEMAN & some of her circle knew my grandmother Mary Helena b 1870-1944 – she of Irish families who can go into `the VAT` to talk face-to-face – a dangerous world 20th century – rise of racism – Aunt Margareth nee Ransom Mrs Tiggy Grote 1864, Jacopsholmen, West Greenland has been visiting the Popes with her family of MONTROSE Basin since she was 11 years in 1852 – In those days people liked to meet to exchange news about the world … not with formality but as human beings : • 1937 VIOLET ARTIST nee Lindsay b c 1860 widow Lady Rutland • (cousin to my great-grandmother Millie Frobisher) pupil of Frederick WATTS & Granny Mary Helena Gordon are worried – that autumn Violet comes by train & they have serious talks with ANNIE Artist (= my great-aunt Annie Agnes Carroll Williams – worked with Manzoni & with him went to help out Harold Rathbone & his Della robbia Works 1890s …) They belong to the older circle of `HUMANITAS` – I am among these older people often – MARY FREEMAN and her friends are a generation later : 1942 – Young JAN KARSKI slipped out of POLAND – comes to talk with us at the Seaside Clacton-on-Sea : Granny will write to Irish cousins immediately – may phone if she can – ask them to go into VATICAN – `but difficult to get to him` (the family friend `young Pacelli`) now he has `gone on High` : 1920s to 1939 he actually phones she & her sisters from Rome – 1929 his old friend is in charge of our great new Clacton-Holland Church : MARY FREEMAN and her Catholic friends drift in and out of this older world about me – War came & they had duties England : Bodley`s Head had sister Brenda working in the ALPS taking airmen & others to safety – this is a world of Roman Catholics best not to say deeds and names – WALLS HAVE EARS … the QUAKERS knew this world, the NONCONFORMISTS … our Weddell relatives are Quaker – I still retain 17th-18th- century Suffolk Essex accent : BOSLEY family will have acquired it when they arrive fleeing Continental ills to East Anglia – English learned from seeing it written down … Berkshire HARWELL had its accents when I came end of the 1960s … People frowned at me when I said `sub-arc`tic` = at a nearby trendy village gin & tonic sloshup & small bits nosh-up gathering of the new FAST SET … 1930s WAR WAS COMING : “ WORLD GREED” said Hirohito with a young family, a Marine Scientist & an Emperor ! 1936 Pacelli & I had a tea party planned next time I come to ROME – he knows where there is a hurdy-gurdy … he does sketches and water-colours about ROME wearing an old robe so as to not be noticed : THUS 1939 ANOTHER WAR CAME ! MARY FREEMAN & her early years as working teaching artist : EASY GUIDE first half 20th century & a quick grasp of the DEPRESSION years between the 2 Wars is `THE DARK VALLEY – a panorama of the 1930s – Author – archives research & hearing family & friends as a young child – born 1940 PIERS BRENDON publ. 2,000 AD : He is presenting & describing events my family & I am involved in & people we know of all races & nations : Times when you knew to never say too many names – Mary Freeman & her circles will know this too … ! Think of HARWELL in Tudor times – religious mania ! – Scary when you cannot fly or sail away … Records for HARWELL ? : ( GRANNY Mary Helena (mother a Classicist Dublin Uni. ) cousins are Murphy-Carroll-O`Brien-O`Grady etc etc. the last a diplomat post – have titles (DEBRETT) from 1859 when they are for PEACE and civilized progress freeing IRELAND – but RED HOT CATHOLICS – send me presents for Xmas and 21st birthday presents ) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MARY FREEMAN her many FRIENDS : ALAN SPENCE may recall more : ? The name of a nice middle-aged couple who go into Vatican library for research : And DAVID RODGERS retiring BODLEY Head does this too – visiting ROME 2 weeks for work : His sister Brenda was a 2nd World War resistance worker France into the Alps – took people over into Switzerland – they lived in The Mill, Blewbury – I did not know them until the early 1980s : he gave me my Library membership = old catholic network ! MARY – Friendship with Margery MOCKLA & husband of MILTON MANOR – CATHOLICS – knew my grandfather F.C. Frobisher RANSOM & family & my young Father b 1911 genealogist-SOLDIER-craftsman-polymath – often their parents young people all friends mid-19th century had connections : Uncle Lennie and me talking seriously with young MOCKLA 1936 April Wall Street New York – serious money matters – their future son-in-law is Count TOLSTOY Abingdon – writer historian –TLS : SOULS movement/ MARY`s mother and father edge in here from St John`s Wood arts & crafts – GEORGIAN Poets … My great-grandma Millie nee Frobisher Mrs John Ransom he Educationalist West Greenland Montreal & Japan – MILL does ancient arts & gym for women – she with friends gave recitals ancient Greek Dance & drove chariots – 1960 January Winston Churchill recalls her ice skating – brown costume hands in a muff figure skating – a leap in the air & then the most exquisite ice-dance you ever saw … a little figure, gold hair, she had a limp from her childhood – swayed when she walked – it did not notice when she skated … (dies age 32 1897 – he killed 1890) : 1970s MARY FREEMAN – talking to me & her relative Belgium Dr Jacques Goddene – (he has 2 sisters medicine USA) of she & Honor Balfour allowed to take some courses in Art at Reading University – performed a version of GREEK dance 17-18 years of age summer evenings on the grass for audience of aesthetes & Classic students – parents felt it not `nice` for girls to take a full University course … young PHOTOGRAPHER PETER RATHBONE WHITEHEAD `little Peter` (1970-1998) lived The Pillar House 1970-1993 photographer-philosopher – photos of HARWELL & roundabout … 1980s/90s … the Pillar House Photography O-level at Stanbridge Earls school – YOP to the Photographer Harwell Atomic Site : travelled INDIA & KASHMIR – Then to BANBURY College Photography Course 1994-97- Has much work – childhood and memory … he had work planned – here with me … CATALOGUE – photographs village France, Paris : exhibition France – & given by cousins Australia and Greece : Earlier ideas for further work his “4 portraits end of 20th century” has 3 local friends – Dan Grimshaw & 2 girl friends `Othona` and JO – & a philosopher beggar met in India – with text : `ACE, ACE & ACE ` stories for young Pete … & the Whitehead children Life in the Pillar House & HARWELL village, & roundabout = WANTAGE Burnt Cake Shop and SALISBURY Bishop of the Rolling Stones : 1970s-1980s – three are on my web sites – I print them out – ( author-compiler is me – I forget to put this ) Young PETER my son has a File on my web site www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo.com – named `P.R.W. Peter Rathbone Ransom Whitehead – some of his photographs – more to come and his text his plans … Whitehead family came to The Pillar House 4 February 1968 leaving 30th April 1993 : Within 7 years we put back house as it was built `a farmhouse with most elegant staircase, great inside shutters and windows of 1800s` : the village builder Mr Jordan said “ … the 18th century features are because they wanted their house back after the fire in 1852 – so the village builder put up something like they were used to building … much of late 18th century in Pillar House – that’s why you have the 5 feet bread oven – later they put a very big Victorian range in … ” : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1985 – Pilgrimage of American descendants of 2 HARWELL brothers who landed USA Block Island 1660 = A family owned Nashville Press & kept records their histories from English ancestors = they may have printed these records up : they were very proud of their ancestry – letters … I GRW prepared a big tea in The Pillar House dining-room and gardens – many biscuits and cakes from my centuries of cook books – these on display in the big kitchen with the L.Leslie Brooke books for children pictures drawn in house, other houses and HARWELL … BRIAN LINGHAM the librarian at DIDCOT warned me 1985 in the big garden “ this will all go the moment you leave – I knew we were doomed when I came 1969 and saw the railway station … what that would mean for the villages …” : Dr LINGHAM continued “ That`s why I began my books on Harwell and around … before it was all gone … ” Do not miss his books – he may have a web site – if not all should be in Westgate Local history section Library : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HARWELL – history research by Dr JOHN FLETCHER and colleagues – he lived in Pillar House 1940s – Son ANTHONY FLETCHER is a well known historian – he age 18 wrote the little book on John LODER Black Prince Farm – help from father – who said he found him with nothing to do – having lost a girlfriend : I read reviews TLS on AF books & he seems to keep busy nowadays : He will know of the work on HARWELL done by his father – and may have heard more about Black Prince Farm and he of Crecy dwelling there as a child & calling in at the end of his life : “ CAPITALISM began in HARWELL you could say … ” said his father Dr John Fletcher to me (when he had told me I had to find the time to help with coming celebrations for 985 AD) “ … when an impoverished knight required money to go to war with the KING – he wrote 6 churls FREE – they immediately sent 6 eldest sons to the new College MAGDALEN Oxford … more followed … ” I must have earlier explained to the eminent Dr John Fletcher my life at Colchester Museums 1950s and the great Harold Walter POULTER deputy curator … the Curator Mr Mark `Rex` HULL solemnly stating shaking his head wisely “ what old Poulter does not know is not worth knowing … and the Society of Antiquaries now agree … ” Dr Fletcher, of course, knows George (ANDRE MALRAUX) & they trot about the globe looking at what pictures are painted on … MEMO : when they are looking at paintings stolen 2nd World War from the THOMAS Imm. GROTE HOMES for Children worldwide – educating into their teens-20s then they are aware that ` WALLS HAVE EARS` … Only one flag needs to be raised by those who encountered this tragedy, “HUMANITAS” (www.greta-ransom.com et al : 1920s-1976 : In humanist societies Georges-ANDRE is a man whose mother was still in touch with her relatives 9th century AD Family HISTON Norfolk, Kings Lynn, Suffolk a branch owning SAXMUNDHAM HALL 19th century where she and her sister would come and stay … ( they gave her a little dowry house there we visit 1937 & 1945 : MONEY came into her from these ancient family lines – she put it aside for her only son Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX … it was to be given to him when he had a family and children of his own … she died early 1930s a young woman … he returns from Asia to find her dead … NOTA BENE : the sneers from bar-rat writers, hackers, never stops about his L O W background from the down-town end of northern PARIS : at any time 1930s-21st century Clara & Company could have printed his most interesting ancestry & placed this income in civilized progress – especially after the most unnecessary death May 1961 of his two young sons his Catholic marriage to Josette a young LADY writer of TOULOUS … : I Greta Ransom first travelled through HARWELL on our way to a meeting SALISBURY (Roman Britain SORBIDUNUM) January 1954 a winter morning with Georges-ANDRE Colonel X – we stopped to buy milk-lemonade-bread & cheese from a corner grocers – outside a short hearty looking man in a white-blue striped overall cheerfully bad us Good Day – the sign I believe said DEARLOVE … 1945-1950s : Joke amongst End of War participants was `what`s that X doing at the end of Andre`s name : Answer – because he has always seen himself on a WANTED LIST : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MARY FREEMAN CAREER : Information can be added by Hilary /Jim /Alan /Anthony F … her great-nephew-in-law Charles Freeman, et al … PAINTINGS – I & my children bought paintings from MARY FREEMAN : 6 or more – photo-copy here – I have histories, photos drawings, a few meaningful books from her : 2 yellow box files plus a box gathering this-that : my web sites have begun MARY FREEMAN & her collection of CHILDREN `s paintings – Her life, letters, the 3 Obituaries I know of tell some of her early learning & career : She features in Art publications, Press, other nations : 2013 – via ASHMOLEAN Friends – Director informed of her collection of Children`s paintings from late 1930s-1950s = ( NB: Her housekeeper after her death says `some paintings have been taken by her friends and were intended to be returned but have not come back … I would remind them when they were overdue … the paintings are for her future work … `) : MEMORANDUM : MARY FREEMAN bought a painting from artist BEN `ONWU`WU` – she attended many art exhibitions LONDON and abroad, PARIS – she said she “ … attended the pre-war Exhibition where DALI came in a diving suit …” – see Press/Art journals/etc : She would visit her sister Olive and her children Jacques, Elizabeth, Ghislaine in Belgium : The painting done in LAGOS (?) is at sometime in Winterbrooke House ? ASK others : JIM knew of the artist & how she came to purchase it : MARY FREEMAN her interesting friends : LAGOS : Protestant Mission School – to 1939/41 = 2nd collection she wished kept safe is made by husband and wife BROADBENT – dated 1939-1941 (& some letters) MARY FREEMAN to me Greta Ransom (1967-1992 widow of PJP Whitehead) “ They ran in LAGOS a MISSION School for The London ? Missionary Society – Mr/Dr Broadbent tells how he could cross over the lane to philanthropy run by a family (my Ransom-Grote families since 1864 ) – children taught 4 languages, Classics, to go into medicine, sciences, arts = the MISSIONARY society could not be expected to fund anything similar at that time : he may have put some bright students to take a class or languages during the week … or he may have felt it could be frowned upon … I do not know … ” +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MARY FREEMAN : her welfare-artist minded friends we know have visited-stayed at Thomas Grote HOMES the globe: VATICAN approved since 1870 ( VAT said “ TIG you are ON ” we are told by relatives – spoken in LATIN ? ) in nations A-Z outside the British Empire (NB : The Sailor King George V approved the HOMES – his mother Alexandra of Denmark (she gambled nervously =horses-Poker-Pontoon/dominoes) nagged Queen VICTORIA his grandmother to close them – but Victoria & Queen of Spain & a Queen of Burma liked them – saw medicine, home inventions, etc. improving : After travelling & getting away from GLITZ his heir Edward VIII saw this American Institution of TIGGY USA born citizen as of benefit to the globe & Germany never destroyed the HOMES 2nd World War : President Franklin Roosevelt when young man would go camping with GROTE children 2 weeks or more exploring the wonders of great nature ) Tiggy & wife (our Aunt Margareth nee Ransom) “girl of the snows” & her in-laws the Frobisher descendants were all young people together last quarter of 19th century : The HOMES taught the religions of the nation & all religions and respect : HOMES Russia 7, France 5, South & N. America very many – Adelaide DEMANDED & got ! Iceland, Asia-Arabia-surprising places–Marsh Arabs & Borneo & `the island that had no clothes in 15 years had the highest learning anywhere but were content to grow their vegetables & discuss finer points of Greek Classics weekends & wore happily cotton trousers & frocks : MARY FREEMAN – VISITORS who had known the value of the HOMES worldwide visited Winterbrooke House 1968-early 1970s= there is deep mourning : Certain Aristocrat SCOTS Tribes are culled by The British Territorial Army -they saw barbarism done 2nd World War – knew these Aristocrat Silurian-Jurassic bog-trotters grew a dangerous narcotic in sheltered Glens –( KEW Botanical Gardens lost 2 men attempting to investigate 1920s-30s ) : MARY FREEMAN – her parents generation – readers of `NORTH-SOUTH` by Mrs Gaskell & earlier & later writers- John RUSKIN `Letters to Working Men of Great Britain` & a wealth of literature looking at the pitiful state of G.B. and England its green & pleasant lands : The Religious Tract Society published what it dared ! GROTE children had the religion of their nation BUT EVERY OTHER RELIGION – they travelled by 12 years – Ecuador visited China 1900s & were pen-friends when we visited 1936 = newspapers and literature was exchanged – telephones were used from 1890 & GROTE children were the first to phone around the globe : Below is an indication of what was and what could be done – others copied our HOMES and quietly did their own piece of philanthropy – but never twice around the globe – It was exceptional we owned little bits of world seashores because of marrying 2,000 years of foreign brides : It was important to pull the ship in – have a bit of a farm – but we kept up with our ancestors – Aunt Mag went to stay 1929 with family of AURORA her father an eminent BERBER farmer, scholar, on the TOWN Committee CASTILE 6th-7th centuries A.D. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ LAGOS – drawings children – Dr & Mrs BROADBENT Missionaries : OXFORD 1970s TIG`s HOMES gave an EDUCATION EVERY CHILD HAS A RIGHT TO : Below our Family PHILANTHROPY in LAGOS : MARY FREEMAN speaking “ Dr BROADBENT could call in – it was across the lane – another piece of philanthropy – a Home for orphans & children needing support … he came to hear that the British Government did not now approve this Home giving high learning …” (1937 the new Reign … ) early 1970/s – MARY FREEMAN – very solemn : I heard that Dr Broadbent had just been found dead in Oxford – he is supposed to have cut his own throat while shaving – perhaps he was ill – had a fit – they had lived abroad in a hot climate : she went into Retreat after she and friends saw the widow with support : LAGOS DRAWINGS : children 4 years to 20s perhaps : pencil, water-colour, crayon pencil … `father coming home – his bicycle etc. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ( beginning 1864 TIG put his HOMES, real HOMES, around the globe twice A–Z : by 1870 – VATICAN said `5 years trial ` but gave thumb up after 2 years : 1960 January Colne Engaine : Dr John RAY (Ransom) : “ 1864/5 he headed across the PACIFIC after beginning Ohio, San Francisco – To know what it was like at that time read the book `BEN HADEN` – he is full of God but it’s the nearest we have come to a good idea of what Tiggy found out there – Missionaries educated children to 12-16 but he felt he could do better – Age 23/4 he left his father`s New York firm and us `shoeless` : The de Beer ladies sent the bride (Aunt Margareth nee Ransom) a diamond hairnet – shoeless she would look neat about the head at least – her father old Fred had designed them labour saving devices for the Mines that lessened considerably the work of the labourers : By the end of the 1860s Tig had cheques & monies fall from the skies – people called and lectured – composers could work with the young musicians & the choirs – VARESE used to sling a hammock South America visiting the HOME” : “The children were raised as humanists – civilized careers – teaching – research medicine – some will stay HOME and run their HOMES – Aunt Mag began to put around the HOMES agriculture, crafts, TIG added hospitals – students stayed until 18 or early 20s – but could always come HOME – some had a parent or grandparents or a distant relative – these were drawn in and many came to work in the homes & take safe retirement – aim was to give the children family life – many were abandoned from birth – He was showing that intelligence does not come from ruling classes – When flight came in Aunt Mag got into planes – all the HOMES would have 3 little planes each – they helped locally, sick, freight… can you remember going up to West Greenland – Len on his Flying Test – 3 planes always over water the rule” : “You visited the Leper home Jacksonville – we bought the seashore in the 18th century so we could pull in the ships : a cure came in but some stayed as they regarded it as HOME & went on with their work – Before the cure the plan had been 2 years general education and then night work THE SKY – it was more comfortable for them at night – They studied a piece of the sky – we still use their work at NASA …” “ Old Fred and his brother got into transport early 1800s & we had our seashore lands – come in with our Brides – Canada was developing fast & railways needed everywhere round the globe – then flight – not just shipping as we had down the centuries … 1904 his murder Scotland the TIGGY Homes had to be kept quiet … but every nation welcomed them & wanted them to continue … some trouble by turn of the century with Gross Britain … more since the end of the 1930s … ” Uncle Dr John RAY R. 3 degrees/Astro-Physics-Animal Management-LAW – failed to report Christmastide 1969/1970 for SENATE WORK Washington : I am asked & told 1988 USA/Mexico about a tragedy : 1934/35 coming to Christmas – The Sailor King is saying “ I am told the HOMES are doing exactly what Tiggy said they would do – I only know that these Nations have been unwilling to talk with me – now they are willing …” ( He is dead 1935/36 – his heir was in complete agreement with the HOMES … Sailor King from when they were all young together, has known TIG and MAG and MILL USA great grandma ballads & hymn writer,(my great-grandma Millie FROBISHER gym-classical Greek dancing & chariots – Ancient Arts & families = magazine in sepia shows Millie Frobisher she age 10 presenting a bouquet to Queen Victoria in Germany – Art by Children – her teaching lessons – with friends began posting www some of the big paintings ! I included some of the Pillar House work of the 4 children other children 1960s-1980s : The SEA LETTERS drawn by Victoria-A are very popular –I & others print them off to us with RANSOM-Frobisher-Weddell-Gronlander-INCA et al files : It is I save all their early life – school books etc. Convent schools like V-A`s illustrated lettering `GENESIS` : she was encouraged with art & music at Abingdon Manor Prep age 5 to 11 years – head Miss Welch : HARWELL PRIMARY SCHOOL – Childrens paintings : I think that JIM FROUD took his early paintings done at Harwell Primary School – & ALAN did too – the bulk are safe on Apple phone : 1989 – MARY FREEMAN the paintings by CHILDREN : FRIENDS – Professor William Russell & wife Dr Clare Russell ethnologist : Friends of Desmond Morris when they were all young : Dr Russell (Reg. Professor READING Uni. Sociology) & his wife Dr Clare Russell, Austria, told me to keep the paintings safe – “ do not let people take originals of what they consider `GOOD` : Unless it is the actual young ARTIST – then make a photo-copy for this collection … ” Ten are framed in big Victorian frames & are very pleasant to live with : Some paintings were in the travelling EXHIBITION 2nd World War British Children`s Art` organized by her friends acquaintance HERBERT READ & friends 1940/42 – Mary had a catalogues : She showed me in Catalogue the photo of my work the INDIAN playing drum – I had embroidered on a cushion cover – my name Greta Ransom age 7 years : 3 years ago 2 friends put them all on this Apple phone – from there some transferred to my history web – we may need a bit of soft ware as Microsoft/Orange changed something-or-other 2014 when I had to take a year off – need a slave : MARY FREEMAN – Paintings by children : 1989/90 Professor Russell`s Austrian wife Clare Russell ethnologist begged to give an important Institution the 2 pieces of work done from a psychiatric institution – I think she may have also taken 1 or 2 pieces of the HOLLOWAY Prison work of women to place in appropriate Institution – she feared their FATE ! Even though I assured her that having worked in COLCHESTER MUSEUMS I knew you kept EVERYTHING ! 1994 a letter to Holloway Prison has the reply that ALL records had been destroyed 1960/61 : it was felt unnecessary to keep archives – I then remembered this in a newspaper – knew which two women mauled the Archives ! : MARY FREEMAN : Professor Bill Russell published work Population Studies : work published FOLKLORE SOCIETY – & worldwide Society Against Animals used in Experiments : Both he and his wife had heard of MARION RICHARDSON & her Prison work : ( file given me by M.F. – she felt a man asking for information on Marion Richardson did not understand the decades & the limitations put on such pioneer social workers – As women they felt they could get nowhere by shouting in these matters – they could draw attention to them : they might express their findings & offer solutions on social conditions to male members of their families & their friends where they were in a position to do something : she said she needed to think this whole area of her working life out – 1939 WAR came & she & friends were immediately with much extra work – many men went away to the War : she had now to recognize she was getting older & SHE HAD SO MUCH SHE STILL WISHED TO DO ! She could not make headway with this man who wished to do perhaps a book on MARION RICHARDSON – ( NB: her sister Kathleen early 1970s was poorly then dead ) MARY FREEMAN said that Marion had been allowed to go into the prison to give needlework lessons ONLY early 20th century : she decided that the Prisoners should see art books and make sketches – then embroider : Mary Freeman gave me a little purse or handkerchief sachet embroidered by one of the Prisoners – I thought Holloway might have a Museum of its Past – `they left all this for old Madam Tussards` : 1970s MARY FREEMAN described how she went in a few times to HOLLOWAY Prison to see how her friend MARION RICHARDSON taught – An old woman they called `Grammarian` would correct the prisoners English – she had been in & out of the Prison for many years – they tried make her life as comfortable as possible : Mary felt all these times should not be lost – they were after all history … she said they all went to the Funeral of `Grammarian` – there is a note in big lettering in M.F.`s handwriting on an envelope … This is all photo`d on the Apple : MARY FREEMAN : A world described by MARY as `changing – “ but we as women from our backgrounds could not speak out – but we could to our brothers, their friends especially where they had gone into WHITEHALL or Government … that change was needed was recognized … However Kathleen young sister of MARION worked in the the WHITEHALL – she virtually ran the FINANCES of the BRITISH EMPIRE when they were short of trained people … … … ( GRW NB: I met KATHLEEN RICHARDSON c 1971/2 ( sister of Marion Prison Reform ) before she died (she would have known Herbert Charles Ransom running the Crown Office c 1920s cousin to my great uncle Alfred Charles Rear Admiral – DEBRETTS 1953 Companionage ) – I am told I have met her before the War – she talked to 2-3 years old Victoria-A about drawing & Mary`s paintings : Result V-A has here a little sketch book of K.R. – not much – but some sketches of rehearsals at ALDEBOROUGH – a conductor – people Kathleen stayed with – and some cut outs from newspapers 1950s : THIS is to transfer to INTERNET – will be of some little interest to the new BENJAMIN BRITTEN web site : +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ NOTES : BROOKE FAMILY – 2 sons = Leonard studying history at Oxford – killed RAF 1st World War /some photo-copy 1900s LLB : `Little Henry` survived = MP-Home secretary/Lord Brooke … Excellent biography of his father LLB 1982 gives family, paintings, book illustrations, village life etc … 1970s : Letters written by `Little Henry` Lord BROOKE to 4 children The Pillar House – Amanda Oonagh, Paul James, Victoria-Augusta, PRW `little Peter` Whitehead : PHOTO-copy available : G.R. W. MORE NOTES to follow – photo-copy & 2 files HARWELL METHODIST CHAPEL … & HARWELL VILLAGE versus destruction of the village … with friends we appear to have been very busy – sometimes MARY FREEMAN helping …

20 Jan

Nota bene : references to this history `a 1,000 Years – HARWELL & EAST ANGLIA … SUFFOLK-RANSOM-REDEMPTIO for ROMAN BRITAIN 77 AD Londinium retiring to DUNWICH SUFFOLK as `Redemptio` (means the administration of taxes etc for ROMAN BRITAIN … we are the original RANSOM family – … not our 2nd cousins who were `waltzing Matilda` about Europe with WILLIAM CONQUEROR and chums – Yes the entablature in SUFFOLK Church is OK but for this branch of 2nd cousins to WE – GAIUS and a cousin had been in ROMAN ARMY PALESTINE … Gaius with Italian wife and piece of `card` saying `ADMIT-Temple of MITHRAS`the honourable Soldiers Creed gathered East-Asia … given POST `Redemptio` task to interview ALL foreign Traders wishing to come up river THAMES Flow beyond GRAVESEND `Temple Harmony` … 1st century AD – (Redemptio) Britain first Family becoming R A N S O M of SUFFOLK –6th century BC onwards … DNA still about … except us who `hang by the woman just once 1530s MAGGIE her mother 2nd wife F. RANSOM Montrose Basin & farm house 1500 carved over the door before demolition by `Queen`s tenant 1939` … MAGGIE RANSOM Carew old Royal Japanese Line mother her families retired OKINAWA ( MAGGIE a daughter of Lady Japan marries 2ndly another CAREW after deaths at SEA … LINE descends from a son who flees to SPAIN to save his life … but retains the name RANSOM … ELDER sister Phoebe marries Sir Lionel Mainwarring – 2 children – continue line into Royal Navy and another line … (all records on www.greta-ransom.com /most transferred to www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo.com & www.greetahransom.wordpress.com … et al GAIUS and cousin of PALESTINE WAR in ROMAN ARMY : 77 AD AFTER courtesy visit to a Wedding UDEWALLA relatives sail up THAMES with `Papers honoured in ROME` – UDEWALLA are their great grandparents out of UDEWALLA –great-great grandparents went SEA TRADING in the Mediterranean 150 BC married foreign wives & recognized for honesty & intelligence … kept family connections JUTLAND … still in contact 597 AD onwards – interested in education – … when we SUFFOLK-NORFOLK receive a VISITATION from ROME … `listen and agree not so much VALHALLA … WE WILL COME ON BOARD with IRELAND and ROME ….seemed sense … I GRETA Frobisher Weddell RANSOM, MUST REPEAT – the line stating they are `Randolf` come to ENGLAND with WILLY the CONQUEROR (his good COOK TEZLIN- Dill soup for sore tums) is correct … BUT they are OUR 2nd cousins a branch come out of SUFFOLK-Norfolk : I knew them all 1930s – their ancestry RANSOM is on my web sites … THEY WERE NEVER LOST … THAT colourful noble heraldic device is, yes, from the times of WILLIAM Conquer … the MOTTO OF US MAIN LINE RANSOM is recorded 969 AD as ` SATTAEUS LAETUS` … I AM SATISFIED WITH SUFFICIENT… It is wise not to lose this my later blood line … especially when 1937 to claim all our ancestral MIRACLE worldwide we are called `APES and ESKIMOS` … RANSOM families – Friends of WILLIAM CONQUER, our RANSOM 2nd cousins have foreign wives too … the globe was expanding very much Medieval times … and much of our humanitas common sense has been trampled under BUY TRASH … EDUCATION … coming to ENGLAND with WILLY & his COOK Tezlin (William had a sore tum) RANSOM 2nd cousins found EDUCATIONAL centres flourishing … and their ANCESTORS … us … helped from our first school SUFFOLK 3rd century AD Roman Britain … a second (perhaps near Oratory) established 350 AD because ROME tired with too big an EMPIRE & not sufficient education had us REDEPTIO-6th century RANSOMs SUFFOLK-NORFOLK enlarge schooling as `the children were failing to speak ARABIC-LATIN-Germanic tongues … and along the African coasts and ASIA … EDUCATION and TIGGY GROTE who marries Margareth nee RANSOM main line of GAIUS 1863 our Island JACOPSHOLMEN West Greenland off XRISTENSHARB our shopping town from 1770 … TIG`s miracle a double golden halo, a delicate flower garden around the Globe 1864 … destroyed by SCOTLAND tribes and dope soaks 1938 Christmas morning … 2nd World War … top 1956 MEXICO say USA State Department to me 1988 … MEMO : as on web sites : … I give you some meaningful messages from a JOHN BUCHAN novelist, Captain Alan Villiers, and others … 1988 USA Washington tell me `nobody says the name of THOMAS GROTE anymore – people have been killed – the British did it – seems they were worried this last war about their trade …we have lost agents, colleagues, friends … 2011 AD having my only son a victim of this TREASON-TREACHERY t o the entire GLOBE, I launched my father & his families great GENEALOGY … RANSOM histories out of UDEWALL circa 4-5th centuries B.C. (Before Christ) … CHECK YOUR DNA with JUTLAND & East Anglia-Mediterranean and worldwide … if you come across CAREW beginning 16th century then that is us your SENIOR RANSOM line who hath to `hang just once by the woman daughter` says my father 22 when I am born 1938 our lessons LIR and me at `17th onwards DAMES School House` Old Road (possibly 217 ? the number of a radio line ?) … We RANSOM families (including somebody from the WILLIE Conqueror 2nd cousins) intended turning this early farmhouse only big kitchen left, into a CLACTON TOWN MUSEUM … but Earls of LINDSAY Crawford-Lindsey came threatening `they did not agree` and this would cost money and all our RANSOM money belonged to them because of the marriage of MILLIE FROBISHER a grandchild to them who married 1883 the widower JOHN RANSOM – full details on out-my web sites : Launched 2011 and other means of communication when BANNS on `MATTERS THE LAW CANNOT HANDLE …` (Evil got over the WALL – by the way 2nd cousins doth thou know we hath lands stolen 1937-38 `CORNOVII` where ROMAN BRITAIN did not dare to stay too long …) MEMO : As their cousin Dr JOHN RAY Ransom NASA-ANIMAL MANAGEMENT-LAW 1960s USA WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT tells us all 1960 …`THEY COME TO US TO BE SAVED – THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN LOST BEFORE … … there are 2 tribes AND OTHERS out of SCOTLAND come to WESTMINSTER trying to destroy all our ancestry … I have your father`s magnificient work, and help from `VINLANDERS` CANADA … It is about laying hands on the SEASHORES of the smaller nations of the Globe and denying them EDUCATION … TIGGY`s EDUCATION … upon the seashores come as dowry from our foreign BRIDES 14 RACES 27 Nations … TIGGY an American citizen marrying Aunt Margareth Ransom put his REAL HOMES for Orphans giving them the most splendid education of the Globe … These Scotland 2 tribes and Scandinavia in-laws saw an opportunity after a marriage of 1923 to CLAIM BY MOONLIGHT at WESTMINSTER this Estate saying Aunt Magareth nee Ransom was `an old Eskimo` : A sailor King and his heir would have none of this … these people were school-room and play-boys … the brother of Aunt Mag (as Len calls in his Diaries his great-aunt whom he knows well to her murder on her birthday May 1938 … they took you up there to Ayrshire … a little half Chinese-Scot had kudos and has it now …” ) DIARIES … referring to 1930s-1940s-1950s : “ … THEY have no ball bearings … and their front wheels are torn to shreds from shouting about LONDON TOWN and the GLOBE … from the end of this last War … ”1939… 1940 … the author JOHN BUCHAN who knew our generation before we are born told a woman of little education and her men `EVERY CHILD IN THE WORLD DESERVES A THOMAS GROTE CURRICULUM …` He had heard terrible matters … children drowned to lay hands on our lands where TIG GY had his HOMES … real HOMES for unwanted children … giving them the highest education in all matters … PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE … you were 6 years at this time … then he died … … … ” ANDRE, MALRAUX … HAS BEEN APPOINTED GUARDIAN TO OUR ESTATE … it encircles the globe … but a cruel group of people decided to kill him and destroy the Will … CHANCE HAD THIS NOT HAPPEN …” I am your American Uncle John … you are not able to remember me … and your father has been attacked and threatened again … I want to tell you about LETTERS from JEAN … my mother still dancing … whom I was not to know … until I was 17 years and had finished my education … children who were attacked soon after birth so they could not inherit … 2 Lindsay women came to my mother Deptford – a GREAT WAR was in progress … it was about lands and money … … … I will continue my next NIGHTWATCH … your Detective Arthur Malone will speak with you in the morning … do not open the door until it is after 9 am and you hear people going by to work on the farms … I do not want to be seen about here – I work for the American Government & have permission to look into these my FAMILY matters : … BUT the man in that CLUB is known to be a villain … a good Chinese family … but joined forces with the MAD Scotland before you were born … they killed my mother JEAN-still-dancing 1938 after killing Aunt MAG, and my father Frederick Charles the month after this 2nd WORLD WAR had begun … THEY these ruthless killers KNEW WHAT THEY WERE GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO … kill all the children in the HOMES and claim our worldwide lands … that is what they have been doing since the end of this last War … and using women they can control … encouraging them in Imperial display … to cover-up a vile crime … the display has them able to rob other nations and pollute these seashores of our Estate and move into other crimes the SEAS EDGES … Take some sleep … the next WATCH comes after me … it is near Midnight … ”

20 Jan